12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM


12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM

Germany http://12punks.fm
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Genres: Punk Hardcore Ska Rock
12punks.FM - Punk Rock Radio! by RauteMusik.FM
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55min. ago The Detectors - Let Me Out
5h. 32min. ago Hot Water Music - Wayfarer
10h. 7min. ago The Hollowpoints - Keep The Bubble In The Middle
10h. 24min. ago Templeton Pek - Wake Me Up
10h. 27min. ago Foul Weather Fans - How To Lose Control
10h. 32min. ago Revive - Selective Compassion
10h. 34min. ago The Briggs - Media Control
10h. 37min. ago Skumdum - Hopeless Case
10h. 39min. ago Audio Karate - She Looks Good
14h. 46min. ago Hero Of Our Time - Appetite For Consumption
19h. 23min. ago The Victim Party - Andrew Harris
1d. 2min. ago Deez Nuts - Bout It
1d. 4h. 40min. ago Eight Bit Hero - Time Bomb
1d. 9h. 18min. ago High Hopes - Life Boats
1d. 11h. 6min. ago Home Most Days - Between The Stars
1d. 13h. 57min. ago The (international) Noise Conspiracy - Let's Make History
1d. 18h. 37min. ago Paramore - Now
1d. 23h. 18min. ago Rejected Youth - Turnaround
2d. 4h. 46min. ago Skouts Honor - Transitions
2d. 9h. 26min. ago Kafkas - Klatscht In Die Haende
2d. 14h. 8min. ago Incommunicado - Faces To The Floor
2d. 18h. 48min. ago Afi - This Celluloid Dream
2d. 22h. 49min. ago A Will Away - All New And Logical
2d. 23h. 29min. ago Coldfront - Waiting
3d. 4h. 13min. ago Rancid - Red Hot Moon
3d. 8h. 11min. ago Boysetsfire - Walk Astray
3d. 8h. 55min. ago High Lives - Our Time Is Up
3d. 13h. 39min. ago Shambles - I Think I Might Be Gray
3d. 18h. 23min. ago Curbside - Days In Strides
3d. 23h. 7min. ago The Wonder Years - I Fell In Love With A Ninja Master
4d. 3h. 52min. ago Raise The Stakes - Make Or Break
4d. 6h. 49min. ago One For All - That's What She Said
4d. 8h. 37min. ago Donots - We Got The Noise
4d. 13h. 23min. ago Sugarcult - I Melt With You
4d. 18h. 9min. ago Reel Big Fish - She's Famous Now
4d. 21h. 4min. ago Great Lakes Usa - Ghosts.
4d. 22h. 24min. ago Nothing To Prove - I'm Just Sayin'
4d. 22h. 53min. ago Reward - How Could You Stab Trish?
5d. 3h. 36min. ago Fortune And Glory - Jacked And Tan
5d. 8h. 17min. ago Reverse The Curse - To Dig A Hole
5d. 12h. 59min. ago Sex Aids - Back On The Piss Again
5d. 13h. 12min. ago Wecamefromwolves - For All Our Sins, We're Golden
5d. 15h. 25min. ago Your Inner Durden - Never Paid My Dues
5d. 15h. 46min. ago Strawberry Blondes - Fight Back
5d. 17h. 42min. ago The Walking Targets - Swimming In Ashes
5d. 22h. 23min. ago Off The Wall - Who Took The Jam Out Of Your Doughnut?
6d. 3h. 3min. ago Secret 7 Line - Party Never Ends
6d. 7h. 43min. ago Spraynard - That's A Cake!
6d. 12h. 25min. ago Barroom Heroes - Just Like You
6d. 16h. 12min. ago Pennywise - Yell Out

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