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THE | EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Synthpop & more, Streaming the best dark music from around the world, 24/7/365 for free! Including EBM, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, Futurepop, Synthpop and lots more.
What recently played on the radio:
47min. ago
Psy'aviah - Alone (Ft. Lis Van Den Akker) (Radio Edit)
2h. 23min. ago
Schwarzblut - Zur Hlle [Angels & Agony Remix]
3h. 55min. ago
Surgyn - Aesthetics (Trashed By Elliott Berlin)
5h. 34min. ago
Stray - Remember Me (Impakt Remix)
7h. 8min. ago
Ivardensphere - Icarus (Feat- Mari Kattman)
8h. 45min. ago
Ego Likeness - 08 The Devils In The Chemicals - Terrorfakt Mix
10h. 17min. ago
Implant - All I Want (Neuro D Mix)
11h. 53min. ago
The Tear Garden - Greener Grass
13h. 27min. ago
Studio-X Vs Simon Carter - Moving On (G3T 0Ut Mix By Biomechanimal)
15h. 9min. ago
Bruderschaft - Falling (Feat. Daniel Myer)
16h. 46min. ago
Freakangel - Parasite (Die Sektor Remix)
18h. 23min. ago
Dream Recall - In Control (C-Lekktor Remix)
19h. 55min. ago
Implant - Is It Fear Or Is It Love?
21h. 33min. ago
Fabrikc - X
23h. 8min. ago
Bruderschaft - Forever (Head-Less Mix)
1d. 44min. ago
I:scintilla - The War To Win
1d. 2h. 15min. ago
Newt - White Sun '96
1d. 3h. 47min. ago
Delerium - Ritual
1d. 5h. 23min. ago
Lovelorn Dolls - Blood Moon
1d. 6h. 58min. ago
O.v.n.i. - Help Me Out (Mind:state Mix)
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Archive of tracks played in the last week

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TOP 20 P Raiting
Aengeldust - Bloodsport (Bloodshed Remix By Nano Infect)
65 0
Cygnostik - H Gtfo Set
8 0
Siva Six - Valley Of The Shadows
6 0
Suicide Commando - The Pain That You Like (There Will Be Blood Remix By Pride And Fall)
5 0
Pouppe Fabrikk - Bring Back The Ways Of Old
4 0
Sebastian Komor - Game Of Thrones Theme
4 0
The Psychic Force - Noiseboys
4 0
Plastic Noise Experience - Viel Zu Viel - Serpents Remix
4 0
00Tz 00Tz - Poisoned Minds And Broken Hearts (Alarm Mix)
4 0
Aiboforcen - Psychosomatic Complaints (Oil 10 Mix)
4 0
Ego Likeness - 08 Burn Witch Burn [Hypofixx Remix]
4 0
Nv - New Romantics V2
4 0
Psy'aviah - Alone (Ft. Lis Van Den Akker) (Radio Edit)
4 0
Aengeldust - Suicide Bomber
4 0
Avarice In Audio - Heartless Disaster (Ruined By Ruinizer)
3 0
Dream Recall - In Control (C-Lekktor Remix)
3 0
O.v.n.i. - The Vision
3 0
Panic Lift - Skeleton Key
3 0
Regenerator - Take Me (Eu Mix)
3 0
Rotersand - Capitalism Tm (We Own You)
3 0
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