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Smooth Jazz Florida
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Smooth Jazz Florida
3s. 4min. vor Euge Groove - Old. Edu (old School)
3s. 13min. vor Swing Out Sister - Fooled By A Smile
3s. 16min. vor Spyro Gyra - Catching The Sun
3s. 21min. vor Greg Manning - Round 'n'round (featuring J. Reid)
3s. 24min. vor Marty Balins - Hearts
3s. 31min. vor Lawson Rollins - Sway
3s. 35min. vor Steve Cole - Thursday - Radio Edit
3s. 36min. vor Incognito - Racing Through The Bends
3s. 40min. vor Michael J Thomas - Baby Coffee
3s. 45min. vor Dave Koz - 'twas The Night Before Christmas 1
3s. 48min. vor Mezzoforte - Bright And Early
3s. 55min. vor Norman Brown - Holding You (feat. Chant Moore) (brand New)
3s. 56min. vor Al Degregoris - Time And A Half
4s. 2min. vor Carol Albert - Fly Away Butterfly
4s. 6min. vor Fourplay - Charmed, I'm Sure
4s. 7min. vor Fourplay - Charmed, I'm Sure
4s. 13min. vor Shakatak - Day By Day (duet With Al Jarreau)
4s. 17min. vor Kenny G - Bu Bossa
4s. 22min. vor Erich Cawalla - 222 South
4s. 23min. vor Eliane Elias - Call Me
4s. 30min. vor Edda Borg - Liberation
4s. 32min. vor Paul Hardcastle - Cut Loose (brand New)
4s. 37min. vor Joyce Cooling - Daddy O
4s. 42min. vor Brian Culbertson - Let's Take A Ride
4s. 45min. vor Sam Smith - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
4s. 49min. vor Larry Carlton & Lee Ritenour - Take That
4s. 54min. vor Jeff Kashiwa - Side By Side
4s. 57min. vor Peet Project - Night Is Fallin'
5s. 1min. vor Kofi - Harlem Nocturne
5s. 4min. vor Kofi - Harlem Nocturne
5s. 7min. vor Althea Rene - Gypsy Soul
5s. 9min. vor Tania Maria - Come With Me
5s. 14min. vor Rick Braun - Another Kind Of Blue
5s. 19min. vor Chris Standring - Like This, Like That
5s. 24min. vor Donald Fagen - The Goodbye Look
5s. 31min. vor Peter White - Mister Magic
5s. 34min. vor Euge Groove - Groove On (edit)
5s. 38min. vor Acoustic Alchemy - Jamaica Heartbeat
5s. 43min. vor Rupert Leighton - Obstenox
5s. 46min. vor Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas
5s. 49min. vor Groove Ltd. - Uprising (radioedit)
5s. 56min. vor The Smooth Jazz Alley - C Funk
6s. vor Paul Hardcastle - Dreams
6s. 2min. vor Bill Evans - If Only In Your Dreams
6s. 5min. vor Bill Evans - If Only In Your Dreams
6s. 10min. vor Kayla Waters - Apogee
6s. 13min. vor Al Jarreau - Teach Me Tonight
6s. 16min. vor The Rippingtons - She Likes To Watch
6s. 23min. vor Diana Krall - I'm Not In Love
6s. 27min. vor U-nam - C'est Le Funk Feat. Nivo Deux (radio Edit)
6s. 30min. vor Dave Grusin - Somewhere Between Old And New York
6s. 33min. vor Rippingtons - Dreams
6s. 38min. vor Peter White - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (brand New)
6s. 43min. vor Roberto Tola - Lullaby Of Christmas (feat. Bill Mcgee)
6s. 48min. vor Tommy Emmanuel - Fields Of Gold
6s. 54min. vor The Allen Carman Project - Hearsay
6s. 59min. vor Dave Baker - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
7s. 2min. vor Gene Dunlap Band - The Lights Went Out And...
7s. 5min. vor Gene Dunlap Band - The Lights Went Out And...
7s. 7min. vor Michael Garvin - Vibe Taxi
7s. 10min. vor Steely Dan - Third World Man
7s. 15min. vor Rick Mcguire - Little Love
7s. 19min. vor Special Efx - Another Day, Another Smile (brand New)
7s. 24min. vor Randy Crawford - Rio De Janeiro Blue
7s. 27min. vor Marc Antoine Feat. Tim Welvaars - Deixa
7s. 32min. vor Kilauea - The Love Godess
7s. 39min. vor Paul Taylor - Exotica
7s. 44min. vor Will E - In The Zone
7s. 47min. vor Dianne Reeves - A Child Is Born
7s. 54min. vor Brian Culbertson - Colors Of Love (brand New)
7s. 58min. vor Fourplay - 3rd Degree
8s. 3min. vor Joyce Cooling - China Basin
8s. 6min. vor Mikael - Lets Go Out
8s. 11min. vor Atlanta Rhythm Section - Imaginary Lover
8s. 16min. vor Jesse Cook - Double Dutch
8s. 19min. vor Boz Scaggs - Heart Of Mine
8s. 25min. vor Chris Standring - Soul Vibration
8s. 28min. vor Michael Lington - Block Party
8s. 33min. vor Patti Austin - For Once In My Life
8s. 36min. vor Kenya - Never Giving Up
8s. 40min. vor Jonathan Cain - Elegance On The Catwalk
8s. 43min. vor James Day - Its All Divine
8s. 46min. vor Jonathan Fritzen - Let It Go
8s. 53min. vor Gregg Karukus - We Three Kings Of Orient Are
8s. 56min. vor David Sanborn - Duck Ankles
8s. 57min. vor David Sanborn - Duck Ankles
8s. 58min. vor Vad75/daniel Chia - Coast Cruisin'
9s. 2min. vor Tom Hamilton - Just About Us
9s. 9min. vor Najee (feat Incognito) - Let's Take It Back
9s. 12min. vor Teddy Pendergrass - When Somebody Loves You Back
9s. 17min. vor Charley Langer - J Street Groove
9s. 20min. vor Vanessa Williams - The Comfort Zone
9s. 26min. vor Lin Rountree - Just Know It (radio Edit)
9s. 29min. vor Paul Brown - The Rhythm Method
9s. 32min. vor Jackiem Joyner - Trinity
9s. 37min. vor Shaun Labelle - Wave
9s. 42min. vor Chris Botti - I'll Be Home For Christmas
9s. 47min. vor D. Mills - Love Potion
9s. 51min. vor Russ Freeman - Paradise Cove
9s. 54min. vor Everything But The Girl - Missing
9s. 58min. vor Kevin Toney - Never Far Away
10s. 4min. vor Herb Wilborn Jr. - Breezin'
10s. 8min. vor The Manhattan Transfer - Mystery
10s. 14min. vor Bob Baldwin - Ipanema Fusion
10s. 16min. vor Reza Khan - Bayside Groove
10s. 23min. vor George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
10s. 25min. vor Herb Alpert - Rise
10s. 33min. vor Jorge Santana - Love The Way
10s. 40min. vor Roberto Restuccia - Dancing Souls
10s. 45min. vor Darren Rahn - 101 One
10s. 51min. vor Kirk Whalum - Go Tell It On The Mountain
10s. 54min. vor Troy Harris - New Song
10s. 59min. vor Fabiana Passoni - Day Dreaming
11s. 2min. vor Joe Sample - Rainbow Seeker
11s. 9min. vor Philippe Saisse Trio - Lucky Luke
11s. 12min. vor Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Masquerade
11s. 16min. vor Tim Bowman - City Lights
11s. 19min. vor Dionne Warwick - The Spinners - Then Came You
11s. 24min. vor Sir Jonathan Williams - Can We Talk
11s. 29min. vor Fattburger - Dreamer
11s. 34min. vor Vincent Ingala - Nasty
11s. 39min. vor Al Jarreau - Roof Garden
11s. 46min. vor Dean James - Dj's Groove
11s. 48min. vor Dave Koz - Little Drummer Boy
11s. 51min. vor Jef Kearns - Reverie
11s. 58min. vor Vad75 - Winter Raindrops
12s. 1min. vor Kim Waters - Nightfall
12s. 5min. vor Doc Powell - So Cool (featuring Melvin Jones)
12s. 10min. vor David Sanborn & Lizz Wright - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
12s. 15min. vor Chuck Loeb - Happy Hour

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