12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM


12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM

Germany http://12punks.fm
Genres: Punk Hardcore Ska Rock
12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
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That played on the radio:  12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
26min. ago Anti-flag - Nbc (no Blood-thirsty Corperations)
58min. ago Dun Bin Had - Rich Crowd
1h. 27min. ago Late In The Playoffs - The Wayside
1h. 58min. ago Moonraker - Moby Dick For Real
2h. 27min. ago Pentimento - Almost Atlantic
2h. 48min. ago Anti-flag - 911 For Peace
2h. 52min. ago Lowtalker - Tension
2h. 55min. ago Fullcount - Out Of Time
2h. 58min. ago There For Tomorrow - The World Calling
2h. 58min. ago There For Tomorrow - The World Calling
3h. 2min. ago The Vacancy - In The Backseat
3h. 5min. ago The Anchor - The Opposite Of Awesome
3h. 8min. ago Backyard Babies - Abandon
3h. 12min. ago Clockwork - Crashing
3h. 28min. ago Mace Ballard - Time Machines Exist
3h. 58min. ago Up All Night - Like A Ferris Wheel
4h. 19min. ago Role Models - People Downtown Sure Are Friendly
4h. 22min. ago The Maxies - The Party's Over...now
4h. 26min. ago Less Than Jake - A Return To Headphones
4h. 29min. ago Soviet Sleeper Agent - Wolf Man
4h. 32min. ago Archway - Seasons
4h. 36min. ago Mona - Teenager
4h. 37min. ago The Bare Minimum - Mucho Frio
4h. 41min. ago Slick Shoes - Darko
4h. 44min. ago Bad Religion - Robin Hood In Reverse
4h. 48min. ago Green Day - 99 Revolutions
4h. 51min. ago Flamingo 50 - December Sun
4h. 56min. ago The Static Age - Cherry Red
4h. 58min. ago Tommy Gun - All I Know
4h. 59min. ago Tommy Gun - All I Know
5h. 3min. ago Apologies, I Have None - Holloway Or Anywhere
5h. 6min. ago Tea Break - Kinetic
5h. 11min. ago American Hi-fi - The Art Of Losing
5h. 14min. ago Worlds Scariest Police Chases - I Had A Time
5h. 18min. ago The Ocean's Eyes - Room Of Red
5h. 21min. ago The Anthem - West Coast Pride
5h. 24min. ago Staatspunkrott - Hier Stirbt Deine Jugend
5h. 29min. ago State Champs - Critical
5h. 33min. ago Curbside - Side Effects
5h. 36min. ago Decades - Grand Haven
5h. 39min. ago Snuff - Keep The Beat
5h. 43min. ago Thrice - Send Me An Angel
5h. 46min. ago Slick Shoes - Angel
5h. 49min. ago Hit The Lights - Invincible
5h. 53min. ago Pee Wee Gaskins - Welcoming The Sophomore
5h. 56min. ago The Casting Out - A Sort Of Homecoming
5h. 58min. ago Southpaw Fakers - Super Nintendo Chalmers
5h. 59min. ago Southpaw Fakers - Super Nintendo Chalmers
6h. 3min. ago No Guts No Glory - The Priests
6h. 6min. ago The Code - Never Forget
6h. 27min. ago Broadway Killers - Standing On The Edge
6h. 53min. ago Deecracks - Beach 90
6h. 57min. ago Flanders 72 - The Kkk Took My Baby Away
7h. ago Tea Break - Killing Words
7h. 3min. ago Good Charlotte - Last Night
7h. 7min. ago Into It. Over It. - Where Your Nights Often End
7h. 10min. ago Struggling For Reason - Born Without A Name
7h. 26min. ago Hey! Alaska - Prove It All
7h. 58min. ago Tabula Rasa - Dead Air
8h. 27min. ago Jaguar Shark - Banned From The Fest
8h. 58min. ago Killing Oma - Passion Beats Skills
9h. 15min. ago Divided Heaven - The Return
9h. 19min. ago Incommunicado - Faces To The Floor
9h. 22min. ago We Outspoken - Built To Last
9h. 25min. ago The Whoopass Girls - Plan B
9h. 28min. ago All Time Low - A Party Song (the Walk Of Shame)
9h. 30min. ago Mixtapes - Anyways
9h. 34min. ago Nine Eleven - All Ages
9h. 37min. ago Habits - Anchors Aweigh
9h. 40min. ago The Early November - Every Night's Another Story
9h. 42min. ago Morphine Pilgrims - Up To You
9h. 45min. ago Summertime Dropouts - 1999
9h. 49min. ago H2o - What Happened?
9h. 52min. ago Wank For Peace - What If That Was Political?
9h. 55min. ago The Detonators - My World
9h. 58min. ago Much The Same - New Years
10h. ago Much The Same - New Years
10h. 4min. ago There For Tomorrow - Wish You Away
10h. 7min. ago The Vegas Wake Up - The Suburban Blues (what Dreams Taste Like)
10h. 10min. ago Banner Pilot - Skeleton Key
10h. 12min. ago Broadway Killers - Nothing = Nothing
10h. 15min. ago Like Bats - Double Or Nothing
10h. 19min. ago Strongwater - Bitten By A Hipster
10h. 22min. ago Run For It - No Way Out
10h. 26min. ago Billy Talent - Surrender
10h. 29min. ago State Faults - Meteor
10h. 32min. ago Allister - Somewhere On Fullerton
10h. 38min. ago The Rebel Assholes - Quick Drive
10h. 41min. ago The Bouncing Souls - Gone
10h. 58min. ago Pee Wee Gaskins - Be Seen And Be Scene
11h. 32min. ago A Will Away - Dreamcatcher
12h. 2min. ago Strongwater - Why Do I Care?
12h. 36min. ago The Color And Sound - The Van Song
12h. 46min. ago Donots - Whatever Happened To The 80s
13h. 4min. ago Propagandhi - Failed States
13h. 36min. ago Jason Welt - Roll On
14h. 6min. ago Ann Beretta - Angry All The Time
14h. 37min. ago The Hotel Year - Title-track (there Is A Light)
15h. 7min. ago Dropkick Murphys - The State Of Massachusetts
15h. 38min. ago Real Friends - Alexander Supertramp
16h. 8min. ago Mxpx - Far Away
16h. 38min. ago Go Rydell - A Little Too Raph
17h. 8min. ago Virus Nine - Stay Proud!
17h. 38min. ago Blink-182 - Up All Night
18h. 8min. ago Demon Waffle - Too Slow
18h. 38min. ago Phinius Gage - You Probably Think This Song Is About You And You're Ri...
19h. 7min. ago Kill The President! - Hating You Is Part Of My Business
19h. 38min. ago Light Years - Nice To Know You
20h. 7min. ago A Dying Regime - Burroughs
20h. 38min. ago Such Sights - Comfort Of Deceit
21h. 7min. ago Thrice - Yellow Belly
21h. 38min. ago Balance And Composure - Only Boundaries
22h. 7min. ago Brain's All Gone - Education
22h. 38min. ago 5bugs - We Are The Everlasting
23h. 8min. ago Candy Hearts - Matchbox
23h. 40min. ago Angels & Airwaves - Surrender
1d. 15min. ago All Time Low - Damned If I Do Ya (damned If I Don't)
1d. 42min. ago Boysetsfire - Walk Astray
1d. 1h. 12min. ago Deadpoets. - If You Are The Cure, Then I Am The Curse
1d. 1h. 41min. ago Banner Pilot - Alchemy
1d. 2h. 16min. ago Civ - Second Hand Superstar
1d. 2h. 41min. ago Hope & State - At The Sight Of You
1d. 3h. 16min. ago The Invincibles - Mexican Summer
1d. 3h. 46min. ago Kill The President! - Kids Liberty
1d. 4h. 17min. ago Jennyfer Star And The Clusterbombs - Roll It Down
1d. 4h. 44min. ago Major League - Nightmares
1d. 5h. 7min. ago Damn Mondays - Hit It Till It Works
1d. 5h. 14min. ago The Ride Down - This Ones For Sally
1d. 5h. 18min. ago Man Overboard - In Orbit
1d. 5h. 21min. ago Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder

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