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Archive of tracks played in the last week

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45min. ago S3rl Feat. Krystal - R4v3 B0y
1h. 30min. ago Joey Riot Vs. Ziyad & It-man - Thriller
2h. 17min. ago Marc Smith - Boom & Pow 2013
3h. 7min. ago Andy Dee - Forever Yours (riff Remix)
3h. 59min. ago Craig Daze - Sing Again
4h. 57min. ago Clowny - I Need That
5h. 48min. ago Eufeion, Mizz-t & Spesh - Attack Of The Minions
6h. 46min. ago Bubble Vs. Paul Manx Feat. Fielding & Charlotte B - Valentine (iyf & H...
7h. 37min. ago Hyperforce Vs. Wiggi Feat. Mrs Ward - The Elevator (robbie S Remix)
8h. 27min. ago Ultrabeat - Never Ever (chris Unknown Remix)
9h. 17min. ago Hoodzie - Stomp (harder Mix)
10h. 5min. ago Dowster & Vagabond - Echoes Of Past
10h. 57min. ago Darwin & 3star - Like Fire
11h. 41min. ago Srav3r - Jumper
12h. 37min. ago Weaver - Dance With Me
12h. 52min. ago Technical Difficulties Feat. Dj Coretek - You Said You
13h. 22min. ago Uplift - Night Flight (uplift And Pinnacle Remix)
13h. 23min. ago Uplift - Night Flight (uplift And Pinnacle Remix)
14h. 11min. ago Impact & Weaver Feat. Lisa Marie - Dont Let Go
14h. 58min. ago Silas 'de Tal Manera'
15h. 45min. ago Kyau & Albert - Another Time (westy Remix)
16h. 29min. ago Iyf & Nobody - Live For The Moment
17h. 13min. ago Klubfiller Vs. Jack The Lad & Searly - Trash Can
17h. 59min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
18h. 42min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
19h. 27min. ago Alex M. Vs. Marc Van Damme Feat. Jorg Schmid - Died In Your Arms Tonig...
20h. 11min. ago M-project Feat. Mc Steal - Million Miles
20h. 57min. ago Hyperforce, Ciccone, & Nurd - I Wont Give Up On Love
21h. 42min. ago Pex L Feat. Jenna C - Right In The Night
22h. 23min. ago Blmchen - Du Und Ich
23h. 9min. ago Hixxy - Don't Feel Like Love
23h. 52min. ago Lozzie - All Of Me
1d. 39min. ago Steve Heller & Joey Rio Feat. Jonjo - Hit Em With The Banger V2
1d. 1h. 21min. ago Outforce & Lady Dubbz - Let Her Go
1d. 2h. 9min. ago Anon - Eye Knew You Were Rubble
1d. 2h. 53min. ago J4j - Jump For Joy
1d. 3h. 49min. ago Hoodzie - Mind Crime
1d. 4h. 47min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
1d. 5h. 39min. ago Dj Basejumper - Hhc Playlist Mix Vol. 28
1d. 6h. 32min. ago Gregor Le Dahl - Special Technikore Promo Mix
1d. 7h. 28min. ago Katty Perry - Teenage Dream (jts & Nix Bootleg)
1d. 8h. 17min. ago Dj-vangraaf - Happyhardcore Mix 017
1d. 9h. 8min. ago S3rl Feat. Chi Chi - I'll See You Again
1d. 9h. 59min. ago Dougal And Gammer - Lifting Me Higher (sy & Unknown Remix)
1d. 10h. 53min. ago Bananaman & Gisbo Feat. Jodie - Blue Eyes
1d. 11h. 41min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
1d. 12h. 29min. ago Flawless Feat. Gemma Macleod - End Of The World
1d. 13h. 13min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
1d. 14h. 3min. ago Dj Basejumper - Hhc Playlist Mix Vol. 14
1d. 14h. 49min. ago Zedd Feat. Foxes - Clarity (olly P Remix)
1d. 15h. 32min. ago Re-force - Dark Heart
1d. 16h. 17min. ago Dj Basejumper - Happy Hardcore Best Of 2016 Mix
1d. 17h. 1min. ago Dj Basejumper - Happy Hardcore Best Of 2016 Mix
1d. 17h. 45min. ago Dj Basejumper - Happy Hardcore Best Of 2016 Mix
1d. 18h. 28min. ago Outforce - Noize
1d. 19h. 3min. ago Eufeion & Patch Feat. Gemma Macleod - Move To The Music
1d. 19h. 8min. ago Dj-vangraaf - Happyhardcore Mix 020
1d. 19h. 53min. ago Fallon Feat. Jenny J - Without You
1d. 20h. 40min. ago Technikal & Mark Hybridz - Vinyl Fantasy Vii (hardcore Mix)
1d. 21h. 25min. ago Fade & Bananaman - Dream Surprise (bananaman & Gisbo Remix)
1d. 22h. 8min. ago Silk Cuts - Chandelier
1d. 22h. 51min. ago Jts & Technikore - Viper
1d. 23h. 36min. ago S3rl - Spoiler Alert
2d. 19min. ago Feint Feat. Veela - Vagrant
2d. 1h. ago Gisbo & Corruption Feat. Lee Johnstone - Say Your Mine
2d. 1h. 47min. ago Gisbo & Corruption Feat Zoe Van West - Hidden Desire
2d. 2h. 30min. ago Klubfiller, Nobody & Ciccone - Outta My Mind
2d. 3h. 18min. ago Klubfiller & Mc Storm - Vicious Delicious
2d. 4h. 3min. ago Poh & Hhs - Make Me Feel Alive
2d. 4h. 45min. ago Burnout - Overdose
2d. 5h. 28min. ago Kyle Wytchwood & Dan Edge Feat Gemma Macleod - Reality
2d. 6h. 9min. ago Weaver & Simon Apex - Rock'n All The Clubs (scott Brown Mix)
2d. 6h. 50min. ago Kyle Wytchwood & Dan Edge Feat. Gemma Macleod - Reality
2d. 7h. 31min. ago Gisbo & Flakee - Together Forever (defekt Remix)
2d. 8h. 15min. ago Dj-vangraaf - Happy Hardcore Mix 03
2d. 8h. 57min. ago Avicii Feat. Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (stu Infinity Remix)
2d. 9h. 38min. ago Hyperforce Vs. Wiggi - Keep Me Breathing
2d. 10h. 17min. ago Donna Grassie & Simon Perry - Here Comes The Sun (karl Future Remix)
2d. 10h. 56min. ago Kyle Wytchwood & D.m.tonka - A Little Too Much
2d. 11h. 35min. ago Hixxy & Unknown - This Is How We Roll
2d. 12h. 20min. ago Zeo Von West - Brng Me Down (exhilaration Remix)
2d. 13h. 3min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Titel
2d. 13h. 44min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
2d. 14h. 29min. ago Darren G & Bridson Feat. Allison - Voodoo (cytik Remix)
2d. 15h. 9min. ago Trippleb - Uk Hardcore Playlist Mix 12 (180 Bpm Quer Beet)
2d. 15h. 49min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
2d. 16h. 29min. ago Dj Kurt - Rainbow Megamix
2d. 17h. 9min. ago Rescue - Bombs Away
2d. 17h. 50min. ago Gisbo & Burn Feat. Gemma Macleod - Destiny
2d. 18h. 32min. ago Si Genaro - When The Last Bird Flies (aos Remix)
2d. 19h. 17min. ago Dj Basejumper - Hhc Playlist Mix Vol. 11
2d. 19h. 59min. ago An K & Skeets - We're Going Down
2d. 20h. 42min. ago Hixxy - Zabookan, The Game
2d. 21h. 23min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
2d. 22h. 7min. ago D Boosh - I'll Find You (joey Riot Remix)
2d. 22h. 49min. ago Tom-revolution Vs. Rescue - Paradise
2d. 23h. 29min. ago Dbl - Lived A Lie
3d. 11min. ago Jakazid - Find Me (odyssey To Anyoona)
3d. 53min. ago Technikore & Mc Static - Like The Sun
3d. 1h. 39min. ago Billy Daniel Bunter & Clsm Ft. Leah Symons - My Desire
3d. 2h. 26min. ago Iyf & Nobody - Live For The Moment
3d. 3h. 12min. ago Gisbo Feat. Lee Johnstone - Hotter Than Fire (stu Infinity Remix)
3d. 4h. 2min. ago Eufeion & Mc Lixxy - Love Inside
3d. 5h. 4min. ago S3rl - Space Inavder (wulfx Remix)
3d. 5h. 59min. ago Darwin Feat Ellie Jay - Now Its Gone
3d. 6h. 46min. ago Gregor Le Dahl - Nintendo Sounds
3d. 7h. 31min. ago Unknown Artist - Unknown Title
3d. 8h. 17min. ago Iksi - Hhc Playlist Mix Vol. 1
3d. 9h. 6min. ago Sy & Technikore - Feel It
3d. 9h. 51min. ago Nobody & Nurd - Go To Sleep
3d. 10h. 38min. ago Special D. & Scott Brown - Elysium (s3rl Remix)
3d. 11h. 27min. ago Flakee - Your Love
3d. 12h. 9min. ago Gregor Le Dahl - Special Technikore Promo Mix
3d. 12h. 55min. ago Shauny C & Ixia - Take Over Control
3d. 13h. 37min. ago Iyf & Nobody Feat. Roxie - Like A Prayer
3d. 14h. 22min. ago J-skitz & Stu Infinity - Love Of My Life
3d. 15h. 4min. ago Sc@r - Hold Back
3d. 15h. 56min. ago V-nax Vs. Jordi K-stana - Heartbeatz
3d. 16h. 40min. ago Jekyll & Clarkey - Party Like Us
3d. 17h. 23min. ago Dj-vangraaf - Happyhardcore Mix 009
3d. 18h. 7min. ago Darren Styles & Gammer - Paranoia
3d. 18h. 56min. ago Samba D & Flatline Feat. Malaya - The Power (fracus & Darwin Remix)
3d. 19h. 41min. ago Gisbo Feat. Mike Summers - Galaxy
3d. 20h. 30min. ago Gisbo & Corruption Feat. Gemma Macleod - Superstar
3d. 21h. 18min. ago Alex Bassjunkie - How Much Can You Take
3d. 22h. 7min. ago Scott Brown - Rock You Softly (spit Remix)
3d. 22h. 51min. ago Michael Scout - Rave Against The Machine
3d. 23h. 36min. ago Technikal & Will Courtis - Arms Of Loren (technikore Minty Remix)
4d. 22min. ago Dj Basejumper - Hhc Playlist Mix Vol. 5
4d. 1h. 12min. ago Kevin Energy - It's About Time

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