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5o. 44min. fa Gheorghe Zamfir - Einsamer Hirte (instr)
8o. 8min. fa Rose Royce - Car Wash - (1977)
10o. 53min. fa John Travolta - Sandy - (1978)
1g. 1o. 36min. fa Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady - (1985)
1g. 2o. 12min. fa Nancy Boyd & Demis Roussos - Summerwine - (1986)
1g. 2o. 31min. fa Normaal - Oerend Hard - (1977)
1g. 8o. 58min. fa Christian Anders - Geh Nicht Vorbei - (1969)
1g. 9o. 38min. fa Mungo Jerry - Lady Rose - (1970)
1g. 10o. 19min. fa Debbie Reynolds - Am I That Easy To Forget
1g. 10o. 56min. fa Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun - (1974)
1g. 11o. 44min. fa Jan Smit - Als De Nacht Verdwijnt
1g. 12o. 26min. fa Roy Orbison - Distant Drums - (1963)
1g. 13o. 6min. fa The Four Tops - Indestructable
1g. 13o. 39min. fa Hair - Age Of Aquarius
1g. 14o. 18min. fa Del Shannon - So Long Baby
1g. 14o. 57min. fa Paul Evans & The Curls - 7 Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat -...
1g. 15o. 37min. fa Jack White - Mit All Deiner Liebe
1g. 16o. 16min. fa Sugarloaf And Jerry Corbetta - Don't Call Us, We'll Call You...
1g. 16o. 55min. fa Elvis Presley - Elvis Medley
1g. 17o. 32min. fa Advert: Bert Kaempfert - Advert: Blue Midnight
1g. 18o. 10min. fa The Chiffons - Sweet Talkin Guy - (1966)
1g. 18o. 47min. fa Peter & Gordon - Lady Godiva - (1966)
1g. 19o. 27min. fa Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson And Clover - (1969)
1g. 20o. 7min. fa Sam Cooke - Win Your Love For Me
1g. 20o. 8min. fa Guess Who - Clap For The Wolfman - (1974)
1g. 20o. 48min. fa Joe Dassin - Ma Bonne Etoile - (1969)
1g. 21o. 32min. fa Susan Maughan - Bobby's Girl - (1962)
1g. 22o. 17min. fa The Shadows - Man Of Mystery (instr)
1g. 23o. 5min. fa Advert: Bert Kaempfert - Advert: 90 Minuten Nach Mitternacht
1g. 23o. 45min. fa Seemon & Marijke - I Saw You (1971)
2g. 28min. fa Jackie Weaver - The Tingle
2g. 1o. 5min. fa Frankie Miller - It's Not Easy
2g. 1o. 45min. fa Jon Rollins - How Could You (1964)
2g. 2o. 28min. fa The Lords - Route 66
2g. 3o. 11min. fa Marcie Blane - So Ist Das Leben (1963)
2g. 3o. 52min. fa Bill Taylor & The Lindsey Sisters - Anything For My Baby (1966)
2g. 4o. 32min. fa Pat Richmond - Don't Stop The Rockin' (1958)
2g. 5o. 11min. fa The Cascades - For Your Sweet Love (1964)
2g. 5o. 52min. fa The Buoys - Give Up Your Guns (1972)
2g. 6o. 35min. fa Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Zabadak (1967)
2g. 7o. 19min. fa The Everly Brothers - I Walk The Line (1963)
2g. 7o. 59min. fa Jimmy Driftwood - Santy Anny-o (1966)
2g. 8o. 52min. fa John Terra - Is Er Een Ander (1973)
2g. 9o. 30min. fa Jean Chapel - I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight (1956)
2g. 10o. 9min. fa Eruption - One Way Ticket - (1978)
2g. 10o. 51min. fa Billy Lee Riley - Saturday Night Fish Fry (1959)
2g. 11o. 35min. fa Baccara - Parlez Vous Francais - (1978)
2g. 12o. 20min. fa Dick Rivers - C'est Pas Srieux (theme For A Dream) - (1962)
2g. 13o. 5min. fa Cliff Richard - I Love You
2g. 13o. 47min. fa Sweet Sensation - Sad Sweet Dreamer - (1975)
2g. 14o. 27min. fa Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends - Save The Last Dance For Me - (1974)
2g. 15o. 5min. fa Advert: Bert Kaempfert - Advert: I Can't Give You Anything But Lo...
2g. 15o. 47min. fa Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Davys On The Road Again - (1978)
2g. 16o. 25min. fa Boney M - Rasputin
2g. 17o. fa The Classics - Yellow Sun Of Equador - (1974)
2g. 17o. 40min. fa Willie Nelson - Is There Something On Your Mind - (1960)
2g. 18o. 25min. fa The Mamas & The Papas - Monday, Monday - (1966)
2g. 19o. fa Golden Earring - Back Home - (1970)
2g. 19o. 39min. fa Lee Hazlewood - Your Sweet Love - (1966)
2g. 20o. 20min. fa The Champs - Mr Cool (instr) - (1962)
2g. 20o. 56min. fa Jonathan King - Hooked On A Feeling - (1971)
2g. 21o. 35min. fa Marty Robbins - El Paso - (1960)
2g. 22o. 12min. fa The Accents - Wiggle Wiggle - (1959)
2g. 22o. 55min. fa Ray Charles - My Heart Cries For You - (1964)
2g. 23o. 36min. fa The Champs - Limbo Rock (instr) - (1962)
3g. 16min. fa Benny Poetiray - Sweet Indonesian Dreams (instr)
3g. 1o. fa The Gibson Brothers - Cuba - (1979)
3g. 1o. 44min. fa Blue Haze - Unchained Melody
3g. 2o. 30min. fa Advert: B Bumble & The Stingers - Advert: Apple Knocker
3g. 3o. 16min. fa Albert Hammond - Down By The River - (1975)
3g. 3o. 36min. fa Dalida - Gigi L'amoroso - (1974)
3g. 4o. fa The Cats - One Way Wind - (1971)
3g. 4o. 44min. fa Suzi Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love - (1979)
3g. 5o. 28min. fa Tennessee Ernie Ford - Sixteen Tons - (1955)
3g. 6o. 9min. fa Bobby Prins - Santa Maria
3g. 6o. 52min. fa Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou - (1977)
3g. 7o. 29min. fa Fats Domino - Red Sails In The Sunset - (1963)
3g. 8o. 12min. fa B J Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - (1970)
3g. 9o. 5min. fa The Mardi Gras - Too Busy Thinking About My Baby - (1972)
3g. 9o. 49min. fa Andre Brasseur - The Kid (instr)
3g. 10o. 32min. fa Janis Ian - At 17 - (1975)
3g. 11o. 17min. fa Ben E King - Amor - (1961)
3g. 12o. fa The Platters - I'm Sorry - (1957)
3g. 12o. 40min. fa James Last - Never On Sunday (instr)
3g. 13o. 27min. fa Guess Who - American Woman - (1970)
3g. 14o. 7min. fa Patsy Cline - Back In Baby's Arms
3g. 14o. 40min. fa Johnny Sandon - Some Kinda Wonderful - (1964)
3g. 15o. 28min. fa Abba - Voulez Vous - (1979)
3g. 16o. 11min. fa Pat Boone - El Paso - (1963)
3g. 16o. 52min. fa George Moustaki - La Meteque - (1969)
3g. 17o. 32min. fa Advert: Berdien Stenberg - Advert: Merry We Will Be (instr)
3g. 18o. 15min. fa Philippe Cataldo - Les Diva Du Dancing
3g. 18o. 57min. fa Johnny Tillotson - She Understands Me - (1956)
3g. 19o. 40min. fa Jimmy & The Rackets - Pretend - (1964)
3g. 20o. 27min. fa Village People - In The Navy - (1979)
3g. 21o. 8min. fa Julien Clerc - Ce N'est Rien - (1974)
3g. 21o. 51min. fa The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song - (1971)
3g. 22o. 31min. fa Disireless - Voyage Voyage - (1987)
3g. 23o. 11min. fa Barry White - You See The Trouble With Me
3g. 23o. 52min. fa Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye - (1975)
4g. 40min. fa Gene Simons - Haunted House - (1964)
4g. 1o. 27min. fa Pat Boone - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
4g. 2o. 8min. fa Roland W - Monja - (1967)
4g. 2o. 51min. fa Adamo - Es Mi Vida
4g. 3o. 32min. fa Supertramp - School - (1974)
4g. 4o. 15min. fa The Beau Marks - Clap Your Hands
4g. 4o. 59min. fa Tony Orlando & Dawn - Tie A Yellow Ribbon - (1973)
4g. 5o. 39min. fa Frankie - Bomen Zonder Blaren
4g. 6o. 19min. fa The Bee Gees - Saved Bij The Bell
4g. 6o. 59min. fa Elvis Presley - Blue Hawaii - (1961)
4g. 7o. 50min. fa Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand - (1957)
4g. 8o. 28min. fa The Beatles - And I Love Her - (1964)
4g. 9o. 20min. fa Elvis Presley - Live A Little, Love A Little - A Little Less
4g. 10o. 7min. fa Al Bano & Romina Power - Sempre Sempre
4g. 10o. 51min. fa Andre Brasseur - Early Bird (instr) - (1965)
4g. 11o. 31min. fa Advert: Apollo 100 - Advert: Joy (instr) - (1972)
4g. 12o. 16min. fa Richard Anthony - Let's Twist Again - (1961)
4g. 13o. fa Babe - (never Listen To A) Bouzouki Player - (1979)
4g. 13o. 40min. fa Connie Francis - Forget Domani
4g. 14o. 19min. fa Marianne Rosenberg - Hitmix Maxi-version
4g. 14o. 59min. fa Box Tops - The Letter - (1967)
4g. 15o. 38min. fa The Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie - (1978)
4g. 16o. 19min. fa Dolly Parton - In The Ghetto - (1970)
4g. 17o. 5min. fa Gangsters - Special A.k.a
4g. 17o. 47min. fa Ray Conniff - Memories Are Made Of This (instr) - (1959)
4g. 18o. 30min. fa Advert: Andre Brasseur - Advert: The Invasion (instr) - (1966)
4g. 19o. 8min. fa Patty Pravo - La Bambola
4g. 19o. 52min. fa Rare Bird - Sympathy - (1976)
4g. 20o. 32min. fa The Baby's - Every Time I Think Of You - (1979)
4g. 21o. 15min. fa Ricky Nelson - Lucky Star - (1961)

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