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That played on the radio:  RADIO SKY*FLY
13min. ago T-connection - On Fire (getting Hire)(remix).mp3
24min. ago Destination - Move On Up Suite (remix).mp3
36min. ago Dj. Dero - Do The Rave Stomp.mp3
53min. ago Dire Straits - Walk Of Life (single Mix).mp3
1h. 3min. ago Donna Summer - Bad Girls (single Mix).mp3
1h. 16min. ago Dr. Alban - Sing Hallelujah (stevie Steves Pizzi Edit).mp3
1h. 27min. ago Duran Duran - All She Wants Is (eurohouse Mix).mp3
1h. 40min. ago Retro Mix.mp3
1h. 55min. ago Duran Duran - Skin Trade (stretch Mix).mp3
2h. 6min. ago Dj. Dero - In My House.mp3
2h. 19min. ago Dj. Dero - Xtasis.mp3
2h. 34min. ago Earth Wind Fire - Lets Groove (long Version).mp3
2h. 44min. ago Eddy Murphy - Party All The Time.mp3
2h. 44min. ago Eddy Murphy - Party All The Time.mp3
2h. 57min. ago Edwin Starr - Contact (remix).mp3
3h. 13min. ago Erasure - A Little Respect (12 Inch Vocal).mp3
3h. 23min. ago Erasure - Stop (extended Dance Mix).mp3
3h. 36min. ago Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (12 Mix).mp3
3h. 49min. ago Erotic Exotic - If My Love Doesnt Suit Ya.mp3
4h. 3min. ago Expose - Megamix.mp3
4h. 15min. ago Falco - Der Kommissar (extended Version).mp3
4h. 27min. ago Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (the American Edit).mp3
4h. 39min. ago Fantasy - Youre Too Late (12 Mix).mp3
4h. 55min. ago Femminuccie - Bambolina (extended Mix).mp3
5h. 6min. ago Foreigner - That Was Yesterday (extended Version).mp3
5h. 19min. ago Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (extended Version).mp3
5h. 34min. ago Flash The Pan - Midnight Man (extended Remix Version).mp3
5h. 45min. ago Fire Inc. - Calles De Fuego.mp3
5h. 45min. ago Fire Inc. - Calles De Fuego.mp3
5h. 57min. ago France Joli - Come To Me (12 Extended Remix).mp3
6h. 13min. ago Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (long Version).mp3
6h. 23min. ago Free - All Right Now.mp3
6h. 36min. ago Freeez I.o.u. (extended Version).mp3
6h. 48min. ago Fun Fun - Happy Station.mp3
7h. 3min. ago Fax Yourself - Sunshine (original Mix).mp3
7h. 15min. ago Gap Band - Burn Rubber On Me (single Mix).mp3
7h. 26min. ago Gene Chandler - Get Down (extended Mix).mp3
7h. 38min. ago Gene Loves Jezebel - Desire (dance Mix).mp3
7h. 54min. ago George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You (extended Vers..mp3
8h. 5min. ago Gerardine Hunt - Cant Take The Feeling (12 Inch).mp3
8h. 18min. ago Gibson Brother - Cuba.mp3
8h. 33min. ago Gibson Brother - Que Ser Mi Vida.mp3
8h. 44min. ago Glass Tiger - Dont Forget Me When Im Gone (12 Version).mp3
8h. 57min. ago Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye (12 Inch).mp3
9h. 13min. ago Go West - We Close Your Eyes (remix).mp3
9h. 23min. ago Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy
9h. 36min. ago Guns N Roses - Welcome To The Jungle (new Version).mp3
9h. 49min. ago Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better (extended Vers.mp3
10h. 3min. ago Huey Lewis The News - The Power Of Love (extended Version.mp3
10h. 15min. ago Icehouse - No Promises (club Mix).mp3
10h. 27min. ago Human League - The Sound Of The Crown.mp3
10h. 40min. ago Inxs - Need You Tonight (original 12 Inch).mp3
10h. 55min. ago Irene Cara - What A Feeling (12 Inch).mp3
11h. 7min. ago Janet Jackson - Together Again (remix).mp3
11h. 20min. ago Jellybean - Jingo.mp3
11h. 34min. ago Jermaine Jackson - Dinamite.mp3
11h. 46min. ago Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across Of The Floor (remix).mp3
12h. ago Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In (club Mix).mp3
12h. 14min. ago Jimmy Somerville - Why
12h. 26min. ago John Rocca - I Want It To Be Real (extended Version)1.mp3
12h. 38min. ago Kc And The Sunshine Band - Que Pasa.mp3
12h. 55min. ago Kajagoogoo - Too Shy.mp3
13h. 6min. ago Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 2012 (shame D Mix)
13h. 19min. ago Kc And The Sunshine Band - On The One (12 Inch).mp3
13h. 34min. ago Tapps My Forbidden Lover.mp3
13h. 45min. ago The Beatles Baby Its You.mp3
13h. 45min. ago The Beatles Baby Its You.mp3
13h. 59min. ago Upa La Bamba.mp3
14h. 14min. ago Earth Wind And Fire - Lets Groove
14h. 25min. ago Modern Rocketry - Homosexuality (extended Remix 12) .mp3
14h. 37min. ago 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Fly (extended Mix).mp3
14h. 54min. ago 70 80 Rock Megamix .mp3
15h. 6min. ago 70 80 Rock Megamix .mp3
15h. 19min. ago 70 80 Rock Megamix .mp3
15h. 34min. ago 70 80 Rock Megamix .mp3
15h. 45min. ago 2 Unlimited - Get Ready (steve Aoki Extended).mp3
15h. 59min. ago A Flock Of Seagulls Whos That Girl (extended Version).mp3
16h. 14min. ago Africa Bambaataa Family Reckless (vocal Wildstyle Mix).mp3
16h. 25min. ago Aha You Are The One (extended Version).mp3
16h. 38min. ago Alfonso Se Entrega Barrio Chino.mp3
16h. 54min. ago Alisha Baby Talk.mp3
17h. 5min. ago Amii Stewart Knock On Wood ( 12 Inch Disco Mix ).mp3
17h. 18min. ago Ann Lee - Ring My Bell (eiffel 65 Extended Mix 2000).mp3
17h. 33min. ago Annie Lennox Sweet Dreams (12 House Extended Mix).mp3
17h. 45min. ago Arcadia Election Day.mp3
17h. 58min. ago Ashford Simpson Solid (extended Dance Mix).mp3
18h. 13min. ago Azul Violeta Solo Por Hoy.mp3
18h. 25min. ago Baltimora Tarzan Boy (extended Version).mp3
18h. 37min. ago Bardeux Three Time Lover(12 Inch).mp3
18h. 53min. ago Bb Q. Band On The Beat (12 Inch).mp3
19h. 5min. ago Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Heart (remix).mp3
19h. 5min. ago Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Heart (remix).mp3
19h. 17min. ago Berlin No More Words (dance Remix).mp3
19h. 17min. ago Berlin No More Words (dance Remix).mp3
19h. 33min. ago Bianca One More Time (12 Inch).mp3
19h. 44min. ago Billy Ranking Baby Come Back (12 Inch).mp3
19h. 57min. ago Black Blood - Chicano.mp3
20h. 18min. ago Boney M Kalimba De Luna (remix).mp3
20h. 34min. ago Boys Dont Cry I Wanna Be A Cowboy (12 Inch).mp3
20h. 45min. ago Brenda K.starr What You See What You Get (12 Inch).mp3
20h. 59min. ago Bronski Beat Hit That Perfect Beat.mp3
21h. 14min. ago Bronsky Beat Why.mp3
21h. 25min. ago Bryan Ferry Kiss Tell.mp3
21h. 37min. ago Carl Carlton Shes A Bad Mama Jama (remix).mp3
21h. 54min. ago Cbank One More Shot (1982).mp3
22h. 5min. ago Central Line Walking Into Sunshine (12 Mix).mp3
22h. 18min. ago Chance A Lover Hollyday (12 Inch).mp3
22h. 33min. ago Chas Jankel Glad To Know You (long Version).mp3
22h. 45min. ago Chic Le Freak (remix).mp3
22h. 58min. ago Claudja Barry - Down And Counting.mp3
23h. 13min. ago Chocolate Milk Take It Off (12 Inch).mp3
23h. 25min. ago Con Funk Shun - To Tight (live).mp3
23h. 37min. ago Corey Heart - Sunglases The Night.mp3
23h. 54min. ago Creedence Clearwater Revival - I Heard It Through The Grapevine.mp3
1d. 5min. ago Crowded House Dont Dreams Is Over
1d. 18min. ago Culture Club - Everything I Own.mp3
1d. 33min. ago Culture Club - The War Song (ultimate Dance Mix).mp3
1d. 44min. ago Cutting Crew - (i Just) Died In Your Arms (12 Inch).mp3
1d. 44min. ago Cutting Crew - (i Just) Died In Your Arms (12 Inch).mp3
1d. 57min. ago Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (extended Version.).mp3
1d. 1h. 13min. ago Dan Hartman - We Are The Young (extended Version).mp3
1d. 1h. 25min. ago Daryl Hall John Oates - Out Of Touch (extended Version).mp3
1d. 1h. 37min. ago David Byrne - Make Believe Mambo (club Mix).mp3
1d. 1h. 54min. ago David Christie - Saddle Up (12 Inch).mp3
1d. 2h. 5min. ago Dead Or Alive - Something In My House (12 Inch).mp3
1d. 2h. 18min. ago Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams (dreams House Mix)
1d. 2h. 33min. ago Debbie J. - Dont You Want My Love (remix).mp3
1d. 2h. 45min. ago Deep Purple - Lazy.mp3
1d. 2h. 45min. ago Deep Purple - Lazy.mp3
1d. 2h. 58min. ago T-connection - On Fire (getting Hire)(remix).mp3

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Dierks Bentley dedicates new album to his wife
The singer married his childhood crush in 2005.
Meghan Trainor considers eloping
The singer knew she was destined to become Mrs. Sabara a month after meeting her husband-to-be.
Busy Offset & Cardi B put wedding plans on ice
The Migos star proposed onstage at the Power 99 Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia in October.
Mary J. Blige floored by double Oscar nomination
Writer/director Dee Rees and cinematographer Rachel Morrison also made Oscars history with their nods.
Dylan Farrow calls out Justin Timberlake again over working with Woody Allen
Mira Sorvino and Rebecca Hall are among the actresses who have vowed never to appear in another Woody Allen film following his daughter''s molestation allegations.

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