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Smooth Jazz Florida
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Smooth Jazz Florida
10min. vor Dennis Nelson - Make It With You
48min. vor Charley Langer - J Street Groove
1s. 19min. vor Bobby Caldwell - Break Away (featuring Jessie Ware)
1s. 56min. vor Paul Hardcastle - Free As The Wind
2s. 30min. vor Shelea - Moonlight
3s. 8min. vor Earl Klugh And Bob James - Fugitive Life
3s. 45min. vor Freddie Jackson - He'll Never Love You (like I Do)
4s. 16min. vor Fourplay - Elixir
4s. 50min. vor Jim Adkins - The Journey
5s. 28min. vor Doobie Brothers - How Do The Fools Survive
6s. 6min. vor Nils - Straight Down The Line
6s. 36min. vor Althea Rene - Gypsy Soul
7s. 9min. vor Alex Bugnon - Free
7s. 41min. vor George Benson - You Don't Know What Love Is
8s. 18min. vor David Sanborn - Lisa
8s. 48min. vor Cindy Bradley - Button Legs
8s. 55min. vor Ronny Smith - Chillin After Eight
9s. 27min. vor David Benoit - You're Amazing
10s. vor Kathy Kosins - A To B
10s. 39min. vor Groove Frequencies - All I Wanna Do
11s. 13min. vor Joyce Cooling - Gliding By
11s. 49min. vor Tim Watson - When Marie Smiles
12s. 27min. vor Drivetime - Mr Mango
13s. 1min. vor Shakatak - Streetwalkin'
13s. 36min. vor Jesse Cook - Double Dutch
14s. 12min. vor Tim Bowman - All I Need Is Love Ft. Stokley
14s. 49min. vor Jimmy Dale - Dear Mr. Benson
15s. 28min. vor Carol Albert - Fly Away Butterfly
16s. 6min. vor Jt Project - Overdrive
16s. 40min. vor David Garfield - Go Home
17s. 16min. vor Paul Brown/chris Standing - Piccadilly Circus
17s. 50min. vor Jeff Kashiwa - Simple Truth
18s. 30min. vor Boz Scaggs - You Can Have Me Anytime
19s. 8min. vor Maysa - Inside My Dream
19s. 32min. vor Sun Soul Orchestra - Pillow Talk
19s. 47min. vor Walter Beasley - Nothin But A Thang
20s. 22min. vor Fourplay - Cape Town
20s. 59min. vor Nick Colionne - Buckle Up (brand New)
21s. 46min. vor Will E - In The Zone
22s. 19min. vor Al Green - Tired Of Being Alone
22s. 24min. vor Erich Cawalla - 222 South
22s. 56min. vor Joyce Cooling - Simple Kind Of Love
23s. 32min. vor Euge Groove - Saturday Afternoon
1t. 10min. vor Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Vibe
1t. 48min. vor Earth Wind And Fire - Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess
1t. 1s. 26min. vor Rick Braun - So Strong
1t. 2s. 7min. vor Sade - Soldier Of Love
1t. 2s. 39min. vor Mindi Abair - The Joint
1t. 3s. 17min. vor Bob James - Kari
1t. 3s. 52min. vor David Benoit - M.w.a. (musicians With Attitude)
1t. 3s. 55min. vor Pieces Of A Dream - Just Funkin' Around
1t. 4s. 31min. vor Fourplay - Between The Sheets
1t. 5s. 10min. vor Peter White - Jump On It
1t. 5s. 48min. vor Buddy Leach - Where Am I
1t. 6s. 26min. vor Marc Antoine Feat. Tim Welvaars - Deixa
1t. 7s. vor Gloria Estefan - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
1t. 7s. 36min. vor Jackiem Joyner - When You Smile
1t. 8s. 18min. vor The Rippingtons - Moonlighting Feat. Gregg Karukas
1t. 8s. 53min. vor Dave Koz - Castle Of Dreams
1t. 9s. 29min. vor Jeff Lorber Fusion - The Badness (brand New)
1t. 10s. 8min. vor Shaun Labelle - Wave
1t. 10s. 47min. vor Bluey - Take A Chance On Me
1t. 10s. 56min. vor Incognito - Racing Through The Bends
1t. 11s. 20min. vor The Rippingtons - Aspen
1t. 11s. 58min. vor Boney James - There And Back
1t. 12s. 37min. vor Rick Braun - Silk (edit)
1t. 13s. 1min. vor Paul Brown/chris Standing - Piccadilly Circus
1t. 13s. 5min. vor D> Tour - Step To It
1t. 13s. 8min. vor Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita
1t. 13s. 11min. vor Warren Hill - La Dolce Vita
1t. 13s. 15min. vor Allen Carman - Carmanology
1t. 13s. 18min. vor Jim Adkins - Time With You
1t. 13s. 21min. vor Boney James And Rick Braun - More Than You Know
1t. 13s. 28min. vor Walter Beasley - Come On Over
1t. 13s. 31min. vor Fourplay - My Love's Leavin'
1t. 13s. 35min. vor Unam - Soul Breeze
1t. 13s. 41min. vor Basia - Promises
1t. 13s. 45min. vor Oli Silk - At Your Service (feat. Julian Vaughn)
1t. 13s. 48min. vor Peter White - She's In Love
1t. 13s. 48min. vor Peter White - She's In Love
1t. 13s. 55min. vor Skinny Hightower - Jubilee
1t. 13s. 58min. vor Keiko Matsui - Moving On
1t. 14s. 2min. vor Carl Cox - Feelin' Fine
1t. 14s. 8min. vor Vanessa Daou - Two To Tango
1t. 14s. 12min. vor Sheldon Ferguson - Soul Searching
1t. 14s. 15min. vor Deon Yates - Motor City Strut
1t. 14s. 18min. vor Greg Holsey - Another Taste
1t. 14s. 25min. vor Lin Rountree - Pass The Groove
1t. 14s. 27min. vor Maxwell - Ascension (don't Ever Wonder)
1t. 14s. 28min. vor Maxwell - Ascension (don't Ever Wonder)
1t. 14s. 35min. vor Mark Barrios - True Heart
1t. 14s. 38min. vor Hudson - Lay Lady Lay
1t. 14s. 42min. vor Gino Vannelli - Living Inside Myself
1t. 14s. 45min. vor Terje Lie Feat. Jeff Lorber - Bright Moments
1t. 14s. 49min. vor U-nam - ( Hang On ) U- Is Comin'
1t. 14s. 55min. vor Chris Johnson - Thinking Out Loud
1t. 15s. vor Mike Phillips - What A Fool Believes
1t. 15s. 4min. vor Quincy Jones - The Dude
1t. 15s. 7min. vor Brian Culbertson - Daybreak
1t. 15s. 14min. vor Richard Elliot - Summer Madness (brand New)
1t. 15s. 17min. vor Chris Standring - Ride
1t. 15s. 24min. vor Special Efx - Get On Up
1t. 15s. 27min. vor Michael Garvin - Vibe Taxi
1t. 15s. 31min. vor Hall And Oates - Shes Gone
1t. 15s. 34min. vor Boney James - All About You
1t. 15s. 37min. vor Steve Cole - Reverence
1t. 15s. 44min. vor Will Downing - Hold On
1t. 15s. 47min. vor David Wells - Isla Del Corazon
1t. 15s. 54min. vor Euge Groove - Slam Dunk
1t. 15s. 57min. vor Dan Siegel - After All
1t. 16s. 1min. vor Groove Frequencies - All I Wanna Do
1t. 16s. 4min. vor Matt Marshak - Kiss
1t. 16s. 7min. vor Toni Braxton - You Mean The World To Me
1t. 16s. 14min. vor Calvin Richardson - Can't Let Go
1t. 16s. 18min. vor New Latitude - The Journey
1t. 16s. 20min. vor The Rippingtons - Curves Ahead
1t. 16s. 23min. vor The Rippingtons - Curves Ahead
1t. 16s. 26min. vor Greg Manning - Round 'n'round (featuring J. Reid)
1t. 16s. 29min. vor Queen Latifah - Trav'lin' Light
1t. 16s. 36min. vor Michael Lington - Stone Cool
1t. 16s. 39min. vor Billyray Sheppard - Heels And Pearls
1t. 16s. 43min. vor The Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round
1t. 16s. 49min. vor John Dillard - Cruise Control
1t. 16s. 56min. vor Fabiana Passoni - Lovely Day
1t. 16s. 59min. vor Fabiana Passoni - Lovely Day
1t. 17s. 3min. vor Peter White - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (brand New)
1t. 17s. 6min. vor Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (no Can Do)
1t. 17s. 13min. vor Kenny G - I Can't Tell You Why
1t. 17s. 16min. vor Dee Brown - Hey Baby!
1t. 17s. 19min. vor Mike Hamilton - Day Dreaming

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