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3h. 11min. hace   Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan [1970]
3h. 28min. hace   The Ugly Ducklings - Not For Long [1966]
9h. 22min. hace   Allan Taylor - Plenty For The Few
15h. 1min. hace   Kingston Trio - Greenback Dollar
16h. 10min. hace   The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out
16h. 12min. hace   Family Tree - Live Your Own Life
16h. 15min. hace   The Vejtables - Anything
16h. 18min. hace   Arcadium - Poor Lady
16h. 23min. hace   Joint - Dinosaur
16h. 28min. hace   Country Joe & The Fish - Section 43 [ep Version]
16h. 33min. hace   The New Breed - Want Ad Reader
16h. 40min. hace   The Beatles - Martha My Dear
16h. 43min. hace   All The Luck In The World - Dark Eyes
16h. 48min. hace   Glenn Yarbrough - Baby The Rain Must Fall
16h. 50min. hace   Jet Harris - My Lady (1967)
16h. 53min. hace   Jimmie Rodgers - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
20h. 35min. hace   Stained Glass - Piggy Back Ride And The Camel
20h. 35min. hace   Stained Glass - Piggy Back Ride And The Camel
20h. 37min. hace   Debra Lyn - Closer To Goodbye
20h. 42min. hace   The Heatwave - You And Your Man
20h. 47min. hace   Matthew And The Atlas - Pale Sun Rose
20h. 50min. hace   Ron Wray Light Show - Speed
20h. 52min. hace   Mother Love - Goodbye Mary (1969)
20h. 55min. hace   Sweepers-drops - Girls Id
20h. 57min. hace   The Beatles - Cry Baby Cry (take 1)
21h. 2min. hace   Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters - Up On The Hollow Hill ...
21h. 7min. hace   New York Public Library - Got To Get Away (1968)
21h. 10min. hace   John Hammond - Travelling Riverside
21h. 12min. hace   The Mamas And The Papas - Creeque Alley
21h. 17min. hace   Traffic - House For Everyone (1967)
21h. 20min. hace   The Band - Rag Mama Rag
21h. 23min. hace   Beacon Street Union - The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens
21h. 28min. hace   Buffy Sainte-marie - God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot
21h. 33min. hace   Don Grady - Leaving It Up To You
21h. 35min. hace   The Yardbirds - Turn Into Earth
21h. 43min. hace   Barton Carroll - What A Picture Is
21h. 48min. hace   Idle Race - Told You Twice
21h. 50min. hace   The Association - Toymaker
21h. 53min. hace   The Zombies - Care Of Cell 44
22h. hace   Spirit - Animal Zoo
1d. 3h. 24min. hace   The Strawbs - Two Weeks Last Summer
1d. 4h. 9min. hace   Sunshine Company - Darcey Farrow
1d. 6h. 22min. hace   The Journeymen - 500 Miles
1d. 10h. 27min. hace   Lulu And The Luvers - Shout
1d. 11h. 25min. hace   Twice As Much - Sitting On A Fence
1d. 12h. 35min. hace   Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich - Zabadak
1d. 12h. 40min. hace   Flying Machine - Smile A Little Smile For Me
1d. 12h. 46min. hace   Eddie Cochran - Three Steps To Heaven
1d. 12h. 51min. hace   Sweeper - You Get A Positive Charge
1d. 12h. 53min. hace   Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser
      Invitado: Allan Lewis    18:27 <> 23. 1. 2013  
Hello this Allan listening in London, England. I like your two song presentation of artists as it allows a less hurried and deeper engagement with the music.

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