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city: Kiev
tel.: +38 (044) 377-55-95/98
Genres: Terrace
LoungeFM - Terrace
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  LoungeFM - Terrace
11s. 6min. vor Basement Love - Deep Disco
11s. 8min. vor Promises Ltd. - Days Of Lavender (Gigamesh Remix)
11s. 13min. vor The Lonely Smoker - Keep That Same (Original Mix)
11s. 14min. vor Satin Jackets - Coast To Coast (Feat. Nteibint)
11s. 21min. vor Reflex - Wavering (Middle Remix)
11s. 24min. vor Jim James - Know Til Now (Pixelated Remix)
11s. 29min. vor Adri Block - Tender Touch (Original)
11s. 33min. vor Micky More & Andy Tee - Philly Sensation (Original Mix)
11s. 39min. vor Sunset Groove & Jayko - Summertime Ft Sav (Jamie Prado Remix)
11s. 44min. vor Casio Social Club - Justin Illusion (Original Mix)
11s. 48min. vor Jungle - Time [Darius Remix]
11s. 51min. vor Honne - Warm On A Cold Night
11s. 55min. vor Reflex - Together (Oxford Remix)
12s. vor Capyac - Falling In Love
12s. 3min. vor Dim Sum - High Love (Cesare Remix)
12s. 6min. vor The Roght Now - Call Firl ( Hot Toddy Dub)
12s. 11min. vor Sloslylove - Something Beautiful
12s. 15min. vor Deep City Soul Feat. Jacqui George - We All Fall Down (Guy Robin Vocal...
2t. 11s. 8min. vor Sloslylove - Something Beautiful
2t. 18s. 15min. vor Brigitte Bardott - La Mardrague
4t. 7s. 21min. vor Tony's Wayback Machine - In The Beginning (Original Mix)
4t. 7s. 25min. vor Final Dj's (Feat.stee Downes) - One Day In The Sun (Extended Mix)
4t. 7s. 33min. vor Moon Boots Feat. Kyiki - Don't Ask Why (Original Mix)
4t. 10s. 12min. vor Satin Jackets - Boys & Girls (Feat. Eric Cozier)
4t. 10s. 17min. vor Noosa - Love (Keljet Remix)
6t. 5s. 21min. vor Bellatrax Feat. Sophia May - What Love Is (Original Mix)
6t. 8s. 32min. vor Sixth Avenue Express - Don't Stay Away (Pherotone Remix)
6t. 16s. 5min. vor Mikky Ekko - Kids (Oliver Nelson Remix)
6t. 17s. 6min. vor Gorgon City Ft. Zak Abel - Unmissable
7t. 3s. 13min. vor Les Gordon - Atlas (Roisto Remix)
7t. 4s. 15min. vor Choklate - Wide Open (Reel People Vocal Mix)
7t. 12s. 22min. vor Frankie Foes Deep - Ne Daj
7t. 12s. 24min. vor Frankie Foes Deep - Ne Daj
7t. 12s. 26min. vor Frankie Foes Deep - Ne Daj
7t. 12s. 28min. vor Frankie Foes Deep - Ne Daj
7t. 12s. 30min. vor Last Lynx - Curtains (embody Remix)
7t. 12s. 32min. vor Discorocks Feat. Naika - Sure Know Something
7t. 12s. 34min. vor Discorocks Feat. Naika - Sure Know Something
7t. 12s. 36min. vor Discorocks Feat. Naika - Sure Know Something
7t. 12s. 38min. vor Jafunk - Why Would You (extended Mix)
7t. 12s. 41min. vor Nora En Pure - Norma Jean (original Mix)
7t. 12s. 43min. vor Nora En Pure - Norma Jean (original Mix)
7t. 12s. 44min. vor Cheryl Lynn - Georgy Porgy ( Satin Jackets Remix)
7t. 12s. 46min. vor Cheryl Lynn - Georgy Porgy ( Satin Jackets Remix)
7t. 12s. 48min. vor Cheryl Lynn - Georgy Porgy ( Satin Jackets Remix)
7t. 12s. 50min. vor Cheryl Lynn - Georgy Porgy ( Satin Jackets Remix)
7t. 12s. 52min. vor Final Dj's (feat.stee Downes) - One Day In The Sun (extended Mix)
7t. 12s. 54min. vor Final Dj's (feat.stee Downes) - One Day In The Sun (extended Mix)
7t. 12s. 56min. vor Don Downing - Doctor Boogie (ramsey Hercules & Fingerman Edit)
7t. 12s. 58min. vor Don Downing - Doctor Boogie (ramsey Hercules & Fingerman Edit)
7t. 13s. vor Don Downing - Doctor Boogie (ramsey Hercules & Fingerman Edit)
7t. 13s. 6min. vor Dj Steef - Wanted
7t. 13s. 12min. vor Honne - The Night
7t. 13s. 39min. vor Mirha Katoya & Robotopolus - Be Easy
7t. 14s. 5min. vor Joeblack - Can T Let You Go (casio Social Club Remix)
7t. 14s. 29min. vor Tempogeist - Romeo (monitor 66 Remix)
7t. 14s. 54min. vor Jade Blue Feat. Shane Blackshaw - Hardwired (original Mix)
7t. 15s. 18min. vor Chores & Ditto Ft Milou - When The Night Comes (la Felix Remix)
7t. 15s. 43min. vor Nameless - 7 Days In The Sun (bit Funk Remix)
7t. 16s. 7min. vor George Michael - Careless Whisper (ponthy Mython Remix)
7t. 16s. 32min. vor Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die (lntg Capricorn High Remix)
7t. 16s. 56min. vor Kartell - Love Strike
7t. 17s. 21min. vor All The Colours - Shame (that's Nice Remix)
7t. 17s. 45min. vor Johan S. - Universal Sound (juloboy Remix)
7t. 18s. 9min. vor Mika - Make You Happy (cherokee Remix)
7t. 18s. 34min. vor Buzz Compass - Think Twice
7t. 18s. 58min. vor Jupiter - Juicy Lucy (crayon Remix)
7t. 19s. 23min. vor Coldabank - Heart Strings (the Writers Block Remix)
7t. 19s. 47min. vor Aeroplane - Dancing With Each Other
7t. 20s. 12min. vor Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (cavaro Remix)
7t. 20s. 36min. vor Something Good - Stars
7t. 21s. 2min. vor Late Nite Tuff Guy - Reality
7t. 21s. 27min. vor Cannons - Mood Ring (blue Motel Remix)
7t. 21s. 51min. vor Albanek - Walk Away (swell Session's Boogie Voyage Remix)
7t. 22s. 15min. vor Ghost Loft - Talk To Me (bearson Remix)
7t. 22s. 41min. vor Tinashe - Vulnerable (gold Fields Remix)
7t. 23s. 6min. vor Aritus - Aritus-flight
7t. 23s. 30min. vor Darius - Hot Hands (original Mix)
7t. 23s. 54min. vor Chillwalker - Come 2 Mykonos (def Groove Cut)
8t. 19min. vor Sloslylove - Something Beautiful
8t. 44min. vor Sirma - Trigger (pat Lok Remix)
8t. 1s. 8min. vor Satin Jackets - Sunrise In Paradise
8t. 1s. 33min. vor Chris Malinchak - So Into You
8t. 1s. 57min. vor Hot Chip And Todd Terje - How Do You Do? (todd Terje Remix)
8t. 2s. 23min. vor Therr Maitz - Feeling Good Tonight (rmx By Kirill Dmitriev)
8t. 2s. 47min. vor Kidd Kurrupt - Mind, Body And Soul (original Mix)
8t. 3s. 12min. vor Miami Horror - Love Like Mine (bee's Knees Remix)
8t. 3s. 36min. vor Unorthodoxx - U Can (original 12'' Mix)
8t. 4s. 2min. vor Kool & The Gang - Too Hot (b.g. Baarregaard Edit)
8t. 4s. 26min. vor Paradis - Toi Et Moi
8t. 4s. 50min. vor Yse Saint Laur'ant - Warm Wind Brewing
8t. 5s. 15min. vor Hayden James - Just A Lover (pomo Remix)
8t. 5s. 39min. vor Jarreau Vandal - Someone That You Love (feat. Olivia Nelson)
8t. 6s. 4min. vor Full Intention - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (samir Maslo Remix)
8t. 6s. 29min. vor Satin Jackets Ft. Natalie Conway - My Original (original Mix)
8t. 6s. 53min. vor Miguel Migs Feat. Lisa Shaw - Give Me Somethin
8t. 7s. 17min. vor Felix Cartal - Drifting Away Ft. Ofelia K (jacklndn Remix)
8t. 7s. 54min. vor Danjiel Kostic - Free (delarox Remix)
8t. 9s. 30min. vor Lisa Shaw - Falling (miguel Migs Downtown Vocal Mix)
8t. 10s. 22min. vor Tyler Touche - Act Of God Ft. Jason Gaffner (robotaki Remix)
8t. 10s. 47min. vor Gino Soccio - So Lonely (lipelis Re-edit)
8t. 11s. 12min. vor Dino Lenny - I'm Coming Home (original Mix)
8t. 11s. 38min. vor Gypsymen, Todd Terry - Hear The Music (robosonic Remix)
8t. 12s. 4min. vor Saje - Our Story (kartell Remix)
8t. 12s. 28min. vor Pogo X Pogo - Feeling Good
8t. 12s. 53min. vor 5 Reasons - Ocean Breeze (feat. Le Flex)
8t. 13s. 19min. vor Raveena - Johnny It's The Last Time
8t. 14s. 36min. vor Tuuwa & Basement Love - Promise
8t. 15s. 48min. vor Vantage - Summer Heat
8t. 16s. 13min. vor Throttle Feat. David Spekter - Together (lyar Remix)
8t. 17s. 6min. vor Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never (louis La Roche Remix)
8t. 17s. 38min. vor Lil Gabri - Infinity Pools
8t. 18s. 17min. vor Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (proux Remix)
8t. 18s. 38min. vor 6th Borough Project - Just A Memory (original Mix)
8t. 18s. 59min. vor Rayko - Secret Friend (rayko Mighty Tiger Soul Edit)
8t. 19s. 21min. vor Kerri Watt - You (oliver Nelson Remix)
8t. 19s. 45min. vor Clean Bandit - Rather Be (jacklndn Remix)
8t. 20s. 6min. vor Satin Jackets Feat Eric Cozier - Don't Stop Looking (original Mix)
8t. 20s. 27min. vor Brandy - Rright Here (deepjack & Roomspace Remix)
8t. 20s. 48min. vor Slow Magic - Waited 4 U
8t. 21s. 8min. vor Full Intention Feat. Penny F - I Will Wait For You (original Mix)
8t. 21s. 29min. vor An 2 - The Gift (d-pulse Mediterranean Mix 1)
8t. 21s. 53min. vor Air Zaire - Play
8t. 22s. 15min. vor Ben Macklin - It's Over (feat. Emma Brammer)
8t. 22s. 36min. vor Jean Tonique - La Rencontre (feat. Gion Arto)
8t. 22s. 58min. vor Kahwe - Sit Back (original Mix)
8t. 23s. 19min. vor Miami Horror - Cellophane (so Cruel) [feat. Aaron Miller & Gavin T...
8t. 23s. 41min. vor Golden Coast - Futurist (eau Claire Remix)
9t. 2min. vor Flashbaxx - Movin On
9t. 22min. vor Pat Lok - My Own Throne (young Franco Remix)
  Gäste: Emasl    Kiev  
Je ne comprends par pourquoi on garde un tel systeme. Il decouvre une situation complexe.
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