12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM


12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM

Germany http://12punks.fm
Genres: Punk Hardcore Ska Rock
12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
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That played on the radio:  12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
6min. ago Mixtapes - Mt. Hope
17min. ago Just Chronicle - Continue
28min. ago Giants At Large - Great Romances Of The 20th Century
39min. ago Millencolin - Detox
57min. ago Dun Bin Had - Rich Crowd
1h. 12min. ago Daybreaker - We're Still Singing
1h. 23min. ago Curbside - Side Effects
1h. 42min. ago At The Farewell Party - Change (cause Nothings Gonna Change)
1h. 53min. ago Into It. Over It. - P R O P E R
2h. 7min. ago A Wilhelm Scream - The Last Laugh
2h. 22min. ago Mest - Radio (something To Believe)
2h. 33min. ago The Flatliners - Caskets Full
2h. 45min. ago Flying Blind - Smokescreen
2h. 56min. ago Secret 7 Line - Radio
3h. 6min. ago Rancid - Vanilla Sex
3h. 17min. ago Pipedown - Sierra Leone
3h. 27min. ago Pee Wee Gaskins - Welcoming The Sophomore
3h. 38min. ago Comeback Kid - Should Know Better
3h. 49min. ago Next Stop Atlanta - Fourteennineeightyseven
4h. ago Jaguar Shark - Banned From The Fest
4h. 10min. ago The Casting Out - A Sort Of Homecoming
4h. 21min. ago Delay - Hunter
4h. 31min. ago Decades - Grand Haven
4h. 41min. ago Apologies, I Have None - Holloway Or Anywhere
4h. 52min. ago The Code - Never Forget
5h. 2min. ago Priorities - This Songs's Called Sup, Barb
5h. 13min. ago A Place In Time - It's On Like Donkey Kong
5h. 24min. ago Hindsight - Mindless
5h. 34min. ago Take A Stand - Second Summer
5h. 45min. ago The Vacancy - Teenage Werewolf
5h. 55min. ago Less Than Jake - Surrender
6h. 5min. ago Andrew Wk - She Is Beautiful
6h. 12min. ago Down And Outs - Walk Away
6h. 18min. ago Punchline - Play
6h. 24min. ago Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home
6h. 30min. ago Tea Break - Kinetic
6h. 36min. ago Incommunicado - Faces To The Floor
6h. 42min. ago Strongwater - Bitten By A Hipster
6h. 47min. ago Trophy Eyes - Fortunate
6h. 54min. ago Good Charlotte - My Bloody Valentine
7h. ago Pee Wee Gaskins - Be Seen And Be Scene
7h. 6min. ago Wank For Peace - What If That Was Political?
7h. 12min. ago The Detonators - My World
7h. 17min. ago The Vegas Wake Up - The Suburban Blues (what Dreams Taste Like)
7h. 24min. ago Much The Same - One Of A Kind
7h. 35min. ago Summertime Dropouts - 1999
7h. 41min. ago Allister - Somewhere On Fullerton
7h. 47min. ago Ssssnakes - Feel Better
7h. 53min. ago Masked Intruder - 25 To Life
7h. 59min. ago Pennywise - Yell Out
8h. 4min. ago One Fine Day - New Horizons
8h. 11min. ago Run For It - No Way Out
8h. 17min. ago Together, We Fight - Smasher Jackson
8h. 23min. ago Mixtapes - Anyways
8h. 30min. ago Killing Oma - Passion Beats Skills
8h. 35min. ago Suckerpunch - Slop Punk
8h. 47min. ago Three Chord Society - Into The Wild
8h. 54min. ago Banner Pilot - Western Terminal
9h. 9min. ago The Vacancy - Classic Movies
9h. 14min. ago Nine Eleven - Kill The Cop In Yourself
9h. 21min. ago Soviet Sleeper Agent - Next Door... Jackass
9h. 26min. ago Ssssnakes - Don't Tread On Us
9h. 49min. ago Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! - I Wish I'd Never Met Me
9h. 54min. ago Billy Talent - Diamond On A Landmine
10h. 1min. ago River Jumpers - Chapters
10h. 6min. ago Destruction Made Simple - Blackbird Tail
10h. 13min. ago No Guts No Glory - Hope You Enjoyed The Vacation Trip
10h. 19min. ago Naft - Can't Imagine
10h. 24min. ago Tabula Rasa - Dead Air
10h. 31min. ago Incommunicado - Detachments
10h. 36min. ago Blink-182 - The Rock Show
10h. 42min. ago Divided Heaven - Usual (chris) Suspect
10h. 49min. ago The Code - Realization And Reconciliation
10h. 54min. ago Turbonegro - The Age Of Pamparius
11h. 1min. ago Paramore - Now
11h. 7min. ago Chasing Lions - With You In Mind
11h. 13min. ago Coldfront - Still
11h. 21min. ago Intro5pect - Collateral
11h. 26min. ago The Icarus Account - Stay
11h. 35min. ago Dead To Me - The World Has Gone Mad
11h. 42min. ago Texas One Ten - Penny Serenade
11h. 47min. ago Habits - Shoot To Wound
12h. 1min. ago The Riot Before - We Are Wild Stallions
12h. 7min. ago Kitty In A Casket - Prom Song
12h. 17min. ago All Dinosaurs - All The Rage
12h. 24min. ago Aficionado - Honesty
12h. 30min. ago Fortune And Glory - This Here's Dougie
12h. 36min. ago Hot Damn - Worn Out
12h. 45min. ago Ssssnakes - Dylan Is Dead
12h. 57min. ago Junes Not Faking - That's What Friends Are For
13h. 9min. ago Broadway Killers - Never Gonna
13h. 21min. ago Rust Belt Lights - Haters Get Hated
13h. 46min. ago Storm The Bay - Fools Gold
13h. 46min. ago Storm The Bay - Fools Gold
14h. 9min. ago Departures - Making Maps
14h. 9min. ago Departures - Making Maps
14h. 24min. ago Throwbacks - Further Afield
14h. 47min. ago The Way - The Coming Storm
14h. 58min. ago Billy Talent - Show Me The Way
15h. 14min. ago Black Market Crash - Ask A Pawn If It Likes Chess
15h. 22min. ago The Satellite Year - Jelly, Jelly, How To Survive Such A Trip?
15h. 31min. ago Heroes For Hire - See You Again
15h. 44min. ago Thesis - Holiday Home
15h. 53min. ago The Casualties - Resistance
16h. 2min. ago Smoke Or Fire - Monsters Among Us
16h. 21min. ago Dear Tragedy - Mirror Mirror
16h. 30min. ago A Will Away - The Garden State
16h. 39min. ago The Scam - The Worst
16h. 51min. ago The Vacancy - Get Up! Get Out!
16h. 51min. ago The Vacancy - Get Up! Get Out!
16h. 51min. ago The Vacancy - Get Up! Get Out!
17h. 1min. ago Wake The Giants - Hill Rd
17h. 10min. ago Mobina Galore - Skeletons
17h. 26min. ago Such Sights - Comfort Of Deceit
17h. 34min. ago The Color And Sound - Graves
17h. 42min. ago Millencolin - Bring Me Home
17h. 51min. ago Thesis - Stain
18h. 10min. ago Demon Waffle - Too Slow
18h. 10min. ago Demon Waffle - Too Slow
18h. 18min. ago Civilians - Faded Laces
18h. 26min. ago Black Market Crash - Cold War Paranoid Delusions
18h. 36min. ago Pennywise - Yesterdays
18h. 53min. ago Aficionado - Open Doors
19h. 1min. ago Millencolin - Autopilot Mode
19h. 10min. ago Pipedown - Ammunition
19h. 23min. ago In Between - Steady Hands At Seattle General
19h. 23min. ago In Between - Steady Hands At Seattle General
19h. 32min. ago Russ Rankin - Departures
19h. 40min. ago Kill It With Fire - Don't Look Me Up
19h. 40min. ago Kill It With Fire - Don't Look Me Up

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