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11min. vor Emerald - Ridden By Fear
39min. vor Aldious - Dominator
1s. 9min. vor Artlantica - Fight For The Light
1s. 34min. vor Thaurorod - Riders Of The Shires
2s. 1min. vor Ne Obliviscaris - Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. 1 (blackholes)
2s. 30min. vor Rebellion (usa) - Die By The Sword
3s. vor Alpha Tiger - Rain
3s. 29min. vor Evertale - Tale Of The Everman
3s. 56min. vor Porcupine Tree - My Ashes
4s. 24min. vor Opeth - Hessian Peel
4s. 52min. vor Rhapsody Of Fire - I Belong To The Stars
5s. 20min. vor Therion - Blood Of Kingu
5s. 50min. vor Iron Fire - Still Alive
6s. 23min. vor Persuader - Enter Reality
6s. 51min. vor October Falls - Below The Soils
7s. 20min. vor Every Hour Kills - Deliver Us
7s. 49min. vor Wintersun - Beautiful Death
8s. 22min. vor Dream Theater - The Big Medley - In The Flesh? / Carry On Wayward Son/...
8s. 52min. vor Amorphis - Song Of The Sage
9s. 19min. vor Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known
9s. 49min. vor Caladmor - Laudine's Lament
10s. 13min. vor Ensiferum - Abandoned
10s. 41min. vor Human Fortress - Defenders Of The Crown
11s. 12min. vor Celesty - The Sword And The Shield
11s. 41min. vor Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
12s. 10min. vor Arkona - Na Strazhe Novyh Let
12s. 39min. vor Galneryus - Deep Affection
12s. 39min. vor Galneryus - Deep Affection
13s. 14min. vor Illusion Suite - The Iron Cemetery
13s. 41min. vor Ne Obliviscaris - Eyrie
14s. 11min. vor Evertale - Brothers In War (forever Damned)
14s. 39min. vor Ashes Of Ares - Punishment
15s. 16min. vor Current Mix=balanced Hard Rock And Metal Mix
15s. 49min. vor Mystic Prophecy - Killhammer
16s. 15min. vor Kobra And The Lotus - I Am, I Am
16s. 44min. vor Tarot - Never Forever
17s. 13min. vor Dreyelands - Room 5 Way To You
17s. 42min. vor Ratt - Dangerous But Worth The Risk
18s. 11min. vor Final Chapter - The Ballad Of The Queen
18s. 42min. vor Nocturnal Rites - Dark Secret
19s. 11min. vor Dragonslayer - Run Like Hell
19s. 39min. vor Motcrhead - Heartbreaker
20s. 9min. vor Wardrum - Baptised In Fire
20s. 9min. vor Wardrum - Baptised In Fire
20s. 34min. vor Opeth - Folklore
21s. 3min. vor Deep Purple - Black Night
21s. 34min. vor Impellitteri - Ball And Chain
22s. 3min. vor Empires Of Eden - Architect Of Hope (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
22s. 32min. vor Impellitteri - Eyes Of An Angel
23s. vor Freedom Call - Masters Of Light
23s. 29min. vor Current Mix=balanced Hard Rock And Metal Mix
23s. 55min. vor Communic - The Claws Of The Sea, Pt. 1: Journey Into The Source
1t. 22min. vor Avatar - Bloody Angel
1t. 51min. vor Jorn - Black Morning
1t. 1s. 19min. vor Human Fortress - The Dragon's Lair
1t. 1s. 49min. vor Alkemyst - Empty Skies
1t. 2s. 13min. vor Ark - Mother Love
1t. 2s. 40min. vor Steel Prophet - Montag
1t. 2s. 40min. vor Steel Prophet - Montag
1t. 3s. 9min. vor Silent Force - The Child Within
1t. 3s. 34min. vor Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn
1t. 4s. 2min. vor Godsmack - Make Me Believe
1t. 4s. 31min. vor Impellitteri - Under The Gun
1t. 4s. 59min. vor Tellus Requiem - Redemption (frontiers 2)
1t. 5s. 28min. vor Disturbed - Deify
1t. 5s. 53min. vor Suspected Streamripper Modules Users Will Be Vanquished
1t. 6s. 21min. vor Sinbreed - Reborn
1t. 6s. 51min. vor Galahad - Richelieu's Prayer 2012
1t. 7s. 18min. vor Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Window To The World
1t. 7s. 48min. vor Iced Earth - Clear The Way (december 13th, 1862)
1t. 8s. 13min. vor Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl
1t. 8s. 42min. vor Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained
1t. 9s. 11min. vor Thin Lizzy - Still In Love With You
1t. 9s. 39min. vor The Flower Kings - One More Time
1t. 9s. 39min. vor The Flower Kings - One More Time
1t. 10s. 9min. vor Russell Allen / Jorn Lande - Reach A Little Longer
1t. 10s. 34min. vor Bal-sagoth - And Lo, When The Imperium Marches Against Gul-kothoth
1t. 11s. 9min. vor Jorn - Night City
1t. 11s. 33min. vor Santa Cruz - Velvet Rope
1t. 12s. 9min. vor Vanden Plas - Vision 6ix * New Vampyre *
1t. 12s. 39min. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 13s. 9min. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 13s. 34min. vor Internet Radio At Its Best.
1t. 14s. 1min. vor Epysode - First Blood
1t. 14s. 30min. vor Jag Panzer - Displacement
1t. 14s. 59min. vor Virgin Steele - Do You Walk With God
1t. 15s. 30min. vor Demons & Wizards - Down Where I Am
1t. 15s. 59min. vor Internet Radio At Its Best.
1t. 16s. 32min. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 17s. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 17s. 30min. vor Station Id - Today's Featured Artist
1t. 17s. 58min. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 18s. 25min. vor Judicator - Release Me
1t. 18s. 53min. vor Internet Radio At Its Best.
1t. 19s. 20min. vor Dark Forest - Excalibur
1t. 19s. 49min. vor Hexx - Hell Riders
1t. 20s. 13min. vor Creed - Time
1t. 20s. 40min. vor Adagio - Introptus / Solvet Saeclum In Favilla
1t. 21s. 23min. vor Majesty - United By Freedom
1t. 21s. 50min. vor Gary Moore - Since I Met You Baby
1t. 22s. 15min. vor Not Heard Your Fav Band Lately? Then Use The Request System
1t. 22s. 40min. vor Vexillum - The Sentenced: Fire And Blood (feat. Hansi Kursch)
1t. 23s. 9min. vor Battle Beast - Enter The Metal World
1t. 23s. 32min. vor Visit Our Website For Instant Requests, Now Playing Song Information A...
1t. 23s. 58min. vor Crimson Glory - Queen Of The Masquerade
2t. 30min. vor Jag Panzer - Twilight Years
2t. 54min. vor Scorpions - House Of Cards
2t. 1s. 19min. vor Stormwitch - Sword Of Sagon
2t. 1s. 42min. vor Evertale - Into The Dragons Lair
2t. 2s. 10min. vor Iron Savior - Mind Over Matter
2t. 2s. 32min. vor Gunfire - Superior Mind
2t. 2s. 59min. vor Brocas Helm - Children Of The Nova Dawn
2t. 3s. 29min. vor Arkona - V Ob'jat'jah Kramoly
2t. 3s. 59min. vor Pink Floyd - Two Suns In The Sunset
2t. 4s. 22min. vor Heavens Gate - In Control
2t. 4s. 49min. vor Heimdall - Dark Home
2t. 5s. 16min. vor Tarot - I Walk Forever (live With Choir At Ruisrock 2010)
2t. 5s. 43min. vor Moonspell - Opera Carne
2t. 6s. 16min. vor Evil Masquerade - When Satan Calls
2t. 6s. 49min. vor Dark Forest - The Undying Flame
2t. 7s. 12min. vor Ghost Season - Need
2t. 7s. 39min. vor Hammerfall - Keep The Fire Burning
2t. 8s. 4min. vor Foreigner - Juke Box Hero/whole Lotta Love [live 2005]
2t. 8s. 41min. vor Johannes Maria Knoll - The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem (instr)
2t. 9s. 9min. vor Nightland - In Solemn Rise
2t. 9s. 31min. vor Theocracy - The Wonder Of It All
2t. 9s. 56min. vor Saxon - Eye Of The Storm
2t. 10s. 20min. vor Lord Of Mushrooms - Grace (dedicated To..)
2t. 10s. 49min. vor Twilightning - Gone To The Wall
2t. 11s. 12min. vor Station Id - Wed-sat Power/progessive/melodeath Metal Mix

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