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29min. vor Sinbreed - Black Death
58min. vor Coldspell - Night Falls
1s. 30min. vor Crosswind - Aeons
1s. 59min. vor Anubis Gate - The End Of Millenium Road
2s. 29min. vor Angra - Carolina Iv
2s. 58min. vor Vision Divine - Of Light And Darkness (europe Cover)
3s. 28min. vor Control Denied - Consumed
3s. 56min. vor Falconer - Wings Of Serenity
4s. 24min. vor Black Fate - Rhyme Of A False Orchestra
4s. 54min. vor Tempest - Vision Quest
5s. 23min. vor Adagio - The Ladder
5s. 52min. vor Arwen - Time's Gate
6s. 21min. vor Haggard - Chapter Ii - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves
6s. 51min. vor Skyclad - Like... A Ballad For The Disenchanted
7s. 19min. vor Celesty - Shelter
7s. 50min. vor Symphony X - Secrets
8s. 18min. vor Trans-siberian Orchestra - The Safest Way Into Tomorrow
8s. 49min. vor Theocracy - Hide In The Fairytale
9s. 16min. vor Gloryhammer - Magic Dragon
9s. 48min. vor Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings
10s. 14min. vor Yngwie Malmsteen - Icarus Dream Suite
10s. 44min. vor Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside
11s. 12min. vor Sinbreed - Salvation
11s. 42min. vor Mago De Oz - La Danza Del Fuego [the Dance Of Fire]
12s. 11min. vor Dgm - Fallen
12s. 40min. vor Jon Oliva - Afterglow
13s. 11min. vor Rammstein - Feuer Frei!
13s. 39min. vor Jorn - War Of The World
14s. 9min. vor Heavenly - Chapter Two: Miracle [2003 Version]
14s. 36min. vor Queensryche - Best I Can
15s. 8min. vor Ancient Bards - Flaming Heart
15s. 34min. vor Concerto Moon - Rain Forest [instrumental]
16s. 8min. vor Tarja - Innocence
16s. 34min. vor Evergrey - Someday
17s. 3min. vor Id/psa 34b - Err Sweeper 34: ~v~ Keep It Right Here
17s. 32min. vor Id/psa 36 - Err Sweeper 36 - Alan Scofield
18s. 3min. vor Rhapsody - Shadows Of Death
18s. 32min. vor Hibria - Screaming Ghost
19s. 1min. vor Charon - House Of The Silent
19s. 31min. vor Dream Theater - In The Presence Of Enemies Part 2
19s. 59min. vor Skyclad - They Think It's All Over, (well Is It Now!)
20s. 30min. vor Andre Matos - Rescue
20s. 59min. vor Gloryhammer - The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee
21s. 31min. vor Secret Illusion - Beauty Queen
22s. vor Pathfinder - Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time
22s. 30min. vor Primal Fear - Fighting The Darkness
23s. vor Ensiferum - White Storm
23s. 30min. vor Age Of Nemesis - Inner Fire
23s. 59min. vor Bruce Dickinson - Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
1t. 30min. vor Dionysus - Walk On Fire
1t. 59min. vor Silentium - Hangman's Lullaby
1t. 1s. 29min. vor Iron Savior - No Guts, No Glory
1t. 1s. 59min. vor Civil War - Deliverance
1t. 2s. 29min. vor Rush - The Camera Eye
1t. 2s. 58min. vor Dragonforce - Through The Fire And The Flames
1t. 3s. 28min. vor Winterstorm - A Wizard's War
1t. 3s. 56min. vor Stormwarrior - Odin's Warriors
1t. 4s. 28min. vor Heavenly - Chapter One: Evil
1t. 4s. 54min. vor Rhapsody Of Fire - Act Vi - Erian's Lost Secrets
1t. 5s. 24min. vor Edguy - Aren't You A Little Pervert To
1t. 5s. 52min. vor Lord - On A Night Like This [bonus] [kylie Minogue Cover]
1t. 6s. 21min. vor Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden
1t. 6s. 52min. vor Apocalyptica - Sacra
1t. 7s. 22min. vor Gloryhammer - Silent Tears Of Frozen Princess
1t. 7s. 52min. vor Vanden Plas - January Sun
1t. 8s. 21min. vor Thy Majestie - The King And The Warrior
1t. 8s. 52min. vor Sonata Arctica - Blank File
1t. 9s. 20min. vor Myrath - Ironic Destiny
1t. 9s. 51min. vor Angra - Nothing To Say
1t. 10s. 20min. vor Tuomas Holopainen - A Lifetime Of Adventure
1t. 10s. 51min. vor Diviner - The Shadow And The Dark
1t. 11s. 19min. vor Rush - Limelight
1t. 11s. 50min. vor Majesty - Sword And Sorcery
1t. 12s. 18min. vor Rainbow - Stone Cold
1t. 12s. 18min. vor Rainbow - Stone Cold
1t. 12s. 48min. vor Ecliptica - Kingdom Of Heaven
1t. 13s. 13min. vor Dark Moor - Swan Lake
1t. 13s. 40min. vor Gamma Ray - Hellbent
1t. 14s. 12min. vor Hibria - Steel Lord On Wheels
1t. 14s. 40min. vor Battle Beast - The Band Of The Hawk
1t. 15s. 10min. vor Amberian Dawn - I Share With You This Dream
1t. 15s. 38min. vor Devin Townsend Project - Stars
1t. 16s. 9min. vor Devil's Train - Sweet Devil's Kiss
1t. 16s. 34min. vor Adagio - Second Sight
1t. 17s. 3min. vor Freedom Call - United Alliance
1t. 17s. 31min. vor Leaves' Eyes - The Thorn
1t. 18s. vor Kailef - Serenity (the Clarity Of Truth)
1t. 18s. 29min. vor Luca Turilli - Kings Of The Nordic Twilight
1t. 18s. 56min. vor Thy Majestie - The Rise Of A King
1t. 19s. 26min. vor Ghost Machinery - Out In The Fields [gary Moore Cover]
2t. 2min. vor Mercenary - 11 Dreams
2t. 6s. 40min. vor Manticora - The Chance Of Dying In A Dream
2t. 13s. 56min. vor Amorphis - Dark Path
2t. 19s. 35min. vor Shear - Whispers Follow You (feat. Jens Johansson)
3t. 1s. 21min. vor Alestorm - Drink
4t. 21s. 31min. vor Queensryche - Eyes Of A Stranger
4t. 21s. 55min. vor Running Wild - Tsar
4t. 22s. 19min. vor Noble Beast - Nothing To Repent
4t. 22s. 40min. vor Hibria - Stare At Yourself
4t. 23s. 4min. vor Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
4t. 23s. 28min. vor Brainstorm - Heavenly
4t. 23s. 49min. vor Zonata - Illusion Of Madness
5t. 11min. vor Sonata Arctica - Letter To Dana
5t. 31min. vor Savatage - Back To Reason
5t. 54min. vor Heaven's Gate - We Got The Time
5t. 1s. 16min. vor Nightwish - Scaretale
5t. 1s. 38min. vor Seven Witches - Fields Of Fire
5t. 2s. vor Control Denied - Expect The Unexpected
5t. 2s. 23min. vor Voyager - I Am The Revolution
5t. 2s. 48min. vor Coldspell - Heading For Tomorrow
5t. 3s. 9min. vor Threshold - The Box
5t. 3s. 30min. vor Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers
5t. 3s. 52min. vor Eyefear - Confessions
5t. 4s. 14min. vor Candlemass - Where The Runes Still Speak
5t. 4s. 36min. vor Hammerfall - Riders Of The Storm
5t. 4s. 59min. vor Signum Regis - Let Us Go!
5t. 5s. 20min. vor Dragonland - The Shores Of Our Land
5t. 5s. 42min. vor Leaves' Eyes - Saint Cecelia
5t. 6s. 3min. vor Edgend - My Oath
5t. 6s. 28min. vor Amorphis - Death Of A King
5t. 6s. 49min. vor Suspyre - Opus Iii: The Origin Of A Curse: April In The Fall
5t. 7s. 11min. vor Brainstorm - Disappeared
5t. 7s. 32min. vor Manticora - Dead End Solution [bonus]
5t. 7s. 54min. vor Beto Vazquez - Until Dawn (angels Of Light)[feat. Tarja Turunen]
5t. 8s. 18min. vor Freedom Call - Kingdom Of Madness
5t. 8s. 39min. vor Kamelot - A Sailorman's Hymn
5t. 9s. vor Keldian - Heart Of The Sun
5t. 9s. 21min. vor Sonata Arctica - Run To You [bryan Adams Cover]
5t. 9s. 44min. vor Genius - I Die [ [feat. Daniel Gildenlow]
5t. 10s. 8min. vor Symphorce - Condemned

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