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This page is dedicated to all of the fans of "Gremlin Radio"; your "one stop shop" to receive daily Gremlin updates. "That Guy" I started streaming about 2000 because I could not find any good breaks station online. There are more now but back then I could not find any. So it started out like this. I was desk jockey at day (disc jockey on the weekends) working at an engineering company doing some CAD drafting. I was bringing in CD's to work so I'd have something to listen to. In the mornings I'd pick out about 5 CD's that I was in the mood for. That was okay but I quickly realized that what I wanted to hear in the morning was not what I wanted to hear 2-3 hours later when I really woke up. The more awake I was the faster and harder the music became. Especially on Friday. TGIF! I thought to myself, I'll just bring in my whole CD case which held 300 CD's. That case is an aluminum case, like small suitcase. Well, I did that for a week or two and people were looking at me funny. I was "that guy" with the suitcase.that was awkward. I realized that I could not continue to bring in the metal luggage everyday. I had to figure out something better. "Tech Geek" I started to thinkit would be really cool if I can just listen to my music over the internet from my house. Then I would not be "that odd guy". I did a little research and discovered some people where using Winamp to stream music. The software needed was really simple. Back then I had cable internet with Excite@home. It was of course much slower in those days. I had 128k outgoing bandwidth. That is not much but it was enough to send out a stream or two at a low quality. Certainly not as good as I have now. I thought to myself, hey, I am tech geek, this would be cool and a fun thing to do. So I recorded a bunch of my CD's, setup the stream and whammo! I had my own personal Internet radio station. Down the road I started adding things like the request capability so I can control my songs. It worked really good for one or two people. Good enough to solve my problem. “Spread My Addiction” My personal station worked really good. I thought I should share this with friends so I created a web page and then I found one of those lame free domain names so people could find me online. The domain name was It wasn’t the coolest but it worked. I was official, I was online, I was Gremlin Radio. Well, you know how hobbies can be….they need money. Also at the same time I paid for my first stream server company to host my stream so I could have more listeners. You cannot do much with only two slots or so for listeners. So the added stream server really allowed me to grow with listeners. After about a year or so of operation I had regular more listeners and went big time with my own domain name. Sep. of ’02
What recently played on the radio: - The Best In Club Breaks and More!
42min. ago
Sharaz - Circuit Breaker 2005 [Curtis B Remix]
2h. 11min. ago
Dj Ruff - Awe
3h. 42min. ago
Dj 303 - Run To Me Again
5h. 11min. ago
Tyler Durden - Heart Of Noise
6h. 42min. ago
West Coast Funk V2 - Get It Girl
8h. 6min. ago
Malicious Mike & Dj Trashy - Smokin!
9h. 33min. ago
Sharaz - Don't Wake Me
11h. 2min. ago
Cut & Run - Blind Ed
12h. 27min. ago
Nadastrom - Pussy
13h. 54min. ago
Ascension - Someone [Dave London & Filthy Rich Mix]
15h. 32min. ago
West City All Stars - How Good Does It Feel [Remix]
17h. 4min. ago
Bendj Feat. Sushy - Me & Myself [Wolfgang Gartner Club Mix]
18h. 41min. ago
In The Mix W/ Electro Pimp - Shut Up & Enjoy The Music [Live Now]
20h. 11min. ago
Aquagen - Party Alarm [Dj Shaolin Remix]
21h. 42min. ago
Dj Nasty - R U Ready
23h. 13min. ago
The Loose Cannons - Got It All (Wrong) [Krafty Kuts Mix]
1d. 44min. ago
Dj Mystery - Ain't It Funky
1d. 2h. 15min. ago
Sharaz - I Know Why [Original Extended Mix]
1d. 3h. 45min. ago
Trona - Lights Go Out [Burufunk Remix]
1d. 5h. 21min. ago
Dj Rigid - Baby Take The Boom
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    100! - The Best In Club Breaks and More!    
    TOP 20 P Raiting
    In The Mix W/ Phin & Gamma - The Wednesday Break Show [Live Now]
    12 0
    In The Mix W/ Dj Evil J's - Evil J's - Ill Billy Breakbeat Movement [Live Show]
    11 0
    Fonik_Fonik - Servin' It Up Fresh - 04.01.2015
    9 0
    In The Mix W/ Dj Alusive - Tgif Beatz Session [Live Now]
    8 0
    Mix The Mix W/ Dj Poochie - Bayou Breakz[Live Show]
    7 0
    Dj Rose - Blasting
    7 0
    In The Mix W/ Dj Special K - Breaks Session [Live Now]
    6 0
    In The Mix W/ James Scott - Vibes [Live Show]
    6 0 Resident Dj - Gremlinfest 2019 [Live Show]
    6 0
    4 0
    Iva - 130X30 Mixing Series
    4 0
    Bad Influence - Linda B Exclusive Vol. 11 - Bad Influence
    4 0
    Cliff The Head X 2Timesdope X Teezy X Datboy Fletch - Mtg Mix Feb 2015
    4 0
    Sharaz - I'll Be Just Fine
    3 0
    Dj Demonixx - Angel Of A Death [Bass Trauma Mix]
    3 0
    Utmost Dj's - Catastrophe [Dj Johnny Beast Club Mix]
    3 0
    Dj Fixx - Rain Down On Me
    3 0
    Jerry Lebarge - Linda B Exclusive Vol. 10 - Gerry Lebarge
    3 0
    Mixed By Santino - Voltage Controlled (12-11-2015)
    3 0
    In The Mix W/ Dj Sprawls - Sprawled Out[Live Now]
    3 0
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