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Radio Monte Carlo ,RMC 2 È CAPACE DI REGALARE UN SOUND RICERCATO CHE ESPLORA I TERRITORI DELLA MUSICA LOUNGE, NU-JAZZ, CHILL-OUT, NU-SOUL, HOUSE E DEEP HOUSE E IL POP PIÙ SOFISTICATO.Radio Monte Carlo 2Radio Monte Carlo 2 presenta un format esclusivo, capace di regalare un sound ricercato che esplora i territori della musica lounge, nu-jazz, chill-out, nu-soul, house e deep house e il pop più sofisticato. E una radio che si rivolge ad un pubblico che assapora i piaceri della vita attraverso tutti e cinque i sensi ama i ristoranti raffinati, i profumi, la Moda, i viaggi, lArte, le nuove tendenze, le innovazioni tecnologiche e frequenta le località più esclusive.
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Qui a joué sur la radio:  MC2
Il y a 5min. Joe Goddard~music Is The Answer~electric Lines~2017
Il y a 54min. Pepe Link~alba's Groove~ibiza A Touch Of Class Vol. 4 / Compilation~20...
Il y a 1h. 46min. John Legend~love Me Now [dave Aude Remix]~love Me Now (remixes) - Sing...
Il y a 2h. 10min. Paul Weller~thinking Of You~~2004
Il y a 2h. 34min. Kasseo~almanac~~2016
Il y a 3h. 11min. Module~twilight Stolen~caf Buddha / Compilation~2005
Il y a 3h. 24min. Nicola Conte~like Leaves In The Wind~~2008
Il y a 4h. 13min. Lemongrass~loving You~pour L'amour~2008
Il y a 5h. 6min. Potatohead People + Frank Nitt + Moka Only...~blossoms~~2013
Il y a 6h. 3min. Nitin Sawhney~homelands (j.claussell Rmx)~~2005
Il y a 6h. 53min. Shirley Bassey~this Is What You Are~hello Like Before~2014
Il y a 7h. 34min. Acoustic System~fly (sunrise Cut)~ibiza Sunset~2008
Il y a 7h. 44min. Moses Mayes~tell Me~second Ring~2006
Il y a 8h. 33min. Jiro~nubuck~vibes~2006
Il y a 9h. 16min. David Visan + Carlos Campos~indra Story~~2005
Il y a 9h. 55min. The Pines~gold~a.v. Music For Cocktails~2005
Il y a 10h. 6min. Klub Rider~paisaje (ibiza Sunset Mix)~ibiza Sunset~2008
Il y a 10h. 56min. Andy Caldwell + Lisa Shaw~warrior~a.v. Hed Kandi - Nu Cool~2006
Il y a 11h. 46min. First Light + Endemix~sweet Little Lullaby~~2015
Il y a 12h. 6min. Mo'jive~killing Me Softly (eve Corporation Rmx)~lounge Of Love, Vol. 5...
Il y a 12h. 36min. Angus + Julia Stone~big Jet Plane~summer Lounge / Compilation (2011)~2...
Il y a 13h. 7min. Stigmato Inc~reality Check~~2003
Il y a 13h. 28min. Populous + Nina Miranda~cru~azulejos~2017
Il y a 14h. 18min. Joey Negro + Akabu~another World (andre Lodemann Mix)~~2010
Il y a 15h. 8min. Jordan Rakei~nerve~wallflower~2017
Il y a 16h. 4min. De-phazz~timeless Times~this Is Nu Jazz Vol.3 / Compilation~2012
Il y a 16h. 54min. Andy Caldwell~don't You Love Me (rmx)~~2006
Il y a 17h. 44min. Velvet Birds~para Mi Isla~la Fte Au Jardin - Selection Lounge~2013
Il y a 18h. 35min. Dax On Sax + Olivia Erica~sun Shining~my Vision~2017
Il y a 19h. 26min. Tom Misch~south Of The River~~2017
Il y a 20h. 16min. Tube & Berger + Ghost Loft~set Free~~2016
Il y a 21h. 6min. Heather Johnson~love Is Beautiful (ananda Project Original Mix)~the Sw...
Il y a 21h. 56min. Blank & Jones~loneliness (chill House Mix)~best Of Ravin / Comp. (...
Il y a 22h. 44min. Tom Misch~movie~~2017
Il y a 23h. 36min. Sarah Vaughan~peter Gunn (edit Rmx)~~2005
Il y a 1j. 28min. Lisa Shaw~feel~free (2009)~2009
Il y a 1j. 1h. 16min. Arms + Sleepers~pan Am~cafe Del Mar 23 / Compilation~2017
Il y a 1j. 2h. 6min. Something A La Mode + Adam Joseph~little Bit Of Feel Good~something A ...
Il y a 1j. 2h. 56min. Llorca + Michael Barthelemy~the Garden~the Garden~2017
Il y a 1j. 3h. 44min. Lana Del Rey~13 Beaches~lust For Life~2017
Il y a 1j. 4h. 34min. Blue Six~let's Do It Together~beautiful Tomorrow~2002
Il y a 1j. 5h. 24min. Sarah Jane Morris~don't Leave Me This Way (rmx)~the Nightfly 10~2006
Il y a 1j. 5h. 37min. Dj Fudge~asikolo (mark Di Meo Rmx)~~2013
Il y a 1j. 6h. 14min. Soleil Fisher~fame [balearic Chill Guitar Mix]~~2013
Il y a 1j. 6h. 38min. Parov Stelar + Maya Bensalem~summertime~the Demon Diaries~2015
Il y a 1j. 7h. 6min. Ituana~seven Nation Army~seven Nation Army~2017
Il y a 1j. 7h. 55min. Tj Cases Pres. J-key~love Is The Only Gold (low Deep T Main Mix)~~2010
Il y a 1j. 8h. 44min. Sergio Mendes Feat. India Arie~timeless~~2006
Il y a 1j. 9h. 34min. Unclubbed + Lizzy Pattinson~sing It Back~unclubbed~2009
Il y a 1j. 10h. 24min. Clara Hill~for Your Love~city Lounge Volume 7~2010
Il y a 1j. 11h. 14min. Groove Assassin~lonely~~2017
Il y a 1j. 12h. 4min. Richard Earnshaw + Erik Dillard + Roy Ayers~in Time (radio Edit)~~2010
Il y a 1j. 12h. 56min. Session Victim~bring It Back~listen To Your Heart~2017
Il y a 1j. 13h. 45min. Lana Del Rey~13 Beaches~lust For Life~2017
Il y a 1j. 14h. 34min. Dining Rooms + Sean Martin~tunnel [dining Rooms Rework]~versioni Part...
Il y a 1j. 14h. 36min. Christian Prommer + Adriano Prestel~tin Man (r. Dorfmeister & S. O...
Il y a 1j. 15h. 24min. Noir & Haze~around [acoustic Version]~chris Coco Pres. Lazy Summer...
Il y a 1j. 16h. 15min. Noir & Haze~around [acoustic Version]~chris Coco Pres. Lazy Summer...
Il y a 1j. 17h. 6min. Lack Of Afro~little Fugue~this Time~2011
Il y a 1j. 17h. 54min. Prodoxo~soft Departure~sidewalk Cafe Vol. 2~2016
Il y a 1j. 18h. 44min. Bob Sinclar~kiss My Eyes [unreleased Reggae Version]~in House 6 / Comp...
Il y a 1j. 19h. 34min. Phil De Laura~japanese Butterflies~tales From String Hill~2016
Il y a 1j. 19h. 36min. Waldeck~make My Day (parov Stelar Rmx)~~2006
Il y a 1j. 19h. 39min. Lars Vegas + Cleavage~grace [original Mix]~~2014
Il y a 1j. 19h. 44min. Bonobo Feat. Bajka~nightlite~~2006
Il y a 1j. 19h. 48min. Sg Lewis + Gallant~holding Back~~2016
Il y a 1j. 19h. 52min. Souleance~jazz Et The Vert~the Must Have Selection Paris, Vol. 2~2015
Il y a 1j. 19h. 55min. Lisa Shaw~it's Been Awhile~cherry~2006
Il y a 1j. 20h. Freemasons~nothing But A Heartache (after Hours Mix)~after Hours~2011
Il y a 1j. 20h. 5min. Bukka + Molinari~mind Games~shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox Disco Jam...
Il y a 1j. 20h. 11min. Unforscene~alright~hotel Costes 12 / Comp. (2009)~2009
Il y a 1j. 20h. 14min. Umami~sunny (original Mix)~~2013
Il y a 1j. 20h. 17min. Incognito~until The 12th Of Never~the Best (2004-2017)~2017
Il y a 1j. 20h. 21min. Soulstice~soul On Fire~in The Light~2011
Il y a 1j. 20h. 22min. Soulstice~soul On Fire~in The Light~2011
Il y a 1j. 20h. 27min. Anabel Englund~london Headache [purple Disco Machine Remix]~~2016
Il y a 1j. 20h. 30min. Joe Goddard~music Is The Answer~electric Lines~2017
Il y a 1j. 20h. 36min. King Unique~love Is What You Need (look Ahead) (knee Deep Mix)~~2009
Il y a 1j. 20h. 42min. Anan~let's Get High (life Love Music) (louie Vega Edit)~~2009
Il y a 1j. 20h. 46min. Freedom Satellite~astro Black (the Big Wow Mix)~vienna Scientists V - ...
Il y a 1j. 20h. 50min. Jessie Ware~love To Love~glasshouse~2017
Il y a 1j. 20h. 53min. Broadcast~come On Let's Go~~2004
Il y a 1j. 20h. 56min. Parra For Cuva~luhya~~2013
Il y a 1j. 21h. Adri Block + Chris Marina~sound Of Loneliness~~2015
Il y a 1j. 21h. 5min. Koop / Ane Brun~koop Island Blues~koop Islands~2006
Il y a 1j. 21h. 9min. Moko~your Love~~2014
Il y a 1j. 21h. 11min. Moko~your Love~~2014
Il y a 1j. 21h. 14min. Sweet Coffee~love Having You Around~perfect Storm~2005
Il y a 1j. 21h. 20min. Blind Colors + Melonie Daniels Walker~found Love [david Morales Classi...
Il y a 1j. 21h. 24min. Brame + Hamo~hotshot~~2015
Il y a 1j. 21h. 28min. Joss Stone~oceans [remix]~~2017
Il y a 1j. 21h. 32min. Nora En Pure~on The Beach~~2016
Il y a 1j. 21h. 36min. Pauline Henry~heaven [dj Spen & Reelsoul Extended Mix]~~2017
Il y a 1j. 21h. 40min. Taxi~yes It's True~saint - Germain Cafe'~2001
Il y a 1j. 21h. 46min. Solomon Grey~miradors [jody Wisternoff & James Grant Rmx]~anjunade...
Il y a 1j. 21h. 50min. Urban Love~forget You~forget You~2017
Il y a 1j. 21h. 53min. Sholto~the Sleeper~bella Musica 2 By Jos Padilla / Comp.~2006
Il y a 1j. 21h. 58min. Kadebostany~mind If I Stay [lovebirds Radio Version]~mind If I Stay (r...
Il y a 1j. 22h. 1min. Joey Negro + Sunburst Band~secret Of Life [director's Cut Signature Mi...
Il y a 1j. 22h. 7min. Yukijobo~supernova Sky~nordic Lounge Weekend~2006
Il y a 1j. 22h. 11min. Astrud Gilberto~who Needs Forever (t.c. Rmx)~versions~2005
Il y a 1j. 22h. 16min. De Martijn + Audrey Dritto~it's A Fine Day [black Legend Radio Re Cut ...
Il y a 1j. 22h. 19min. Madrid De Los Austrias~deia~amor Vol.6 By Radio Monte Carlo~2005
Il y a 1j. 22h. 52min. Ambala + Laid Back~walk With The Dreamers [leo Mas, Fabrice... Remix]~...
Il y a 1j. 23h. 40min. Climatic~ici Ou Ailleurs~la Fete Au Jardin - Selection Lounge~2013
Il y a 2j. 28min. Flume + Kai~never Be Like You~skin~2016
Il y a 2j. 1h. 18min. S.e.l~flowered Tears [m.chiavarini&djspen Soulflowermix]~~2017
Il y a 2j. 2h. 6min. Bellcrash~des Etoiles~~2004
Il y a 2j. 2h. 51min. Wafia~heartburn~one In A Million: A Future Classic Compilation~2016
Il y a 2j. 2h. 58min. D-reflection + Christa~shoot From The Heart (d's Honest Reprise)~~2011
Il y a 2j. 3h. 48min. Kiko Navarro + Julie Mcknight~all Because Of You~~2016
Il y a 2j. 4h. 36min. Bah Samba + Tasita D'mour~live In The Summer (andy Ward Sunshine Mix)~...
Il y a 2j. 5h. 26min. D'moov + Nicole Henry~for The Love Of You (frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix...
Il y a 2j. 6h. 18min. Foreign Exchange~body [dj Spinna Galactic Soul - Radio Edit]~~2017
Il y a 2j. 7h. 6min. The Dynamics~miss You~version Excursions~2007
Il y a 2j. 7h. 56min. Seb Skalski + Masta P~dancin For My Life [special Mix]~unreleased Mast...
Il y a 2j. 8h. 48min. Sounds From The Ground~lean On Me~private Beach Club Ii / Compilation~...
Il y a 2j. 9h. 36min. Hotel De Paris~wonderwall~lounge Of Love, Vol.2 / Compilation~2009
Il y a 2j. 10h. 26min. Fast East Band With Suzie (klee)~the Call Up~~2007
Il y a 2j. 11h. 15min. Aberton~pictures In My Mind~~2017
Il y a 2j. 12h. 4min. Bjarno~factor 30~music For Dreams - Copenhagen 2015/compilation~2015
Il y a 2j. 12h. 54min. Rhemi + Cassius~beat Within [opolopo Rmx]~~2017
Il y a 2j. 13h. 42min. Atjazz + Jullian Gomes~out Of My Life~~2015
Il y a 2j. 14h. 16min. Blaze~gloria Muse (the Yoga Song)~~2005
Il y a 2j. 14h. 32min. Phil Martin~sweet & Mellow~~2005
Il y a 2j. 15h. 18min. Moullinex~love Love Love~~2017
Il y a 2j. 16h. 7min. Dn3~scent + Vox 1'~~2017
Il y a 2j. 16h. 31min. Matthew Herbert~middle [mocky Remix]~middle - Single~2015
Il y a 2j. 16h. 58min. Chris Stussy~the Heat + Vox 1'~~2017
Il y a 2j. 17h. 32min. Katy B + Kaytranada~honey~honey~2016

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Pink denies grimacing during Christina Aguilera's Whitney tribute at AMAs
Pink tweeted that she was "in awe" of Christina Aguilera following her tribute to Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards on Sunday night (19Nov17).
Madonna nude photos to go up for auction
Madonna was first photographed with nothing on at the age of 18, TMZ reports.
Taylor Swift's album Reputation ruffles feathers at Grammys voting committee
Taylor Swift has reportedly infuriated some industry figures by continuing her feuds on record.
Selena Gomez accused of lip syncing during AMAs comeback performance
Fans were divided about Selena Gomez's apparent decision to lip sync during her performance of Wolves.
Keith Urban a triple winner as Bruno Mars is named top Artist at AMAs
Ladies dominated the performances at the American Music Awards with Pink and Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera serving up the night's showstopping moments.

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