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11o. 12min. fa Mireille Mathieu - A Kropolis Adieu (1971)
11o. 30min. fa Wanda Jackson - Honey Don't (1963)
12o. 8min. fa Vader Abraham - Piraten Galop (instr)
12o. 27min. fa Lia Velasco - 5.0.5 Pm (another Friday Night) (1976)
12o. 44min. fa Hot Toddys (the) - Rockin' Crickets (instr) (sax) (1959)
13o. 21min. fa Anneke Soetaert - Open Je Hart (1968)
13o. 40min. fa Tielman Brothers - Harry Lime Theme (instr)
13o. 58min. fa Deane Hawley - Look For A Star (1960)
14o. 19min. fa Shane Fenton - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (1961)
14o. 38min. fa Vic Damone - On The Street Where You Live (1958)
14o. 56min. fa Barry Darvel - I Found A Daisy (1965)
15o. 14min. fa Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl (1967)
15o. 32min. fa Joe Henderson - Snap Your Fingers (1962)
16o. 30min. fa Annie De Reuver & Max Van Praag - De Oude Muzikant (ave Maria) (19...
17o. 8min. fa The Monkees - Mr. Webster (1968)
17o. 26min. fa Ron Goodwin - Miss Marples Theme (instr)
17o. 44min. fa Rose Dubats - Signals From Saturn (1962)
18o. 21min. fa Loving Spoonful - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (1969)
18o. 40min. fa The Dynamic Rockers - Once (instr)
18o. 49min. fa 02 Where The Good Times Are Back Again; Your Everyday Blast From The P...
19o. fa Freddy Fender - Before The Next Teardrop Falls - (1975)
19o. 21min. fa Sue Thompson - Nine Little Teardrops - (1961)
19o. 40min. fa Roxy Music - Avalon
19o. 59min. fa Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song - (1973)
20o. 18min. fa Birte Nielsen - Thank You Und Aufwiederseh'n - (1965)
20o. 37min. fa Adam Faith - As You Like It - (1962)
20o. 56min. fa Michel Polnareff - Love Me Please, Love Me - (1966)
21o. 13min. fa John Barry - Hit & Miss (instr) - (1961)
21o. 30min. fa Herv Vilard - Reviens
21o. 49min. fa Dizzy Man's Band - The Show - (1973)
22o. 9min. fa Johnny Mann Singers - Up Up & Away - (1976)
22o. 24min. fa Kiki Dee - I've Got The Music In Me - (1974)
22o. 27min. fa Advert: Andre Brasseur - Advert: Time Is Tight (instr)
22o. 44min. fa Trini Lopez - I Love Your Beautiful Brown Eyes - (1965)
23o. fa The Three Degrees - Take Good Care Of Yourself - (1975)
23o. 18min. fa Mary Mcgregor - Torn Between Two Lovers - (1977)
1g. 2o. fa Jimmy Frey - Si Jamais Tu M'abandonnais - (1963)
1g. 3o. fa Little Richard - Good Gully Miss Molly - (1958)
1g. 3o. 56min. fa The Brook Brothers - Warpaint - (1961)
1g. 4o. 54min. fa Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank - (1978)
1g. 5o. 52min. fa Eddy Wally - Als Housekramer Ben Ik Geboren - (1995)
1g. 6o. 49min. fa Brenda Lee - Only You - (1962)
1g. 7o. 50min. fa Bucks Fizz - The Land Of Make Believe - (1982)
1g. 8o. 48min. fa Heintje - Ich Bau Dir Ein Schloss - (1968)
1g. 9o. 44min. fa Black Sabbath - Paranoid - (1970)
1g. 10o. 42min. fa Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl - (1967)
1g. 11o. 40min. fa Richard Harris - Macarthur Park - (1968)
1g. 12o. 38min. fa The Lovin Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic - (1965)
1g. 13o. 36min. fa Olaf Berger - Sontagskinder - (2000)
1g. 14o. 34min. fa Tom Jones - Detroit City - (1967)
1g. 15o. 30min. fa The Drifters - This Magic Moment - (1960)
1g. 16o. 30min. fa Fireballs - Ain't Gonna Tell Anybody - (1964)
1g. 17o. 28min. fa Greyhound - Black & White - (1971)
1g. 18o. 26min. fa Luv - Si Que Si
1g. 18o. 44min. fa Sandy Coast - True Love That's A Wonder - (1971)
1g. 19o. 24min. fa Sandie Shaw - Long Live Love - (1965)
1g. 20o. 18min. fa Dawn & Tony Orlando - Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree
1g. 21o. 16min. fa Stone Poneys - Different Drum - (1968)
1g. 22o. 14min. fa Lee Hazlewood - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - (1966)
1g. 23o. 10min. fa Die Roten Gitarren - Wenn Du Willst - (1971)
2g. 6min. fa Al Caiola - The Magnificent Seven (instr)
2g. 1o. 4min. fa Leo Sayer - When I Need You - (1977)
2g. 2o. 2min. fa Walter Scholz - Il Silenzio (instr)
2g. 3o. fa Dalida & Alain Delon - Paroles
2g. 3o. 58min. fa The Kinks - Days - (1968)
2g. 4o. 56min. fa Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock - (1962)
2g. 5o. 54min. fa Passe - Partout - De Doodgewoonste Dingen
2g. 6o. 51min. fa Wanda Jackson - You're The Only World I Know - (1970)
2g. 7o. 52min. fa Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - Now Is The Time - (1976)
3g. 16o. 29min. fa Sailor - Girls Girls Girls
3g. 17o. 27min. fa Bil Withers - Lovely Day - (1978)
3g. 18o. 27min. fa Johnny Nash - Hold Me Tight - (1968)
3g. 19o. 26min. fa The Bellamy Brothers - If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body - (1979)
3g. 20o. 28min. fa The Emotions - Best Of My Love - (1977)
3g. 21o. 32min. fa Neil Diamond - Solitary Man - (1966)
3g. 22o. 31min. fa Anita Meijer - The Alternative Way - (1976)
3g. 23o. 31min. fa Los Paraguayos - La Paloma
4g. 25min. fa Connie Francis - Looking For Love - (1964)
4g. 1o. 22min. fa The Bee Gees - Stayin Alive - (1978)
4g. 2o. 20min. fa Showaddywaddy - I Wonder Why - (1978)
4g. 3o. 21min. fa Helmut Schmid - Corinna, Corinna - (1962)
4g. 4o. 21min. fa Bobby Vinton - Take Good Care Of My Baby - (1968)
4g. 5o. 20min. fa Petula Clark - Angel Of The Morning - (1968)
4g. 6o. 18min. fa Dana Winner - Conquest Of Paradise
4g. 7o. 20min. fa Chicago - If You Leave Me Now - (1976)
4g. 8o. 20min. fa Cutting Crew - I Just Died In Your Arms - (1987)
4g. 9o. 19min. fa Pussycat - Doin' La Bamba
4g. 10o. 18min. fa Andre Hazes - Waarom
4g. 11o. 16min. fa Kris Jensen - Come Back To Me My Love
4g. 12o. 19min. fa The Hap Cats - Dardanella (instr)
4g. 13o. 17min. fa Cliff Richard - It's All In The Game - (1964)
4g. 14o. 17min. fa Johnny Wakelin - In Zaire - (1976)
4g. 15o. 17min. fa Jingel Usa 27 - 09 The Music You Remember. The Hits You Grew Up With !...
4g. 16o. 16min. fa Guess Who - Shakin All Over - (1965)
4g. 17o. 14min. fa Cliff Richard - Gee Whiz It's You
4g. 18o. 11min. fa Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet - (1963)
4g. 19o. 9min. fa Roy Orbison - Breakin 'up Is Breakin'my Heart - (1966)
4g. 20o. 8min. fa The Cats - Rock & Roll (i Gave You The Best Years Of My Life) - (1...
4g. 21o. 6min. fa The Doors - People Are Strange
4g. 22o. 6min. fa Tommy Edwards - It's All In The Game - (1958)
4g. 23o. 5min. fa Paul & Paula - Young Lovers - (1963)
5g. 7min. fa Paul Simon - Me And Julio - (1972)
5g. 1o. 5min. fa Vanessa Chinitor - Like The Wind (1999)
5g. 2o. 4min. fa Hoyt Johnson - Standing In Your Window (1956)
5g. 3o. 2min. fa Johnny Burnette - Choo Choo Train
5g. 3o. 48min. fa Da Surftones - Superspeia Juan (instr)
5g. 4o. fa De Teddy Boys - Kleine Rosa (1978)
5g. 4o. 57min. fa Cherry Roland - Was Ist Gold Was Ist Geld (1966)
5g. 5o. 2min. fa Black Cat - Theme From Dixie (instr)
5g. 6o. 4min. fa Corry Brokken - Tra La La La La (1963)
5g. 7o. 5min. fa Tina Rosita - Aan De Kaai In't Schipperskwartier (1980)
5g. 8o. 5min. fa Kamahl - Love Is A Beautiful Song (1977)
5g. 9o. 5min. fa Las Patatas Bravas - Journey To The Stars (instr)
5g. 10o. 7min. fa The Ascots - What Love Can Do (1954)
5g. 11o. 9min. fa Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Little Orbit (instr)
5g. 12o. 9min. fa The Blue Diamonds - Hello Mary Lou (1961)
5g. 13o. 10min. fa Jimmy Clanton - Come Back (1960)
5g. 14o. 14min. fa Dora Hall - Hello Faithless (1962)
5g. 15o. 15min. fa Pat Boone - Under Your Spell Again - (1962)
5g. 16o. 16min. fa Brenda Lee - Think
5g. 17o. 14min. fa Advert: Andre Brasseur - Advert: Time Is Tight (instr)
5g. 18o. 14min. fa Advert: Andre Brasseur - Advert: Red River Rock (instr) - (1965)
5g. 19o. 11min. fa Tony Brent - Ten Loonly Weekends - (1961)
5g. 20o. 10min. fa Elvis Presley - Rubberneckin - (1969)
5g. 21o. 2min. fa Flash And The Pan - Hey, St. Peter - (1979)
5g. 21o. 8min. fa The Righteous Brothers - He Will Break Your Heart
5g. 21o. 50min. fa Otis Redding - (sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - (1968)
5g. 22o. 10min. fa Jingel Usa Remix 21 - The Oldies Request Radio Rol ! 01
5g. 23o. 10min. fa Rocco Granata - Signorina Bella
6g. 8min. fa King Curtis - Spanish Harlem (instr)

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