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Genres: Metal
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1min. vor Nightwish - Shudder Before The Beautiful
1t. 5s. vor Galneryus - The Wind Blows
1t. 7s. 57min. vor Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
1t. 15s. 11min. vor Epica - The Essence Of Silence
1t. 21s. 29min. vor Dream Evil - Lets Make Rock
3t. 15s. 22min. vor Dead End Irony - My Revenge
3t. 21s. 24min. vor Mob Rules - Evolution's Falling
4t. 13s. 21min. vor Hibria - Stare At Yourself
4t. 15s. 35min. vor Magnitude Nine - What My Eyes Have Seen
5t. 4s. 49min. vor Nightwish - Romanticide [live]
5t. 11s. 38min. vor Therion - Land Of Canaan
6t. 13s. 8min. vor Axel Rudi Pell - Legions Of Hell
8t. 4s. 52min. vor Teramaze - An Ordinary Dream (enla Momento)
8t. 15s. 1min. vor Luca Turilli - Kings Of The Nordic Twilight
10t. 7s. 13min. vor Kamelot - Nights Of Arabia
13t. 4s. 4min. vor Kamelot - March Of Mephisto
13t. 21s. 26min. vor Voices Of Destiny - Ray Of Hope

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