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That played on the radio:  RMI - Italo Disco Classic
19min. ago Do Piano - Again (extended Version)
30min. ago Savage - Good Bye (extended Version)
1h. 9min. ago Sophe - Broken Tale
2h. 2min. ago Flo Astaire - Monkey Monkey (45 Vox)
2h. 50min. ago Albert One - Hopes And Dreams
3h. 41min. ago Linda Jo Rizzo - Perfect Love (the Exorbitant Mix)
4h. 31min. ago The Flirts - Passion
5h. 21min. ago Apple In Jacket - New World (vocal)
6h. 11min. ago Chikeria - Le Freak (chikeria Mix)
6h. 18min. ago Fake - Frogs In Spain (new Remix)
7h. 3min. ago Styloo - Why
7h. 59min. ago New Romantique - Sky Like An Angel (12 Version)
8h. 51min. ago Click - Duri Duri (baila Baila) (extended Version)
9h. 42min. ago Karl Olivas - Its Alright
10h. 38min. ago Rmi - Jingle 13016
11h. 30min. ago Albert One - Ladyo
12h. 22min. ago Rizzo - Hot Desire (extended Version)
13h. 19min. ago Kinky Go - Gimme The Love (long Vocal Version)
14h. 10min. ago Coangielu - Feeling (extended Version)
15h. 6min. ago Boys Next Door - Stop Watch Killer
16h. ago Chaaya - Russian Affair (special Dance Mix)
16h. 55min. ago Video - We Are The Video (12 Vocal Version)
17h. 50min. ago Rmi - Jingle 10021
18h. 42min. ago Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart (maxi Version)
19h. 39min. ago Valerie Dore - Lancelot
20h. 33min. ago Travel Sex - Sexiness
21h. 28min. ago Valentino - You Are The Sunshine (extended Version)
22h. 22min. ago King Kong Djungle Girls - It S So Funny (extended Banana Version)
23h. 14min. ago On T.v. - Holiday Love Affair
1d. 8min. ago Nicky Nicky - Souvenir
1d. 1h. 1min. ago Gary Low - You Are A Danger
1d. 1h. 53min. ago A Stage - Ocean Of Crime
1d. 2h. 48min. ago Giusy Ravizza - Save The Fire (12 Vocal Version)
1d. 3h. 39min. ago Hugh Bullen - Alisand (vocal 12 Version)
1d. 4h. 33min. ago Duke Lake - Do You (vocal Version)
1d. 5h. 24min. ago Riky Maltese - Dont Cry (extended Version)
1d. 6h. 19min. ago Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle
1d. 7h. 9min. ago Hysterical Fit - Come And Make Me High (vocal Version)
1d. 8h. 2min. ago Rick Rock - Take Me Away (vocal 12 Version)
1d. 8h. 59min. ago Yosier - Mi Tormento
1d. 9h. 51min. ago Patrick Colby - Mandrill (extended Version)
1d. 10h. 40min. ago Susanne Meals - Forever (remix)
1d. 11h. 30min. ago If - Jealousy (extended Version)
1d. 12h. 21min. ago Super Bowl - Dance On The Fire (12 Version)
1d. 13h. 15min. ago P Lion - Reggae Radio
1d. 14h. 8min. ago Djs Project - How Are You
1d. 15h. 1min. ago Matahari - Matahari
1d. 15h. 58min. ago Prime Time - Ocean Of Crime (we're Movin' On) (12" Vers...
1d. 16h. 51min. ago Alan Ross - The Last Wall (vocal Version)
1d. 17h. 41min. ago Sheila Steward - It S You
1d. 18h. 34min. ago Belle Belle - Take Me (club Version)
1d. 19h. 28min. ago Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl
1d. 19h. 31min. ago Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl
1d. 20h. 19min. ago Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife
1d. 21h. 11min. ago Total Toly - Lady Blue (12" Version)
1d. 22h. 1min. ago Mike Cannon - Stay (vocal)
1d. 22h. 57min. ago Riky Maltese - All The Night (extended Version)
1d. 23h. 49min. ago Chaaya - Russian Affair (extended Version)
2d. 40min. ago Klein + M.b.o. - Dirty Talk (european Connection Mix)
2d. 1h. 33min. ago Styloo - Pretty Face
2d. 2h. 28min. ago Kim Leonard - Baby I Need You
2d. 3h. 20min. ago Riky Maltese - Comet (extended Version)
2d. 4h. 10min. ago Flying D.j. - Marylin (long Mix)
2d. 5h. 1min. ago Brian Ice - Night Girl
2d. 5h. 51min. ago Tokyo Girls - Krypton
2d. 6h. 41min. ago Alba - Only Music Survives
2d. 7h. 29min. ago Joe Yellow - Runner (run Dub Mix)
2d. 8h. 18min. ago Rizzo - Hot Desire (extended Version)
2d. 9h. 8min. ago Camomilla - Buenas Noches (original Version Remastered)
2d. 9h. 57min. ago Tommy - One Night
2d. 10h. 49min. ago The Hurricanes - Only One Night
2d. 11h. 38min. ago Lee Marrow - Dont Stop The Music
2d. 12h. 27min. ago Righeira - Vamos A La Playa
2d. 13h. 16min. ago Laffair - Secrets Eyes (extended Version)
2d. 14h. 6min. ago Baby's Gang - Challenger
2d. 14h. 56min. ago Mike Mareen - Cecilia (original Remix Version)
2d. 15h. 45min. ago Chris Luis - The Heart Of The City
2d. 16h. 34min. ago Les Mckeown - It's A Game
2d. 17h. 24min. ago Silent Circle - What A Shame (masterbeat Mix)
2d. 18h. 14min. ago Rose - Memories (vocal Version)
2d. 19h. 5min. ago Paul E Paul - Good Times (maxi Version)
2d. 19h. 55min. ago Lee Marrow - Mr Fantasy
2d. 20h. 13min. ago Ringo - Shoot Your Shot (original Horror Version)
2d. 20h. 45min. ago Yvonne Koomen - Last Night (vocal Version)
2d. 21h. 34min. ago Amadeus Liszt - La Donna (12" Version)
2d. 22h. 22min. ago Anthony D'urso - Feel The Night
2d. 23h. 12min. ago Savage - I M Loosing You (extended Version)
3d. 4min. ago A Stage - Ocean Of Crime
3d. 57min. ago Klein + M.b.o. - Dirty Talk (european Connection Mix)
3d. 1h. 48min. ago Shipra - Blinded By The Light (maxi Version)
3d. 2h. 40min. ago Cruisin Gang - America (extended Version)
3d. 3h. 28min. ago Flexi Cowboys - Domination (extended Version)
3d. 4h. 18min. ago Styloo - Pretty Face
3d. 5h. 8min. ago Fresh - The Wolf (el Lobo)
3d. 5h. 54min. ago Doctors Cat - Feel The Drive (vocal Version)
3d. 6h. 44min. ago Frank Raja - Born To Be Alive (original Version Remastered)
3d. 7h. 7min. ago Fake - Frogs In Spain (new Remix)
3d. 7h. 32min. ago Scotch - Pictures
3d. 8h. 23min. ago Jessica - Open Your Heart
3d. 9h. 10min. ago Luisa - Parole
3d. 10h. ago Schiffer - Get It Right
3d. 10h. 51min. ago Baltimora - Key Key Karimba
3d. 11h. 41min. ago Hugh Bullen - Night Girl (toney Ds Extended Mix)
3d. 12h. 30min. ago Fancy - China Blue (blue Remix)
3d. 13h. 19min. ago Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight
3d. 14h. 12min. ago Mike Mareen - Stand Up (original 12 Version)
3d. 15h. ago Coo Coo - All You Need Is Love (extended Version)
3d. 15h. 1min. ago Coo Coo - All You Need Is Love (extended Version)
3d. 15h. 52min. ago Matahari - Matahari
3d. 16h. 46min. ago Max Coveri - Run To The Sun
3d. 16h. 50min. ago Paula Evans - Ciao (extended Version)
3d. 17h. 11min. ago Fair Control - Angel Eyes
3d. 17h. 15min. ago Vick Trick - I Want Someone To Love
3d. 17h. 20min. ago Baltimora - Up With Baltimora
3d. 17h. 24min. ago Chip Chip - Never Say Goodbye
3d. 17h. 30min. ago Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl
3d. 17h. 37min. ago Ray Foster - Run To Me
3d. 17h. 45min. ago Andrea - I'm A Lover
3d. 17h. 52min. ago Attack - Can T Stop (vocal Original)
3d. 17h. 58min. ago Tony Esposito - Kalimba De Luna
3d. 18h. 2min. ago Cruisin Gang - Traces Of Sand
3d. 18h. 7min. ago Max Coveri - Guy Guy (full Power Version)
3d. 18h. 13min. ago Babys Gang - America (swedish Remix)
3d. 18h. 17min. ago Cruisin Gang - Tap Dancing Woody Up (vocal Version)
3d. 18h. 23min. ago Lala - Johnny Johnny (vocal Version Remastered)
3d. 18h. 28min. ago Savage - Love Is Death (extended Version)
3d. 18h. 32min. ago Savage - Love Is Death (extended Version)
3d. 18h. 35min. ago Hally & Kongo Band - African Man
3d. 18h. 42min. ago Tina - Crazy For You
3d. 18h. 47min. ago Milou - You And Me (12" Version)

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