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1t. 5s. 38min. vor Winger - Star Tripper
1t. 11s. 6min. vor Crimson Glory - Queen Of The Masquerade
3t. 2s. 8min. vor Dio - We Rock
3t. 2s. 26min. vor Black Steel - Annihilate
3t. 2s. 27min. vor Ended - Laniakea
3t. 2s. 31min. vor Crazy Lixx - Hell Raising Women (live)
3t. 2s. 35min. vor The Dogma - The Nature & The Icelander
3t. 4s. 10min. vor Suicidal Tendencies - Make Your Stand
5t. 10s. 53min. vor Shadowside - Unreality
6t. 4s. 57min. vor Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel (in The Blood)
6t. 9s. 52min. vor Armageddon Rev. 16:16 - Heavy Metal
6t. 12s. 33min. vor Deathlike Silence - Nosferatu
6t. 15s. 21min. vor Aerosmith - Young Lust
7t. 5s. 20min. vor W.a.n.t.e.d. - Your Life Your Game
7t. 8s. 39min. vor Nubian Rose - Illuminated Within
7t. 11s. 31min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
7t. 15s. 27min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
7t. 18s. 19min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
7t. 21s. 13min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 7min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 2s. 59min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 5s. 51min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 7s. 41min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 12s. 1min. vor Saxon - Let Me Feel Your Power
8t. 18s. 19min. vor Anvil - Thumb Hang
8t. 21s. 31min. vor Faith No More - What A Day
9t. 42min. vor Jon Oliva's Pain - You Never Know
9t. 3s. 47min. vor Thin Lizzy - Boogie Woogie Dance
9t. 6s. 53min. vor Magic Pie - Illusion & Reality Pt1
9t. 7s. 14min. vor The Dead Soul Communion - Chains Of Division
9t. 10s. vor Ted Nugent - Baby, Please Don't Go (live 1977)
9t. 13s. 7min. vor American Heartbreak - Bitch
9t. 14s. 39min. vor System Of A Down - Dreaming
9t. 14s. 46min. vor Mr. Big - As Far As I Can See
9t. 14s. 47min. vor Mtley Cre - All In The Name Of
9t. 14s. 51min. vor Ufo - Sympathy
9t. 14s. 54min. vor Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys
9t. 15s. 8min. vor Unisonic - Unisonic
9t. 16s. 21min. vor Kickin Valentina - Turns Me On
9t. 19s. 29min. vor Archange - Don't Turn You Back
9t. 22s. 38min. vor Janet Gardner - Lost
10t. 2s. 2min. vor Winger - Deal With The Devil
10t. 5s. 8min. vor Tony Macalpine - Salar De Uyuni
10t. 8s. 15min. vor Loudness - Pray For The Dead
10t. 11s. 24min. vor Cherry St. - Good In A Bad Way
10t. 14s. 31min. vor Cry Wolf - Road To Ruin
10t. 17s. 38min. vor Lars Eric Mattsson - The Stranger
11t. 2min. vor Torman Maxt - Space And Time
11t. 3s. 20min. vor Lita Ford - Devil In My Head
11t. 6s. 28min. vor Magica - Just For 2 Coins
11t. 11s. 20min. vor Doro - River Of Tears
11t. 14s. 9min. vor Furyon - Don't Follow
11t. 14s. 12min. vor Flame - Givin' Me Lies
11t. 14s. 16min. vor Lonewolf - Werewolf Rebellion
11t. 14s. 21min. vor Infinity Overture - Wonderland
11t. 14s. 26min. vor Omen - Dragon's Breath
11t. 14s. 29min. vor Accept - Analog Man
11t. 14s. 33min. vor Trillium - Justifiable Casualty
11t. 14s. 38min. vor U.d.o. - Rev-raptor (live, Sofia 2011)
11t. 14s. 45min. vor Infectious Grooves - Boom Boom Boom
11t. 14s. 48min. vor Virgin Steele - Lucifer's Hammer
11t. 14s. 53min. vor Nasty Idols - 48 Hours
11t. 14s. 58min. vor Twisted Sister - S.m.f.
11t. 15s. vor Loudness - Emma
11t. 15s. 5min. vor Megadeth - Architecture Of Aggression
11t. 15s. 8min. vor Diamond Head - Calling Your Name (the Light)
11t. 15s. 10min. vor Diamond Head - Calling Your Name (the Light)
11t. 15s. 14min. vor Mcqueen Street - White Junk Monkey
11t. 15s. 17min. vor Sons Of Angels - Talk About Girls
11t. 15s. 21min. vor Nightwish - Higher Than Hope
11t. 15s. 26min. vor Accept - Hole In The Head
11t. 15s. 31min. vor Manowar - Shell Shock
11t. 15s. 34min. vor Black 'n Blue - So Long
11t. 15s. 38min. vor Voodoo Highway - Broken Uncle's Inn
11t. 15s. 43min. vor Bang Tango - Someone Like You (live 1992)
11t. 15s. 48min. vor Dark At Dawn - The Sleepwalker
11t. 15s. 51min. vor Sonic X - Disgrace
11t. 15s. 56min. vor King Diamond - To The Morgue
11t. 16s. 1min. vor Pro-pain - One Man Army
11t. 16s. 5min. vor Dokken - When Heaven Comes Down
11t. 16s. 8min. vor Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death (live 2003)
11t. 16s. 18min. vor Airbourne - Chewin' The Fat
11t. 16s. 22min. vor Artension - Lost Horizon
11t. 16s. 29min. vor Jackyl - Brain Drain
11t. 16s. 34min. vor Divinefire - Masquerade
11t. 16s. 37min. vor Venomous Maximus - Dream Again (hellenbach)
11t. 16s. 42min. vor Kickin Valentina - Heartbreak
11t. 16s. 47min. vor Kickin Valentina - Burning Love (cover)
11t. 16s. 51min. vor Kickin Valentina - Devil's Hand
11t. 16s. 56min. vor Kickin Valentina - Street
11t. 16s. 59min. vor Kickin Valentina - Imaginary Creatures
11t. 17s. 4min. vor Kickin Valentina - Turns Me On
11t. 17s. 9min. vor Shy - Deep Water
11t. 17s. 15min. vor Crashdet - Knokk 'em Down
11t. 17s. 18min. vor Bool - Shut Up
11t. 17s. 23min. vor Racer X - Superheroes
11t. 17s. 26min. vor Disturbed - Down With The Sickness (live)
11t. 17s. 33min. vor Doro - You Can't Lived
11t. 17s. 37min. vor Crazy Lixx - Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot
11t. 17s. 40min. vor Agresiva - Hell Town
11t. 17s. 47min. vor Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death (live 2008)
11t. 17s. 53min. vor Galleon - State Insane
11t. 18s. vor Xpdc - Bagaikan Samurai
11t. 18s. 4min. vor Darker Half - End Of The Line
11t. 18s. 9min. vor Saker - Your Love
11t. 18s. 18min. vor Vandroya - This World Of Yours
11t. 18s. 22min. vor Brainstorm - Stained With Sin
11t. 18s. 25min. vor Masterplan - Escalation 666
11t. 18s. 29min. vor Kix - Hee Bee Jee Bee Crush
11t. 18s. 34min. vor Steeler - Night After Night
11t. 18s. 39min. vor Mr. Big - Alive And Kickin'
11t. 18s. 44min. vor Fueled By Fire - Chaotic Punishment
11t. 18s. 49min. vor King Kobra - Running Wild
11t. 18s. 53min. vor King Kobra - Running Wild
11t. 18s. 56min. vor Metallica - Of Wolf And Man
11t. 19s. vor John West - Fade
11t. 19s. 3min. vor Grim Reaper - See You In Hell
11t. 19s. 8min. vor Guardian - Power Of Love
11t. 19s. 11min. vor Deadlands - Asphyxiate The Masses
11t. 19s. 17min. vor Meduza - The Vision
11t. 19s. 22min. vor Eagleheart - Mind To Decipher
11t. 19s. 27min. vor Lethal - Obscure The Sky
11t. 19s. 30min. vor House Of Lords - Cartesian Dreams
11t. 19s. 35min. vor Crashdet - So Alive
11t. 19s. 40min. vor Mad Margritt - Someone To Love
11t. 19s. 44min. vor Mattersphere - Little Lady
11t. 19s. 47min. vor Steel Prophet - Sleep Of Despair (1989 Demo)
11t. 19s. 54min. vor Alice Cooper - I'm So Angry
11t. 19s. 59min. vor Gemini Five - Myself Esteem
11t. 20s. 2min. vor Paradox - Collision Course

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