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33min. vor Warrior - Tonight We Ride
1s. 15min. vor Mad Margritt - Down In Flames
1s. 59min. vor Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man
2s. 44min. vor Kill 2 This - Frame By Frame
3s. 28min. vor Metalium - Fight
4s. 15min. vor Lingua - Constant State Of Puttra
5s. 3min. vor Bigfoot - Bigfoot -the Devil In Me
5s. 45min. vor Fates Warning - Down To The Wire
6s. 27min. vor Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Disciples Of Hell
7s. 12min. vor Angtoria - Suicide On My Mind
7s. 52min. vor Annihilator - The Box
8s. 37min. vor Winger - Time To Surrender
9s. 19min. vor Mtley Cre - Kickstart My Heart
10s. 4min. vor Dark Witch - Blood Sentence
10s. 51min. vor Speaking To Stones - Nothing
11s. 38min. vor Anthrax - Howling Furies (original Version)
12s. 26min. vor King Company - In Wheels Of No Return
13s. 13min. vor Kix - Midnite Dynamite (live - Baltimore)
14s. 1min. vor Jeff Paris - Trial By Fire
14s. 44min. vor Metal Machine - Nailed To The Cross
15s. 29min. vor W.a.s.p. - I Wanna Be Somebody
16s. 15min. vor Broken Dagger - He Will Die
16s. 56min. vor Phantom 5 - Had Enuff
17s. 41min. vor Exciter - Victims Of Sacrifice
18s. 27min. vor Y&t - Rescue Me
19s. 15min. vor Bulletboys - Hard As A Rock
20s. 1min. vor Killer Dwarfs - Nothin' Gets Nothin'
20s. 45min. vor Voivod - Facing Up
21s. 29min. vor Holy Moses - Devil's Dancer
22s. 13min. vor My Victim - Into Eternity
22s. 59min. vor Sons Of Apollo - God Of The Sun
23s. 47min. vor Poison Pill - Pitch Black
23s. 58min. vor Shameless - Change Your World
1t. 34min. vor Ravage - Into The Shackles
1t. 1s. 21min. vor Almighty - Over The Edge
1t. 2s. 9min. vor Pretty Maids - Headlines
1t. 2s. 56min. vor Stone Sour - A Rumor Of Skin
1t. 3s. 42min. vor Vessel Of Light - Dead Flesh And Bone
1t. 4s. 25min. vor Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
1t. 5s. 9min. vor L.a. Guns - Sticky Fingers
1t. 6s. 1min. vor Tobruk - Wild On The Run
1t. 6s. 48min. vor L.a. Guns - Sticky Fingers
1t. 7s. 33min. vor Flotsam & Jetsam - Iron Tears
1t. 8s. 19min. vor Fatal Embrace - Slaughter To Survive
1t. 9s. 6min. vor Cry Wolf - Face Down In The Wishing Well
1t. 9s. 54min. vor Helloween - Eagle Fly Free (live In Sao Paulo)
1t. 10s. 39min. vor Five Fifteen - Mrs Rolling Stone
1t. 11s. 25min. vor Nocturnal Rites - Welcome To The End
1t. 12s. 13min. vor Scorpions - Loving You Sunday Morning (live 1984)
1t. 13s. 7min. vor Twinball - Times Of Destiny
1t. 13s. 55min. vor Flotsam And Jetsam - Taser
1t. 14s. 43min. vor Judas Priest - War
1t. 15s. 32min. vor Brian May - Back To The Light
1t. 16s. 15min. vor Lanfear - The Opaque Hourglass
1t. 16s. 57min. vor Stormbringer - Bleed For
1t. 17s. 43min. vor Crimson Glory - Where Dragons Rule
1t. 18s. 25min. vor Saxon - Princess Of The Night [re-reco
1t. 19s. 11min. vor Nevermore - The River Dragon Has Come
1t. 19s. 53min. vor Masque - Lover Lover
1t. 20s. 35min. vor Bulletboys - Freakshow
1t. 21s. 17min. vor Age Of Nemesis - Plummeting Into Eternity
1t. 21s. 59min. vor White Lion - Little Fighter
1t. 22s. 43min. vor Y&t - Bad Bad Girls
1t. 23s. 23min. vor Nocturnal Rites - A Heart As Black As Coal
2t. 3min. vor David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy!
2t. 45min. vor Souldrinker - Take My Pain
2t. 1s. 23min. vor Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy
2t. 1s. 29min. vor Red Zone Rider - Hit The Road
2t. 2s. 5min. vor Shadow Gallery - Vow
2t. 2s. 43min. vor Empty Tremor - I Found You
2t. 3s. 21min. vor Cinderella - Hell On Wheels
2t. 3s. 59min. vor Bohica - Propane
2t. 4s. 41min. vor Game Over - Broken Trails
2t. 5s. 19min. vor Bigfoot - Bigfoot -the Fear
2t. 6s. 1min. vor L.a. Guns - Kill That Girl
2t. 6s. 41min. vor Crystal Ball - Not Like You
2t. 7s. 25min. vor Rush - By-tor & The Snow Dog
2t. 8s. 5min. vor Little Angels - Do You Wanna Riot?
2t. 8s. 46min. vor Accept - Metal Heart (live)
2t. 9s. 29min. vor Vicious Rumors - Let The Garden Burn
2t. 10s. 11min. vor Charing Cross - Coming Home
2t. 10s. 51min. vor Helix - Monday Morning Meltdown
2t. 11s. 32min. vor Michael Angelo Batio - Overload
2t. 12s. 14min. vor At The Dawn - Revelations (cover)
2t. 12s. 58min. vor Hedda - Heaven's Fate
2t. 13s. 38min. vor Stryper - God
2t. 14s. 18min. vor Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It (live)
2t. 15s. 1min. vor Trendkiller - Thoughts In Me
2t. 15s. 43min. vor Nightwish - She Is My Sin (live 2000)
2t. 16s. 25min. vor Gemini Five - Poison Envy
2t. 17s. 6min. vor Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord
2t. 17s. 47min. vor Phantom 5 - Had Enuff
2t. 18s. 28min. vor Silent Rage - Runnin' On Love
2t. 19s. 9min. vor China - Take Your Time
2t. 19s. 49min. vor Electric Boys - Rags To Riches
2t. 20s. 28min. vor Velvet Revolver - Get Out The Door
2t. 21s. 9min. vor The Frozen - Reason To Feast
2t. 21s. 48min. vor Stoneflower - A Little Bit Of Money
2t. 22s. 27min. vor Accept - Midnight Mover
2t. 23s. 7min. vor Jag Panzer - Black List
2t. 23s. 48min. vor Nocturnal Rites - The Ghost Inside Me
3t. 27min. vor Impellitteri - Fly Away
3t. 1s. 7min. vor Bon Jovi - In And Out Of Love (live 1985)
3t. 1s. 45min. vor Guns N' Roses - Mr. Brownstone
3t. 2s. 24min. vor Silent Rage - You're Not The First One
3t. 3s. 5min. vor Anthrax - Who Cares Wins
3t. 3s. 44min. vor Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (live 1973)
3t. 4s. 25min. vor Iron Maiden - Back In The Village
3t. 5s. 6min. vor Freaky Jelly - Wake Up
3t. 5s. 27min. vor Autograph - Watch It Now
3t. 5s. 47min. vor Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69 - Whistleblower
3t. 6s. 27min. vor Tesla - 2 Late 4 Love
3t. 7s. 7min. vor Sister Sin - Spor 8
3t. 7s. 47min. vor Black Sabbath - Sabbra Cadabra
3t. 8s. 31min. vor Flotsam & Jetsam - Hard On You
3t. 9s. 13min. vor Tytan - Blind Men & Fools
3t. 9s. 53min. vor Venom - Skeletal Dance
3t. 10s. 16min. vor Confess - Intervention Sin Tonic Pt.2
3t. 10s. 35min. vor Edguy - Superheroes
3t. 11s. 17min. vor Air Raid - Entering The Zone Zero
3t. 11s. 57min. vor Saxon - Princess Of The Night (live)
3t. 12s. 44min. vor Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69 - Path Of Destin
3t. 13s. 24min. vor Raven - Extract The Action
3t. 14s. 5min. vor Max Webster - Here Among The Cats
3t. 14s. 48min. vor Brad Gillis - Opus Winfrus
3t. 15s. 29min. vor Rage - Soundchaser
3t. 16s. 8min. vor Picture - Diamond Dreamer
3t. 16s. 47min. vor L.a. Guns - Gave It All Away
3t. 17s. 27min. vor Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69 - Bloodsucker
3t. 18s. 6min. vor Cry Wolf - West Wind Blows

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