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Chinese - Mystical, emotional music for plucked and bowed stringed instruments
Pop - Music of a particular genre, known for a large number of people
Pop - Music of a particular genre, known for a large number of people
World Music of other Nations
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Big B Radio #CPOP - The Hot Station...

Big B Radio's CPOP Channel brings the hottest contemporary Cantonese Pop Mandarin Pop hits from Asia.

43d. 18h. 6min. ago   Jay Chou - Liao Shang Shao Rou Zong (healing Rice Dumpling)
44d. 8h. 59min. ago   Kimberley Chen - Friday
45d. 30min. ago   Wulan Tuoya - Wo De Jia Xiang Nei Meng Gu
45d. 17h. 22min. ago   Andy Lau - Zhi Zhi Dao Ci Ke Ai Ni
46d. 2h. 46min. ago   Yoga Lin - Fool
46d. 2h. 56min. ago   Kary Ng - Jin Ye Yan Hua Can Lan
46d. 2h. 57min. ago   Vic Chou - Let Me Love You (ft. Barbie Xu)
46d. 3h. 43min. ago   Wulan Tuoya - Wo De Jia Xiang Nei Meng Gu
46d. 9h. 25min. ago   Mayday - Shang Xin De Ren Bie Ting Man Ge
47d. 1h. 20min. ago   Sean Pang - Yo Ge Ren De Lian Xi Qu (a Solo Etude)
47d. 18h. 3min. ago   Janice - Pang Bei 21 Shi Ji
47d. 23h. 14min. ago   Chen Chu Sheng - No One Told You
48d. 6h. 48min. ago   Ding Dang - Zou Huo Ru Mo Feat. Ah Shin Of Mayday
48d. 10h. ago   Aaron Kwok - Shui Neng Dai Ti Nai (who Can Replace You)
49d. 1h. 58min. ago   Exo - Heart Attack (chinese Version)
49d. 18h. 38min. ago   Julia Peng - Zi Cong
50d. 1h. 18min. ago   Super Junior-m - Love Is Sweet
50d. 10h. 14min. ago   Aaron Yan - Bei Fen Ren Sheng (spare Lives)
51d. 1h. 42min. ago   Rainie Yang - Li Xiang Qing Ren
51d. 17h. 47min. ago   G.e.m - Get Over You
52d. 2h. 16min. ago   Liantly Wu - Kisses Gently
52d. 3h. 59min. ago   Vanness Wu - Happiness
52d. 7h. 36min. ago   Jpm - Yue Qiu Man Bu (moonwalk)
52d. 9h. 44min. ago   Sara - Yuan Lai Wo Ai Ni (i Loved You Originally)
53d. 2h. 6min. ago   F4 - Liu Xing Yu (the Meteor Rain)
53d. 19h. 53min. ago   Wei Chen - Jia You! Ni You Me! (feat. Alan)
54d. 12h. 8min. ago   Jonathan Wong - Heroes
54d. 12h. 56min. ago   Wang Lee Hom - Wei Yi
55d. 2h. 42min. ago   Fama - People In Harmony
55d. 5h. 41min. ago   Jj Lin - Wo Bu Zhu De Ta (the Taste Of Love)
56d. 51min. ago   Joey Yung - Surge
56d. 21h. ago   Tanya Chua - Easy Come Easy Go
57d. 13h. 57min. ago   Super Junior-m - Good Bye My Love
58d. 6h. 36min. ago   Anthony Neely - After That (absolute Boyfriend Ost)
58d. 23h. 57min. ago   Anthony Neely - Kui Lei (puppet)
59d. 21h. 51min. ago   Justine Chi - Everyone Likes You
60d. 10h. 49min. ago   Jpm - Never Give Up
60d. 19h. 16min. ago   Lara Veronin - Hu Jiao Yu Yan (salt And Pepper)
61d. 2h. 37min. ago   Hu Ge - Fingerprint (xuan Yuan Sword 3 Legend-rift Of The Sky Ost)
61d. 2h. 44min. ago   Timez - Ou Xiang Wan Wan Sui (idol Hooray)
61d. 2h. 49min. ago   Edmond Leung - 11
61d. 2h. 54min. ago   Magic Power - Not Playing By The Rules (love You Ost)
61d. 15h. 47min. ago   Sun Nan & Han Hong - Mei Li De Shen Hua (beautiful Myth) [the Myth Ost...
62d. 4h. 16min. ago   Kary Ng - I
62d. 4h. 21min. ago   Hebe Tian - Chao Ji Ma Li
62d. 4h. 26min. ago   Aska Yang - Huai Zhu (bearing A Pearl)
62d. 4h. 31min. ago   G.e.m - Where Did U Go
62d. 4h. 34min. ago   Aaron Yan - Ke Neng Ni Hai Ai Wo (maybe You Still Love Me)
62d. 4h. 39min. ago   Cindy Yen - Brand New Day
62d. 4h. 46min. ago   Jiro Wang - I Love You

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