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2t. 3s. 48min. vor Queensrche - I Don't Believe In Love
2t. 8s. 1min. vor Slipknot - Psychosocial
5t. 6s. 3min. vor Metallica - Cyanide
5t. 15s. 20min. vor Tool - Prison Sex
5t. 15s. 51min. vor Kiss - Deuce [#][live][live]
5t. 16s. 14min. vor Loudness - Solder Of Fortune
5t. 16s. 16min. vor Thin Lizzy - The Rocker
5t. 16s. 35min. vor Tesla - Breakin' Free
5t. 16s. 37min. vor Under Aspect - What Does It Mean?
6t. 6s. 49min. vor Godsmack - I Stand Alone
6t. 6s. 54min. vor Five Finger Death Punch - Question Everything
6t. 6s. 57min. vor Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
6t. 19s. 17min. vor Roderick Carter - Don't Touch That Dial Here's Anoth Hot One...
7t. 2s. 32min. vor Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
7t. 2s. 47min. vor Scorpions - The Zoo
7t. 3s. 55min. vor White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
7t. 3s. 56min. vor Five Finger Death Punch - This Is My War [*]
7t. 5s. 9min. vor Id/psa - Metal Rock Radio
7t. 5s. 11min. vor Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself
8t. 26min. vor Loudness - Solder Of Fortune
9t. 15s. 30min. vor Id/psa - On The Web, Smart Device And Smart Phone -
9t. 15s. 31min. vor Chevelle - Rivers
9t. 15s. 35min. vor Pantera - Metal Magic
9t. 15s. 38min. vor Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls
9t. 15s. 43min. vor Buckcherry - Talk To Me
9t. 15s. 46min. vor Iron Maiden - Space Truckin'
9t. 15s. 50min. vor Black Label Society - All For You (album Version)
9t. 15s. 55min. vor Slipknot - The Negative One
9t. 16s. vor Creed - Overcome
9t. 16s. 4min. vor In This Moment - Whore
9t. 16s. 7min. vor Id/psa - Live From Studios In Baltmd
9t. 16s. 11min. vor Ac/dc - For Those About To Rock (we Salute You)
9t. 16s. 17min. vor Godsmack - Shine Down
9t. 16s. 23min. vor Adelitas Way - Sick
10t. 12s. 28min. vor Dio - Don't Talk To Strangers
10t. 13s. 40min. vor Five Finger Death Punch - Burn Mf
10t. 13s. 43min. vor Id/psa - And Now It's More Music Right Now 1
10t. 13s. 45min. vor Sevendust - Black
10t. 13s. 53min. vor Metallica - Seek & Destroy
10t. 13s. 55min. vor Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide
10t. 14s. vor Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
10t. 14s. 2min. vor Godsmack - Keep Away
10t. 14s. 14min. vor Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
10t. 14s. 38min. vor Creed - Bullets
10t. 14s. 42min. vor Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames
10t. 14s. 50min. vor Disturbed - Open Your Eyes
10t. 14s. 54min. vor Under The Flood - Gravity
10t. 14s. 57min. vor Tool - H.
10t. 15s. 2min. vor Lamb Of God - Set To Fail
10t. 15s. 6min. vor Id/psa - Live From Studios In Baltmd
10t. 15s. 9min. vor Guns N' Roses - Better
10t. 15s. 15min. vor In This Moment - Blood
10t. 15s. 17min. vor Chevelle - Joyride (omen)
10t. 15s. 25min. vor Van Halen - Right Now
10t. 15s. 29min. vor Tesla - The Game
10t. 15s. 34min. vor Korn - The Game Is Over
10t. 15s. 37min. vor Saliva - Click Click Boom
10t. 15s. 40min. vor Poison - What I Like About You
12t. 13s. 26min. vor Godsmack - Keep Away
13t. 22s. 40min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Over The Mountain

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