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1s. 26min. vor Daughters Of Glorious Jesus - Momma Yen Ben Awurade
1s. 33min. vor Jimmy Swaggart=jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know - (1)
1s. 35min. vor Rev.benerd Blessing - Wo Ndwoma Nyinaa Da Wase
4s. 39min. vor Evang Diana Asamoah - Homhomkron
7s. 52min. vor Young Missionals - Emmanuel
11s. 21min. vor Bishop Osei Bonsu- - Dea Waka Ma Ne Bra Mu
14s. 36min. vor Titel 01
17s. 48min. vor Esther Amoako - Ene Wonko
21s. 6min. vor Jane N Bernice - Daa Agya
23s. 16min. vor Joseph Mensah - Anadwo Bogya
23s. 35min. vor K. Fosu Landy (new) - Awurade Hume Mobo
23s. 51min. vor Amma Boahemaa { 1 } - Sika Ne Dwete
23s. 57min. vor Opiesie Esther - Adesoa
1t. 28min. vor Bernard Ankomah - Bernard Ankomah - Side A
1t. 35min. vor Nicholas Omane Acheampong - Zaphnat Paneah
1t. 3s. 40min. vor Edward A. Boateng - Mesu Fre Awurade
1t. 6s. 51min. vor Mrs -
1t. 10s. 18min. vor Ama Boahemah - Eyi Me Ma
1t. 13s. 50min. vor Dj Gft Gospel Mix With Mixtrack Pro 2
1t. 17s. 5min. vor Oppong $ Appiah - Awurade Ma Ba
1t. 20s. 19min. vor Ron Kenoly - Track 11
1t. 23s. 45min. vor Cecilia Marfo (2011) - Siwo Asore (worship Medley)
2t. 3s. vor Elder Mireku - Maranatha (worship)
2t. 6s. 17min. vor Hertty Borngreat - Ka No Seyaa
2t. 9s. 26min. vor Ernest Opoku Jnr - Mayi Nyame Aye Middely
2t. 9s. 39min. vor Prophet One - Se Wanfiri Osoro Ama Woaa
2t. 10s. 47min. vor Lenny Leblanc - Above All
2t. 11s. 23min. vor Esther Smith - Befa Wasem Siesie Me
2t. 12s. 59min. vor Edward Akwesi Boateng...adea Mepe
2t. 16s. 12min. vor Diana Antwi - Album - Osro Bekasa
2t. 19s. 25min. vor Broter Sammy - Onyame Oguama - Track 1
2t. 19s. 52min. vor Michael W. Smith - Our God Is An Awesome God
2t. 22s. 49min. vor Elder Mireku - Elder Mireku - Praises
3t. 2s. 2min. vor Jak Alolome (2011) - Owu Maame (worship)
3t. 5s. 17min. vor Spot6
3t. 8s. 31min. vor Akwasi Baah(2009) - Wayeyie Nie (worship)
3t. 12s. 21min. vor Baafuor Kyei Mensah..kasakyire
3t. 15s. 33min. vor Moses O.k - Menyame Bema Masere(worship)
3t. 16s. 33min. vor Jak Alolome (2011) - Owu Maame (worship)
3t. 19s. 6min. vor Ama Boahemaa - Newww - Track 06
3t. 22s. 28min. vor Pator Lenny Akpadie - Gye Ma Aseda - Nyame Ye Odo { Worship }
4t. 1s. 43min. vor Joseph Mensah - Ntiriho Anya No
4t. 4s. 57min. vor Prince Nyarko - Munhwira Nedin
4t. 8s. 11min. vor Don Moen - We Wait
4t. 11s. 37min. vor Spot3
4t. 14s. 49min. vor Unknown Artist -
4t. 18s. 50min. vor Michael W. Smith - Agnus Dei
4t. 22s. 58min. vor Don Moen - Here We Are
5t. 1s. 23min. vor Michael W. Smith - Draw Me Close
5t. 3s. 30min. vor Joyce Blessing - (4)
5t. 5s. 40min. vor There Is A Fountain - There Is A Fountain
5t. 7s. 47min. vor Gyam Oh Gyam Jehovah Tumfox - Gyam Oh Gyam Jehovah Tumfox
5t. 10s. 34min. vor Agnes Opoku Agyeman - Bone Nketenkete
5t. 13s. 36min. vor Agnes Opoku Agyeman - Siesie Me - Ka Ma No Mmramu
5t. 13s. 44min. vor New Disc - Track 12
5t. 13s. 48min. vor Akua Afriyie - Nsanku - Nsanku
5t. 13s. 53min. vor Philipa Baafi - Album - Woanka Me Ho 2007
5t. 13s. 59min. vor Christiana Love - Title - Yaree Ye Ya
5t. 14s. 6min. vor Bro Ebo Kwaitoo - Album - Track 13
5t. 14s. 13min. vor Sonnie Badu - Lost In His Glory - Covenant Keeping God
5t. 14s. 26min. vor Uncle Atoo - Nyame De Me Besi Yie
5t. 14s. 36min. vor Philipa Baafi - Nkaw - Unknown Album - Track 2
5t. 14s. 43min. vor Selina Boateng - Menku Me Ho - Medofo Pa
5t. 14s. 47min. vor Babara Jones - Gospel 2002 - My Jesus I Love Thee
5t. 14s. 52min. vor Kirk Franklin - Inspiration - Why We Sing
5t. 15s. 3min. vor Bow Down Mixdown
5t. 15s. 12min. vor Unbekanntes Album (19.01.2013 - Spur 9
5t. 15s. 17min. vor Bishop Clarence E. Mcclendon - Hour Of Visitation
5t. 15s. 22min. vor Esther Nyamekye - Mema W` Amo - Onyam Bofo
5t. 15s. 29min. vor I Wont Let Go - Dietrick Haddon-i Wont Let Go
5t. 15s. 34min. vor The Angels - Wobe Yi Wo Apue - Tete Abofra No Yie
5t. 15s. 40min. vor Titel 04
5t. 15s. 53min. vor Daughters Of Glorious Jesus - Nea Yehu Yi .... - Okasa Preko
5t. 23s. 42min. vor Ernest Opoku - Spirit Man - Mmpaebo
6t. 1s. 59min. vor Unknown Artist - Thy Word
6t. 3s. 41min. vor Person Gosple - Personal Worship
6t. 5s. 13min. vor Titel 08
6t. 6s. 58min. vor Jewel Ackah - Nsohwe
6t. 8s. 47min. vor Men Of Standard - Track 10
6t. 9s. 56min. vor Agnes Martin - Awurade Adom Nti
6t. 11s. 40min. vor Worship - Track 06
6t. 13s. 26min. vor Darlene Zschech - Worthy Is The Lamb
6t. 15s. 8min. vor Opiesie Esther - Track 1
6t. 17s. 10min. vor Abena Amponsah - Woye Mame - Woye Mame
6t. 19s. 3min. vor Titel 09
6t. 20s. 46min. vor Elder Amponsah == Onyame Humi Gu Memu
6t. 22s. 35min. vor Yaw Sarpong - Bethsada - Joseph Mensa - Onyi Nyame Aye
7t. 2min. vor University Of Utah Singers - 2008.04.26 The Singing Heart - Soon And V...
7t. 1s. 29min. vor Christiana Love - Okoo Yi
7t. 2s. 56min. vor David Opoku - Wobeto Nhyira Abuso
7t. 4s. 22min. vor Babara Jones - Gospel 2002 - I Know Who Hands Tomorrow
7t. 5s. 49min. vor Babara Jones - Gospel 2002 - I Know Who Hands Tomorrow
7t. 7s. 17min. vor Babara Jones - Gospel 2002 - I Know Who Hands Tomorrow
7t. 8s. 46min. vor Florence Obinim - Me Si Me Dan
7t. 10s. 22min. vor Joseph Mensah - 05 - Siesie Me(wors.)
7t. 12s. 6min. vor Don Moen - Oh! Sing For Joy
7t. 13s. 35min. vor Moses Ok - Yesu Wodo Yi.[felix]
7t. 15s. 2min. vor Cee - Album - Hallelujah (ft.isaac & Ampong)
7t. 16s. 33min. vor Ernest Opoku Jnr - Aseda - Onyame Nim (kool)
7t. 18s. vor Ernest Opoku - Aseda - Track 6
7t. 19s. 27min. vor Prof Kofi Abraham - Vol 4 & 5 - Awurade Hume Mmobo
7t. 20s. 55min. vor Elder Mireku - Monde Ka Biom
7t. 22s. 37min. vor Titel 02
7t. 23s. 50min. vor Donnie Mcclurkin - Psalms, Hymns And Spiritual Songs - Disc 1 - I Will...
8t. 5min. vor Cece Winans - Gospel Songs - Fragile Heart
8t. 1s. 33min. vor Wofa Asomani - Se Meda Nipa
8t. 3s. 2min. vor C O Wioafe - Soro Abofo Ti Naye
8t. 4s. 30min. vor Winneba Youth Choir - To God Be The Glory - Tis So Sweet To Trust Jesu...
8t. 5s. 58min. vor Titel 07
8t. 7s. 27min. vor Titel 07
8t. 8s. 55min. vor There Is None Like U Reggae - Reggae -there Is None Like U
8t. 10s. 20min. vor Bernard Ankomah - Bernard Ankomah - Bernard Ankomah - Side A
8t. 14s. 10min. vor Spot8
8t. 15s. 49min. vor Nii Addo Addo - Ultimate Worship 3 Ministered To You By Youtube
8t. 17s. 28min. vor Rev. Yawson (worship Medley) - Tumi Wura
8t. 19s. 8min. vor Solo & Ebo (2007) - Jesus (worship)
8t. 20s. 48min. vor Wiliso Nyabor (2011) - Worship
8t. 22s. 50min. vor Rev. Fred Franklin - You Are God (worship)
9t. 35min. vor Ps. Henry Adonai (2010) - Worship Medley
9t. 2s. 20min. vor Oware Jnr (2009) - Oye Abaatanpa (worship)
9t. 3s. 32min. vor Rev Kusi Berko - Jordan
9t. 4s. 6min. vor Rev Kusi Berko - Jericho Afasuo
9t. 5s. 52min. vor Adu Patric - Fakye - Fakye Worship
9t. 7s. 38min. vor Esther Amoako - Kronkron
9t. 9s. 23min. vor Titel 02
9t. 10s. 44min. vor Cecilia Marfo -amane
9t. 11s. 10min. vor Agnes == Twum Barima
9t. 12s. 56min. vor Unknown Artist - Unknown Album (28/03/2010 19:57:12) - Track 8
9t. 14s. 41min. vor Kwabena Asante - Adansee - Ode Akye Me
9t. 16s. 28min. vor Michael Osei Bonsu - Mpaebo Nwom - Asem Bi
  Nutzer: mmartin110    West Memphis  
Please consider downloading and adding new gospel recording artist, Min. Marty Martin, former member of the Grammy/Dove/Stellar Award winning choir, O'Landa Draper & The Associates of Memphis, TN (US). Please open the link below in your browser to go to his EPK which has his BIO, Photos, and the title track that is taking the nations by storm, Feels Like Sunday Morning. Thank you in advance. Follow him on Twitter: @TheFaith2Favor


Min. Marty Martin
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