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7o. 31min. fa Mendelssohn - A Midsummer Night's Dream Overture, Op 21
7o. 36min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Mephistos Hollenrufe
7o. 45min. fa Puccini - Humming Chorus ('madame Butterfly')
7o. 46min. fa Chopin - Prelude 6 In B Minor
15o. 35min. fa Beethoven - Piano Sonata 29 In B Major ('hammerklavier'), Mv...
1g. 7o. 50min. fa Mozart - Concerto 4 For Horn And Orchestra In E# Major
2g. 1o. 49min. fa Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kije Suite, I Birth Of Kij
2g. 8o. 16min. fa Beethoven - Piano Concerto 2, Mvmt 3
2g. 8o. 23min. fa Haydn - Symphony No. 73 In D Major 'la Chasse'
2g. 8o. 28min. fa Bach - Brandenburg Concerto 2 In F, Mvmt Iii
4g. 22o. 9min. fa Mozart - Piano Concerto 5 In D Major, Allegro
5g. 49min. fa Tchaikovsky - Act.1 No.8 Danse Des Coupes (from Swan Lake)
5g. 3o. 30min. fa Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Summer. Ii Adagio
5g. 6o. 17min. fa Gershwin - I Got Rhythm Variations
5g. 17o. 11min. fa Mozart - Symphony 38 In D Major (the Prague), Mvmt 2
5g. 20o. 50min. fa Verdi - La Traviata, Prelude Act 1
5g. 23o. 41min. fa Between The Lines
6g. 3o. 35min. fa Beethoven - Symphony 8, Mvmt 4
6g. 6o. 28min. fa Haydn - Symphony 8 In G Major, Mvmt 4
6g. 9o. 21min. fa Schumann, Robert - Symphony 3 In E Flat Major (rheinische), Mvmt I
6g. 12o. 16min. fa Chopin - Etude 6 In E Minor, Op 25
6g. 15o. 8min. fa Prokofiev - Symphony 1 In D ('the Classical'), Mvmt 4, Final...
6g. 18o. fa Mahler - Symphony 1 In D Major (the Titan), Mvmt 4
6g. 20o. 51min. fa Beethoven - Piano Sonata 29 In B Major ('hammerklavier'), Mv...
7g. 1o. 12min. fa Mendelssohn - Scherzo (from 'a Midsummer Night's Dream'...
7g. 5o. 24min. fa Schubert - Marche Militaire
7g. 9o. 28min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Lob Der Frauen
7g. 12o. 41min. fa Schubert - Symphony 9 In C (the Great), Mvmt 4. Allegro Vivace
7g. 15o. 48min. fa Smetana - M Vlast (mein Vaterland) & Vltava (die Moldau)
7g. 18o. 53min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Russischer Marsch
7g. 22o. fa Chopin - Polonaise In A, Op 40 (the Military)
8g. 1o. 8min. fa Bach - Brandenburg Concerto 1 In F
8g. 4o. 13min. fa Giuliani - Concerto For Guitar And Orchestra No. 1 In Amajor, Sicilian...
8g. 7o. 2min. fa Mahler - Symphony 8 (symphony Of A Thousand), Part Two
8g. 7o. 14min. fa Chopin - Prelude 17 In A Flat Major
8g. 7o. 18min. fa Haydn - Symphony 102 In B Flat Major (the Miracle), Mvmt 1
8g. 7o. 28min. fa Allegri - Miserere
8g. 7o. 32min. fa Allegri - Miserere
8g. 7o. 39min. fa Anderson - The Typewriter
8g. 7o. 40min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Nordseebilder
8g. 7o. 49min. fa Shore - Lord Of The Rings Theme
8g. 7o. 56min. fa Haydn - Symphony 101 In D Major (the Clock), Mvmt 2
8g. 8o. 4min. fa Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Autumn. Ii Adagio Molto
8g. 10o. 37min. fa Schubert - Die Schne Mllerin
8g. 13o. 53min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Demolirer Polka
8g. 17o. 9min. fa Schumann, Robert - Symphony 1 In B Flat Major (spring), Mvmt Ii
8g. 20o. 8min. fa Beethoven - Symphony 3, Mvmt 2
8g. 20o. 15min. fa Haydn - Symphony 31 In C Major (hornsignal), Mvmt 2
8g. 23o. 23min. fa Boccherini - Concerto For Cello, 2 Oboes, 2 Horns And Strings In A, Ii...
9g. 2o. 30min. fa Beethoven - Piano Sonata 23 In F Minor ('the Appassionata'),...
9g. 5o. 38min. fa Haydn - Symphony 94 In G Major (the Surprise), Mvmt 1
9g. 8o. 6min. fa Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto In D, Mvmt 1
9g. 8o. 45min. fa Boccherini - Concerto For Cello, 2 Oboes, 2 Horns And Strings In A, Ii...
9g. 12o. fa Tchaikovsky - The Wedding & March (from Sleeping Beauty)
9g. 15o. 9min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - So Angstlich Sind Wir Nicht
9g. 18o. 27min. fa Mahler - Symphony 8 (symphony Of A Thousand), Part One
9g. 21o. 40min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - The Voices Of Spring
10g. 3o. 3min. fa Brahms - Symphony 2 In D Major, Mvmt 1
10g. 6o. 22min. fa Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto 1, Mvmt 1
10g. 7o. 51min. fa Dvorak - Symphony 8 In G, Mvmt I
10g. 8o. 1min. fa Mozart - Symphony 31 In D Major (the Paris), Mvmt 2
10g. 8o. 12min. fa Tchaikovsky - Act.4 No.29 Scene Finale (from Swan Lake)
10g. 8o. 17min. fa Brahms - Hungarian Dance 18 In D
10g. 8o. 19min. fa Holst - Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jolity (from The Planets)
10g. 8o. 27min. fa Beethoven - Piano Concerto 1, Mvmt 2
10g. 10o. 4min. fa Suppe - Light Cavalry Overture
10g. 13o. 15min. fa Beethoven - String Quartet In Fm, Op 95, Mvmt 3 ('serioso')
10g. 16o. 26min. fa Holst - Uranus, The Magician (from The Planets)
10g. 19o. 40min. fa Beethoven - Symphony 6, Mvmt 3
10g. 22o. 51min. fa Sibelius - Symphony 2 In D, Mvmt 2
11g. 2o. 29min. fa Beethoven - Piano Sonata 26 In Eb Major ('les Adieux'), Mvmt...
11g. 6o. 9min. fa Strauss, Richard - Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks
11g. 7o. 27min. fa Tschaikovsky - 1812 Overture
11g. 7o. 34min. fa Chopin - Prelude 20 In C Minor
11g. 7o. 38min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Elien Magyar
11g. 7o. 39min. fa Rossini - Largo Al Factotum (from Il Barbiere Di Siviglia)
11g. 7o. 44min. fa Copeland - Appalachian Spring
11g. 7o. 48min. fa Grieg - Ingrid's Lament (from Peer Gynt Suite 2)
11g. 7o. 53min. fa Anderson - Sandpaper Ballet
11g. 7o. 56min. fa Schubert - Heilig, Heilig, Heilig
11g. 9o. 36min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Accelerationen
11g. 13o. 5min. fa Ravel - Bolro
11g. 16o. 18min. fa Elgar - The Enigma Variations
11g. 19o. 30min. fa Beethoven - Violin Concerto In D Major, Mvmt 1
12g. 3o. 4min. fa Elgar - Pomp And Circumstance March 3 In C
12g. 7o. 47min. fa Schubert - Symphony 5 In B Flat Major, Mvmt 1. Allegro
12g. 7o. 50min. fa Allegri - Miserere
12g. 9o. 53min. fa Schubert - Symphony 4 In C Minor (tragic), Mvmt 2
12g. 12o. 52min. fa Tchaikovsky - Symphony 5, Mvmt 1
12g. 15o. 59min. fa Copy Of Chopin - Piano Sonata 3 In B Minor, Op 58, Mvmt 1
12g. 19o. 9min. fa Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies
12g. 22o. 11min. fa World Of Radio
13g. 1o. 17min. fa Building Bridges
13g. 4o. 17min. fa Beethoven - Symphony 8, Mvmt 1
13g. 7o. 12min. fa Beethoven - String Quartet In F ('the Rasumovksy'), Mvmt 3
13g. 7o. 17min. fa Beethoven - String Quartet In F ('the Rasumovksy'), Mvmt 3
13g. 10o. 22min. fa Strauss, Johann Ii - Wo Die Citronen Blueh'n!
13g. 13o. 21min. fa Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker, Danse Des Mirlitons (dance Of The Flutes)
13g. 16o. 21min. fa Beethoven - Wellington's Victory
13g. 19o. 22min. fa Mahler - Symphony 2 In C Minor (the Resurrection), Mvmt 1
13g. 22o. 23min. fa Mendelssohn - Symphony 4 In A Major (the Italian), Mvmt 2
14g. 1o. 23min. fa Beethoven - Symphony 1, Mvmt 3
14g. 4o. 24min. fa Schubert - Symphony 8 In B Minor (unfinished), Mvmt 1. Allegro Moderat...
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