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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Metal Devastation Radio
1t. 5s. 30min. vor Corrosion Of Conformity - Clean My Wounds
6t. 1s. 44min. vor Emperor - Beyond The Great Vast Forest
6t. 11s. 2min. vor Darkcell - Hate Anthem
6t. 13s. 48min. vor Alice In Chains - Man In The Box
6t. 16s. 29min. vor Conan - Horns For Teeth
7t. 3s. 25min. vor Hobo Stew - Moving Tress (boss Ross)
7t. 7s. 4min. vor Chicago - 25 Or 6 To 4
7t. 9s. 54min. vor Bolt Thrower - 7th Offensive
7t. 13s. 49min. vor Psychotic Gardening - Genome Degradation
7t. 16s. 42min. vor Borknagar - Grimskalle Trell
7t. 19s. 34min. vor Bad Company - Shooting Star
7t. 22s. 29min. vor Butthole Surfers - Dust Devil
8t. 1s. 21min. vor Nevalra - Descend & Die
8t. 4s. 13min. vor Loudness - Street Life Dream
8t. 7s. 5min. vor Neurosis - Bending Light
8t. 11s. 26min. vor Rainbow - Stargazer
8t. 12s. 4min. vor Amon Amarth - One Thousand Burning Arrows
8t. 15s. 37min. vor Autopsy - She Is A Funeral
8t. 15s. 43min. vor Corrosion Of Conformity - Albatross
8t. 19s. 44min. vor Impetus Maleficum - Profano Imprio
8t. 22s. 56min. vor Radiologik - Broadcast
9t. 2s. 2min. vor Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Vintage Commercial What'll You Have Promo
9t. 5s. 7min. vor Aeon - Still They Pray
9t. 8s. 14min. vor Black Ritual - Below Zero
9t. 11s. 22min. vor Bolt Thrower - Spearhead (extended Remix)
9t. 14s. 27min. vor Cannibal Corpse - Zero The Hero (black Sabbath Cover)
9t. 17s. 42min. vor Gravehuffer - Destroyer Of Worlds
9t. 20s. 50min. vor Chthonic Cult - As The Void Beckons
10t. 10min. vor Thunderhead Theme (a Storm Approaches)
10t. 3s. 23min. vor Watain - Reaping Death
10t. 6s. 28min. vor Motorhead - Hellraiser
10t. 9s. 37min. vor Watain - The Wild Hunt - 01 - Night Vision
10t. 12s. 44min. vor Bathsheba - Of Fire
10t. 15s. 52min. vor Colossal Abyss - Moment Of Triumph
10t. 18s. 59min. vor Testament - The Pale King
10t. 22s. 14min. vor 1818 - Yesterday Calls Me Home
11t. 1s. 23min. vor Level 13 - The Living Lie
11t. 4s. 40min. vor Skin Kage - The Token Of America
11t. 7s. 57min. vor Xil - Massacre
11t. 13s. 17min. vor Acid Witch - Fiends Of Old
11t. 16s. 36min. vor Zeta - 3.zeta - Callados Estamos Perdidos ; Syrtis Major
11t. 20s. 18min. vor Voivod - 21st Century Schizoid Man
11t. 23s. 28min. vor Various Artists - Brutal Truth / Lord Of This Wo
12t. 2s. 39min. vor Apocalyptica - Harverster Of Sorrow
12t. 5s. 54min. vor Blackfinger - Till Death Do Us Part
12t. 9s. 5min. vor Watain - The Wild Hunt - 01 - Night Vision
12t. 12s. 43min. vor Lamb Of God - Torches
12t. 16s. 23min. vor Wild Dogs - Two Wrongs
12t. 19s. 36min. vor Accept - The Rise Of Chaos
12t. 19s. 51min. vor Metallica - Leper Messiah
12t. 23s. 18min. vor Yob - 04 Marrow
13t. 2s. 32min. vor Sarcfago - Nightmare
13t. 5s. 44min. vor Disenchanter - Strange Creations
13t. 13s. 24min. vor Bulletbelt - Deathgasm
13t. 16s. 55min. vor Onslaught - 66'fucking'6
13t. 20s. 8min. vor Pagan Hellfire - Of Wind And Storm
13t. 23s. 6min. vor Alexander Oden - Carving Shadows
14t. 1s. 35min. vor Todesbonden - Battle Of Kadesh
14t. 2s. 13min. vor The May Company - So Fucking Tired
14t. 5s. 24min. vor Black Tusk - Bleed On Your Knees
14t. 8s. 25min. vor Cannibal Corpse - Decency Defied
14t. 11s. 30min. vor Wailin Storms - Light As A Feather, Stiff As A
14t. 14s. 30min. vor Ufomammut - Temple
14t. 14s. 46min. vor Ac/dc - Shoot To Thrill
14t. 14s. 51min. vor Acid Witch - Worship The Worm

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