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That played on the radio:  RMI - Italo Disco Classic
1h. 15min. ago Tozzo - Shankle (12 Version)
2h. 45min. ago Milou - You And Me (12" Version)
2h. 48min. ago Mr Zivago - Little Russian (vocal 12 Version)
2h. 51min. ago Mr Zivago - Little Russian (vocal 12 Version)
2h. 56min. ago Roy - Shooting Star (dub Version)
3h. 3min. ago Susanne - Give Me Love (dance Version)
3h. 8min. ago Camomilla - Come On Everybody (vocal Version)
3h. 11min. ago Ray Foster - Run To Me
3h. 18min. ago Allan Barry - Tell Me The Reason (12 Version)
3h. 26min. ago Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife
3h. 31min. ago Gary Low - I Want You
3h. 38min. ago Connie - Oh Believe (vocal)
3h. 46min. ago Susy - Shake Body (vocal Version)
3h. 51min. ago Apple In Jacket - New World (vocal)
3h. 56min. ago Timerider - Cocoon (dance Verison)
4h. 4min. ago S 50 - Input
4h. 11min. ago Aleph - Fire On The Moon (extended Version)
4h. 16min. ago King Kong Dj Jungle Girls - Lies (full Power Dj Mix)
4h. 24min. ago Humphrey Robertson - Don T Stop Loving Me (disco Mix)
4h. 25min. ago Humphrey Robertson - Don T Stop Loving Me (disco Mix)
4h. 26min. ago Humphrey Robertson - Don T Stop Loving Me (disco Mix)
4h. 31min. ago Riky Maltese - Mama (extended Version)
4h. 36min. ago Eva - Prayer Of Love (vocal)
4h. 44min. ago Mr Dream - Around My Dream
4h. 46min. ago Paul Boy - Lucky Guy (vocal Version)
4h. 54min. ago Mr. Rocambole - I've Got Your Soul (extended Version)
4h. 59min. ago Sheila Steward - Tonight
5h. 4min. ago T Ark - Under Cover Lover
5h. 10min. ago Shooting Party - I Go To Pieces
5h. 15min. ago Anthny`s Games - Sunshine Love (bi-bi Version)
5h. 24min. ago Manuel Kerry - Change Change (extended Version)
5h. 32min. ago Click - Duri Duri (baila Baila) (extended Version)
5h. 39min. ago Saxophone - Souvenir (vocal Version Remastered)
5h. 44min. ago The Kitch Club - Cant Stop Saying I Love You (club Version)
5h. 52min. ago Banda Aca - Yesahel
5h. 57min. ago Styloo - Pretty Face
5h. 59min. ago Styloo - Pretty Face
6h. 2min. ago Novecento - Movin On
6h. 5min. ago Dave Force - Play Your Game
6h. 12min. ago Solo - Harem
6h. 17min. ago Mark Tower - More More More (vocal Version)
6h. 22min. ago New Look - Stage (vocal)
6h. 30min. ago Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight
6h. 35min. ago Sammy Allen - Slave To Love
7h. 37min. ago Caron - Out Of The Night (the First Step)
9h. 31min. ago Sabrina - Boys (summertime Love)
11h. 17min. ago Tato - Crazy Boy (extended Version)
13h. 2min. ago K Barre - Right By The Moon (vocal 12 Version)
14h. 38min. ago The Managers - One Race (12 Vocal Version)
16h. 12min. ago Boys Next Door - I Will Follow You (original 12" Version)
17h. 47min. ago Shy Rose - I Cry For You (toney D S Extended Mix)
19h. 22min. ago Trans-x - Living On Video (1986 Re Recorded)
20h. 59min. ago Ninja - Bye Bye
22h. 35min. ago Julian - Straight To My Heart (maxi Version)
1d. 20min. ago Fair Control - Angel Eyes
1d. 1h. 21min. ago Sheila Steward - It S You
1d. 1h. 56min. ago Joe Car - Dancing Dode (vocal Version)
1d. 3h. 30min. ago Cnnt - Cosa Nostra No Thanks (copter Version)
1d. 5h. 3min. ago Akire - Last Train (vocal Version)
1d. 5h. 5min. ago Joy - Lost In Hong Kong (12 Version)
1d. 5h. 6min. ago Joy - Lost In Hong Kong (12 Version)
1d. 5h. 11min. ago Coo Coo - You Can Set Me Free (dance Version)
1d. 5h. 16min. ago Lili & Sussie - Candy Love
1d. 5h. 24min. ago Scotch - Pictures
1d. 5h. 29min. ago Bryan Baker - Niagara Falls (vocal Version)
1d. 5h. 36min. ago Shah - Serenade (vocal Version)
1d. 5h. 41min. ago Gary Low - La Colegiala
1d. 5h. 51min. ago Frank Hino - Flying Dream (vocal Version)
1d. 5h. 56min. ago Clock On 5 - Take It (mayerling) (the "one" Remix)
1d. 6h. 40min. ago Ranko - Happy World (vocal Version)
1d. 8h. 29min. ago Helen - I Love You (12" Vocal)
1d. 10h. 22min. ago Monte Kristo - Sherry Mi-sai
1d. 11h. 57min. ago Camaro - Companero (vocal Version)
1d. 11h. 57min. ago Camaro - Companero (vocal Version)
1d. 12h. 25min. ago Tozzo - Shankle (12 Version)
1d. 12h. 27min. ago Foster - Calypso Girl (mix Version)
1d. 12h. 32min. ago Ringo - Shoot Your Shot (original Horror Version)
1d. 12h. 37min. ago The Kittchen Club - Cant Stay
1d. 12h. 42min. ago Joe Yellow - Easy Lovers (mix Edit)
1d. 12h. 47min. ago Apple In Jacket - New World (vocal)
1d. 12h. 55min. ago Lucia - La Isla Bonita
1d. 13h. 2min. ago Gatsby - Love Sign (vocal Version)
1d. 13h. 7min. ago Drion - Lady Valentine (original 12" Version)
1d. 13h. 12min. ago Savage - I M Loosing You (extended Version)
1d. 13h. 20min. ago Sandy Marton - Camel By Camel (original Versi
1d. 13h. 22min. ago Sandy Marton - Camel By Camel (original Versi
1d. 13h. 23min. ago Sandy Marton - Camel By Camel (original Versi
1d. 13h. 25min. ago Baltimora - Up With Baltimora
1d. 13h. 28min. ago Hipnosis - Pulstar
1d. 13h. 54min. ago Joe Yellow - Wild Boy (extended Version)
1d. 13h. 59min. ago Grant Miller - Lost In Paradise (extended Version)
1d. 14h. 4min. ago Barry Lane - Blue Body Dancer
1d. 14h. 9min. ago Mike Best - Lady Duck (vocal)
1d. 14h. 16min. ago Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
1d. 14h. 21min. ago Vivien Vee - Heart Beat (one Two Three Mix)
1d. 14h. 29min. ago Dr Roof - Deep In My Heart
1d. 14h. 34min. ago Belle Belle - Take Me (club Version)
1d. 14h. 39min. ago Lita Beck - It's Allright (extended Version Remastered)
1d. 14h. 44min. ago Matt De Bono - Love Is A Danger (vocal Version)
1d. 14h. 49min. ago Rmi - Jingle 13014
1d. 14h. 52min. ago Dave Force - Play Your Game
1d. 14h. 57min. ago B. Rose - Hey D.j. (give Me A Lot Of Music) (vox)
1d. 15h. 2min. ago J.d.jaber - Don't Wake Me Up
1d. 15h. 6min. ago D Ligh The - Scratch Your Face (vocal Version)
1d. 15h. 14min. ago Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (maxi Version)
1d. 15h. 21min. ago My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
1d. 15h. 29min. ago Barry Lane - Take A Chance
1d. 15h. 34min. ago Savage - A Love Again (remastered)
1d. 16h. 21min. ago New Baccara - Touch Me (erotic Dance Mix)
1d. 17h. 30min. ago Byron Sha - Sha Sha Fu Fu (dancing Mix)
1d. 17h. 40min. ago Solid Strangers - Gimme The Light
1d. 17h. 45min. ago Rmi - Jingle 13015
1d. 17h. 47min. ago Samantha Fox - I Surrender (to The Spirit Of The Night)
1d. 17h. 52min. ago Cruisin Gang - Chinatown
1d. 17h. 58min. ago Flying D.j. - Marylin (long Mix)
1d. 18h. 8min. ago Timerider - Space Iwan
1d. 18h. 13min. ago Brian Ice - Walking Away (vocal Extended)
1d. 18h. 18min. ago Randy Wiper - I'd Like To Know
1d. 18h. 26min. ago Baby's Gang - My Little Japanese Boy
1d. 18h. 28min. ago Baby's Gang - My Little Japanese Boy
1d. 18h. 30min. ago Felli - Greatest Mind (vocal)
1d. 18h. 38min. ago The Puppets - The Way Of Life
1d. 18h. 43min. ago Janet D'eon - Anything Like You (mix #3)
1d. 18h. 50min. ago Sweet Connection - Heart To Heart (big Bird Remix)
1d. 18h. 58min. ago Tom Hooker - Feeling Okay (remix)
1d. 19h. 3min. ago Rmi - Jingle 10022(re Edit V1)
1d. 19h. 6min. ago Joe Car - Dancing Dode (vocal Version)
1d. 19h. 11min. ago The Hurricanes - Tropical Nights
1d. 19h. 21min. ago Coco Bill - Evita (avoid)
1d. 19h. 23min. ago Reale Accademia - Run Away In The Night ( (remastered)

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