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Radio Caprice - Hardcore Techno

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That played on the radio:  Radio Caprice - Hardcore Techno
1d. 18h. 8min. ago Dj D - Cold As Ice (tha Playah Rmx)
3d. 16h. 24min. ago Tony Salmonelli - Hey! (the Viper & Mad-e-fact 2002 Mix)
4d. 19h. 22min. ago Endymion - Payback (tommyknocker's Yes I Am Remix)
7d. 12h. 3min. ago Rude Awakening - Incomplete Darkness (kay D Smi
7d. 12h. 4min. ago Rude Awakening - Incomplete Darkness (kay D Smi
7d. 12h. 6min. ago Rude Awakening - Incomplete Darkness (kay D Smi
7d. 12h. 7min. ago Rude Awakening - Incomplete Darkness (kay D Smi
7d. 12h. 9min. ago Blutonium Boy - In Touch With Tomorrow
7d. 12h. 11min. ago Blutonium Boy - In Touch With Tomorrow
7d. 12h. 12min. ago Blutonium Boy - In Touch With Tomorrow
7d. 12h. 14min. ago Sub Sonik - Fuck Ya'll If You Doubt Me
7d. 12h. 15min. ago Sub Sonik - Fuck Ya'll If You Doubt Me
7d. 12h. 17min. ago Sub Sonik - Fuck Ya'll If You Doubt Me
7d. 12h. 19min. ago Omar Santana - Mind Ripper (out-back Remix)
7d. 12h. 20min. ago Omar Santana - Mind Ripper (out-back Remix)
7d. 12h. 23min. ago Audiotricz Feat. John Harris - Momentum
7d. 12h. 30min. ago Da Predator - Electric D-mention
7d. 12h. 36min. ago N-vitral - Griindt
7d. 12h. 52min. ago Highlander - Ruffneck (bass-d And King Matthew Remix)
7d. 13h. 37min. ago Djipe - East Coast Fat Shit
7d. 14h. 18min. ago Neophyte Ft Mc Jeff - The Remedy #tih
7d. 14h. 59min. ago Hard Essence - Sky Turned Black (roughsketch Rmx)
7d. 15h. 41min. ago Promo - The Grower
7d. 16h. 23min. ago Angerfist - Street Fighter
7d. 17h. 4min. ago Day-mar - No Prada
7d. 18h. 3min. ago Omar Santana - Hardcore Revival-the Expansion
7d. 18h. 43min. ago Wasted Minds - Upside Down
7d. 19h. 24min. ago Meccano Twins - Inner Side (go Insane)
7d. 20h. 6min. ago Endymion - Back To Life
7d. 20h. 47min. ago Dj Mad Dog - Dangerous
7d. 21h. 29min. ago Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back
7d. 22h. 10min. ago Angerfist - Street Fighter
7d. 22h. 51min. ago Bodylotion Vs Scott Brown & Darrien Kelly - Always A Jellyhead (jda Mi...
7d. 23h. 32min. ago Igneon System - Demonic Possession
8d. 13min. ago Gammer & G Spencer - Ls Drive
8d. 54min. ago Art Of Fighters - Nirvana Of Noise (official Dominator 2011 Anthem)
8d. 1h. 35min. ago Endymion & Pandorum Ft Frankie Mccoy - Under Your Skin
8d. 2h. 16min. ago Hellfish - Head Grit (promo Remix)
9d. 1h. 7min. ago Dj Paul & Dj Promo - Enemies For Life
9d. 1h. 44min. ago Noize Suppressor - Movin Quickly
9d. 2h. 21min. ago Thorax Feat. Mc Tha Watcher - Rebellion
9d. 2h. 59min. ago Akira - France Make Sum
9d. 3h. 37min. ago Omar Santana - Causing Hysteria
9d. 4h. 15min. ago Dj Isaac & The Viper - Trigga Finga
9d. 4h. 53min. ago Lowroller Vs. Stormtrooper - Becoming God
9d. 5h. 30min. ago Rude Awakening - Wake Up To A Different World
9d. 6h. 8min. ago Stormtrooper - Existenz (the Producer's Existential Reburn)
9d. 6h. 53min. ago Dj Jokey - Reel Deal
9d. 7h. 37min. ago N-vitral - End Of The World
9d. 8h. 21min. ago Neophyte Vs. Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker
9d. 9h. 7min. ago Neophyte & Unexist - Get This Or Die
9d. 9h. 50min. ago Endymion - Pussy Motherfuckerz
9d. 10h. 36min. ago Nick 235 & Midas - Wonderful Adventure
9d. 11h. 20min. ago Catscan - Customized
9d. 12h. 5min. ago Nukem - Heavy Metal
9d. 12h. 49min. ago Miss K8 Ft. Mc Nolz - Metropolis Of Massacre (dominator 2014 Anthem)
9d. 13h. 34min. ago Negative A & Counterfeit - Beast Wars
9d. 14h. 18min. ago Stereotype - Crazy
9d. 15h. 10min. ago Unexist - Extermination
9d. 15h. 55min. ago Alien T - Rock The Nation
9d. 16h. 39min. ago Angerfist - The Depths Of Despair (official Masters Of Hardcore Anthem...
9d. 17h. 26min. ago A-wak - System Activated (original Mix)
9d. 18h. 10min. ago Na Goyah - Inexpugnabilis
9d. 18h. 56min. ago The Viper - The Thrust
9d. 19h. 40min. ago Paul Elstak & The Stunned Guys - Hardcore Takin Over (david Max Rebuil...
9d. 20h. 26min. ago Destroid - Raise Your Fist (meccano Twins Rmx)
9d. 21h. 10min. ago Nosferatu & Evil Activities - Sick Of It All
9d. 21h. 55min. ago Dj Mad Dog - Nasty
9d. 22h. 39min. ago Ramos/ Supreme & Sunset Regime - Gotta Believe
9d. 23h. 34min. ago Pandorum Ft Ruffneck - Bitcore
10d. 27min. ago Meccano Twinst - Wtfisthis
10d. 1h. 13min. ago Catscan - Modular Capacity (original Mix)
10d. 1h. 57min. ago D-passion - Designed To Fail
10d. 2h. 43min. ago Promo & D-passion - Omnifuck
10d. 3h. 27min. ago Prankster - Judge Me
10d. 4h. 11min. ago Scott Brown - Fuck You Up
10d. 4h. 57min. ago Chosen Few - Name Of The Dj 2012 (neophyte & Tha Playah Mix)
10d. 5h. 43min. ago D-tune - My Name
10d. 6h. 27min. ago Morgan Vs. Kate Hall - Spread Your Wings (rocco Vs. Bass-t Remix)
10d. 7h. 11min. ago Breeze & Modulate Feat. Marie Louise - Wait Up!
10d. 7h. 57min. ago Josh & Wesz - Statement
10d. 8h. 44min. ago Frame Of Mind - Hello Peaky!
10d. 9h. 29min. ago Ruffneck/ Gancher & Ruin - Neverending Pain
10d. 10h. 14min. ago Dj Promo - Beat Ya Brain Again
10d. 10h. 59min. ago Kay D Smith - U Better Run
10d. 11h. 44min. ago Dyprax - Murder & Crime
10d. 12h. 28min. ago Ambassador 21 - Face Your Future Killers (deathmachine Remix)
10d. 13h. 14min. ago Unexist - Attack (devour Remix)
10d. 13h. 59min. ago Alloy - Industria World
10d. 14h. 45min. ago Jd-kid - Activia And It Is Written (douglas Remix)
10d. 15h. 29min. ago Zieke House - Ziekehouse (semtex Mix)
10d. 16h. 14min. ago Miosa - Notorious
10d. 16h. 59min. ago The Dj Producer - Battle On Lv-426
10d. 17h. 45min. ago Wasted Mind - Despite You
10d. 18h. 29min. ago Destructive Tendencies - Dominator Intro
10d. 19h. 18min. ago Tha Playah - On The Edge
10d. 20h. 8min. ago Omar Santa - American Hardcore Alliance
10d. 20h. 53min. ago Radio Killah - War & Glory
10d. 21h. 38min. ago Lowroller - Savage Station
10d. 22h. 24min. ago Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah Feat Mc Rage - Victorious
10d. 23h. 8min. ago Members Of Megarave - Maniac
10d. 23h. 54min. ago Gareth Emery/ Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel
11d. 38min. ago Apophis Vs Breathing Hell - Steel Destruction
11d. 1h. 24min. ago Roland & Sherman - Somewhere Down The Lane
11d. 2h. 8min. ago Angerfist - Riotstarter
11d. 2h. 54min. ago Art Of Fighters - Toxic Hotel (thunderdome 2011 Official Anthem)
11d. 3h. 38min. ago I:gor - It's So Empty
11d. 4h. 24min. ago State Of Emergency - Space Invaders
11d. 5h. 9min. ago Slavefriese - Dorm Of The Future
11d. 5h. 55min. ago Art Of Fighters - Do Or Die
11d. 7h. 29min. ago Alex B & T-junction - I Declare War
11d. 8h. 46min. ago Promo - Up Yours
11d. 10h. 57min. ago Nosferatu & Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Technology Exceeds
11d. 12h. 23min. ago Williams Syndrome - Redemption
11d. 12h. 57min. ago Hellsystem & Lowroller - Introspection
11d. 13h. 34min. ago The Emperator - Audiotoxic
11d. 14h. 9min. ago Kronos - Kannibals
11d. 14h. 43min. ago Brennan Heart - Rev!val X (showtek Remix)
11d. 15h. 17min. ago Negative A - Take Shots At Criticism
11d. 16h. 3min. ago Promo And D-passion - The Next Level
11d. 16h. 46min. ago D-tune - My Name
11d. 17h. 21min. ago Tha Playah - Der Craft #tih
11d. 18h. 14min. ago Art Of Fighters & The Stunned Guys - United By Hardness
11d. 18h. 59min. ago J.d.a. & Placid K - Hardcore Maniacs
11d. 19h. 38min. ago Angerfist - Temple Of Disease (tha Playah Remix)
11d. 20h. 16min. ago Tieum - Fuck U 2
11d. 20h. 51min. ago Omar Santana - Rebel In His Own Mide
11d. 21h. 26min. ago Sy & Unknown Feat. Jt - Love Song
11d. 21h. 59min. ago Korsakoff - Pink Noise (state Of Emergency Remix)
11d. 22h. 34min. ago System Shock Feat. Mc Jeff - The Adrenaline

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