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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Melodicradio
28min. vor Bob Catley - Deep Winter
1s. 10min. vor From The Fire - Blame It On The Moon
1s. 53min. vor Adele - Water Under The Bridge
2s. 37min. vor Avantasia - Blowing Out The Flame
3s. 23min. vor Bonfire - Rock'n'roll Cowboy
4s. 7min. vor Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way
4s. 55min. vor Dugan Mcneill - Stranger Than Paradise
5s. 39min. vor King King - Betrayed Me ''auf Die Ohren @ &...
6s. 22min. vor Beast In Black - Blind And Frozen ''auf Die Ohren @ Melodic...
7s. 6min. vor Unzucht - Der Dunkle See ''auf Die Ohren @ ...
7s. 48min. vor Feuerschwanz - Schnaps Und Schnecken ''auf Die Ohren @ Melo...
8s. 32min. vor Hydra - Days Of Thunder
9s. 15min. vor Exit Eden - Fade To Grey
9s. 58min. vor Silver Dust - Heaven Knows
10s. 46min. vor Bonfire - You Make Me Feel
11s. 34min. vor That Rock Guy - Without You
12s. 20min. vor Sweet Mary Jane - Surrender
13s. 8min. vor Disturbed - The Vengeful One
13s. 56min. vor Loverboy - Some Like It Hot
14s. 40min. vor Bob Catley - Steel
15s. 25min. vor China Sky - Youvre Not Alone
16s. 10min. vor Judas Priest - Out In The Cold
16s. 53min. vor American Mafia - Lead The Way
17s. 37min. vor Boysvoice - Chain Reaction
18s. 23min. vor Hammerfall - Life Is Now
19s. 10min. vor Tales From The Porn - Danger Zone
19s. 56min. vor Pete Bardens - In Dreams
20s. 40min. vor Grand Illusion - Battle For Your Heart
21s. 23min. vor Dare - Don't Let Go
22s. 8min. vor The Cure - Why Can't I Be You
22s. 55min. vor Boysvoice - Say Goodbye
23s. 42min. vor Anastacia - Stupid Little Things
1t. 28min. vor Bachman & Turner - Waiting Game
1t. 1s. 15min. vor Gary Schutt - I Guess I'm Still In Love
1t. 2s. 3min. vor Starsick System - Everything And More
1t. 2s. 50min. vor Melodic Radio - Mehr Rock Geht Nicht!
1t. 3s. 35min. vor 5th Avenue - Ocean
1t. 4s. 19min. vor Axe - Holding On To The Night
1t. 5s. 4min. vor Gowan - Lost Brotherhood
1t. 5s. 54min. vor Steelheart - My Freedom --> Memories Of Classic Rock & Pop Mit...
1t. 6s. 42min. vor Newman - High Tonight (aerial) --> Memories Of Classic Rock & ...
1t. 7s. 25min. vor H.e.a.t - Redefined --> Memories Of Classic Rock & Pop Mit Dj ...
1t. 8s. 13min. vor Iglu - Eisbr --> Memories Of Classic Rock & Pop Mit Dj Stone ...
1t. 8s. 58min. vor Barclay James Harvest - Summer Soldier [live] --> Rock Zum Feierabe...
1t. 9s. 45min. vor Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll --> Rock Zum Feierabend... By Dj Mf...
1t. 10s. 30min. vor Supertramp - School --> Rock Zum Feierabend... By Dj Mf @melodicra...
1t. 11s. 17min. vor The Poodles - Love Is Gone
1t. 12s. 5min. vor Ratt - You're In Love
1t. 12s. 57min. vor E Nomine - Der Turm
1t. 13s. 47min. vor Frost* - Numbers
1t. 14s. 36min. vor Rebellious Spirit - Between The Highs And Lows
1t. 15s. 23min. vor Breaking Samsara - Restless Nights
1t. 16s. 7min. vor Dee Snider - We Are The Ones
1t. 16s. 50min. vor Axe - Magic (in Our Eyes)
1t. 17s. 35min. vor Walkway - Rain
1t. 18s. 19min. vor Serious Black - Now You'll Never Know
1t. 19s. 3min. vor Crown Of Glory - The Hunter
1t. 19s. 47min. vor World Trade - Unify
1t. 20s. 29min. vor Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can't Go For That (no Can Do)
1t. 21s. 13min. vor Giuffria - Do Me Right
1t. 21s. 55min. vor Beauvoir Free - Just Breathe
1t. 22s. 39min. vor David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
1t. 23s. 17min. vor Kim Carnes - Draw Of The Cards
1t. 23s. 56min. vor Faithsedge - Jennifer
2t. 38min. vor Blackmorevs Night - I Got You Babe (cover)
2t. 1s. 19min. vor Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
2t. 1s. 58min. vor Savoy Brown - Livin' On The Bayou
2t. 2s. 38min. vor 7 Miles To Pittsburgh - Jambalaya
2t. 3s. 17min. vor Accept - Love Sensation
2t. 3s. 55min. vor Tony Carey - No Man's Land (the Blue And The Grey)
2t. 4s. 36min. vor Secret Sphere - Love
2t. 5s. 15min. vor Rock Wolves - Rock For The Nations
2t. 5s. 58min. vor 220 Volt - Beat Of A Heart ** Classix @ **
2t. 6s. 38min. vor Blue Cheer - Gunflight ** Classix @ **
2t. 7s. 23min. vor Deep Purple - The Cut Runs Deep ** Classix @ **
2t. 8s. 4min. vor Robert Plant - The Way I Feel ** Classix @ **
2t. 8s. 45min. vor Nox Nox - Technik --> Freestyle Mit Dj Stone @ &l...
2t. 9s. 26min. vor Hong Kong Syndikat - Samba Olec --> Freestyle Mit Dj Stone @ Melo...
2t. 10s. 8min. vor Gary Wright - My Love Is Alive --> Freestyle Mit Dj Stone @ Melod...
2t. 10s. 48min. vor 1st Avenue - Time After Time
2t. 11s. 30min. vor Vanguard - Alive Inside
2t. 12s. 13min. vor Heldmaschine - Collateral
2t. 12s. 57min. vor Blackthorne - Baby You're The Blood
2t. 13s. 37min. vor Kee Of Hearts - Learn To Love Again
2t. 14s. 17min. vor Pride Of Lions - Silent Music
2t. 14s. 59min. vor Face To Face - Rock'n'roll Teacher
2t. 15s. 42min. vor Megaherz - Menschmaschine
2t. 16s. 24min. vor Aeronautica - In Ewigen Eis
2t. 17s. 5min. vor Chasing Magic - Too Many Roads
2t. 17s. 46min. vor Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen
2t. 18s. 26min. vor Unheilig - Auf Zum Mond
2t. 19s. 7min. vor London After Midnight - Pure
2t. 19s. 47min. vor My Inner Burning - Electrified
2t. 20s. 26min. vor Battle Beast - Black Ninja
2t. 21s. 7min. vor Hinder - Play To Win
2t. 21s. 47min. vor Molly Hatchet - Down From The Mountain
2t. 22s. 26min. vor Giuffria - Trouble Again
2t. 23s. 6min. vor Degreed - Coming Home
2t. 23s. 47min. vor David Bowie - Modern Love
3t. 26min. vor Brickyard - Look Love In The Eyes
3t. 1s. 6min. vor 1st Avenue - Can't Talk My Heart Away
3t. 1s. 44min. vor Redeem - Beautiful Day
3t. 2s. 23min. vor Anastacia - Wonderwall (cover)
3t. 3s. 3min. vor Apollo Under Fire - Gotta Believe
3t. 3s. 43min. vor Billy Idol - White Wedding
3t. 4s. 23min. vor Don Airey - Solomon's Song
3t. 5s. 4min. vor Boysvoice - Different Noises
3t. 5s. 45min. vor Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger -- < >
3t. 6s. 25min. vor Shaun Baker - Deep -- < >
3t. 7s. 5min. vor Ac, Dc - Anything Goes -- < >
3t. 7s. 45min. vor Foreigner - White Lie -- < >
3t. 8s. 27min. vor Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy -- < >
3t. 9s. vor Tony Carey - I Won't Be Home Tonight
3t. 9s. 10min. vor Gary Moore - Oh Pretty Woman
3t. 9s. 52min. vor H.e.a.t - Danger Road
3t. 10s. 34min. vor Witt - Neuland
3t. 11s. 15min. vor Darkhaus - Grace Divine
3t. 11s. 54min. vor Royal Hunt - Message To God
3t. 12s. 42min. vor Autograph - You Are Us We Are You
3t. 13s. 20min. vor Nickelback - Feed The Machine
3t. 14s. 2min. vor Zz Top - Sleeping Bag
3t. 14s. 43min. vor Big Life - Takin' Me Down
3t. 15s. 25min. vor Cry Of Dawn - Can't Go On
3t. 16s. 5min. vor Godley & Creme - An Englishman In New York
3t. 16s. 21min. vor Aldo Nova - Tonight (lift Me Up)
3t. 16s. 44min. vor Heldmaschine - Spieglein, Spieglein
3t. 17s. 23min. vor Ewigheim - Himmelsleiter
3t. 18s. 3min. vor Dakota - The Ride
3t. 18s. 38min. vor 7th Heaven - In The Air Tonight
3t. 19s. 14min. vor Alien - Crash

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