Japan-A-Radio - Japan's best music mix!

Japan-A-Radio - Japan's best music mix!
Japan-A-Radio - Japan's best music mix!
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Japan-A-Radio - Japan's best music mix!

Japan-A-Radio | Japan's best music mix! Japan-A-Radio plays the best Japanese music from JPOP to Anime Soundtracks, including JROCK, Enka, and other specialty programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Japan-A-Radio - Japan's best music mix!
1d. 3h. 37min. ago
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sand Mission
1d. 5h. 2min. ago
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sand Mission
1d. 6h. 25min. ago
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sand Mission
1d. 7h. 51min. ago
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sand Mission
1d. 9h. 14min. ago
Miliyah Death Note - My Soul
1d. 10h. 41min. ago
Anri - Love Letters
1d. 12h. 4min. ago
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sunabouzu Ekaki Uta
1d. 13h. 28min. ago
Megumi Hayashibara - Watashi Ni Happy Birthday
1d. 14h. 55min. ago
Mell Black Lagoon - Red Fraction (Instrumental Version)
1d. 16h. 29min. ago
Sakura Tange Card Captor Sakura - Prism
1d. 19h. 26min. ago
Bump Of Chicken - Supernova
1d. 20h. 55min. ago
D&d - Waitin' For Heaven
1d. 22h. 25min. ago
Chaka Card Captor Sakura 2 - Blue As The Sky
1d. 23h. 54min. ago
Chemistry - Still In My Heart
2d. 1h. 24min. ago
Bonnie Pink - Sleeping Child
2d. 2h. 55min. ago
Chiaki Kuriyama Level E - Code Finger Girl
2d. 4h. 28min. ago
Bonnie Pink - Coin
2d. 6h. 2min. ago
Veil Fortune Arterial - I Miss You (Gt Ver. Misuzu To Aoi)
2d. 7h. 32min. ago
Tatsuro Yamashita - Loveland Island
2d. 9h. 6min. ago
Shogo Hamada - The Shore
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  • Sakura-Con 2019: ROOKiEZ IS PUNK'D Interview | Sat, 04 May 2019 18:03:56 +0000

    Sakura-Con 2019: ROOKiEZ IS PUNK'D Interview

    By Sean Cruz

    Japan-A-Radio was granted an exclusive one on one interview with Japanese Rock band ROOKiEZ IS PUNK'D at Sakuracon this past weekend before their concert took place. ROOKiEZ IS PUNK'D features SHINNOSUKE on guitar and vocals, U on drums and RYOTA on Bass. After starting off with their thoughts on Seattle, where they visited Pike Place Market and the Gumwall, we dove into the meat of the interview, starting with their expectations of an American audience for their concert.

    read more

  • Sakura-con 2019: Code Geass Interview | Wed, 01 May 2019 16:55:23 +0000

    Sakuracon 2019 – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection Creative Staff Interview

    By Sean Cruz & Jun Hong Pua

    read more

  • Sakura-Con 2019 - The Promised Neverland Interview | Sun, 28 Apr 2019 00:13:03 +0000

    Sakuracon 2019 – The Promised Neverland Interview

    By Sean Cruz, Matthew Fu, Jun Hong Pua & Lisa Su

    Japan-A-Radio was part of a group interview with the creative team behind The Promised Neverland, including Mamoru Kanbe (Director), Sumire Morohoshi (Voice Actress, Emma), Shinobu Ono (Cloverworks Producer), & Kenta Suzuki (Aniplex Producer), during Sakura-Con 2019 this past weekend.

    read more

  • Privacy Policy Updates | Tue, 05 Jun 2018 05:18:22 +0000

    We would like you to know that our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use has changed. You can read it by clicking here or by clicking on the link down at the bottom of our website.

  • Sakura-Con 2018: OKAMOTO's Interview | Fri, 06 Apr 2018 17:22:02 +0000

    OKAMOTO's are Sho (Vocals), Kouki (Guitar), Hama (Bass), and Reiji (Drums). Sho answered the majority of the questions, half of them in English as well. The other band members often piped in as well, starting off with a further explanation of the band's name.

    read more

  • Japan-A-Radio needs your support! | Fri, 05 Jan 2018 08:00:00 +0000

    Japan-A-Radio needs your support!
    Japan-A-Radio is a listener supported radio station.
    If you love our original programming, like the Unwound Show, Weekend Blastoff, and WTF Show, please help support Japan-A-Radio so that we can continue to bring you these fine programs. You can either elect to donate to us, or you can subscribe to Japan-A-Radio for just $5/mo. Just click on the left menu to get more information.

    read more

  • Japan-A-Radio to discontinue legacy SHOUTcast streams | Sun, 17 Dec 2017 12:05:59 +0000

    Japan-A-Radio will be discontinuing our old SHOUTcast streams. More information on what is happening is after the break.

    read more

  • Sakura-Con 2017 - Hiroshi Nagahama interview | Mon, 12 Jun 2017 04:44:47 +0000

    Anime Director and American Comic Book fan Hiroshi Nagahama conducted a joint interview at Sakura-Con 2017 in which Japan-A-Radio was invited to be a part of. He spoke at length about his thoughts on American comics and the Marvel Universe, and on his upcoming collaboration with Stan Lee called “The Reflection”. Nagahama also spoke about the rotoscope process used in the anime series “Flowers of Evil”, which started off the interview.

    read more

  • Anime Expo 2016 - bamboo Interview | Mon, 05 Jun 2017 07:29:41 +0000

    bamboo (milktub)

    Japan-A-Radio was given the opportunity to interview the multi-talented creator bamboo. You may know him as the vocalist for the rock duo milktub, who most recently performed the opening theme for The Eccentric Family 2, Naru ga mama, Sawagu ga mama (成るがまま騒ぐまま), but he is also:

    • President of PC game maker Kitchen Guys Factory (OVERDRIVE)
    • President of PC game localization company Nihon Anime Contents (MangaGamer)
    • President of recording studio, artist management, and merchandise producer STUDIO696
    • Consultant for crowd-funding platform CAMPFIRE

    read more

  • Sakura-Con 2017 - Thunderbolt Fantasy Interview | Tue, 30 May 2017 05:24:41 +0000

    Japan-A-Radio was given the opportunity to interview members of the production team of Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀 at Sakura-Con 2017. Thunderbolt Fantasy is a joint international collaboration between Nitroplus in Japan and PILI International Multimedia, Inc. in Taiwan, and is advised by Good Smile Company in Japan. The primary work of the project is probably best described as a heroic Eastern fantasy glove puppet show, formatted for TV broadcast. Most of the show is recorded using real Taiwanese Bu-Dai-Xi glove puppets, props, and sets.

    read more

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Japan-A-Radio - Japan's Best Music Mix!
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Mis Radio Networks - Unwound Show Promo #1
6 0
Ai - Story
5 0
Elisa - God Only Knows
4 0
Luna Sea - Until The Day I Die
4 0
Pink Lady - Wanted
4 0
Hideaki Takatori - Sunabouzu - Sand Mission
4 0
Ayako Kawasumi - For You ~Ai Wo Agetai~
3 0
Mai Kuraki - Love Day After Tomorrow
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Kalafina - Mirai
3 0
Koumi Hirose - Futari No Birthday
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Miku Sawai - Konna Sekai Shiritaku Nakatta
3 0
Arashi - Wish
3 0
Aiko - Glass No Yoru
3 0
Megumi Hayashibara - Fly Me To The Moon
3 0
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Coco - Muteki No Only You
3 0
Tatsuro Yamashita - Windy Lady
3 0
Ayana - Last Regrets (Original Version
3 0
Akina - Touch Me
3 0
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