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Arquivo Seg Ter Qua Qui Sex Sab Dom TOP

Que tocava no rádio:  AllGold - Music for Life 60s, 70s 80s Superhits
7min. atrás &artist=eddie%20kendricks&title=eddie%27s%20love&album=single&duration...
27min. atrás &artist=teddy%20pendergrass&title=close%20the%20door&album=single&dura...
43min. atrás &artist=toni%20braxton&title=i%20belong%20to%20you.&album=single&durat...
1h. atrás &artist=peabo%20bryson%20%26%20roberta%20flack&title=you%27re%20lookin...
1h. 18min. atrás &artist=stephanie%20mills&title=home&album=single&duration=327135&song...
1h. 35min. atrás &artist=al%20b%20sure&title=off%20on%20your%20own%20(girl)&album=singl...
1h. 53min. atrás &artist=madonna&title=holiday%20%20%5b%2012%20inch%20extended%20mix%20...
2h. 3min. atrás Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real
2h. 7min. atrás Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
2h. 10min. atrás Bobby Mcferrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
2h. 14min. atrás Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
2h. 18min. atrás James Ingram And Patti Austin - Baby Come To Me
2h. 20min. atrás &artist=enchantment&title=sunshine&album=single&duration=291762&songty...
2h. 22min. atrás Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart
2h. 27min. atrás Club Nouveau - Lean On Me
2h. 32min. atrás David Bowie - Absolute Beginners
2h. 38min. atrás &artist=diana%20ross%20%26%20the%20supremes&title=stop%21%20in%20the%2...
2h. 39min. atrás Simple Minds - Don't You (forget About Me)
2h. 43min. atrás Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
2h. 48min. atrás Hall And Oates - I Can't Go For That (no Can Do)
2h. 55min. atrás Culture Club - Church Of The Poison Mind
2h. 56min. atrás &artist=tina%20tuner&title=what%27s%20love%20got%20to%20do%20with%20it...
2h. 58min. atrás Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
3h. 3min. atrás Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You
3h. 5min. atrás Irene Cara - Fame
3h. 8min. atrás George Harrison - All Those Years Ago
3h. 12min. atrás Madonna - Angel
3h. 13min. atrás &artist=eric%20benet&title=harriett%20jones&album=single&duration=2848...
3h. 14min. atrás Madonna - Angel
3h. 18min. atrás Cutting Crew - (i Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
3h. 20min. atrás New Kids On The Block - Hangin Tough
3h. 25min. atrás Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Head To Toe
3h. 32min. atrás &artist=tramp&title=lowell%20fulson%20(1966)%20%20(hd%20quality)&album...
3h. 32min. atrás Michael Jackson - Beat It
3h. 37min. atrás Rockwell - Somebodys Watching Me
3h. 39min. atrás Dan Fogelberg - Longer
3h. 42min. atrás Prince - Let's Go Crazy
3h. 47min. atrás George Michael - Father Figure
3h. 50min. atrás &artist=ne-yo&title=another%20love%20song&album=single&duration=212193...
3h. 52min. atrás George Michael - Father Figure
3h. 55min. atrás Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
3h. 59min. atrás Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
4h. 4min. atrás Bananarama - Na Na Na Na
4h. 7min. atrás Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
4h. 8min. atrás &artist=the%20ohio%20players&title=funky%20worm&album=single&duration=...
4h. 9min. atrás Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
4h. 12min. atrás Mr Mister - Broken Wings
4h. 16min. atrás Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love
4h. 19min. atrás Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies
4h. 24min. atrás Paul Mccartney & Michael Jackson - Say Say Say
4h. 26min. atrás &artist=charlie%20wilson&title=i%20think%20i%27m%20in%20love&album=sin...
4h. 27min. atrás Paul Mccartney - Coming Up
4h. 32min. atrás Stevie Wonder - Part-time Lover
4h. 36min. atrás Huey Lewis And The News - Do You Believe In Love
4h. 39min. atrás John Waite - Missing You
4h. 43min. atrás &artist=timmy%20thomas&title=why%20can%27t%20we%20live%20together&albu...
4h. 46min. atrás Lionel Richie - Say You , Say Me
4h. 54min. atrás Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day
4h. 58min. atrás Prince - Little Red Corvette
5h. 1min. atrás &artist=station%20promo%20r%26b%20-%20%20station%20promo%20r%26b&title...
5h. 4min. atrás Sinead O'connor - Nothing Compares To You
5h. 9min. atrás Jeffrey Osborne - On The Wings Of Love
5h. 11min. atrás Gloria Estefan - 1 2 3
5h. 14min. atrás Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker
5h. 19min. atrás &artist=the%20o%27jays&title=i%20love%20music%20(extended%20version)&a...
5h. 19min. atrás Elton John - I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
5h. 23min. atrás Abba - The Winner Takes It All
5h. 38min. atrás &artist=leela%20james&title=hard%20for%20me&album=single&duration=2014...
5h. 56min. atrás &artist=blue%20magic&title=chasing%20rainbows&album=single&duration=24...
6h. 13min. atrás &artist=whitney%20houston&title=how%20will%20i%20know&album=single&dur...
6h. 32min. atrás &artist=station%20promo%20r%26b%20-%20%20station%20promo%20r%26b&title...
6h. 51min. atrás &artist=the%20chi-lites&title=a%20lonely%20man&album=single&duration=3...
7h. 10min. atrás &artist=the%20ebonys&title=you%27re%20the%20reason%20why&album=single&...
7h. 29min. atrás &artist=don%20bryant&title=don%27t%20give%20up%20on%20love&album=singl...
7h. 48min. atrás &artist=parliament&title=theme%20from%20the%20black%20hole&album=singl...
8h. 4min. atrás Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
8h. 6min. atrás &artist=wilson%20picket&title=6345789&album=single&duration=180323&son...
8h. 26min. atrás &artist=brooks%20benton&title=it%27s%20just%20a%20matter%20of%20time&a...
8h. 43min. atrás &artist=eddie%20kendricks&title=girl%20you%20need%20a%20change%20of%20...
9h. 2min. atrás &artist=david%20ruffin&title=heavy%20love&album=single&duration=291500...
9h. 21min. atrás &artist=garland%20green&title=jealous%20kind%20of%20fellow%20(stere&al...
9h. 40min. atrás &artist=earth%2c%20wind%20%26%20fire&title=side%20by%20side&album=sing...
9h. 58min. atrás &artist=bobby%20womack&title=i%20can%20understand%20it&album=single&du...
10h. 17min. atrás &artist=gladys%20knight%20%26%20the%20pips&title=friendship%20train&al...
10h. 36min. atrás &artist=isaac%20hayes&title=going%20in%20circles&album=single&duration...
10h. 55min. atrás &artist=the%20temptations&title=masterpiece%20%5bsingle%20edit%5d&albu...
10h. 57min. atrás Air Supply - Even The Nights Are Better
11h. 2min. atrás Jermaine Jackson - Lets Get Serious
11h. 5min. atrás Bee Gees - You Win Again
11h. 9min. atrás Escape Club - Wild Wild West
11h. 13min. atrás Electric Light Orchestra - So Serious
11h. 14min. atrás &artist=tina%20tuner&title=let%27s%20stay%20together&album=single&dura...
11h. 15min. atrás Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
11h. 20min. atrás Ub40 - Red Red Wine
11h. 23min. atrás Shoutcast Server
11h. 25min. atrás J Geils Band - Centrefold
11h. 29min. atrás Elton John - Nikita
11h. 33min. atrás &artist=the%20commodores&title=high%20on%20sunshine&album=single&durat...
11h. 33min. atrás Toni Basil - Mickey
11h. 37min. atrás Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone
11h. 42min. atrás Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out
11h. 47min. atrás Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
11h. 54min. atrás Nu Shooz - I Cant Wait
11h. 57min. atrás James Brown - Living In America
12h. 2min. atrás Sheena Easton - Modern Girl
12h. 7min. atrás Prince - I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
12h. 9min. atrás Billy Joel - The Longest Time
12h. 12min. atrás Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning
12h. 19min. atrás Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Getaway
12h. 21min. atrás &artist=first%20choice&title=armed%20and%20extremely%20dangerous&album...
12h. 23min. atrás Paul Young - Every Time You Go Away
12h. 29min. atrás Bryan Adams - Run To You
12h. 33min. atrás Stevie Wonder With Paul Mccartney - Ebony & Ivory
12h. 38min. atrás Lisa Stansfield - This Is The Right Time
12h. 39min. atrás Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator
12h. 48min. atrás Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
12h. 53min. atrás Level 42 - Lessons In Love
12h. 57min. atrás &artist=force%20m.d.%27s&title=don%27t%20rush&album=single&duration=17...
12h. 58min. atrás Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday
13h. 1min. atrás Boy Meets Girl - Stormy Love
13h. 6min. atrás Gary Numan - Cars
13h. 8min. atrás Whitney Houston - Where Do Broken Hearts Go
13h. 15min. atrás Tight Fit - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
13h. 18min. atrás Sade - Smooth Operator
13h. 21min. atrás Boston - Amanda
13h. 28min. atrás Madonna - Dress You Up
13h. 31min. atrás Belinda Carlisle - Leave A Light On
13h. 34min. atrás &artist=the%20blackbyrds&title=soft%20and%20easy&album=single&duration...
13h. 35min. atrás Go West - We Close Our Eyes
13h. 40min. atrás Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

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