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THE EBM-Radio com

Genere: Wave | EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop & more, 24/7!
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7min. fa
Amgod - Assimilated
14min. fa
The Spiritual Bat - Primordial Call
23min. fa
Helalyn Flowers - Burn
31min. fa
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - A Silvered Freeze
40min. fa
Sero.overdose - She - Solitary Experiments - Remix
49min. fa
Hmb - Falling Stars
57min. fa
Noblesse Oblige - Tanz Mephisto (Noblesse Oblige Remix)
1o. 4min. fa
The New York Room - Haunted
1o. 13min. fa
Implant - We Are Doing Fine (Armageddon Dildos Remix)
1o. 21min. fa
Plastic Noise Experience - Schlafmodus 1
1o. 30min. fa
Ginger Snap 5 - Waiting For… (Pride And Fall Mix)
1o. 38min. fa
Klutae - God Bless You
1o. 47min. fa
Matt Springfield - American Soldier (Disco Mike Remix Dub)
1o. 54min. fa
Krystal System - Krystal System . Paradise (Soleil Rouge)
2o. 3min. fa
Haujobb - S Adow (Shok's Scrambled Egg M
2o. 12min. fa
Acylum - Glock 17 (Sinfusion Remix)
2o. 21min. fa
Epsilon Minus - Lost
2o. 29min. fa
Xpq-21 - A Gothic Novel (Science Fiction)
2o. 38min. fa
Sero.overdose - Rain
2o. 47min. fa
Schwarzblut - Der Schwarze Tod [Die Sektor Remix]
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Genere: Wave
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