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That played on the radio:  WIHS 104.9FM - Middletown, CT
4min. ago Twila Paris - Lord, I Need You
36min. ago Steve Darmody - My Tribute
1h. 1min. ago Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart - Morning Star
1h. 34min. ago Burt Kettinger - Because Of Whose I Am
2h. 1min. ago Tami Gunden - Sweet Adoration
2h. 29min. ago Bill Pierce - Nightsounds
3h. ago Ravi Zacharias - Just Thinking
3h. 26min. ago National Christian Choir - As The Deer
3h. 57min. ago Various Speakers - Compassion Radio
4h. 23min. ago Gaithers - Trees Of The Field
4h. 57min. ago Radio Drama - Unshackled
5h. 27min. ago Charles Morris - Haven Today
6h. 4min. ago Dennis Rainey - Family Life Today
6h. 38min. ago (instrumental Music) - Dinner Concert
7h. 10min. ago (instrumental Music) - Dinner Concert
7h. 44min. ago Taranda Greene - Made To Love
8h. 14min. ago (no Music Data)
8h. 42min. ago Don Moen - Thank You Lord
9h. 10min. ago Fernando Ortega - Lord Of Eternity
9h. 40min. ago Radio Drama - Adventures In Odyssey
10h. 9min. ago (no Music Data)
10h. 40min. ago Dr. R. C. Sproul - Renewing Your Mind
11h. 8min. ago (no Music Data)
11h. 40min. ago Various Readers - Wihs Reading Room
12h. 8min. ago Naomi Carroll - Enjoy The Journey
12h. 40min. ago Brian Hettinga - Discover The Word
13h. 8min. ago Various Speakers - Wihs Journal
13h. 40min. ago Steve Brown - Key Life (mon-thu)
14h. 9min. ago (no Music Data)
14h. 40min. ago Ron Moore - Back To The Bible
15h. 8min. ago Fettke/moen - Think About His Love
15h. 39min. ago Tony Evans - The Alternative
16h. 7min. ago The Late Dr. Robert Cook - Walk With The King
16h. 39min. ago Amber Nelon Thompson - God Is Always Good
17h. 16min. ago (no Music Data)
17h. 47min. ago Maranatha Artists - So Great A Salvation
18h. 20min. ago (no Music Data)
18h. 57min. ago (no Music Data)
19h. 34min. ago Michael Guido - The Sower
20h. 5min. ago Tammy Trent - At The Foot Of The Cross
20h. 40min. ago Charles Morris - Haven Today
21h. 16min. ago (no Music Data)
21h. 50min. ago Radio Drama - Unshackled
22h. 21min. ago (no Music Data)
22h. 55min. ago Annie Herring - You Are
23h. 23min. ago (no Music Data)
23h. 58min. ago Alicia Williamson - Healing
1d. 35min. ago Shelia Walsh - God Is Faithful
1d. 1h. 5min. ago Michail Combs - How Do They Make It (without The Lord)
1d. 1h. 36min. ago Tammy Jensen - Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
1d. 2h. 5min. ago Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn
1d. 2h. 41min. ago Dr. Charlie Dyer - The Land And The Book
1d. 3h. 9min. ago Dr. Charlie Dyer - The Land And The Book
1d. 3h. 40min. ago Dr. Erwin Lutzer - Songs In The Night
1d. 4h. 9min. ago Don Johnson - Afterglow
1d. 4h. 42min. ago Alistair Begg - Truth For Life
1d. 5h. 9min. ago Kathy Bowan - Psalm 95
1d. 5h. 40min. ago Kathy Bowan - Psalm 95
1d. 6h. 8min. ago Rev. Ken Klaus - The Lutheran Hour
1d. 6h. 40min. ago Dr. Philip Graham Ryken - Every Last Word
1d. 7h. 16min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 7h. 48min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 8h. 19min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 8h. 47min. ago Steve Green - Overcome Evil With Good
1d. 9h. 19min. ago Radio Drama - Lamplighter Theater
1d. 9h. 47min. ago Rev. David Virkler - Word And The World
1d. 10h. 19min. ago Dr. Paul Nyquist - Moody Presents
1d. 10h. 47min. ago Dr. Tony Evans - The Alternative
1d. 11h. 17min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 11h. 43min. ago Pastor Bruce Benson - Sing For Joy
1d. 12h. 14min. ago Traditional Music - Glory Praise And Song
1d. 12h. 43min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 13h. 19min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 13h. 46min. ago Dr. Erwin Lutzer - Moody Church Hour
1d. 14h. 17min. ago Dr. Erwin Lutzer - Moody Church Hour
1d. 14h. 46min. ago Traditional Music - Prelude To Worship
1d. 15h. 17min. ago Traditional Music - Prelude To Worship
1d. 15h. 49min. ago Dave Blast And Scott Hoezze - Groundwork
1d. 16h. 20min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 16h. 56min. ago Hosanna Music - Why So Downcast (acappella)
1d. 17h. 26min. ago Kitty Griffiths - A Visit With Mrs. G
1d. 18h. ago Lifebridge Worship ~ Featuring Michael Janetis - All Hail The King
1d. 18h. 35min. ago Harry Sill - Damascus Road
1d. 19h. 6min. ago Plumb - Great Is Our God
1d. 19h. 36min. ago Brooklyn Taberancle Choir - Worth It All
1d. 20h. 6min. ago Max Pratt - Moments Of Inspiration
1d. 20h. 37min. ago Don Johnson - Afterglow
1d. 21h. 7min. ago Gateway Worship - O The Blood
1d. 21h. 43min. ago Radio Drama - Unshackled
1d. 22h. 10min. ago Yolanda Hinton - My Secret Place
1d. 22h. 41min. ago Pastor Bruce Benson - Sing For Joy
1d. 23h. 15min. ago (no Music Data)
1d. 23h. 46min. ago Traditional Music - Glory Praise And Song
2d. 18min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 47min. ago Various Speakers - The Storyteller
2d. 1h. 18min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 1h. 46min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 2h. 17min. ago Dr. Michael Horton - White Horse Inn
2d. 2h. 46min. ago Steven Kreloff - Verse By Verse
2d. 3h. 21min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 3h. 50min. ago Barbara Follis And Bill Houston - Words To Live By
2d. 4h. 20min. ago Ravi Zacharias - Let My People Think
2d. 4h. 50min. ago Various Speakers - Prayer Circle
2d. 5h. 26min. ago Keith And Kristen Getty - Living Waters
2d. 5h. 58min. ago Radio Drama - Unshackled
2d. 6h. 30min. ago Dr. Jim Burns - Homeword
2d. 7h. 5min. ago The Church Of God - Viewpoint
2d. 7h. 37min. ago Instrumental Music - Dinner Concert
2d. 8h. 3min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 8h. 35min. ago Audio Adrenaline - Sound Of The Saints
2d. 9h. 4min. ago Paul Baloche - Open The Eyes Of My Heart
2d. 9h. 35min. ago Salvation Army - Wonderful Words Of Life
2d. 10h. 3min. ago Don Francisco - Adam Where Are You
2d. 10h. 38min. ago Shannon Wexelberg - The Greatest Thing
2d. 11h. 10min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 11h. 45min. ago Gerry Caillouet - God's Great Outdoors
2d. 12h. 19min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 12h. 55min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 13h. 28min. ago Third Day - Cry Out To Jesus
2d. 14h. 5min. ago Variety - The Boundless Show
2d. 14h. 41min. ago Radio Drama - Radio Theater
2d. 15h. 21min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 15h. 59min. ago Mr. Nick - We Kids
2d. 16h. 34min. ago Radio Drama - Jungle Jam And Friends
2d. 17h. 5min. ago Karen Mortimer - Karen & Kids
2d. 17h. 39min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 17h. 54min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 18h. 47min. ago Nicole C. Mullen - One Touch
2d. 19h. 22min. ago (no Music Data)
2d. 19h. 59min. ago Max Pratt - A Moment Of Inspiration

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