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13s. 45min. vor Krokus - Headhunter
13s. 46min. vor Accept - The Rise Of Chaos
15s. 28min. vor Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal
21s. 26min. vor Rob Zombie - Dragula
1t. 27min. vor Kix - Love Me With Your Top Down
1t. 5s. 34min. vor Angel City - Marseilles
1t. 8s. 59min. vor D.a.d. - Rim Of Hell
1t. 16s. 18min. vor Great White - Back To The Rhythm
2t. 2s. 8min. vor Rainbow - Can't Happen Here
2t. 2s. 22min. vor Iced Earth - I Died For You
2t. 2s. 35min. vor Black Label Society - Godspeed Hell Bound
2t. 2s. 41min. vor Rockett Queen - I Hate You
2t. 2s. 42min. vor Ac/dc - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
2t. 2s. 47min. vor Lynch Mob - Main Offender
2t. 2s. 51min. vor Ace Frehley - Rock Soldiers
2t. 2s. 57min. vor Mtley Cre - Dr. Feelgood
2t. 3s. 3min. vor Firewind - Lady Of 1000 Sorrows
2t. 3s. 5min. vor Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
2t. 3s. 11min. vor Slayer - Raining Blood
2t. 3s. 13min. vor Burning Witches - Black Widow
2t. 3s. 20min. vor Krokus - Shot Of Love
2t. 3s. 23min. vor Black Sabbath - War Pigs
2t. 3s. 28min. vor The Obsessed - Sacred
2t. 3s. 33min. vor Iron Lamb - Feed The Fire
2t. 3s. 37min. vor Metal Church - Needle And Suture
2t. 3s. 43min. vor W.a.s.p. - L.o.v.e. Machine
2t. 3s. 47min. vor Quiet Riot - Freak Flag
2t. 3s. 50min. vor Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
2t. 3s. 54min. vor Motorhead - The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
2t. 4s. 3min. vor Blue yster Cult - Cities On Flame With Rock And And Roll
2t. 4s. 6min. vor Warbringer - Silhouettes
2t. 4s. 11min. vor Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
2t. 4s. 14min. vor Sweet And And Lynch - Promised Land
2t. 4s. 23min. vor Victory - Take The Pace
2t. 4s. 27min. vor Danzig - Devil On Hwy 9
2t. 4s. 30min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 4s. 33min. vor Texas Hippie Coalition - Turn It Up
2t. 4s. 36min. vor Rain - Hellfire
2t. 4s. 40min. vor Ufo - The Writer
2t. 4s. 43min. vor Burnt Out Wreck - Pulling It Out
2t. 4s. 48min. vor Ace Frehley - We Got Your Rock
2t. 4s. 52min. vor Ac/dc - Girls Got Rhythm
2t. 4s. 55min. vor Mammoth Mammoth - Mount The Mountain
2t. 5s. 2min. vor Tesla - Recognize
2t. 5s. 7min. vor Vanexa - Too Heavy To Fly
2t. 5s. 10min. vor Dio - King Of Rock And Roll
2t. 5s. 17min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 5s. 18min. vor Seven Witches - Commerce
2t. 5s. 24min. vor The Cult - Sun King
2t. 5s. 27min. vor Broken Teeth - 4 On The Floor
2t. 5s. 32min. vor Iced Earth - Declaration Day
2t. 5s. 39min. vor Kai Hansen - Born Free
2t. 5s. 40min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
2t. 16s. 8min. vor Dio - We Rock
2t. 16s. 10min. vor Venom Inc - Dein Fleisch
2t. 16s. 18min. vor Ann Boleyn - Revenge Is Sweet
2t. 16s. 23min. vor Ufo - Too Hot To Handle
2t. 16s. 25min. vor The Obsessed - Sacred
2t. 16s. 30min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 16s. 34min. vor Cinderella - Fire And Ice
2t. 16s. 35min. vor The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go
2t. 16s. 39min. vor Michael Monroe - Dead, Jail, Or Rock N Roll
2t. 16s. 47min. vor Messiah's Kiss - Fuel For Life
2t. 16s. 52min. vor W.a.s.p. - Wild Child
2t. 16s. 59min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 17s. 2min. vor Rob Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65
2t. 17s. 6min. vor Xyz - Inside Out
2t. 17s. 11min. vor Hell's Addiction - What You Gonna Do?
2t. 17s. 14min. vor Sammy Hagar - Loud
2t. 17s. 17min. vor Iron Maiden - Satellite 15...the Final Frontier
2t. 17s. 26min. vor Danzig - Devil On Hwy 9
2t. 17s. 29min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Countdowns Begun
2t. 17s. 36min. vor Devils Envy - Dead Inside
2t. 17s. 38min. vor Saxon - Denim And Leather
2t. 17s. 44min. vor Warrant - Louder Harder Faster
2t. 17s. 48min. vor Mtley Cre - Ten Seconds To Love
2t. 17s. 51min. vor Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
2t. 17s. 56min. vor Mammoth Mammoth - Mount The Mountain
2t. 18s. 3min. vor Bullet Boys - Smooth Up In Ya
2t. 18s. 8min. vor 42 Decibel - Short Fused
2t. 18s. 11min. vor Y And And T - Hurricane
2t. 18s. 14min. vor L.a. Guns - Speed
2t. 18s. 18min. vor Viking Skull - Beers Drugs And Bitches
2t. 18s. 23min. vor Ac/dc - Hard As A Rock
2t. 18s. 29min. vor Broken Teeth - Never Dead
2t. 18s. 33min. vor Babylon A.d. - Hammer Swings Down
2t. 18s. 36min. vor Narnia - Reaching For The Top
2t. 18s. 40min. vor Def Leppard - Billy's Got A Gun
2t. 18s. 43min. vor Steelheart - Got Me Running
2t. 18s. 46min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 18s. 50min. vor Judas Priest - Metal Gods
2t. 18s. 51min. vor Megadeth - A Secret Place
2t. 18s. 58min. vor Liv Sin - Immortal Sin
2t. 19s. 1min. vor Ufo - Rock Bottom
2t. 19s. 8min. vor Girlschool - Guilty As Sin
2t. 19s. 13min. vor Armored Saint - March Of The Saint
2t. 19s. 15min. vor Great White - Big Time
2t. 19s. 21min. vor Brainstorm - Blind Suffering
2t. 19s. 28min. vor Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
2t. 19s. 30min. vor Crazy Lixx - Wild Child
2t. 19s. 37min. vor Ted Nugent - Love Grenade
2t. 19s. 38min. vor Airbourne - Breakin' Outta Hell
2t. 19s. 43min. vor Krokus - Screaming In The Night
2t. 19s. 48min. vor Revolution Saints - Light In The Dark
2t. 19s. 52min. vor Pantera - Drag The Waters
2t. 19s. 58min. vor Astral Doors - Time To Rock
2t. 20s. 2min. vor Skull Parade - Beyond Protection
2t. 20s. 5min. vor Skid Row - Monkey Business
2t. 20s. 8min. vor Tygers Of Pan Tang - Glad Rags
2t. 20s. 13min. vor Robin Trower - Day Of The Eagle
2t. 20s. 17min. vor Snakecharmer - That Kind Of Love
2t. 20s. 22min. vor Get Our Apps At Google Play, Itunes, Or Amazon
2t. 20s. 23min. vor Accept - Hard Attack
2t. 20s. 28min. vor Black Label Society - Stillborn (w/ozzy)
2t. 20s. 32min. vor Resurrect The Machine - Creeper
2t. 20s. 33min. vor D-a-d - A New Age Moving In
2t. 20s. 38min. vor Gus G. - Burn
2t. 20s. 42min. vor The Cult - Fire Woman
2t. 20s. 49min. vor Dirty Thrills - Law Man
2t. 20s. 52min. vor Danzig - Dirty Black Summer
2t. 20s. 55min. vor Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
2t. 21s. vor Johannes Maria Knoll - The Fall Of Man
2t. 21s. 7min. vor Guns N' Roses - Nightrain
2t. 21s. 9min. vor Shameless - How The Story Goes
2t. 21s. 15min. vor Primal Fear - In Metal
2t. 21s. 19min. vor Silverstar - Ghost Of A Girl
2t. 21s. 22min. vor Great White - My World
2t. 21s. 29min. vor Anthrax - Only
2t. 21s. 32min. vor Black Cage - I'm On Fire
2t. 21s. 37min. vor Kiss - Calling Dr. Love
  Gäste: Paul    Paris  
Pas mal, pas mal! Je reviendrai sûrement.
0    0 Antwort   22:12 <> 30. 6. 2013  
  Gäste: joe6 s    Rostov-na-donu  
my like music
1    1 Antwort   20:40 <> 28. 1. 2016  
  Gäste: pak    Athens  
Hello from Greece. Thanks for the nice music. Keep follow .
1    0 Antwort   2:56 <> 20. 8. 2016  

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