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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Blues Radio
1min. vor Ana Popovic - Train (feat. Joe Bonamassa)
6min. vor Ruby Harris - Broken Glass Blues
13min. vor Black Country Communion - Song Of Yesterday
23min. vor Blues Wire - Dream
28min. vor Janet Ryan - What Was I Thinking
29min. vor Dan Sowerby - English Sun
35min. vor Blues Cousins - My Baby Is Coming Home
40min. vor Roy Roberts - You Better Pack Up
43min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Collins Mix Spot
46min. vor The Blues Merchants - Why, Why, Why
48min. vor Keith Thompson & Strange Brew - Under Your Shadow
53min. vor Ian Parker - Little Wing
1s. 1min. vor Lara Price Band - Game Of Love
1s. 6min. vor James Rogers - Wanna Go Home
1s. 12min. vor Chicago Bob & The Sofakings - Go Away Mr. Blues
1s. 15min. vor Blues Radio - Chris And Jah Blues Radio Spot
1s. 18min. vor Chris Farlowe - Reelin' And R
1s. 20min. vor Talbot & White - Are We On?
1s. 25min. vor John Mayall - Tears Came Rollin Down
1s. 32min. vor Michael Burks - I Want To Get You Back
1s. 35min. vor Santana - Europa (earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
1s. 40min. vor Greg Bowman - Roomful Of Blues
1s. 44min. vor Michael Burks - Don't Let It Be A Dream
1s. 53min. vor Sandra Hall - Christmas Just For Me
1s. 55min. vor Rick Derringer - Tough On Me Tough On You
2s. vor Mississippi Mudsharks - Bad Bad World
2s. 5min. vor The Hellecasters - King Arthur's Dream
2s. 7min. vor Bad Influence - As The Years Go Passing By
2s. 15min. vor John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Streamline
2s. 18min. vor Slo Leak - That Did It
2s. 25min. vor Morblus Deluxe - C.o.d.
2s. 31min. vor Fred Chapellier - It Never Comes Easy
2s. 35min. vor Mark Kendall - Ain't Gone 'n' Give Up On Love
2s. 42min. vor Tim Buckley - Make It Right
2s. 47min. vor Mustangs - Fingerprints
2s. 52min. vor 505 Blues - Meet Me Halfway
2s. 57min. vor Altered Five Blues Band - If Your Heart Went Public
2s. 57min. vor Altered Five Blues Band - If Your Heart Went Public
2s. 58min. vor Altered Five Blues Band - If Your Heart Went Public
3s. 1min. vor Cuby + Blizzards - Brother Booze
3s. 6min. vor Tony D & His Cool Band - Not A Day Goes By
3s. 11min. vor Bluesball - The One Who Loved Me
3s. 14min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio Intro Spot
3s. 17min. vor Les Wilson & The Mighty Houserockers - Ain't Nobody's Bu...
3s. 21min. vor Ahead Full Band - Ahead Full
3s. 26min. vor Lauren Jordan - Heaven Or Hell
3s. 32min. vor Detroit Junior - Christmas Song (live)
3s. 38min. vor Tommy Castro - Definition Of Insanity
3s. 39min. vor The Vincent Hayes Project - Sticky Thigh Jive
3s. 44min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Jeanne Cashman Radio Spot
3s. 48min. vor Jj Cale & Eric Clapton - Last Will And Testament
3s. 51min. vor Michael Burks - Beggin' Business
3s. 58min. vor Steve Azar - Highway 61
4s. vor Steve Johnson - Shame And A Sin
4s. 1min. vor Steve Johnson - Shame And A Sin
4s. 6min. vor Tom Rigney - The Blue Hour
4s. 11min. vor Free - All Right Now
5s. 4min. vor Van Morrison - So Quiet In Here / That's Where It's At
6s. 10min. vor Charlie Musselwhite - I Don't Play I'll Be Your Man Some Day
7s. 14min. vor Max Johns - Take Me To Cavlary
8s. 19min. vor Guthrie Kennard - Monkey Wrench
9s. 23min. vor Bluesmopolitans - Bright Beginning
10s. 25min. vor J.j. Band - Behind Your Back
11s. 30min. vor Valerie Wellington - Cold Cold Feeling
12s. 34min. vor Legendary Blues Band - One Day Till Christmas
13s. 40min. vor Deborah Coleman & Bernard Allison - Bad Love (live)
14s. 42min. vor Alvin Lee And Ten Years After - Real Life Blues
14s. 42min. vor Alvin Lee And Ten Years After - Real Life Blues
14s. 45min. vor Zed Mitchell - On The Road Of Life
14s. 49min. vor Sergio Bap - Shalceus Blues
14s. 52min. vor Chris Play The Blues - Blues Radio And Chris Spot
14s. 55min. vor Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line
14s. 57min. vor Moonrider - Danger In Tthe Night
15s. vor Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around And Fell In Love (1976)
15s. 7min. vor Los Villanos Blues Band - Flor D'luna (moonflower)
15s. 15min. vor Blueass - (i Can Feel) There's Something Wrong
15s. 19min. vor Born Healer - A Million Miles Away
15s. 27min. vor Dr. Wu' & Friends - Mistletoe Heights
15s. 30min. vor Larry Miller - Soul In Chains
15s. 35min. vor Blues & Jazz Ilija Capko - Fabio Stevie Ulliana & Off Limits B...
15s. 39min. vor Steve Winwood - Why Can't We Live Together
15s. 45min. vor Blues Union - Matchbox Blues
15s. 49min. vor Blues Union - Matchbox Blues
15s. 52min. vor Dana Gillespie - Who's Got The Blues To Blame
15s. 57min. vor The Most Southern Blues Band - No Llores
15s. 59min. vor Bondi Cigars - Calling Card
16s. 3min. vor Charlie A'court - Big Dark Canyon
16s. 7min. vor Bernie Marsden - Working For The C.s.a.
16s. 10min. vor Freddie & The Screamers - Darkness
16s. 17min. vor Barry Mccabe - Lonley Road
16s. 22min. vor Matt Schofield - Nothing Left
16s. 31min. vor Chris Play The Blues - Blues Radio And Chris Spot
16s. 34min. vor Vargas Blues Band - Changes
16s. 41min. vor Tonky Blues Band - Everyday I Have The Blues
16s. 50min. vor Ruff Kutt Blues Band - Mill Block Blues
16s. 52min. vor Ruff Kutt Blues Band - Mill Block Blues
16s. 54min. vor Georgie Bonds - Deadly Poison
16s. 59min. vor Mike Henderson - Drowning On Dry Land
17s. 4min. vor Alabama Lovesnakes - Your Little Key
17s. 8min. vor Mark Hummel - Creeper Returns
17s. 12min. vor Sean Chambers - Be Careful With A Fool
17s. 19min. vor Russ Diapper - Ain't No Rich Man
17s. 22min. vor Philipp Fankhauser - Let's Straighten It Out
17s. 29min. vor Baums Bluesbenders - Christmas Time
17s. 33min. vor Jr Clark - It's A Man's World
17s. 41min. vor Studebaker John & The Hawks - Without You
17s. 43min. vor Blues Radio - Monty's Groove Spot
17s. 45min. vor Hideaway - I'll Play The Blues For You
17s. 51min. vor Mo'indigo - 28 Days
17s. 55min. vor Bobby Mack & Night Train - She's So Fine
18s. vor Mississippi Mudsharks - So Much To Lose
18s. 8min. vor Jim Allchin - Chime Blues
18s. 13min. vor Larry Mccray - Witchin' Moon
18s. 18min. vor Bill Whithers - Ain't No Sunshine
18s. 22min. vor J. Sintoni - Out Of The Rain
18s. 28min. vor Stone Curtis Band - The World Without You
18s. 36min. vor Pat Ramsey & The Blues Disciples - Chitlins Con Carne
18s. 43min. vor Lenny Kravitz And Eric Clapton - All Along The Watchtower
18s. 45min. vor Blues Radio - Walter Trout Radio Spot
18s. 46min. vor Lighnin' Hopkins - Let's Move
18s. 48min. vor Morblus Funky Blues Band - Ain't Nobody's Business
18s. 57min. vor Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Mean Green
19s. vor Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Mean Green
19s. vor Rob Orlemans & Half Past Midnight - Mean Green
19s. 4min. vor Jordan Patterson - Blues Hotel
19s. 7min. vor Abi Wallenstein - Baker - Heggen - Take My Woman
19s. 12min. vor Jimmy Dawkins - Christmas Time Blues
19s. 16min. vor Lonnie Brooks - In The Dark
19s. 22min. vor Johnny Duke & The Aces - A Little Bit More
19s. 26min. vor Jimmy Thackery - Blues Dog Prowl (instrumental
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