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That played on the radio: - Pioneer Inspirational Radio Guam - MELODIES OF PRAYER
33min. ago Dino - Soon & Very Soon
1h. 25min. ago C.g. Cross - Egw Pp 033 - 376 (003) -378 (002)
2h. 23min. ago Hendrickson Worship - It Is Well (with My Soul)
3h. 15min. ago Marge Lawrence - Blest Be The Tie That Binds
4h. 13min. ago C.g. Cross - Egw Pp 002 - 049 (003) -051 (001) - Encouragement
4h. 13min. ago C.g. Cross - Egw Pp 002 - 049 (003) -051 (001) - Encouragement
5h. 7min. ago Kevin Inafuku - Your Are God
6h. 2min. ago Glen Ellyn Chorale - Praise, My Soul, The King Of H
6h. 55min. ago Ben And Becca Downs - Salut D' Amour - Elgar, Edward
7h. 51min. ago Joslin Grove Choral Society - For The Beauty Of The Earth
8h. 47min. ago John Marshall Family - My Shepherd Will Supply My Nee
9h. 40min. ago Don Simons - Egw Da 049 - 451 (003) -453 (001) - Encouragement
10h. 35min. ago Ambience Flute - 06 There Is A Fountain
11h. 42min. ago Ben Stern - Psalms 040 (001-003) - Encouragement
12h. 38min. ago Best Loved Hymns - Track 10
13h. 32min. ago Stephen Ray Nichols - Looking Through His Eyes
14h. 27min. ago Andrya Rieu - Entrance March - Thy Gypsy Bar
15h. 26min. ago Ysis Espana - Grande Es Jehova
16h. 20min. ago Doug Batchelor - Af-bal20111204
17h. 15min. ago Classical Praise - Holy, Holy, Holy
18h. 20min. ago Don Simons - Egw Da 047 - 428 (004) -429 (003) - Encouragement
19h. 14min. ago Geary Yelton - Silent Night
19h. 35min. ago Discovery Singers - We Shall See His Lovely Face
20h. 4min. ago Collette Supit - Spot Kgca 001 - Pathetique Pia
20h. 56min. ago Melinda K. Wickam - Come, Christians, Join To Sing
21h. 50min. ago Alert Chorale - This Is My Country
22h. 44min. ago The Wilds Music - Fountain Of Mercy
23h. 35min. ago Ron & Shelly Hamilton - On The Wings Of The Storm
1d. 37min. ago Huw Priday - The Old Rugged Cross
1d. 1h. 29min. ago Drakensberg Boy's Choir School - 18 Kom Alle Getroues
1d. 2h. 25min. ago The Don Marsh Orchestra - Amazing Grace
1d. 3h. 17min. ago Kate Higgins - I Need Thee Every Hour
1d. 4h. 7min. ago Yullie Stancil - Great Is Thy Faithfulness
1d. 5h. 1min. ago Ralph Carmichael - And Can It Be That I Should Ga
1d. 5h. 53min. ago Northland Baptist Bible Colleg - O Jesus, I Have Promised
1d. 6h. 46min. ago Maddy Couperus - To Be Used Of God
1d. 7h. 37min. ago Sms Men's Chorus - Little Innocent Lamb
1d. 8h. 33min. ago Don Simons - Egw Da 038 - 359 (001) -360 (003) - Encouragement
1d. 9h. 27min. ago Principle Chorus - For All The Saints
1d. 10h. 17min. ago Darryl Eisele - Softly & Tenderly Medley #6
1d. 11h. 11min. ago Ca Murray - Stand
1d. 12h. 5min. ago Steffen Family - Jesus Is Coming Again
1d. 12h. 59min. ago Edwin Supit - Egw Ag 029 - Encouragement
1d. 13h. 53min. ago Lagu Sion - Ku Sembah Juruslamat
1d. 14h. 52min. ago Rnz - Live Vanuit Amsterdam Noord
1d. 15h. 45min. ago Shirley & Company - Shame Shame Shame
1d. 16h. 45min. ago Paul Young - Come Back And Stay
1d. 17h. 43min. ago The Don Marsh Chorus And Orche - Wonderful Words Of Life
1d. 18h. 36min. ago The Eden Symphony Orchestra - Whispering Hope
1d. 19h. 29min. ago Remnant Publications - Egw Pp 003 - 060 (004) -062 (003)
1d. 20h. 21min. ago Various Artists - Adagio For Strings And Organ
1d. 21h. 17min. ago Remnant Publications - Egw Pp 001 - 035 (001) -036 (002)
1d. 22h. 8min. ago Don Simons - Egw Da 029 - 281 (001) -282 (001) - Encouragement - Gem V...
1d. 22h. 59min. ago Edwin Supit - Egw Ag 163 - Encouragement
1d. 23h. 55min. ago Various Artists - The Four Seasons, Winter, Op.
2d. 50min. ago Lee Holdridge - Now Thank We All Our God
2d. 1h. 45min. ago Twin Sisters - Crown Him With Many Crowns
2d. 2h. 45min. ago June Ivy Roa - Spot 003b - Pathetique Piano S
2d. 3h. 45min. ago Joslin Grove Choral Society - Leaning On The Everlasting Arm
2d. 4h. 35min. ago Mike Zachary - My Savior First Of All
2d. 5h. 27min. ago [unknown] - Bellchimes2
2d. 6h. 16min. ago Crs - Egw Pp 055 - 573 (001) -573 (003)
2d. 7h. 4min. ago [unknown] - Bellchimes1
2d. 7h. 56min. ago Wes Taitague - Egw In Heavenly Places 042
2d. 8h. 46min. ago Ladonna Taylor - There Is A Fountain
2d. 8h. 53min. ago Sms Choir - The Birthday Of A King
2d. 9h. 38min. ago Harding University Concert Cho - Redeemed
2d. 10h. 30min. ago Old Fashioned Revival Choir A - Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet
2d. 11h. 20min. ago Crs - Egw Pp 035 - 401 (002) -403 (002)
2d. 12h. 13min. ago Nella Laing - Be Not Afraid
2d. 13h. 2min. ago Golden Hymn Choir - America The Beautiful
2d. 13h. 53min. ago Franz Schubert - Rosamunde, Fyarstin Von Cypern,
2d. 14h. 41min. ago Scmp3 - Egw Sc 105 (001) -106 (002) - 12 What To Do With Doubt
2d. 15h. 32min. ago Sms Men's Chorus - Us Army Anthem
2d. 16h. 21min. ago Doug Batchelor - Af-bal20120520
2d. 17h. 7min. ago 102 Instrumental Hymns - Nothing But The Blood
2d. 17h. 57min. ago Edwin Supit - Egw Ag 168 - Encouragement
2d. 18h. 43min. ago The Eden Symphony Orchestra - The Love Of God
2d. 19h. 15min. ago K J V C B D A U Part 010 - 068 2-corinthians
2d. 19h. 31min. ago Dan Troxell - The Swan
2d. 20h. 21min. ago Crs - Egw Pp 048 - 515 (002) -517 (003)
2d. 21h. 7min. ago A.l. Schander - Egw Myp 027 (001) -030 (001) - Encouragement
2d. 21h. 57min. ago Joshua Bell - Estrellita
2d. 22h. 45min. ago Myrna White - My Tribute
2d. 22h. 51min. ago C.g. Cross - Ecclesiastes 012 (001-007) - Encouragement
2d. 23h. 33min. ago Soundforth - Look To The Lamb Of God
3d. 25min. ago Ludwig Van Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 In F Major ('pa
3d. 1h. 15min. ago Sms Orchestra - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
3d. 2h. 6min. ago Emily Hickey - Free From Guilt And Free From
3d. 3h. 4min. ago [unknown] - Bellchimes1
3d. 3h. 52min. ago 101 Strings Orchestra - Praise My Soul, The King Of He
3d. 4h. 43min. ago Isaac Watts - Join All The Glorious Names
3d. 5h. 33min. ago Edwin Supit - 2peter 001 (002-011) - Egw Col 314 - Egw Aa 530-531 - Eg...
3d. 6h. 23min. ago Edwin Supit - G F M 106-g F M 107-s F M 91-001b
3d. 7h. 13min. ago K J V C B D A U Part 011 - 089 Revelation
3d. 8h. 1min. ago Wes Taitague - Egw In Heavenly Places 071
3d. 8h. 53min. ago Johann Sebastian Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 - A
3d. 9h. 50min. ago Becky Calvert - Amazing Grace
3d. 10h. 47min. ago Frank Boggs - Fill My Cup
3d. 11h. 39min. ago Masters Chorale - Jesus, What A Wonder You Are/s
3d. 12h. 31min. ago Ron And Shelly Hamilton - Hear The Trumpet Song
3d. 13h. 21min. ago Marshall Hall - I Just Feel Like Something Goo
3d. 14h. 11min. ago William Rankin - Egw Mh 019 - 261 (001) -265 (002) - Encouragement - H...
3d. 15h. 3min. ago Collette Supit - Spot Kgca 001 - I Asked The Lo
3d. 15h. 56min. ago Maastricht Salon Orchestra - Vilja's Song
3d. 16h. 18min. ago Doug Batchelor - Af-bal20110731
3d. 17h. 38min. ago Piano - Track 6
3d. 18h. 30min. ago Instrumental Praise - Hvilken Venn Vi Har I Jesus (w
3d. 19h. 23min. ago Mbs - Egw Mb 004e Lay Not Up Treasures
3d. 20h. 18min. ago Melonie Robanske - Ninety And Nine
3d. 21h. 9min. ago Don Simons - Egw Da 032 - 315 (001) -317 (001) - Encouragement
3d. 22h. 1min. ago Edwin Supit - Egw Mlt 009 - Encouragement
3d. 22h. 57min. ago Alfred Brendel - Mozart Piano Concerto No.23 In
3d. 23h. 52min. ago Darryl Eisele - Softly & Tenderly Medley #1
4d. 48min. ago Kwartet Suara Nubuatan Jakarta - Let The Heaven Light Shine On
4d. 1h. 44min. ago Beverly Hyles - The Wayfaring Stanger
4d. 2h. 39min. ago Baptist College Of Ministry Ch - Crown Him With Many Crowns
4d. 3h. 37min. ago Soundforth Singers & Orchestra - Sometimes A Light Surprises
4d. 4h. 31min. ago Pensacola Christian College - God Will Make A Way
4d. 5h. 29min. ago Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
4d. 6h. 24min. ago William Rankin - Egw Mh 004 - 063 (001) -065 (002) - Encouragement - H...
4d. 7h. 21min. ago Carmen Piazzini - Piano Concerto No. 23 In A Maj
4d. 8h. 20min. ago Cols - Egw Col 333 (002) -335 (001) - Instruction
4d. 9h. 17min. ago Laurie Beachell - We Are The People Of God
4d. 10h. 13min. ago David Kang & Danny Oh - Stranger Of Galilee
4d. 11h. 11min. ago Scmp3 - Egw Sc 024 (003) -028 (001) - 03 Repentance
4d. 12h. 8min. ago Christy Galkin - Bow The Knee
4d. 13h. 3min. ago Edwin Supit - Spot Fm106.9-fm107.9 - K300av
4d. 13h. 59min. ago Edwin Supit - Egw Ag 146 - Encouragement
4d. 14h. 57min. ago Sacred Music Services - There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood

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