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Radio Caprice - Hardcore Metal

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That played on the radio:  Radio Caprice - Hardcore Metal
11min. ago The Banner - Coffinnails
1h. 51min. ago M:40 - Diagnos
3h. 23min. ago Down To Agony - Dibujando Imposibles
4h. 51min. ago Tito Simon - Oh What A Feeling [2cx]
6h. 20min. ago Ken Mode - Bite The Wax Tadpole
7h. 50min. ago These Streets - My Boys
9h. 15min. ago Cro-mags - Don't Tread On Me
10h. 50min. ago Endstand - Nothing Left
12h. 23min. ago Dr. Know - The Best Of Dr. Know - Ice House
13h. 54min. ago Crime In Stereo - Type One
15h. 28min. ago Burn The Traitor - Redemption
17h. 4min. ago Protestant - Fuck Me Eyes
18h. 44min. ago Lewd Acts - Apple Eyes
19h. 8min. ago No Turning Back - Stay Away
20h. 32min. ago As We Draw - Fata Morgana
22h. 18min. ago Dean Martin - Winter Wonderland
23h. 24min. ago Oathbreaker - Downfall
23h. 55min. ago Defeater - Debts
1d. 1h. 36min. ago The Idoru - Out Of Eden
1d. 3h. 15min. ago All Else Failed - Gut
1d. 4h. 58min. ago Bane - The Young And The Restless
1d. 6h. 35min. ago Neil Diamond - O Little Town Of Bethlehem
1d. 7h. 54min. ago Cdc - Jungle Beat
1d. 8h. 11min. ago Despise You - Bankrupt Social Code
1d. 8h. 56min. ago Grave Maker - Vlad The Impaler
1d. 9h. 47min. ago Hands - Rescue
1d. 11h. 18min. ago No Trigger - New Brains
1d. 12h. 55min. ago Trapped Under Ice - Skeleton Heads
1d. 14h. 35min. ago Sworn Vengeance - The Unveiling
1d. 16h. 11min. ago One Hundred Days - Narrow Minded
1d. 17h. 55min. ago No Bragging Rights - A Shot To End This All
1d. 19h. 35min. ago Final Prayer - Wartime
1d. 21h. 24min. ago Protestant - As Dead As We Look
1d. 23h. 12min. ago Waterdown - Lessons I Can't Learn
2d. 1h. 7min. ago Merauder - Payback
2d. 2h. 55min. ago Miles Away - Final Chapter
2d. 4h. 48min. ago Palm Reader - Pedant
2d. 6h. 32min. ago More Than Life - Scarlet Skyline
2d. 8h. 16min. ago Fear The Sirens - Till The End Of Days
2d. 10h. 4min. ago Hometown Hate - Bar Room
2d. 11h. 55min. ago Modern Day Escape - House Of Rats
2d. 13h. 46min. ago Recognize - Forever Again
2d. 15h. 35min. ago 9 Shocks Terror - Mobile Terror Unit
2d. 17h. 27min. ago International Superheroes Of Hardcore - Fashion Show
2d. 19h. 19min. ago No Zodiac - Black Death
2d. 21h. 24min. ago Death Before Dishonor - True Till Death
2d. 23h. 19min. ago All Else Failed - A Most Bitter Season
3d. 1h. 12min. ago Most Precious Blood - Meth Mites
3d. 3h. 8min. ago Brutality Will Prevail - Casket
3d. 4h. 12min. ago Get The Shot - Den Of Torments
3d. 5h. 14min. ago Deez Nuts - Move Back
3d. 6h. 10min. ago Lead By Legacy - Proving Ground
3d. 7h. 3min. ago Dj Grossu Instrumental Superb Cei Merge La Sufleel (syntaxhd Edit)
3d. 7h. 50min. ago Jasta - Chasing Demons (feat. Howard Jones) (feat. Howard Jones)
3d. 7h. 56min. ago What Happens Next - Positive Youth (its Not Just For The Kids Anymore)
3d. 8h. 48min. ago Agnostic Front - Your Fall
3d. 9h. 40min. ago Lasting Traces - Acedia
3d. 10h. 37min. ago Adrenalized - No Red Helmets
3d. 11h. 32min. ago Polar Bear Club - Boxes
3d. 12h. 28min. ago G.i.s.m. - Document One
3d. 13h. 23min. ago I Exist - Inveiglement
3d. 14h. 18min. ago P.t.p ya Masato & I? - Resurrection
3d. 15h. 10min. ago Modern Life Is War - Martin Atchet
3d. 16h. 6min. ago Bane - Speechless
3d. 16h. 59min. ago Danny Diablo - Get Down
3d. 17h. 54min. ago Bad Brains - Build A Nation
3d. 18h. 49min. ago The Heartland - You And Me, Were Monsters
3d. 19h. 45min. ago Abkahn - In Close Order
3d. 20h. 39min. ago Catharsis - What The Thunder Said
3d. 21h. 32min. ago The Great Deceiver - Discontent
3d. 22h. 29min. ago Fucked Up - Generation + Last Man Standing
3d. 23h. 23min. ago Helvis - Dead Inside
4d. 18min. ago Vona - Gentle Giant
4d. 1h. 12min. ago Discarga - Original (parte 2)
4d. 2h. 4min. ago Line Of Scrimmage - Spite My Face
4d. 2h. 56min. ago Manners - Equinox
4d. 3h. 53min. ago One Hundred Days - 1998
4d. 4h. 47min. ago Unregenerate Blood - I Love This Game
4d. 5h. 39min. ago G.i.s.m. - Runs-2
4d. 6h. 30min. ago 25 Ta Life - Absence Of Sincerity
4d. 7h. 20min. ago Suicidal Tendencies - I Feel Your Pain...and I Survive
4d. 8h. 16min. ago Danny Diablo - The Harsh Truth
4d. 9h. 10min. ago When We Were Kings - If You Only Knew
4d. 10h. 6min. ago Plebeian Grandstand - Kata Ton Aimona Eaytoy
4d. 11h. 2min. ago 2 Conferencia Dr. Antonio Cruz (radio Integridad)
4d. 11h. 59min. ago 2 Conferencia Dr. Antonio Cruz (radio Integridad)
4d. 12h. 51min. ago The Bled - Hotel Coral Essex
4d. 13h. 45min. ago A Different Day - Sink With The Anchor
4d. 14h. 41min. ago 108 - 18:61
4d. 15h. 31min. ago Heights - Dead Ends
4d. 16h. 24min. ago Salvation - Path Of Brutality
4d. 17h. 20min. ago Trc - Backlash
4d. 17h. 52min. ago Carlisle - Man Sized Squirrel
4d. 18h. 16min. ago Habeas Corpus - Ni Dentro Ni Fuera
4d. 18h. 51min. ago Seventh Star - Dead End
4d. 19h. 16min. ago Verse - Suffering To Live, Scared Of Love
4d. 20h. 12min. ago The Cold Harbour - Distance
4d. 21h. 11min. ago Black Flag - Modern Man
4d. 22h. 7min. ago Last Of The Believers - Throwing Matches
4d. 23h. 3min. ago Full Of Hell - Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
4d. 23h. 57min. ago Pulling Teeth - Shiteaters
5d. 57min. ago Expire - Sleep Lost
5d. 1h. 51min. ago Rose Rose - End In Smoke
5d. 2h. 50min. ago I Am Heresy - Blasphemy Incarnate
5d. 3h. 50min. ago No Turning Back - Move Along
5d. 4h. 42min. ago 2 Conferencia Dr. Antonio Cruz (radio Integridad)
5d. 5h. 38min. ago Full Contact Fighter - Consejos
5d. 6h. 30min. ago No Trigger - Call It A Day
5d. 6h. 35min. ago Get The Most - Stacked Against Us
5d. 7h. 24min. ago Deez Nuts - Tonight We're Gonna Party Like There's No Tomorrow
5d. 8h. 19min. ago Pay Money To My Pain - Pictures
5d. 9h. 12min. ago Death Ray Vision - False Prophet
5d. 10h. 15min. ago More Than Life - Never Ender
5d. 11h. 7min. ago The Teeth - False Profit
5d. 11h. 59min. ago Vision Of Disorder - The Craving
5d. 12h. 54min. ago No Turning Back - Remain
5d. 13h. 45min. ago Vision Of Disorder - Ways To Destroy One's Ambition
5d. 14h. 38min. ago Counterparts - I Am No One
5d. 15h. 29min. ago Black Bomb A - Outro
5d. 16h. 26min. ago Empty Handed - Time
5d. 17h. 20min. ago Aim For Da Head - You Fucked Your Life
5d. 18h. 14min. ago Habeas Corpus - Por Una Vez
5d. 19h. 13min. ago Mahaon - One Blood Tribe
5d. 20h. 6min. ago 98 Mute - Beauty Queen
5d. 21h. ago Black Flag - This Is Hell
5d. 21h. 55min. ago Spawn Of Disgust - Ground And Pound
5d. 22h. 52min. ago Blacklisted - My Advice
5d. 23h. 56min. ago Cryptic Slaughter - Song X (unreleased Stream Of C
6d. 46min. ago Method Of Destruction - Thrash Or Be Thrashed
6d. 1h. 42min. ago The Bled - Daylight Bombings

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