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Old Time Radio Fan

Crimes. Murders. Unexplained disappearances. That's what you will find here. Sometimes an odd space alien or ghost gets into the picture, but generally there is a felony involved in all our shows. Of course these are 1940s-style crimes and everything you will find on this site pales in comparison to a night of current prime-time television!
What recently played on the radio:
Old Time Radio Fan
2h. 42min. ago
I Was A Communist For The Fbi - C4Fbi 53 01 21 E40 Capital City Square Dance
6h. 3min. ago
Counterspy 490915 Hot Car Killer
9h. 28min. ago
Arch Obolers Plays 450614 10 Mr Pyle
12h. 53min. ago
Cdnp 500220 E20 Death On The Doorstep
16h. 23min. ago
Tiyfbi 460927 E078 The Night Of Terror
19h. 43min. ago
Mfi 480322 050 Election Connection
23h. 2min. ago
Abbott Costello 460516 Costello Runs For Mayor
1d. 2h. 25min. ago
Richard Diamond 510323 E90 Little Cheeve
1d. 5h. 47min. ago
Dangerous Assignment 500220 The Greek Connection
1d. 9h. 24min. ago
Hgwt 590607 E029 Roped
1d. 12h. 45min. ago
Maisie 500112 Sonja The Smart Dog
1d. 16h. 14min. ago
Casey 470220 20 Minute Alibi
1d. 19h. 49min. ago
Maisie 500309 The Manicurist Bookie In The Barbershop
1d. 23h. 12min. ago
Saint 500702 Search For A Killer
2d. 2h. 37min. ago
Dark Fantasy 420116 Debt From The Past
2d. 6h. 3min. ago
Harry Lime 520328 0035 Pleasure Before Business
2d. 9h. 36min. ago
Damon Runyon 490515 The Hottest Guy In The World
2d. 13h. 7min. ago
Dragnet 510927 E120 Big September Man
2d. 16h. 33min. ago
Whisperer 510916 11 Neverthetwain
2d. 20h. 11min. ago
Omb 490717 Carelessness Code
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