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Smooth Jazz Florida
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Smooth Jazz Florida
27min. vor Michael Jackson - Rock With You (single Version)
1s. 21min. vor Richard Elliot - Summer Madness (brand New)
2s. 13min. vor Dan Siegel - Starry Night
2s. 22min. vor Roberto Tola - Sunny Morning
3s. 19min. vor Norman Brown - Up 'n' At 'em
4s. 12min. vor Herb Alpert - Night Ride
5s. 7min. vor Mike Phillips - What A Fool Believes
6s. 5min. vor Larry Carlton - Ridin' The Treasure (feat. Kirk Whalum)
7s. 2min. vor Euge Groove - Love Passion And Joy
7s. 53min. vor Everette Harp - More Than You'll Ever Know
7s. 55min. vor Allen Carman - Carmanology
8s. 13min. vor George Benson - Deeper Than You Think
9s. 6min. vor Kirk Whalum - Sunday's Best (original Version)
10s. 1min. vor Jeff Kashiwa - Everyday Magic
10s. 56min. vor Michael Lington - Block Party
11s. 54min. vor Special Efx - Another Day, Another Smile (brand New)
12s. 52min. vor Justin Klunk - Aint It Fun
13s. 48min. vor Detroit 141 - 313 The D
14s. 46min. vor David Stewart & Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here
15s. 44min. vor Norman Brown - Right Now
16s. 42min. vor Sergio Mendes - Never Gonna Let You Go
17s. 41min. vor Lionel Richie - Easy
18s. 36min. vor David Grisman - Brazilian Breeze
19s. 36min. vor Steve Cole - Reverence (brand New)
20s. 32min. vor Aaron & The Neville Brothers - Drift Away
21s. 27min. vor Will Downing - Lover's Paradise
22s. 26min. vor Yellowjackets - The Dream
23s. 21min. vor Paul Hardcastle - Cut Loose
1t. 17min. vor Carol Albert - Fly Away Butterfly
1t. 1s. 13min. vor Bona Fide - High Street
1t. 1s. 55min. vor Michael Lington - Memphis Strut
1t. 2s. 53min. vor Manjari - M.c.audios
1t. 3s. 49min. vor Rupert Leighton - Obstenox
1t. 4s. 45min. vor Nite Flyte - Coast To Coast (extended Club Mix)
1t. 5s. 32min. vor Phil Casagrande - Groovin
1t. 6s. 29min. vor Pieces Of A Dream - Turning It Up
1t. 7s. 34min. vor Down To The Bone - Electra Glide
1t. 8s. 13min. vor Dave Koz Feat. Jonathan Butler - The Bright Side
1t. 9s. 13min. vor Candy Dulfer & Ulco Bed - Smokin' Gun
1t. 10s. 11min. vor Dianne Reeves - Waiting In Vain
1t. 11s. 13min. vor Dejohnette, Grenadier, Medeski Scofield - Lay Lady Lay
1t. 12s. 13min. vor Marcus Anderson - Will Power
1t. 13s. 13min. vor Jeanne Newhall - The Dove
1t. 14s. 15min. vor Nelson Rangell - Going All The Way
1t. 15s. 15min. vor Tyler Reese - Moving On
1t. 16s. 17min. vor Urban Knights - Midnight In Madrid
1t. 17s. 18min. vor Elan Trotman - Island Gal
1t. 18s. 19min. vor Jonathan Fritzen - Let It Go
1t. 19s. 18min. vor Earl Klugh - I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore
1t. 20s. 15min. vor Michael Franks - Now That The Summer's Here
1t. 21s. 13min. vor Bob Baldwin - Chameleon 3000 (feat. Ragan Whiteside & Gabriel Mark Has...
1t. 22s. 11min. vor Paolo Rustichelli - Euro Nights
1t. 23s. 8min. vor Michael J Thomas - Baby Coffee
2t. 8min. vor Will Downing - Tell Me About It (brand New)
2t. 1s. 3min. vor Michael Mcdonald - Find It In Your Heart
2t. 1s. 59min. vor Jazzy D - Wonder Featuring Kenya
2t. 3s. 5min. vor Candy Dulfer - On & On
2t. 4s. 3min. vor Anita Baker - I Apologize
2t. 4s. 35min. vor Brian Simpson - All I Want Is You
2t. 5s. 33min. vor Tony Saunders - Speak To My Heart
2t. 5s. 36min. vor Mezzoforte - Sizzle
2t. 6s. 28min. vor Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
2t. 7s. 26min. vor The Stylistics - Betcha By Golly, Wow
2t. 8s. 23min. vor Anita Baker - Fairy Tales
2t. 9s. 21min. vor Rick Braun - So Strong
2t. 10s. 19min. vor Kim Waters - It's A Party In Here
2t. 11s. 17min. vor Ramsey Lewis - Come Back To Me
2t. 12s. 15min. vor David Foster - After The Love Has Gone
2t. 13s. 13min. vor Rod Best - Piano Groove Time
2t. 14s. 11min. vor Paul Hardcastle - Rhythm Of Life
2t. 15s. 7min. vor Lawson Rollins - Flight
2t. 16s. 7min. vor Reza Khan - Bayside Groove
2t. 17s. 3min. vor George Howard - Love Will Follow
2t. 17s. 58min. vor Richard Elliot - Summer Madness (brand New)
2t. 18s. vor Lionel Richie - Hello
2t. 18s. 5min. vor Peter White - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (brand New)
2t. 18s. 10min. vor Michael Lington - Beale Street
2t. 18s. 13min. vor Diana Krall - Heart Of Gold
2t. 18s. 17min. vor Chuck Loeb & Kirk Whalum - True Or False
2t. 18s. 58min. vor Ed Taylor - It's Complicated
2t. 19s. 54min. vor Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man
2t. 20s. 28min. vor Earl Klugh And Bob James - Fugitive Life
2t. 21s. 25min. vor Al Jarreau - Trouble In Paradise
2t. 21s. 29min. vor Steve Laury - Shut Up And Listen
2t. 22s. 27min. vor Squeeze - Tempted
2t. 23s. 23min. vor Marion Meadows - Black Pearl
3t. 22min. vor The Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round
3t. 1s. 20min. vor Brian Hughes - Shakin' Not Stirred
3t. 2s. 18min. vor Dario G - Sunchyme
3t. 3s. 14min. vor Groove Ltd. - Summer Nights
3t. 4s. 13min. vor Sam Cardon - Dreaming At The Wheel
3t. 5s. 8min. vor Joe Mcbride - Just For The Koz
3t. 6s. 3min. vor Tom Grant - Every Time You Go Away
3t. 7s. 1min. vor Euge Groove - Rewind
3t. 7s. 57min. vor Tim Weisberg - Moondance
3t. 8s. 56min. vor Jeff Lorber Fusion - The Badness (brand New)
3t. 9s. 53min. vor Patrick Bradley - Dear Friend
3t. 10s. 53min. vor Sade - Bullet Proof Soul
3t. 11s. 47min. vor Steve Cole - Reverence (brand New)
3t. 12s. 41min. vor Kirk Whalum - X-factor
3t. 13s. 35min. vor Lin Rountree - For Your Love
3t. 14s. 31min. vor Philippe Saisse - Madison Rose
3t. 15s. 24min. vor Randy Crawford - Every Kind Of People
3t. 16s. 15min. vor Bickley Rivera - Latin Ride
3t. 17s. 5min. vor Kevin Toney - Kings
3t. 17s. 57min. vor Slim Man - Beginning
3t. 18s. 29min. vor Kenny G - A Year Ago
3t. 19s. 22min. vor Michael Townsend - Warm Feelings
3t. 20s. 14min. vor Miles Davis - Milestones
3t. 21s. 6min. vor Acoustic Alchemy - Marrakesh
3t. 22s. 2min. vor Boz Scaggs - You Make It So Hard (to Say No
3t. 22s. 53min. vor Will Downing - Tell Me About It (brand New)
3t. 23s. 45min. vor Maysa - Love Is A Battlefield
4t. 35min. vor Javier Colon W Dave Koz - Clear The Air
4t. 1s. 27min. vor Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off The Lights
4t. 2s. 19min. vor Peter White - Good Day
4t. 3s. 19min. vor Pieces Of A Dream - Hindsight
4t. 4s. 9min. vor Doug Jones - One Last Dance (radio Edit)
4t. 5s. 7min. vor Michael Mcdonald - Find It In Your Heart
4t. 6s. 3min. vor Jadranka Stojakovic - Cekala Sam
4t. 6s. 55min. vor Lalah Hathaway - If You Want To
4t. 7s. 47min. vor George Benson - Love Ballad
4t. 8s. 42min. vor Brian Culbertson - Always Remember
4t. 9s. 36min. vor Ronny Jordan - Search To Find
4t. 10s. 34min. vor Groove Frequencies - All I Wanna Do
4t. 11s. 33min. vor U Skripcu - O Je
4t. 12s. 33min. vor Bob Baldwin Presents - The New Urban Jazz Lounge Hour 2 Set 3
4t. 13s. 32min. vor Bob Baldwin Presents - The New Urban Jazz Lounge Hour 1 Set 3
4t. 14s. 27min. vor Bob Baldwin Presents - The New Urban Jazz Lounge Hour 1 Set 1
4t. 15s. 25min. vor Toni Braxton - I Love Me Some Him

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