12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM

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Genres:  Rock Hardcore Punk Ska
Bitrate: 192
Sound Format: MP3
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12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM

We play Punk Rock music. Loud. Tune In:
What recently played on the radio:
12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
10min. ago
Strike Twelve - Unglued
1h. 29min. ago
Point Of View - Steady Drunk
2h. 43min. ago
Follow Your Hero - Chicks Dig Scars, Glory Lasts Forever
4h. ago
Banner Pilot - Letterbox
5h. 19min. ago
No Use For A Name - Any Number Can Play
6h. 15min. ago
Daycare Swindlers - Dead Wood
6h. 37min. ago
Bad Religion - The Defense
7h. 54min. ago
Angels & Airwaves - Epic Holiday
9h. 13min. ago
Snareset - Pick Of The Bunch
10h. 33min. ago
3 Feet Smaller - Won't Look Back
11h. 56min. ago
The Lawrence Arms - Acheron River
13h. 15min. ago
Broadside - Far From Home
14h. 33min. ago
The Walking Targets - Swimming In Ashes
15h. 52min. ago
The Parasites - Runaway
17h. 11min. ago
The Minority - Passion Aggression
18h. 29min. ago
Street Poison - Sin City
19h. 44min. ago
Bombshell Rocks - Tonight I'm Burning
21h. 3min. ago
Bad Apple - The Lonely Road
22h. 23min. ago
Face The Front - All My Secret Places
23h. 42min. ago
Bedtime For Charlie - I Never Sold Out Because I Never Got The Chance
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    Archive of tracks played in the last week

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    12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM    
    TOP 20 P Raiting
    Suckerpunch - Awful Waffle
    4 0
    Farewell My Love - Skip The Memories
    4 0
    Barely Blind - Nature Of The Beast
    3 0
    Boysetsfire - Curtain Call
    3 0
    Much The Same - Liar
    3 0
    Pipes And Pints - Heaven And Hell
    3 0
    Strike Anywhere - We Amplify/blaze
    3 0
    Young Wolves - Maybe This Is It
    3 0
    Clockwork - Ad And Subtract
    3 0
    Storytold - Aliens Exist
    3 0
    Blink-182 - M+M's
    3 0
    The Ataris - The Boys Of Summer
    3 0
    The Riot Before - We Are Wild Stallions
    3 0
    Dropkick Murphys - The State Of Massachusetts
    3 0
    Archway - Spring Street
    3 0
    Intro5Pect - Sustainable Yield
    3 0
    Whatever It Takes - Chris Drives Me Home
    3 0
    Paramore - Ignorance
    3 0
    At The Farewell Party - The Steps We Take
    3 0
    The Code - Alert, Aware, Involved
    3 0
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