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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Melodic Radio
19min. vor Find Me - Did You Feel Any Love
58min. vor Michael White & The White - Fantasy
1s. 40min. vor David Bowie - China Girl
2s. 18min. vor Leverage - Shadow In The Rain
2s. 59min. vor Tygers Of Pan Tang - Blood Red Sky
3s. 41min. vor Helden Schwarzer Tage - Abseits Der Spur
4s. 24min. vor Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
5s. 8min. vor Catfish - Much Better
5s. 49min. vor Descendants Of Cain - Shallow
6s. 34min. vor Asia - Valkyrie
7s. 18min. vor Firehouse - I Live My Life For You
8s. vor Asia - Sirius (cover)
8s. 42min. vor Russ Ballard - The Fire Still Burns
9s. 25min. vor Freerock Saints - The Reason Why --> Rocktimes Mit Dj Stone @ Mel...
10s. 7min. vor Appice - Riot --> Rocktimes Mit Dj Stone @ <--
1t. 3s. 52min. vor Y&t - Hard Times
1t. 5s. 2min. vor Weird Al Yankovic - Livin' In The Fridge
1t. 5s. 42min. vor 5th Avenue - Satellite
1t. 6s. 25min. vor Bonfire - Let Me Be Your Water
1t. 7s. 8min. vor Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo
1t. 7s. 48min. vor Gary John Barden - Need Of Some Love
1t. 8s. 30min. vor Ailafar - Further The Road Signs
1t. 9s. 10min. vor Wildness - The Flame -->rock Avenue By Bonne @
1t. 9s. 48min. vor Blood Red Saints - Wake Up -->rock Avenue By Bonne @ Melodicradio.e...
1t. 10s. 32min. vor Care Of Night - Dividing Lines -->rock Avenue By Bonne @ Melodicrad...
1t. 11s. 15min. vor Bonfire - Praying Fo A Miracle -->rock Avenue By Bonne @ Melodicrad...
1t. 11s. 57min. vor Panorama - The Glory Within -->rock Avenue By Bonne @ Melodicradio....
1t. 12s. 38min. vor C.t.p. - One Night Alone
1t. 13s. 20min. vor Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers (single Version)
1t. 14s. 7min. vor Arc Angel - Fortune Teller
1t. 14s. 54min. vor John Farnham - Age Of Reason
1t. 15s. 40min. vor Witt - Das Jngste Gericht
1t. 16s. 31min. vor Barclay James Harvest - Love On The Line
1t. 17s. 17min. vor Magic Dance - Love Was Not Enough
1t. 17s. 50min. vor Fm - Shot In The Dark
1t. 18s. 4min. vor Max Carl - The Circle
1t. 18s. 50min. vor Impera - Thunder In Your Heart
1t. 18s. 51min. vor Impera - Thunder In Your Heart
1t. 19s. 34min. vor Heimataerde - Hoch Hinaus
1t. 20s. 22min. vor Violet Janine - Down On My Knees (feat. Pontus Snibb)
1t. 21s. 6min. vor Ten - Paragon
1t. 21s. 49min. vor Y&t - Fight For Your Life
1t. 22s. 32min. vor Asp - Geisterfahrer
1t. 23s. 15min. vor Avantasia - Draconian Love
1t. 23s. 59min. vor Primal Fear - Black Rain
2t. 42min. vor The Darkness - Love Is Not The Answer
2t. 1s. 22min. vor Conspiracy - Don't Need A Lover
2t. 2s. 1min. vor She's China - Make Love
2t. 2s. 42min. vor Rtz - There's Another Side
2t. 3s. 22min. vor 7 Miles To Pittsburgh - 21 Grams
2t. 4s. vor Ten - Into Darkness
2t. 4s. 40min. vor Aerosmith - Cryin'
2t. 5s. 19min. vor Dance With The Dead - Watching You
2t. 5s. 59min. vor Chardry - Vis Ta Vie
2t. 6s. 37min. vor The Strobez - Ride On
2t. 7s. 17min. vor Tina Turner - I Can't Stand The Rain
2t. 7s. 57min. vor Guns N' Roses - Live And Let Die
2t. 8s. 39min. vor Angry Anderson - Fire And Water
2t. 9s. 24min. vor Talking Heads - Psycho Killer --> Softrock.. By Dj Mf @ Melodicrad...
2t. 10s. 8min. vor Pink Floyd - Sheep --> Softrock.. By Dj Mf @ <-...
2t. 10s. 54min. vor Flash & The Pan - Midnight Man --> Softrock.. By Dj Mf @ Melod...
2t. 11s. 36min. vor The Hollies - The Day That Curly Billy Shot Crazy Sam --> Softrock....
2t. 12s. 19min. vor Barclay James Harvest - Hymn
2t. 13s. 2min. vor Valentine - Tears In The Night
2t. 13s. 45min. vor Piledriver - Good Times
2t. 14s. 29min. vor Subway To Sally - Eisblumen
2t. 15s. 16min. vor Nergard - A Question Of God (feat. Tony Mills)
2t. 16s. 1min. vor The Counzil - Never Too Old To Rock
2t. 16s. 48min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
2t. 17s. 31min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
2t. 18s. 18min. vor Dare - Kiss The Rain
2t. 19s. 5min. vor Aina - Rocks Off
2t. 19s. 49min. vor The Doors - Riders On The Storm
2t. 20s. 31min. vor Eisbrecher - Heilig
2t. 20s. 38min. vor Mono Inc. - Across The Waves
2t. 21s. 16min. vor Frank Hannon - Love Life And Beauty
2t. 21s. 58min. vor Xtasy - Fallen Angels
2t. 22s. 38min. vor Sammy Hagar - Growing Pains
2t. 23s. 16min. vor Kissin' Dynamite - D.n.a
2t. 23s. 57min. vor Oughton Tanera - Keep Your Love Alive
3t. 40min. vor Mob Rules - Ashes To Ashes
3t. 1s. 19min. vor Airbound - Runaway
3t. 1s. 59min. vor Bachman - Learn To Fly
3t. 2s. 39min. vor Fair Warning - Out On The Run
3t. 3s. 16min. vor Anastacia - You Give Love A Bad Name (cover)
3t. 3s. 56min. vor Pete Bardens - Columbine
3t. 4s. 32min. vor Pete Bardens - She Takes Me There
3t. 5s. 17min. vor Gamma Ray - Farewell
3t. 5s. 57min. vor Phil Collins - Can't Stop Loving You
3t. 6s. 36min. vor Hollywood Monsters - King For A Day
3t. 7s. 15min. vor E19 - Where Should I Go
3t. 7s. 56min. vor Bonfire - Southern Winds
3t. 8s. 34min. vor Pete Bardens - In Dreams
3t. 9s. 10min. vor The Black Capes - New Rise
3t. 9s. 54min. vor M.w.wild - Dark All Over
3t. 10s. 31min. vor Cassidy Bisher - Sometimes - Hotline Kostenlos! Jetzt Anrufen: 0800-8...
3t. 11s. 10min. vor Wildness - Shadowland - Hotline Kostenlos! Jetzt Anrufen: 0800-80 100...
3t. 11s. 50min. vor House Of Lords - Oceans Divide - Hotline Kostenlos! Jetzt Anrufen: 08...
3t. 12s. 27min. vor Craaft - Break Out
3t. 13s. 9min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
3t. 13s. 50min. vor Cold Truth - Take Up Serpents
3t. 14s. 30min. vor Gtr - You Can Still Get Through
3t. 15s. 19min. vor Eisbrecher - Wo Geht Der Teufel Hin
3t. 15s. 59min. vor Feuerseele - Mutter
3t. 16s. 37min. vor Angel City - Comin' Down
3t. 17s. 16min. vor Schwarzschild - Ruf Der Nacht
3t. 17s. 55min. vor Substaat - Electric
3t. 18s. 9min. vor All 4 1 - The World's Best Hope
3t. 18s. 32min. vor Dare - Into The Fire
3t. 19s. 10min. vor Brother Firetribe - Big City Dream
3t. 19s. 51min. vor Hell In The Club - We Are On Fire
3t. 20s. 11min. vor Bullseye - Treat Me Right
3t. 20s. 29min. vor Bonfire - You Make Me Feel
3t. 21s. 8min. vor Gotthard - Get Down
3t. 21s. 46min. vor Love 'n Revenge - Rest Of Time
3t. 22s. 27min. vor Staubkind - Kannst Du Mich Seh'n
3t. 23s. 4min. vor Vanguard - Alive Inside
3t. 23s. 40min. vor Xtasy - Under The Gun
4t. 12min. vor Coastland Ride - Made Up My Mind
4t. 28min. vor Intelligent Music Project Iii - Coming Soon (feat. John Payne)
4t. 54min. vor Unruly Child - Point Of View
4t. 1s. 32min. vor Megaherz - Menschmaschine
4t. 2s. 9min. vor Traumtaenzer - Stigmata
4t. 2s. 12min. vor Traumtaenzer - Stigmata
4t. 2s. 44min. vor Shampala - My Dream
4t. 3s. 9min. vor Taz Taylor Band - Something Is Ending
4t. 3s. 20min. vor Fiddler's Green - Fields Of Green/nie Zu Spt
4t. 3s. 56min. vor Newman - High Tonight
4t. 4s. 31min. vor Danny Worsnop - Mexico
4t. 5s. 7min. vor Bobby Messano - You Left Me No Choice

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