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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Blues Radio
2s. 52min. vor Gary Moore - The Sky Is Crying [bonus Track]
6s. 58min. vor John "mad Dog" Watkins - I Got The Blues
7s. 5min. vor Van Morrison - Gloria (with Them)
7s. 8min. vor Lightnin' Joe - Bad Whiskey Blues
7s. 12min. vor Joe Bonamassa - What I've Know For A Very Long Time
7s. 17min. vor Tad Robinson - Walking In The Sunshine
7s. 24min. vor Al Kooper - Alvino Johnson's Shuffle
7s. 27min. vor The Joey Gilmore Band - A Little Love
7s. 32min. vor Santana - Tales Of Kilimanjaro
7s. 35min. vor Foreday Riders - Chittlins Con
7s. 39min. vor Benny Turner - Ain't No Sunshine (feat. Bob Margolin)
7s. 42min. vor The Blue Poets - Alien Angel
7s. 51min. vor Willie Dixon - Slow Instrumental
7s. 56min. vor The Kniki & Mike Beale Project - Battered N Bruised
8s. 6min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Blues Trackers Radio Spot
8s. 10min. vor Trion - Song For Canada
8s. 13min. vor Mojo Watson - This Is A Cold Cruel World
8s. 18min. vor Jessie & The Raindogs - Ain't Nothin' But The Blues
8s. 21min. vor Saiichi Sugiyama - (i've Got No) Magic Wand
8s. 26min. vor Lonnie Brooks Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker - Born In Louisian...
8s. 31min. vor Mojo Watson - Palm Reader
8s. 36min. vor Indigenous - All Those Lies
8s. 42min. vor Humble Pie - Blues I Believe My Soul
8s. 47min. vor Mofo Party Band - Living Proof
8s. 52min. vor Billy King - Back To My Baby
8s. 56min. vor The Apocalypse Blues Revue - When The Music's Over
9s. 1min. vor Sebastian Hardie - Art Of Life
9s. 6min. vor Bryan Lee - Louisiana Woman
9s. 13min. vor Balboa Blues Band - King Of The Blues
9s. 14min. vor Bryan Lee - Cross Cut Saw
9s. 24min. vor Blues Company - Silent Night
9s. 29min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio & Kate Lush Radio Spot
9s. 34min. vor Point Blank - Waiting For A Change
9s. 39min. vor Sergio Bap - Bicuda Hill
9s. 41min. vor Sergio Bap - Bicuda Hill
9s. 43min. vor Mark Cook Project - Moonlight Blues
9s. 48min. vor Johnny Drummer - I'm Missing You
9s. 55min. vor Joe Bonamassa - The Great Flood
10s. vor Buddy Miles Feat Rocky Athas - Miss Suga' Fine
10s. 5min. vor Delbert Mcclinton - Lipstick Traces
10s. 10min. vor Corey Stevens - I Got A Rich Man's Woman
10s. 13min. vor Sonny Moorman Group - Black Magic Woman
10s. 20min. vor Bruce Ewan W. Big Gilson - Blue And Lonesome
10s. 25min. vor Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - S.o.s.
10s. 30min. vor Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - S.o.s.
10s. 35min. vor Kaye Bohler - He Helps Me (find My Way)
10s. 40min. vor Freddy & The Screamers - Full Moon On Main Street Freddie & Th...
10s. 45min. vor Susan Tedeschi - 700 Houses
10s. 50min. vor Shemekia Copeland - It's My Own Tears
10s. 53min. vor Uddhava - Fake Gurus
10s. 56min. vor Mike Onesko's Blindside Blues Band - Natural Thang
11s. 5min. vor Blues Train - Muddy Water
12s. 6min. vor Sven Larsson - Green Unit
12s. 11min. vor Brunning Sunflower Blues Band - Uranus
12s. 14min. vor Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, B.b. King & Jimmie Vaughan - Rock Me Baby
12s. 21min. vor Michael Burks - House Of The Rising Sun
12s. 36min. vor Wildmen Bluesband - It's Freezing In My Heart
12s. 41min. vor Wildmen Bluesband - It's Freezing In My Heart
12s. 44min. vor Marc Eric - Blood From A Stone
12s. 51min. vor John Verity - Stairway To Heaven
12s. 56min. vor Kinsey Report - Loved Ones
13s. 1min. vor Miss Blues - Trapped
13s. 6min. vor Lucky Peterson - Tribute To Luther Allison
13s. 13min. vor Frankfurt City Blues Band - Found Myself Dead
13s. 16min. vor The Ed Earley Band - Chitlins Con Carne
13s. 19min. vor Monster Mike Welch - A Perfect World
13s. 29min. vor Jimmy Johnson - Cold Cold Feeling
13s. 36min. vor Sonny Landreth - Blue Tarp Blues
13s. 41min. vor The Bad Sign Bluesband - Talk To Me
13s. 44min. vor J.j. Band - Pretty Woman
13s. 48min. vor Blueass Blues Band - Ain't No Sunshine
13s. 51min. vor Lucille - Say It In The Dark
13s. 54min. vor Matt Thorpe - Yeowzer
13s. 59min. vor Jay Owens - Gonna Send For My Baby
14s. 3min. vor Boz Scaggs - Loan Me A Dime
18s. 54min. vor The Radio Kings - This Love
23s. 53min. vor Benny Turner - She Call Me King Bee
1t. 2s. 41min. vor Around The Blues - Blues Ain't Nothing But...
1t. 2s. 48min. vor Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers - Losing You
1t. 2s. 58min. vor Katie Webster & Black Cat Bone - Misty Blue
1t. 3s. 4min. vor Jimmy D. Lane - Bad Luck
1t. 3s. 11min. vor Coco Montoya - Same Dog
1t. 3s. 13min. vor Gregg Rolie - As The Years Go Passing By (feat. Alan Haynes)
1t. 3s. 23min. vor Paul Butterfield - Baby Blue
1t. 3s. 26min. vor Adrian Niles - For 2
1t. 3s. 29min. vor Mick Abrahams - Bad Feeling
1t. 3s. 33min. vor Blues Radio - The Bluesbones I Try Spot
1t. 3s. 34min. vor Electric Blues - Long Lonely Journey
1t. 3s. 41min. vor Giles - So Much Pain
1t. 3s. 44min. vor Mike Morgan & The Crawl - I Ain't Worried No More
1t. 3s. 49min. vor Popa Chubby - Same Old Blues (live)
1t. 3s. 56min. vor The Bluesbones - I Try
1t. 4s. 5min. vor Willie Hill - Ain't Your Fool No More
1t. 4s. 8min. vor Delta Kings - Sensitive Kind
1t. 4s. 15min. vor The Roger Girke Band - Daddy
1t. 4s. 21min. vor Roy Rogers & Shana Morrison - Amy Sky
1t. 4s. 25min. vor Bernie Madsen - Love That Burns
1t. 4s. 33min. vor Adam Sweet - At Times Like This
1t. 4s. 35min. vor Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Gary Spot
1t. 4s. 36min. vor Albert Castiglia - Living The Dream
1t. 4s. 41min. vor Al Basile - What Your Kisses Say
1t. 4s. 45min. vor Victor Biglione - Villanova Junction
1t. 4s. 50min. vor Buck69 - Someone Like Me
1t. 4s. 53min. vor Chuck Alvarez - Goodbye
1t. 5s. vor Bobby Rush - 2 Eyes Full Of Tears
1t. 5s. 3min. vor Jimmy Johnson - Strange Things Happening
1t. 5s. 10min. vor Eddy Wilson's Blues Band - Now That The Magic Has Gone
1t. 5s. 13min. vor Ian Parker - It Hurts A Man (2004)
1t. 5s. 21min. vor Ronnie Baker Brooks - Stuck On Stupid
1t. 5s. 30min. vor Big James & Chicago Playboys - I'll Never Be The Same
1t. 5s. 33min. vor Ron Evans Trio - Six Blade Knife
1t. 5s. 38min. vor Luther Grosvenor - Merry Go Round
1t. 5s. 45min. vor Soulmates - Little Red Rooster
1t. 5s. 52min. vor Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - The Thrill Is Gone
1t. 6s. vor Mark Dufresne - Addicted
1t. 6s. 3min. vor Lenna & The Snakemen - Eye For The Loser
1t. 6s. 8min. vor Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Can't Let Go
1t. 6s. 12min. vor Fred James - A Fool Never Learns
1t. 6s. 15min. vor Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Change My Way Of Living
1t. 6s. 22min. vor Brother Bagman - Come And Go
1t. 6s. 36min. vor Frank 'paris Slim' Goldwasser - I Can't Stand It
1t. 14s. 55min. vor Zac Harmon - Stormin' In Mississippi (studio Version)
1t. 17s. 40min. vor Larry Mccray - Same Old Blues
1t. 18s. 14min. vor Joe Bonamassa - Blues Deluxe
1t. 18s. 19min. vor Jimmy Dawkins - Lonely Guitar Man
1t. 18s. 24min. vor Nico Wayne Toussaint - When Love's Gone
1t. 18s. 29min. vor Beth Hart - I'll Take Care Of You
1t. 18s. 32min. vor Chris A. Special Blues - Chris A. Special Blues And Rocky Athas Think ...
1t. 18s. 35min. vor Chicago Blues Council - Beautiful Lady
1t. 18s. 44min. vor Lee Thomas Band - In Your Space
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