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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Blues Radio
1min. vor Red Hot & Blues - Quitters Never Win
3min. vor Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - I'll Take Care Of You
9min. vor Robert Cray - Nothing Against You
16min. vor J.j. Cale - Cloudy Day
21min. vor Latimore - Midnight Snuggin'
24min. vor Morblus - Man Of Snow
28min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Rocky Athas D Boogie Spot
29min. vor Joe Bonamassa - Reconsider Baby
38min. vor King King - Taken What's Mine
41min. vor The Bluejeans - That's The Breaks
46min. vor Brendan Croker - This Man
51min. vor Nobby Reed Project - Every Mile
55min. vor Wishbone Ash - Persephone
1s. 1min. vor Walter Trout - Finally Gotten Over You
1s. 13min. vor Mojo Watson - I Can Tell By Your Actions
1s. 17min. vor Peter Frampton - Double Nickels
1s. 22min. vor Blue Plate Special - Unchain My Heart
1s. 25min. vor Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
1s. 32min. vor Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers
1s. 34min. vor Timo Gross - Stranger
1s. 39min. vor Bluestone Co. - In The News Today
1s. 46min. vor Mystery Train - Where Were You Baby
1s. 49min. vor Kris Pohlmann Band - Nothing's Real
1s. 56min. vor Jimmy Johnson - The Sky Is Crying
1s. 59min. vor Blues Radio Spot - Blues Radio And Patrik Jansson Band
2s. 2min. vor Mississippi Heat - Heartbroken
2s. 7min. vor Kris Heaton Blues Band - It Spells Lonely
2s. 9min. vor Big Pete Pearson - The Thrill Is Gone
2s. 12min. vor Gregg Allman - Rendezvous With The Blues
2s. 16min. vor Ana Popovic - Woman To Love
2s. 19min. vor Albert King - Phone Booth
2s. 23min. vor Albert King - Phone Booth
2s. 25min. vor Connie Lush Band - Don't Cry For Me
3s. 18min. vor Crooked Eye Tommy - Tide Pool
4s. 16min. vor Gary Moore - I Loved Another Woman (1999)
5s. 16min. vor Linda Shell - Mr. Blues
6s. 16min. vor Mike Griffin & The Unknow Blues Band - The Blues Ain't Never ...
7s. 16min. vor The Mannish Boys - As The Years Go Passing By
7s. 30min. vor Mighty Mo Rodgers - The Boy Who Stole The Blues
7s. 35min. vor Jack De Keyzer - Cry The Blues
7s. 40min. vor 3 Dayz Whizkey - The High Price Of Lovin' You
7s. 45min. vor B.b. King - Ain't Nobody Like My Baby
7s. 47min. vor B.b. King - Three O'clock Blues (live)
7s. 52min. vor Robert Walker & The Century Band - Forevermore
8s. 16min. vor Van Morrison - Here Comes - 09 - (as Them) Mighty Like A Rose (1965)
9s. 18min. vor Sean Chambers - Trouble & Whiskey
10s. 16min. vor Kate Lush - Set Me Free
10s. 31min. vor Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - Annie Mae's Cafe
10s. 36min. vor Eddie Taylor - Soul Brother
10s. 39min. vor Flo Bauer Blues Project - The Blues
10s. 47min. vor Jeff Chaz - This Silence Is Killing Me
10s. 54min. vor Latvian Blues Band - There Are Days
11s. 1min. vor Climax Bluesband - American Dream
11s. 2min. vor Jimmy Johnson - I Need Some Easy Money
11s. 6min. vor John Lee Hooker - Boogie At Russian Hill
11s. 11min. vor Howard Glazer - Somewhere
11s. 14min. vor Howard Glazer - Somewhere
11s. 16min. vor Chuck Alvarez & Friends - Goodbye
11s. 21min. vor Nick Gordon - Roll This Joint
11s. 26min. vor Danny Bryant - Just Wont Burn
11s. 33min. vor Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco - Thebluesdonvtlikenobody(live...
11s. 37min. vor Walter Trout & The Radicals - Hey Joe
11s. 42min. vor The Doug Duffey Band - Change My Way Of Living
11s. 46min. vor Malacara & Wilson Band - Almost Blues
11s. 52min. vor Mike Morgan & Jim Suhler - You Hurt Me
11s. 54min. vor Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Szeren
11s. 59min. vor Michael Bloomfield - If You Love These Blues
12s. 2min. vor Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Wednesday Night At The Bull
12s. 6min. vor Riff Riders - Bounce Back
12s. 11min. vor Blue Blot - Bridge To Your Heart
12s. 14min. vor Blue Blot - Bridge To Your Heart
12s. 18min. vor Tony Sarno & The Screamin' Blu - Gambler's Blues
12s. 24min. vor Tinsley Ellis - You Picked A Good Time
12s. 28min. vor Mighty Sam Mcclain - A Soul That's Been Abused
12s. 36min. vor Blues Control - Alone
12s. 43min. vor Luther Allison - Watching You
12s. 46min. vor Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - Hotel Room
12s. 48min. vor Crooked Eye Tommy - Over And Over
12s. 55min. vor Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band - Born Under A Bad Sign
13s. 1min. vor Tommy Brown - Southern Women
13s. 6min. vor Jimmy Warren - Will It Ever Be The Same Again
13s. 10min. vor Lauren Zoeller & Bluzelightning - Wake Up
13s. 11min. vor Lauren Zoeller & Bluzelightning - Wake Up
13s. 15min. vor Latimore - Midnight Snuggin'
13s. 18min. vor Ben Green - Ramblin' Roll
13s. 23min. vor Ari Borger Quartet - Backyard Jam
13s. 30min. vor Alvaro Assmar - When She Was Gone
13s. 37min. vor The Allman Brothers Band With Dr. Dan Matrazzo - Soulshine
13s. 43min. vor Bettye Lavette - When The Blues Catch Up To You
13s. 48min. vor Jeff Gates Band - Blue Condition
13s. 52min. vor Sven Zetterberg - Writer's Block
13s. 55min. vor Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Crossfire (live)
13s. 58min. vor Blues Radio - Bernie Latino Spot
14s. 2min. vor Bc & The Blues Crew - Bill Paxton, Help Us Escape
14s. 5min. vor Preacher Keen - It's A Shame
14s. 9min. vor The Bourbon Blues Band - Blues For A Golden Heart
14s. 12min. vor The Bourbon Blues Band - Blues For A Golden Heart
14s. 20min. vor Reflection Avenue - Barry Richman Band
14s. 24min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Collins Mix Spot
14s. 27min. vor The Stumble - All Over Again
14s. 37min. vor Ben Granfelt Band - So Much Easier (edit)
14s. 41min. vor Lou Pride - Livin' A Lie
14s. 44min. vor The Jeff Healey Band - I Need To Be Loved
14s. 47min. vor Joss Stone - It's A Man's Man's World (live)
14s. 51min. vor Kenny Kay And Storm Warning - Little Girl
14s. 54min. vor The Giants - Mistress Of The Dark
14s. 59min. vor Mike Milligan & Steam Shovel - What's Goin' On
15s. 4min. vor Short Stuff (jim Liban) - Let's Straighten It Out
15s. 8min. vor Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is
15s. 9min. vor Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is
15s. 14min. vor Little Charlie And The Nightcats - If This Is Love
15s. 20min. vor Too Slim & The Taildraggers - No Quarter
15s. 23min. vor Cafe R&b - My Tears
15s. 28min. vor Big Band Splash - It's A Man's World (feat. Marino Valle)
15s. 31min. vor Van Morrison - High Summer
15s. 36min. vor Leo Maier - Blues For Mr. Jody Williams
15s. 41min. vor Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - You Take Me Down
15s. 45min. vor Popa Chubby - Blues Bearing Down (live)
15s. 50min. vor Lara Price Band - Little Wing
15s. 56min. vor Walter Trout Band - Girl From The North Country
16s. 1min. vor Jesse & The Raindogs - I Don't Deserve This
16s. 5min. vor Beau Brumels - The Wolf And The Velvet Fortune
16s. 12min. vor Shane Dwight - Love's Last Letter
16s. 15min. vor Joe Satriani - A Phase I'm Going Through
16s. 20min. vor A Contra Blues - Love Obituary
16s. 23min. vor Reddog - She's Gone
16s. 27min. vor Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - Big Legged Woman
16s. 35min. vor Michael Locke - Yea
16s. 38min. vor Key Largo - As The Years Go Passing By
16s. 45min. vor Frankfurt City Blues Band - Found Myself Dead
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Otlichnaya stanciya! Kak fonovyy blyuz–rok velikolepno i kachestvo 192.
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