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6s. 17min. vor Brainstorm - Mask Of Life
16s. 12min. vor Manowar - The Oath
5t. 13s. 2min. vor Amorphis - Alone
6t. 11s. 18min. vor Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon
6t. 11s. 58min. vor Candlemass - Dark Reflections
6t. 14s. 6min. vor Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers
6t. 16s. 47min. vor After Forever - My Pledge Of Allegiance #3
7t. 3s. 44min. vor Rob Rock - L'll Be Waiting For You (bonus Track)
7t. 7s. 22min. vor Concerto Moon - Time To Die
7t. 10s. 12min. vor Revolution Renaissance - Last Night On Earth [feat. Michael Kiske]
7t. 14s. 7min. vor Gamma Ray - Pray
7t. 17s. 1min. vor Therion - Schwarzalbenheim
7t. 19s. 53min. vor Stonelake - Rain
7t. 22s. 47min. vor Lost In Thought - Entity
8t. 1s. 39min. vor Evergrey - The Storm Within
8t. 4s. 31min. vor Firewind - Beware The Beast
8t. 7s. 23min. vor Tyr - The Hunt
8t. 11s. 46min. vor Manowar - Achilles, Agony, And Ecstasy In Eight Parts: Prelude/hector ...
8t. 16s. 4min. vor Queensryche - The Needle Lies
8t. 20s. 5min. vor Brainstorm - Weakness Sows It's Seed
8t. 23s. 16min. vor Battle Beast - Bastard Son Of Odin
9t. 2s. 22min. vor Cloudscape - The Silence Within
9t. 5s. 27min. vor Powerglove - Birth Of A God [final Fantasy Vii]
9t. 8s. 34min. vor Ghosthill - Flying Through Imagination
9t. 11s. 42min. vor In Extremo - Nur Ihr Allein
9t. 14s. 47min. vor Shadow Gallery - Act Iv - Torn
9t. 18s. 3min. vor Nocturnal Rites - The Vision
9t. 21s. 11min. vor Andre Matos - Remember Why
10t. 34min. vor Dream Theater - Prophets Of War
10t. 3s. 42min. vor Nightwish - The Poet And The Pendulum
10t. 6s. 48min. vor Excalion - Bring On The Storm
10t. 9s. 57min. vor Sirenia - The Other Side
10t. 13s. 4min. vor Manowar - King
10t. 16s. 11min. vor Vision Divine - Fading Shadow (demo Version)
10t. 19s. 21min. vor Threshold - Mother Earth
10t. 21s. 43min. vor Majesty - Heavy Metal
10t. 21s. 48min. vor Dreamtale - Lucid Times
10t. 21s. 55min. vor Saviour Machine - American Babylon
10t. 22s. 3min. vor Seventh Wonder - In The Blink Of An Eye
10t. 22s. 10min. vor Hibria - Reborn From The Ashes
10t. 22s. 13min. vor Winterlong - Evolution
10t. 22s. 19min. vor Civil War - Gods And Generals
10t. 22s. 26min. vor Avantasia - Another Angel Down
10t. 22s. 29min. vor Queen - The March Of The Black Queen
10t. 22s. 34min. vor Queen - The March Of The Black Queen
10t. 22s. 36min. vor Thy Majestie - Maiden Of Steel
10t. 22s. 43min. vor Star One - Victim Of The Modern Age
10t. 22s. 49min. vor Sons Of Seasons - Fallen Family
10t. 22s. 52min. vor Guardians Of Time - Triopticon
10t. 22s. 58min. vor Excalion - Obsession To Prosper
10t. 23s. 6min. vor Fullforce - Father Spirit
10t. 23s. 11min. vor Saxon - Do It All For You
10t. 23s. 17min. vor Xandria - Black & Silver
10t. 23s. 19min. vor Dgm - Close To You
11t. 1s. 25min. vor Heavenly - Chapter One: Victory
11t. 1s. 33min. vor Angra - Synchronicity Ii [the Police Cover]
11t. 1s. 43min. vor Six Magics - Eternal Warrior
11t. 5s. 1min. vor Axel Rudi Pell - Touching Heaven
11t. 5s. 59min. vor Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings
11t. 8s. 34min. vor Iced Earth - Cthulhu
11t. 13s. 42min. vor Battlelore - House Of Heroes
11t. 17s. 3min. vor Mob Rules - Black Rain
11t. 17s. 53min. vor Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
11t. 20s. 38min. vor Dio - Gypsy
11t. 23s. 48min. vor Hammerfall - Run With The Devil
12t. 2s. 59min. vor Tyr - How Far To Asgaard
12t. 6s. 14min. vor Sonata Arctica - My Selene
12t. 9s. 25min. vor Powerwolf - Resurrection By Erection
12t. 12s. 32min. vor Iron Savior - The Omega Man
12t. 13s. 3min. vor Axel Rudi Pell - Devil Zone
12t. 16s. 48min. vor Alta Densidad - Reina Sofia
12t. 20s. 14min. vor Genius - All My Fault [feat. Roberto Tiranti, Johnny Gioeli, Mark Boal...
12t. 23s. 39min. vor Freedom Call - Ludwig Ii - Prologue
13t. 2s. 52min. vor Derdian - The Spell
13t. 6s. 4min. vor Rhapsody - Lamento Eroico
13t. 7s. 6min. vor Threshold - Paradox
13t. 13s. 49min. vor Amorphis - Escape
13t. 17s. 15min. vor Empires Of Eden - This Time
13t. 20s. 28min. vor Genius - He Will Die [feat. Russell Allen, Daniel Gildenlow & Mark...
13t. 20s. 43min. vor Secret Sphere - You Still Remain
13t. 23s. 27min. vor Yngwie Malmsteen - Valhalla
14t. 2s. 34min. vor Rhapsody - The Village Of Dwarves
14t. 5s. 44min. vor The Storyteller - Beauty Is The Beast
14t. 8s. 46min. vor Heavenly - The Prince Of The World
14t. 11s. 51min. vor Warcry - Dispuesto A Combatir [willing To Fight]
14t. 14s. 51min. vor Edenbridge - Taken Away

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