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Géneros: Psychedelic
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2h. 7min. hace Great Scots - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
20h. 15min. hace Katrina Stone - Deck The Halls
1d. 14h. 33min. hace Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman
2d. 8h. 43min. hace Adam Leonard - Elbow Of Termites
2d. 14h. 11min. hace West, Bruce & Laing - The Doctor [album Version]
2d. 19h. 40min. hace Gabor Szabo - Dear Prudence
3d. 1h. 11min. hace Herbie Mann & Tamiko Jones - Day Tripper
3d. 6h. 40min. hace The Boxing Lesson - Better Daze
3d. 12h. 8min. hace Love - Your Mind And We Belong Together [single A-side]
3d. 17h. 37min. hace The Doors - I Will Never Be Untrue
3d. 23h. 10min. hace Them - Waltz Of The Flies
4d. 4h. 28min. hace The Small Faces - Lazy Sunday
4d. 9h. 42min. hace Mogollar - Hard Work (1968 Tr)
4d. 14h. 58min. hace World Of Oz - King Croesus
4d. 20h. 13min. hace Yellow Payges - I'm A Man
5d. 1h. 32min. hace Comasummer - Out Of The Sun
5d. 6h. 48min. hace Bamboo Shoot - The Fox Has Gone To Ground
5d. 12h. 2min. hace Shy Guys - You Are My Sunshine
5d. 17h. 16min. hace Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
5d. 22h. 31min. hace Canned Heat - Rockin' With The King
6d. 3h. 47min. hace The Blues Magoos - Tobacco Road
6d. 9h. 1min. hace Blue Beats - Extra Girl
6d. 14h. 15min. hace Eden Ahbez - Full Moon
6d. 19h. 29min. hace Jimi Hendrix Experience - Still Raining, Still Dreaming
7d. 47min. hace The Vogues - Just What I've Been Looking For
7d. 6h. 4min. hace Blodwyn Pig - San Fransisco Sketches
7d. 11h. 19min. hace The Firesign Theatre - The Further Adventures Of Nick Danger
7d. 21h. 48min. hace The Flower Pot Men - Mythological Sunday
8d. 3h. 10min. hace Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
8d. 8h. 27min. hace Joni Mitchell - Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (ludwig's Tune)
8d. 13h. 42min. hace Orlons - South Street
8d. 18h. 57min. hace Bobby Vinton - My Heart Belongs To Only You
9d. 15min. hace Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
9d. 5h. 33min. hace Soul Society - Psychedelic Cycle
9d. 10h. 49min. hace West Coast Natural Gas - Two's A Pair
9d. 16h. 6min. hace The Lollipop Fantasy - It's A Groovy World
9d. 21h. 25min. hace Glasser - Design
10d. 2h. 44min. hace Sendelica - Hard Coming Love (usa)
10d. 8h. 2min. hace Lovin' Spoonful - Six O'clock
10d. 13h. 19min. hace Savage Resurrection - Thing In `e`
10d. 18h. 37min. hace Blue Cheer - Fool [single Version]
10d. 23h. 57min. hace Taj Mahal - The Celebrated Walkin' Blues
11d. 5h. 17min. hace The Who - I'm Free
11d. 10h. 37min. hace Societie - Bird Has Flown
11d. 15h. 58min. hace The Bevis Frond - Stain On The Sun
11d. 21h. 21min. hace Russal, Thane & Three - Your Love Is Burning Me
12d. 2h. 44min. hace The Temptations - Cloud Nine
12d. 8h. 5min. hace Charley Roman's Seventh Plane - Time To Realize (1968)
12d. 13h. 25min. hace The Tears - Weatherman
12d. 18h. 48min. hace The Four Fifths - Have You Ever Loved A Girl
      Invitado: Allan Lewis    16:27 <> 23. 1. 2013  
Hello this Allan listening in London, England. I like your two song presentation of artists as it allows a less hurried and deeper engagement with the music.

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