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Radio Power FM (Web)

city: Roubaix
Genres: Best Funky Dance 70 80 90s Classics HITs & Contemporary
Radio Power FM (Web)
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11min. vor The Average White Band - Let's Go Round Again
29min. vor Prezioso (feat. Marvin) - We Rule The Danza
48min. vor The Four Tops - When She Was My Girl
1s. 8min. vor Alison Moyet - All Cried Out (ext. Vx)
1s. 27min. vor Mario Biondi - Yes You
1s. 45min. vor Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
2s. 3min. vor Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You
2s. 20min. vor Andre Cymone - Get It Girl
2s. 39min. vor Princess - Smell
2s. 57min. vor Francesco Renga - Un Giorno Bellissimo
3s. 11min. vor Nek - La Met Di Niente
3s. 29min. vor Pupo - Bravo
3s. 48min. vor Zapp - Get Up Off The Wall
4s. 5min. vor Craig David - One More Lie (standing In The Shadows)
4s. 25min. vor No Pedofilia - Istituzionale (power)
4s. 44min. vor Clock
5s. 3min. vor Evelyn 'champagne' King - Let's Get Crazy
5s. 21min. vor Stevie Wonder - For Your Love
5s. 41min. vor Clock
6s. 8min. vor Nina Zilli - Per Sempre
6s. 28min. vor Francesco Renga - Senza Sorridere
6s. 48min. vor Antonello Venditti - Benvenuti In Paradiso
7s. 8min. vor Chops - Your Red Hot Love
7s. 29min. vor Michael Bolton - I've Got You Under My Skin
7s. 50min. vor Umberto Tozzi - Qualcosa Qualcuno
8s. 10min. vor Half
8s. 29min. vor Con Funk Shun - Honey Wild
8s. 59min. vor Ligabue - Il Mio Pensiero
9s. 17min. vor Gavin Friday - Angel
9s. 31min. vor Mariah Carey - The Roof
9s. 49min. vor Cashmere - Someone Like You
10s. 8min. vor Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire
10s. 28min. vor Emeli Sand - Breathing Underwater
10s. 45min. vor Regina Belle - Good Lovin'
11s. 2min. vor Ice T. - I'm Your Pusher
11s. 21min. vor Chapter 8 - One And Only
11s. 40min. vor Princess - Smell
11s. 58min. vor Cameo - Sparkle
12s. 13min. vor Chant Moore - This Time
12s. 38min. vor Giuliano Palma & Bluebeaters - Pensiero D'amore
12s. 53min. vor Spots-2
13s. 11min. vor Freddie Jackson - All I'll Ever Ask
13s. 31min. vor Christian Falk (ft. Robyn) - Dream On
13s. 49min. vor Rose Royce - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
14s. 8min. vor Alison Moyet - Almost Blue
14s. 28min. vor The Cardigans - Erase/rewind
14s. 47min. vor In Onda: "marcella Bella" Con "rio De Janeiro"
15s. 7min. vor In Onda: "andrea Bocelli (duet With Ariana Grande)" Con "e Pi Ti Penso...
15s. 25min. vor In Onda: "pooh" Con "cercando Di Te"
15s. 47min. vor Spots-2
16s. 7min. vor In Onda: "pebbles" Con "straight From My Heart"
16s. 29min. vor In Onda: "real Thing" Con "i Believe In You"
16s. 49min. vor George Clinton And Parliament - One Nation Under
17s. 10min. vor Half
17s. 30min. vor Hilary Duff - Wake Up
17s. 49min. vor Real Thing - Can You Feel The Force
18s. 5min. vor George Benson - Give Me The Night
18s. 30min. vor Sister Sledge - Thinking Of You
18s. 50min. vor All Time Mix
19s. 9min. vor All Time Mix
19s. 25min. vor All Time Mix
19s. 45min. vor Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All
20s. 3min. vor Dazz Band - Undercover Lover
20s. 22min. vor Randy Crawford - One Day I'll Fly Away
20s. 42min. vor Clock
21s. 1min. vor Christina Aguilera (feat. Nile Rodgers) - Telepathy
21s. 20min. vor Lionel Richie - Hello
21s. 38min. vor East 17 - It's Alright
21s. 54min. vor Madonna - Burning Up (12' Version)
22s. 12min. vor Half
22s. 31min. vor Michael Bubl - Crazy Love
22s. 50min. vor Hi-gloss - You'll Never Know
23s. 9min. vor Skyy - Givin' It
23s. 28min. vor Real Thing - I Believe In You
23s. 45min. vor Level 42 - Running In The Family
1t. 5min. vor Cube - Prince Of The Moment
1t. 26min. vor Black Eyed Peas (ft. Justin Timberlake) - Where Is The Love
1t. 45min. vor Clock
1t. 1s. 4min. vor Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top
1t. 1s. 22min. vor Sos Band - Looking For You
1t. 1s. 42min. vor Princess - Smell
1t. 2s. 2min. vor Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love (12'' Vx.)
1t. 2s. 22min. vor Ray Parker Jr. - The Other Woman
1t. 2s. 41min. vor Princess - Smell
1t. 3s. vor Cinemainfmpromo
1t. 3s. 20min. vor Fabio Concato - Stazione Nord
1t. 3s. 39min. vor Nek - Instabile
1t. 3s. 59min. vor Mariah Carey - Say Something
1t. 4s. 18min. vor Ice Mc - It's A Rainy Day
1t. 4s. 40min. vor Princess - Smell
1t. 5s. 5min. vor Tracy Kerr - If You Want My Lovin'
1t. 5s. 27min. vor Alice - Nata Ieri
1t. 5s. 58min. vor Moratto - La Pastilla Del Fuego
1t. 6s. 19min. vor Malika Ayane - Blu
1t. 6s. 39min. vor Princess - Smell
1t. 6s. 58min. vor Anastacia - Sick And Tired (jason Nevins Electrochill Remix Edit)
1t. 7s. 18min. vor Jaki Graham - Still In Love
1t. 7s. 43min. vor Clock
1t. 8s. 2min. vor Styx - It Takes Love
1t. 8s. 22min. vor Barry Manilow - Even Now
1t. 8s. 42min. vor Princess - Smell
1t. 9s. 2min. vor Peter Gabriel - The Barry Williams Show
1t. 9s. 21min. vor Deniece Williams - Do You Hear What I Hear
1t. 9s. 41min. vor Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes
1t. 10s. 1min. vor James Morrison - Wonderful World
1t. 10s. 20min. vor Elton John - I Need You To Turn To
1t. 10s. 40min. vor Italian Style (replica)
1t. 11s. vor Kt Tunstall - Other Side Of The World
1t. 11s. 20min. vor Biagio Antonacci - Convivendo
1t. 11s. 39min. vor Mcfadden & Whitehead - The Best Of Me
1t. 11s. 59min. vor Luther Vandross (duet With Mar - I (who Have Nothing)
1t. 12s. 19min. vor Goldie Alexander - Go Back
1t. 12s. 38min. vor Bobby Broom - Beat Freak
1t. 12s. 59min. vor Anastacia - I Can Feel You
1t. 13s. 19min. vor Whitney Houston - Jesus Loves Me
1t. 13s. 39min. vor Clock
1t. 14s. 1min. vor Ashlee Simpson - Pieces Of Me
1t. 14s. 24min. vor Colonel Abrams - How Soon We Forget
1t. 14s. 49min. vor In Onda: "siria" Con "se T'amo O No"
1t. 15s. 9min. vor In Onda: "pupo" Con "la Tua Pelle"
1t. 15s. 29min. vor In Onda: "pooh" Con "pierre"
1t. 15s. 48min. vor In Onda: "evelyn 'champagne' King" Con "hold On To What You've Got"
1t. 16s. 6min. vor In Onda: "wqbc" Con "love Me Anyway"
1t. 16s. 25min. vor In Onda: "spots" Con "spots"
1t. 16s. 45min. vor Stacy Lattisaw - Don't Throw It All Away
1t. 17s. 4min. vor Deniece Williams - I've Got The Next Dance
1t. 17s. 24min. vor Alberto Fortis - Marylin
1t. 17s. 45min. vor The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
1t. 18s. 4min. vor La Belle Epoque - Black Is Black
1t. 18s. 23min. vor Vicki Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around

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