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14s. 45min. vor The Darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling
1t. 4s. 33min. vor Belouis Some - Imagination --> Freestyle - Funk, Rock & Pop Mit...
1t. 5s. 4min. vor Lou Gramm - Lost In The Shadows --> Freestyle - Funk, Rock & Po...
1t. 18s. 41min. vor Y&t - Temptation
2t. 10min. vor Frontback - On And On
2t. 8s. 16min. vor Burnt Out Wreck - Best Of Your Life
2t. 11s. 18min. vor Secret Sphere - The Calling
2t. 17s. 45min. vor Arti Tisi - Limits Of Love
3t. 22s. 7min. vor Tito & Tarantula - After Dark
4t. 21s. 31min. vor Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good
6t. 6s. 4min. vor Saltatio Mortis - Prometheus
8t. 4s. 5min. vor Mtley Cre - Bad Boy Boogie
8t. 9s. 38min. vor Kobra And The Lotus - You Don't Know
8t. 16s. 29min. vor Powerworld - Children Of The Universe
8t. 17s. 22min. vor One Desire - Hurt
8t. 18s. 37min. vor Fm - Bad Luck
9t. 14s. 41min. vor Hardline - Where The North Wind Blows
9t. 17s. 8min. vor Gunner - Through The Night
10t. 23s. 20min. vor Rossington - Take It On Faith
13t. 17s. 11min. vor Beatsteaks - Gentleman Of The Year
13t. 17s. 13min. vor Arf Of Anarchy - 1000 Degrees
13t. 17s. 16min. vor Night Laser - Magnetism Of Flesh
13t. 17s. 21min. vor Damned Nation - Going Crazy
13t. 17s. 26min. vor Confess - Haunting You
13t. 17s. 29min. vor Dropkick Murphys - Paying My Way
13t. 17s. 33min. vor Eclipse - For Better Or For Worse
13t. 17s. 36min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
13t. 17s. 38min. vor Golden Earring - Radar Love
13t. 17s. 43min. vor Last Autumn's Dream - Slow Down
13t. 17s. 46min. vor Badlands - Rumblin' Train
13t. 17s. 51min. vor Ratt - Bottom Line
13t. 17s. 56min. vor Rainheart - Mistery Woman
13t. 18s. vor Ac/dc - Fling Thing
13t. 18s. 1min. vor Arc Angel - Sidelines
13t. 18s. 5min. vor David Hallyday - Ooh La La
13t. 18s. 10min. vor Keel - Push & Pull
13t. 18s. 15min. vor Judas Priest - Out In The Cold
13t. 18s. 22min. vor Baltimoore - Don't Stop Running
13t. 18s. 25min. vor Pat Benatar - Heartbreaker
13t. 18s. 28min. vor Black 'n Blue - Live It Up
13t. 18s. 32min. vor Gowan - Lost Brotherhood
13t. 18s. 37min. vor Brother Firetribe - Far Away From Love
13t. 18s. 40min. vor Cruzh - Aim For The Head
13t. 18s. 45min. vor Action - Without Your Love
13t. 18s. 48min. vor Corvus - Can't Get Enough
13t. 18s. 53min. vor Sweet Mary Jane - Keep The Fire Burning
13t. 18s. 57min. vor Aces And Kings - Doa
13t. 19s. 2min. vor Art Nation - A Thousand Charades
13t. 19s. 5min. vor Dakota - If Only I'd Known It
13t. 19s. 9min. vor Fm - Other Side Of Midnight
13t. 19s. 12min. vor Big Life - Takin' Me Down
13t. 19s. 17min. vor Dominoe - Don't Throw Our Love Away
13t. 19s. 20min. vor H.e.a.t. - Tonight
13t. 19s. 24min. vor Wigelius - Angeline
13t. 19s. 29min. vor 101 South - Casuality Of Love
13t. 19s. 32min. vor Andy Rock - Give Me A Reason
13t. 19s. 37min. vor Toseland - We'll Stop At Nothing (acoustic Version)
13t. 19s. 41min. vor Amanda Marshall - Let It Rain
13t. 19s. 47min. vor Van Halen - Jump
13t. 19s. 52min. vor The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
13t. 19s. 56min. vor Bon Jovi - Hey God
13t. 19s. 59min. vor Cannata - Space Oddity (cover)
13t. 20s. 4min. vor Stan Meissner - Walking In The Dark
13t. 20s. 7min. vor Barclay James Harvest - Child Of Universe
13t. 20s. 13min. vor Bryan Adams - The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
13t. 20s. 16min. vor Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
13t. 20s. 21min. vor The Hamburg Blues Band - Weird
13t. 20s. 24min. vor Zucchero - Senza Una Donna
13t. 20s. 28min. vor Big Wreck - Floodgates
13t. 20s. 33min. vor Gene Loves Jezebel - Cry 4 U
13t. 20s. 36min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
13t. 20s. 38min. vor Deep Purple - Child In Time
13t. 20s. 41min. vor Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (hands And Feet Mix)
13t. 20s. 48min. vor Accept - Love Sensation
13t. 20s. 53min. vor Toja - Don't Let Me Go
13t. 20s. 56min. vor Anthony Valentino - Scathing Time
13t. 21s. 3min. vor Eagles - King Of Hollywood
13t. 21s. 10min. vor Autograph - Changing Hands
13t. 21s. 15min. vor Gary Barlow - Let Me Go
13t. 21s. 18min. vor Blink 182 - All The Small Things
13t. 21s. 20min. vor Gary Moore - Walking By Myself
13t. 21s. 23min. vor Newmachine - Hold On
13t. 21s. 26min. vor Hmatom - Mein Fleisch Und Blut
13t. 21s. 30min. vor The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
13t. 21s. 33min. vor Joe Cocker - Unchain My Heart
13t. 21s. 38min. vor Yanni - Rapture
13t. 21s. 42min. vor Georgio Farina Lifeline Project - Jesus In Tibet
13t. 21s. 45min. vor Nickelback - How You Remind Me
13t. 21s. 48min. vor Bad Bones - Rambling Heart
13t. 21s. 55min. vor Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
13t. 21s. 58min. vor Kenny Loggins - Welcome To Heartlight
13t. 22s. 2min. vor Helix - Six Feet Underground
13t. 22s. 7min. vor Adrenaline Mob - Angel Sky
13t. 22s. 10min. vor Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
13t. 22s. 14min. vor Gotthard - Heaven
13t. 22s. 19min. vor Buckcherry - The Feeling Never Dies
13t. 22s. 22min. vor Feuerseele - Wei
13t. 22s. 25min. vor Bonfire - Komm Her
13t. 22s. 30min. vor Biffy Clyro - Re-arrange
13t. 22s. 34min. vor Karibow - All Form Is Illusion (new Track)
13t. 22s. 40min. vor Arti Tisi - Joanne
13t. 22s. 45min. vor Gary Schutt - I Guess I'm Still In Love
13t. 22s. 49min. vor Mike Tramp - Coming Home
13t. 22s. 56min. vor Cheap Trick - When I Wake Up Tomorrow
13t. 22s. 59min. vor Gun - Word Up
13t. 23s. 2min. vor Zz Top - Gimme All Your Lovin'
13t. 23s. 6min. vor Beautiful Beast - Something In The Air
13t. 23s. 11min. vor Ac/dc - T.n.t.
13t. 23s. 14min. vor Damn Yankees - Where You Goin' Now
13t. 23s. 19min. vor Dee Snider - Rule The World
13t. 23s. 21min. vor Kellermensch - Bad Sign
13t. 23s. 24min. vor Sebastian Bach - By Your Side
13t. 23s. 29min. vor Eclipse - Bitter Taste
13t. 23s. 36min. vor Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
13t. 23s. 39min. vor Helix - Danger Zone
13t. 23s. 43min. vor Gillan - Driving Me Wild
13t. 23s. 46min. vor The Babys - Give Me Your Love
13t. 23s. 49min. vor 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday
13t. 23s. 54min. vor Zz Top - Sharp Dressed Man
13t. 23s. 56min. vor Christian Rivels Audiovision - Love Is Like Oxygen
14t. 3min. vor D.a.d - Siamese Twin
14t. 6min. vor Barclay James Harvest - Life Is For Living
14t. 9min. vor Aldo Nova - Hey Operator
14t. 13min. vor Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown Goes Down
14t. 15min. vor Jimmy Barnes - (your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
14t. 18min. vor Y&t - Armed & Dangerous
14t. 21min. vor Great White - Face The Day
14t. 28min. vor Bullseye - Treat Me Right
14t. 30min. vor Molly Hatchet - Down From The Mountain
14t. 35min. vor Supermax - Love Is Deeper --> Classix By Mario @ &l...

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