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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Bear Metal Radio
47min. vor Within Temptation - A Demon's Fate
1s. 38min. vor Aeternam - Zadyin Arga
2s. 26min. vor Vexillum - The Jester: Over The Clouds (feat. Chris Bay)
3s. 15min. vor Lacuna Coil - Upsidedown
4s. 3min. vor Not Heard Your Fav Band Lately? Then Use The Request System
4s. 50min. vor Finntroll - Slagbrcder
5s. 36min. vor Opeth - Porcelain Heart
6s. 25min. vor Moonspell - Whiteomega
7s. 14min. vor Dark Forest - Beyond The Veil
8s. 2min. vor Pathfinder - When The Sunrise Breaks The Darkness
8s. 50min. vor Derdian - Music Is Life
9s. 42min. vor Sabaton - The Ballad Of Bull
10s. 32min. vor Simulacrum - The Abomination
11s. 23min. vor Therion - To Mega Therion
12s. 18min. vor Theocracy - Easter
13s. 8min. vor Circus Maximus - Architect Of Fortune
13s. 58min. vor Dark Avenger - The Knight On The Hill
14s. 48min. vor Free Song Requests
15s. 38min. vor Eternus - Frozen Time
16s. 26min. vor Streamripping This Station Is Not Permitted
17s. 3min. vor Station Id - Bringing You Astro Metal
17s. 15min. vor Wings Of Destiny - Time
18s. 5min. vor Suddenflames - Beyond
18s. 56min. vor Kdlter - Tribulation
19s. 46min. vor Omnium Gatherum - White Palace
20s. 38min. vor Victorius - Demon Legions
21s. 27min. vor Wizard - Taste Of Fear
22s. 16min. vor Vandroya - Solar Night
23s. 4min. vor Serious Black - Trail Of Murder
23s. 52min. vor Not Heard Your Fav Band Lately? Then Use The Request System
1t. 42min. vor Omnium Gatherum - The Great Liberation
1t. 1s. 32min. vor Mindwarp Chamber - Icons Of Evil
1t. 2s. 22min. vor Stratovarius - One Must Fall
1t. 3s. 12min. vor Lord Of Mushrooms - Circles On The Water
1t. 4s. 2min. vor Dream Theater - This Dying Soul
1t. 4s. 52min. vor Fates Warning - Traveler In Time
1t. 5s. 46min. vor Stormwarrior - Turn The Cross Upside Down
1t. 6s. 36min. vor Lascaille's Shroud - The Roads Leading North
1t. 7s. 28min. vor Gamma Ray - Farewell
1t. 8s. 18min. vor Whyzdom - Lonely Roads
1t. 9s. 12min. vor Sonata Arctica - The Wolves Die Young
1t. 10s. 2min. vor Korpiklaani - Dismal
1t. 10s. 54min. vor Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls
1t. 11s. 48min. vor Witchwood - Rainbow Highway
1t. 12s. 42min. vor Galahad - This Life Could Be My Last . . .
1t. 13s. 40min. vor Marc Vanderberg - The Final Chapter
1t. 14s. 34min. vor Crystallion - Killer
1t. 15s. 26min. vor Free Song Requests
1t. 16s. 20min. vor Masterplan - Crawling From Hell
1t. 17s. 12min. vor Lanfear - The Reverend
1t. 18s. 4min. vor Steelwing - Sentinel Hill
1t. 18s. 56min. vor Astralion - Black Sails
1t. 19s. 46min. vor Orange Goblin - The Fog
1t. 20s. 36min. vor Ter - Sterisvshlurin
1t. 21s. 26min. vor Stormhammer - The Ocean
1t. 22s. 14min. vor Russell Allen / Jorn Lande - Truth About Our Time
1t. 23s. 4min. vor Astralion - Wastelands Of Ice
1t. 23s. 52min. vor Pagan's Mind - Dimensions Of Fire
2t. 42min. vor Ghost Machinery - Face Of Evil
2t. 1s. 30min. vor Vanden Plas - Free The Fire
2t. 2s. 20min. vor Redwolves - Love
2t. 3s. 10min. vor Adrenaline Mob - Down To The Floor
2t. 4s. vor Vexillum - The Wanderer's Note
2t. 4s. 50min. vor G3 - Little Wing (jimmi Hendrix Cover)
2t. 5s. 40min. vor Divinity Compromised - The Slaughter Of Innocents
2t. 6s. 26min. vor Iced Earth - Cthulhu
2t. 7s. 16min. vor Redemption - Keep Breathing
2t. 8s. 6min. vor Free Song Requests
2t. 8s. 56min. vor Circle Ii Circle - End Of Emotion
2t. 9s. 46min. vor Jorn - Duke Of Love
2t. 10s. 36min. vor Ghost - Body And Blood
2t. 11s. 26min. vor Grave Digger - Walls Of Sorrow
2t. 12s. 16min. vor Current Mix=balanced Hard Rock And Metal Mix
2t. 13s. 6min. vor Redemption - As I Lay Dying
2t. 13s. 56min. vor Messenger - Falconlord
2t. 14s. 44min. vor Derdian - Terror
2t. 15s. 30min. vor Deep Purple - Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover
2t. 16s. 18min. vor My Reflection - Stand Again
2t. 17s. 6min. vor Monster Truck - Seven Seas Blues
2t. 17s. 56min. vor Astralion - Sacrificed & Immortalized
2t. 18s. 42min. vor Running Wild - Calico Jack
2t. 19s. 30min. vor Allen Lande - Her Spell
2t. 20s. 20min. vor Scythia - Bear Claw Tavern
2t. 21s. 10min. vor Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
2t. 22s. vor Stormhammer - Stormrider
2t. 22s. 46min. vor Motcrhead - Keep Your Powder Dry
2t. 23s. 36min. vor Falconer - Stand In Veneration
3t. 24min. vor Horslips - Guests Of The Nation
3t. 1s. 10min. vor Yes - Roundabout
3t. 1s. 58min. vor Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
3t. 2s. 46min. vor Knightmare - Apocalypse
3t. 3s. 32min. vor Alter Bridge - Words Darker Than Their Wings
3t. 4s. 16min. vor Not Heard Your Fav Band Lately? Then Use The Request System
3t. 5s. 2min. vor Pellek - Gods Pocket
3t. 5s. 46min. vor Titanium - Here And Now
3t. 6s. 34min. vor Flotsam & Jetsam - Metalshock
3t. 7s. 22min. vor Witherscape - To The Calling Of Blood And Dreams
3t. 8s. 10min. vor Grave Digger - Warriors Revenge
3t. 9s. vor Sabaton - Swedish Pagans
3t. 9s. 46min. vor Symphony X - Fallen
3t. 10s. 35min. vor Eclipse - Born To Lead
3t. 11s. 24min. vor Candlemass - At The Gallows End
3t. 12s. 12min. vor Monument - Carry On
3t. 13s. 2min. vor Elvenking - Witches Gather
3t. 13s. 50min. vor Rory Gallagher - Brute Force & Ignorance
3t. 14s. 40min. vor Tellus Requiem - Sands Of Gold
3t. 15s. 28min. vor Scorpions - Top Of The Bill
3t. 16s. 16min. vor Powerwolf - Nochnoi Dozor
3t. 17s. vor Megadeth - Holy Wars...the Punishment Due
3t. 17s. 45min. vor In Mourning - Fire And Ocean
3t. 18s. 32min. vor Ac/dc - Crabsody In Blue
3t. 19s. 16min. vor Iron Savior - Brave New World
3t. 20s. 2min. vor Skyclad - A Heavy Price To Pay
3t. 20s. 20min. vor Candlemass - Dark Reflections
3t. 20s. 46min. vor Heavens Gate - Touch The Light
3t. 21s. 36min. vor Dream Theater - Surrounded
3t. 22s. 22min. vor Katana - No Surrender
3t. 23s. 10min. vor Gamma Ray - Time For Deliverance
3t. 23s. 56min. vor Evergrey - Visions
4t. 42min. vor Metal Church - No Tomorrow
4t. 1s. 30min. vor Kyuss - Space Cadet
4t. 2s. 20min. vor Satan - Twenty Twenty Five
4t. 3s. 7min. vor Andromeda - Shadow Of A Lucent Moon
4t. 3s. 52min. vor Station Id - Free Requests On
4t. 4s. 40min. vor Virgin Steele - Transfiguration
4t. 5s. 26min. vor Voodoo Circle - The Day The Walls Came Down
4t. 6s. 12min. vor Weekend=classic/hard/blues Rock + Heavier/stoner/doom/epic Metal
4t. 7s. vor Black Label Society - January
4t. 7s. 46min. vor Fifth Angel - Broken Dreams
4t. 8s. 32min. vor Creed - On My Sleeve

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