NOVA Tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s and more !


Radio en ligne: NOVA Tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s and more !

Genres: Classic Rock Oldies
NOVA Tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s and more !
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Qui a joué sur la radio:  NOVA Tracks from the 60s, 70s, 80s and more !
Il y a 17min. Bread - Aubrey
Il y a 42min. Rory Block - Lovin' Whiskey
Il y a 1h. 7min. Cat Stevens - Sitting
Il y a 1h. 33min. Journey - Girl Can't Help It
Il y a 1h. 58min. Tracy Chapman - Crossroads
Il y a 2h. 24min. Three Dog Night - Shambala
Il y a 2h. 48min. Bridget St. John - I Like To Be With You In The Sun
Il y a 3h. 14min. Linda Ronstadt - Tracks Of My Tears
Il y a 3h. 39min. Billy Joel - Goodnight Saigon
Il y a 4h. 4min. Roger Mcguinn - You Bowed Down
Il y a 4h. 29min. Simon And Garfunkel - Boxer
Il y a 4h. 54min. Fischer Z - Marliese
Il y a 5h. 19min. Santana - She's Not There
Il y a 5h. 45min. Stevie Nicks - If Anyone Falls
Il y a 6h. 10min. Jackson Browne - The Barricades Of Heaven
Il y a 6h. 35min. Pablo Cruise - Will You, Won't You
Il y a 7h. Bruce Springsteen - One Step Up
Il y a 7h. 25min. Mike Batt - Railway Hotel
Il y a 7h. 39min. 38 Special - Hold On Loosley
Il y a 7h. 40min. Canned Heat - Goin' Up The Country
Il y a 7h. 50min. Roger Daltrey - Without Your Love
Il y a 8h. 16min. Alan Parsons Project - Let's Talk About Me
Il y a 8h. 40min. Don Henley Ft. Bruce Hornsby - End Of The Innocence
Il y a 9h. 6min. Pete Townshend - Face The Face
Il y a 9h. 28min. Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'
Il y a 9h. 32min. Big Wheel - If I Stay Too Long
Il y a 9h. 40min. Van Morrison - Spanish Rose
Il y a 9h. 57min. Bruce Springsteen - I'm Goin' Down
Il y a 10h. 23min. Ronnie Lane - The Poacher
Il y a 10h. 48min. Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul
Il y a 11h. 15min. Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Il y a 11h. 50min. Alan Parsons Project - Nothing Left To Lose
Il y a 12h. 22min. Billy Joel - Vienna
Il y a 12h. 49min. Steve Miller Band - Wild Mountain Honey
Il y a 13h. 15min. Thunderclap Newman - Something In The Air
Il y a 13h. 40min. Pink Floyd - High Hopes
Il y a 14h. 6min. Hudson Ford - I Don't Understand _ Revelations
Il y a 14h. 34min. Golden Earring - I've Just Lost Somebody
Il y a 15h. 9min. Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Il y a 15h. 38min. Fischer Z - So Long
Il y a 16h. 5min. Christopher Cross - No Time For Talk
Il y a 16h. 30min. Band - Rockin' Chair
Il y a 16h. 56min. Bob Dylan - Man In The Long Black Coat
Il y a 17h. 1min. James Taylor - Fire And Rain
Il y a 17h. 22min. Backstage Pass - Mcguinn, Clark And Hillman
Il y a 17h. 47min. Pink Floyd - Pigs On The Wing
Il y a 18h. 12min. Jefferson Starship - Miracles
Il y a 18h. 37min. Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Il y a 19h. 2min. Al Stewart - On The Border
Il y a 19h. 26min. Dion Dimucci - What's That Sound
Il y a 19h. 52min. April Wine - Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
Il y a 20h. 16min. Gordon Lightfoot - Triangle
Il y a 20h. 40min. Doobie Brothers - Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
Il y a 21h. 6min. Phil Collins - Sussudio
Il y a 21h. 32min. Jim Croce - I Got A Name
Il y a 21h. 56min. George Harrison - Blow Away
Il y a 22h. 23min. Jackson Browne - Your Bright Baby Blues
Il y a 22h. 47min. Mink Deville - Spanish Stroll
Il y a 23h. 13min. Bob Dylan - Hurricane
Il y a 23h. 39min. Eagles - New Kid In Town
Il y a 1j. 13min. Paul Mccartney - Heart Of The Country
Il y a 1j. 38min. Paul Simon - The Coast
Il y a 1j. 1h. 3min. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love
Il y a 1j. 1h. 28min. Booker T And The Mg's - Melting Pot
Il y a 1j. 1h. 53min. Foreigner - Waiting For A Girl Like You
Il y a 1j. 2h. 17min. Paul Mccartney - Silly Love Songs
Il y a 1j. 2h. 42min. Bryan Adams - I'm Ready
Il y a 1j. 3h. 6min. Phil Collins - One More Night
Il y a 1j. 3h. 30min. Melanie - Brand New Key
Il y a 1j. 3h. 56min. James Blundell - Age Of Grace
Il y a 1j. 4h. 22min. Moody Blues - Question
Il y a 1j. 4h. 46min. Police - The Bed's Too Big Without You
Il y a 1j. 5h. 12min. David Gilmour - Cruise
Il y a 1j. 5h. 36min. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
Il y a 1j. 6h. 2min. Europe - The Final Countdown
Il y a 1j. 6h. 26min. Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Il y a 1j. 6h. 50min. Steve Perry - Sherrie
Il y a 1j. 7h. 20min. Harry Chapin - Taxi
Il y a 1j. 7h. 46min. Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick
Il y a 1j. 8h. 12min. Little Feat - Voices On The Wind
Il y a 1j. 8h. 38min. Rem - The One I Love
Il y a 1j. 9h. 4min. Roger Mcguinn - King Of The Hill
Il y a 1j. 9h. 29min. Supertramp - The Logical Song
Il y a 1j. 9h. 54min. Carly Simon - That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
Il y a 1j. 10h. 19min. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Il y a 1j. 10h. 49min. Steely Dan - My Old School
Il y a 1j. 11h. 16min. Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger
Il y a 1j. 11h. 42min. Phil Collins - Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
Il y a 1j. 12h. 8min. Phil Carmen - Moonshine Still
Il y a 1j. 12h. 34min. Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now?
Il y a 1j. 13h. Cure - Close To Me
Il y a 1j. 13h. 25min. Barclay James Harvest - Rock N Roll Star
Il y a 1j. 13h. 50min. Doors - People Are Strange
Il y a 1j. 14h. 15min. Player - Baby Come Back
Il y a 1j. 14h. 39min. Glenn Frey - The One You Love
Il y a 1j. 15h. 4min. Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red
Il y a 1j. 15h. 28min. Manassas - So Begins The Task
Il y a 1j. 15h. 53min. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
Il y a 1j. 16h. 17min. Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See
Il y a 1j. 16h. 42min. Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man
Il y a 1j. 17h. 6min. Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road
Il y a 1j. 17h. 30min. Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young - Ohio
Il y a 1j. 17h. 54min. Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song
Il y a 1j. 18h. 18min. Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows
Il y a 1j. 18h. 43min. Poco - If It Wasn't For You
Il y a 1j. 19h. 7min. Elkie Brooks - Fool If You Think It's Over
Il y a 1j. 19h. 30min. Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou
Il y a 1j. 19h. 55min. Grateful Dead - Good Lovin'
Il y a 1j. 20h. 19min. Iggy Pop - Livin' On The Edge Of The Night
Il y a 1j. 20h. 44min. Buffalo Springfield - I Am A Child
Il y a 1j. 21h. 8min. Guess Who - Share The Land
Il y a 1j. 21h. 32min. David Bowie - Conversation Piece
Il y a 1j. 21h. 56min. Stealer's Wheel - Right Or Wrong
Il y a 1j. 22h. 22min. Dirt Band - Badlands
Il y a 1j. 22h. 46min. Dan Fogelberg - Illinois
Il y a 1j. 23h. 10min. Karla Bonoff - Tell Me Why
Il y a 1j. 23h. 35min. Bon Jovi - Livin On A Player
Il y a 2j. 7min. Patty Smyth And Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Il y a 2j. 32min. Donovan - Sand And Foam
Il y a 2j. 56min. Rolling Stones - Fool To Cry
Il y a 2j. 1h. 20min. Benny Mardones - Into The Night
Il y a 2j. 1h. 45min. Elton John - Island Girl
Il y a 2j. 2h. 8min. Patti Smith - Because The Night
Il y a 2j. 2h. 33min. Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street
Il y a 2j. 2h. 57min. Jeff Healey Band - How Long Can A Man Be Strong
Il y a 2j. 3h. 20min. Russ Ballard - Fly Away
Il y a 2j. 3h. 45min. Jon And Vangelis - I Hear You Now
Il y a 2j. 4h. 9min. Joe Jackson - Stepping Out
Il y a 2j. 4h. 34min. Don Henley - Dirty Laundry
Il y a 2j. 4h. 58min. Genesis - Hold On My Heart
  Quête: Adrian    Pulborough  
A refreshing blend of familiar oldies,melodic new releases and deep tracks from genres including singer-songwriters,folk,soft rock,country,lounge and sweet soul.The generally mellow feel is supplemented by the occasional rockier tune and requests are available on the website from over 5,0 tracks.There are no DJ's or comercials.Recomended if you like variety with the ability to surprise and hear great tracks you'd forgotten without ignoring classics and a sprinkling of the new.
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Blink-182 concerts with Linkin Park cancelled following Chester Bennington's death
The rockers are "wrecked" by the loss of their friend and could never imagine playing the Welcome to Blinkin Park tour without him.

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