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  • AVEC – Under Water – Video

    emergingindiebands.com | Sun, 23 Sep 2018 03:50:01 +0000

    AVEC is an Austrian introspective-rock project. Earlier in the month the LP Heaven / Hell was released, a roughly three quarters of an hour, nine track, album of illuminating emotive melodies that are tipped with the expressive, sympathetic voca which is the signature of the output, that reflect on the emotional ups … Read More...

  • Jesika Von Rabbit – My Medicine – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Sat, 22 Sep 2018 20:32:00 +0000

    Jesika Von Rabbit is an electro-rock project from Joshua Tree in the USA. Tying together a plethora of ideas, instruments, percussion and keyboards Jesika Von Rabbit is a musician best heard in a long quaff to fully enjoy and become immersed in the analogue feel of the varied output. With some … Read More...

  • Body Type – Palms – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Sat, 22 Sep 2018 13:35:30 +0000

    The Sydney (Australia) gaze-rock quartet of  Sophie McComish (Guitar /Vocals), Annabel Blackman (Guitar /Vocals), Georgia Wilkinson-Derums (Bass / Vocals), Cecil Coleman (Drums) who form the band Body Type will be releasing their eponymous LP on the 19th of October. The interwoven guitars wrap around the listener like a cashmere jacket … Read More...

  • Smokin’ On Planes – Parallel Lives – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Sat, 22 Sep 2018 06:30:54 +0000

    Smokin’ On Planes is the rock trio of Nick Galasso (Vocal / Guitar), Miguel Teixeira (Bass) and Omri Malal (Drums) based in Washington D.C. (USA). Their music has a completely absorbing flow, which akin to molten lava sliding down the slopes of a volcano has a variable viscosity, which gives … Read More...

  • Timmy’s Organism – Guzzle Gasoline – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Fri, 21 Sep 2018 23:47:27 +0000

    The acid-rock trio – Timmy’s Organism – which comprises of Timmy Vulgar, Jeff Giant and Blake Hill, from Detroit (USA) release the LP Survival Of The Fiendish on the 5th of October. The ten track album (available on bandcamp) contains the quirks, crackles, distortion, explosive energy and far reaching imagination which has marked the creativity … Read More...

  • The Struts – Bulletproof Baby – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Fri, 21 Sep 2018 17:17:06 +0000

    The English rock quartet The Struts will be releasing the LP Young & Dangerous on the 19th of October. First introduced in 2012, while they have gone on to establish themselves as a well supported outfit, although there have been periods when they appear have forgotten who they are, seemingly  … Read More...

  • Ivory Wave – Frankie – Single Review

    emergingindiebands.com | Fri, 21 Sep 2018 11:17:34 +0000

    The quintet of George Johnson (Vocals), Connor McMinn (Guitar), Luke Morris (Bass), Rob Clarke (Keys) and Seb Baldwin (Drummer) who form the indie-dance band from Birmingham in England –  Ivory Wave – released the single Frankie on the 14th. Having introduced Ivory Wave earlier this year, with some enthusiasm on hitting play, not being well … Read More...

  • Marie Davidson – Work It – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Fri, 21 Sep 2018 04:56:50 +0000

    The electrowave project of Marie Davidson from Montreal in Canada releases the LP Working Class Woman on the 5th of October. A couple of tracks have surfaced from the album, which preface of a ten song release (available on bandcamp) that has a brooding power which looms out of the speakers … Read More...

  • Vinz Clortho – Endless Road – Audio

    emergingindiebands.com | Thu, 20 Sep 2018 22:01:18 +0000

    The US gnarly-blues quintet Vinz Clortho are working towards the release of their début LP, which is due out later this year. On the 22nd they will be releasing the track Endless Road, which joins their previous two singles as their full recording catalogue thus far – marking of a band who … Read More...

  • Diana Radar – Growing – Single Review

    emergingindiebands.com | Thu, 20 Sep 2018 15:30:37 +0000

    The quartet of Rory, Jay, Luke and Wes from Melbourne in Australia who form the garage band Diana Radar released the single Growing on the 13th. A track best enjoyed with a beer in a crowded bar, as the quartet deliver their good time rock’n’roll, which brightens the day by its very presence. The … Read More...

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