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38min. vor Downchild Blues Band - Could Have Had All Your Lovin'
40min. vor Robert Cray - I Can't Go Home (live) (remastered)
47min. vor Jonny Lang - Wander This World
52min. vor Jukehouse Bombers - My Dues Ain't Never Paid
57min. vor Social Gravy - Stone Cold
1s. 2min. vor Trond Olsen Band - Lonelyhearted Blues
1s. 7min. vor Sean Costello - You Don't Know What Love Is
1s. 12min. vor The Petting Blues Band - Women And Blues
1s. 17min. vor John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - I'd Rather Be Blind
1s. 20min. vor Nicky Bramble - Cold, Cold Feeling
1s. 25min. vor Too Slim And The Taildraggers - Peace With The Maker
1s. 30min. vor Royal Southern Brotherhood - Hard Blues
1s. 35min. vor John Hiatt - Hurt My Baby
1s. 41min. vor Matt Schofield - Lights Are On But Nobody's Home
1s. 47min. vor The Ted Mcdonald Band - Angel
1s. 52min. vor Nico Wayne Toussaint - Mali-mississippi
1s. 59min. vor Atomic Rooster - Winter
2s. 6min. vor Shinedown - What A Shame
2s. 11min. vor Nuno Mindelis - Egyptian Priestess
2s. 19min. vor Russ Diapper - Ain't No Rich Man
2s. 24min. vor James O'neill & The Silver Shadows - Love Grown Cold
2s. 27min. vor Jimmy Mccracklin - Taste Of The Blues
2s. 33min. vor Blues Radio - Stratus Original Radio Spot
2s. 34min. vor Brian Templeton - Got Love If You Want It
2s. 39min. vor Doobie Twisters - B.b. King
2s. 44min. vor Twelve Bar Blues Band - Everybody Makes Mistakes
2s. 49min. vor John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - So Many Roads (single B Side, Bo...
2s. 54min. vor Janis Joplin - Get It While You Can
2s. 58min. vor La Jones & The Blues Messengers - Too Scared Too Sleep
3s. 5min. vor J. Monque'd - Black Night
3s. 10min. vor Kinsey Report - Code Of The Streets
3s. 18min. vor Fred Chapellier & Friends - Blues For Roy
3s. 23min. vor Hiram Bullock & Billy Cobham Wdr Big Band - Little Wing
3s. 28min. vor Daddy's Cash - Daddy's Groove
3s. 33min. vor Chris A. Special Blues - Special Blues With Chris Spot
3s. 35min. vor Fred James - The Axe
3s. 40min. vor Carl Wyatt & The Delta Voodoo Kings - Cool & Blue
3s. 43min. vor Donald Ray Johnson - Recorded At 21:44
3s. 48min. vor The Teague Stefan Band - A Broken Word
3s. 55min. vor Meena Cryle, The Chris Fillmore Band - Rather Go Blind
3s. 58min. vor Sky Malone With Double Trouble, David Grissom & Riley Osbourne - T...
4s. 2min. vor Mighty Sam Mcclain - A Soul That's Been Abused
4s. 10min. vor Joanne Shaw Taylor - I Wish I Could Wish You Back
4s. 15min. vor John Verity Band - Prove Your Love
4s. 22min. vor Chick Willis - 5 O'clock In The Morning
4s. 29min. vor Sean Chambers - You Was Wrong
4s. 35min. vor Blues Radio Ft Malacara & Wilson Band - Blues Radio And The Summer...
4s. 37min. vor Otis Rush - Walking The Back Streets And Crying
4s. 44min. vor Johnny Rawls - I Want To Thank You
4s. 47min. vor Kid Bangham - My Turn To Talk
4s. 52min. vor Vargas Blues Band - 2001 Blues
4s. 58min. vor Andrew "jr. Boy" Jones - These Bills
5s. 2min. vor Alex Taylor - Catch Me When I Fall
5s. 6min. vor Pat Travers - The Rain
5s. 12min. vor Jeff Liberman - Forever
5s. 17min. vor Bobby King & Terry Evans - You're The One
5s. 22min. vor Steven Seagal - Don't You Cry
5s. 27min. vor Nuno Mindelis - I Put A Spell On You
5s. 34min. vor Michael Bloomfield - If You Love These Blues
5s. 35min. vor Electric Blue - Lady Low
5s. 39min. vor Delta Cross Band - The Thrill Is Gone
5s. 44min. vor Watteva - Waiting For Your Love
5s. 49min. vor Bernie Marsden - Bad Blood
5s. 52min. vor Earl Gaines - Youre Gonna Burn
5s. 57min. vor Govt Mule - Beautifully Broken
6s. 7min. vor Hundred Seventy Split - If You Make It To The Top
6s. 12min. vor Lurrie Bell - I've Got A Watch On You
6s. 17min. vor Rich Harper Band - She's On Her Way Up
6s. 21min. vor Andrew 'jr Boy' Jones - Movin From The Darkside
6s. 27min. vor Tom Principato - Santana Claus
6s. 32min. vor Willie Phoenix - Love Is Cold
6s. 39min. vor Jimi "prime Time" Smith - If Trouble Was Money
6s. 51min. vor Monkeyjunk - While You Are Mine
6s. 56min. vor Miller Anderson - High Tide And High Water
7s. 4min. vor Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Eddie's Gospel Groove
7s. 9min. vor The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Just Between You And Me And The Wall, You&ap...
7s. 16min. vor Big Dez - Walking On The Boardwalk
7s. 19min. vor Willie Lomax Blues Revue - Take Away Your Loneliness
7s. 24min. vor The Bluesbenders - Face In The Crowd
7s. 28min. vor Jerry Mccain - 3 Wives
7s. 33min. vor Dana Fuchs - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (feat. Michae...
7s. 38min. vor Simon Mcbride - Be My Friend
7s. 43min. vor Maria Daines - Cut Rough
7s. 48min. vor Carol Fran - Went Up On A Mountain
7s. 53min. vor Govt Mule - Lay Of The Sunflower
8s. vor Beat Daddys - Ruby's Blues
8s. 8min. vor Peter Green & The Original Fleetwood Mac - Give Me Back My Freedom
8s. 13min. vor Gary Moore - Still In Love With You
8s. 20min. vor Axel Rudi Pell - Noblesse Oblige
8s. 23min. vor Shay Dillon - Ill Drink Instead
8s. 28min. vor Snowy White & Friends - On The Edge Of Something
8s. 35min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Healer Spot
8s. 37min. vor Johnny Winter - Don't Take Advantage Of Me
8s. 42min. vor Mark Goodwin & Mg3 (with Bobby Mack And Guy Forsyth) - Borrowed Ti...
8s. 47min. vor Gregor Hilden - Slabo Days
8s. 50min. vor Barry Levenson - Jake Simpson - Every Saturday Night
8s. 57min. vor Andre Christovam - Ain't No Sunshine
9s. vor Dave Fields - Cold Wind Blowing
9s. 7min. vor The Juke Joints - Addicted To The Blues
9s. 10min. vor Mike Coacci - Believe
9s. 13min. vor Otis Grand & Joe Louis Walker - Srv (my Mood Too)
9s. 20min. vor Elias Zaikos - Slabo Day
9s. 27min. vor Schenker-pattison Summit - Theme For An Imaginary Western
9s. 32min. vor King King - Stranger To Love
9s. 39min. vor Peter V - By The River
9s. 42min. vor Eddy Clearwater - Trouble Trouble
9s. 49min. vor Vargas Blues Band - Do You Believe In Love (feat. Chris Rea)
9s. 54min. vor Bobby Joe Kubelka, Jeff Tyler - Monkey Paw
9s. 57min. vor Jt & Coldfire - Kenji
10s. 4min. vor Blues Radio - Beggars Opera Spot
10s. 5min. vor Kenny Neal - Blues Fallin' Down Like Rain
10s. 9min. vor Bernard Allison - I Think I Love You Too Much
10s. 12min. vor Trudy Lynn - One Woman Man
10s. 17min. vor Darrell Mansfield Larry Howard & Glenn Kaiser - I Found Out
10s. 31min. vor Chris Beard - Girl Is Ready
10s. 36min. vor James Armstrong - Love Can Make You Do Wrong
10s. 39min. vor Armand & Bluesology - I'll Play The Blues For You
10s. 46min. vor Ben Robinson - The Easy Part's Over
10s. 51min. vor Gary Moore - Cold Cold Feeling (with Albert Collins)
10s. 57min. vor Joe Vicino And The Smokedaddys - Black Cloud Blues
11s. 4min. vor Buddy Guy - Too Many Tears (featuring Derek Trucks & Susan Tedesch...
11s. 9min. vor Black Sabbath - Feels Good To Me
11s. 13min. vor Eric Clapton - Driftin' Blues
11s. 19min. vor Beth Hart - I'll Take Care Of You
11s. 24min. vor Bernard Allison - New Life I'm In
11s. 28min. vor Alan Darby - Woman Trouble
11s. 31min. vor Bernard Allison - Tell Me Why
11s. 36min. vor Jimmy Johnson - Black Night
11s. 43min. vor Luther Allison - (watching You) Cherry Red Wine
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