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Aardschok powered by Pinguin Radio

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Genres: Metal
Aardschok powered by Pinguin Radio
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2s. 46min. vor Tesla - One Day At A Time
8s. 5min. vor Alice In Chains - God Smack
11s. 43min. vor Shadow King - Don't Even Know I'm Alive
20s. 41min. vor Chickenfoot - Up Next
1t. 5s. 39min. vor Operation Mindcrime - Re-inventing The Future
1t. 14s. 35min. vor Blue Öyster Cult - Cities On Flame (live)
1t. 23s. 46min. vor Tracer - Dirty Little Secret
2t. 8s. 42min. vor Twilight Force - Battle Of Arcane Might
2t. 11s. 31min. vor Within Temptation - Iron
2t. 12s. 17min. vor Pitchshifter - Microwaved
2t. 12s. 36min. vor Dagoba - Back From Life
2t. 15s. 43min. vor Creed - What If
3t. 43min. vor Nonpoint - Shadow
3t. 9s. 40min. vor Celldweller - Stay With Me (unlikly)
3t. 18s. 41min. vor Pretty Maids - Mother Of All Lies
4t. 3s. 43min. vor Ex Deo - Crossing Of The Alps
4t. 6s. 33min. vor Ram-zet - Beautiful Pain
4t. 9s. 20min. vor Darkane - Ostracized
4t. 12s. 42min. vor Heavenwood - The Juggler
4t. 21s. 42min. vor Gloomball - Overcome
5t. 6s. 41min. vor Graham Bonnet - Where Were You
5t. 11s. 13min. vor Helker - Just Be Yourself
5t. 11s. 15min. vor Titan Force - Price To Pay
5t. 15s. 42min. vor Thunder - Wonder Days
6t. 2min. vor Cynic - Kindly Bent To Free Us
6t. 10min. vor Soul Sirkus - Highest Ground
6t. 44min. vor Vision Of Disorder - Loveless
6t. 1s. 57min. vor Jaguar - Back Street Woman
6t. 10s. 25min. vor Rush - The Garden
6t. 19s. 25min. vor Anthrax - Armed And Dangerous
7t. 3s. 49min. vor Warnot - Raptures Of The Deep
7t. 4s. 25min. vor Mastodon - The Hunter
7t. 13s. 24min. vor Godsmack - Time (pink Floyd)
7t. 22s. 25min. vor Speaking To Stones - Fire
8t. 7s. 28min. vor Havok - Fatal Intervention
8t. 16s. 31min. vor Aeges - Weightless
8t. 20s. 50min. vor The Gathering - On Most Surfaces (inupt)
9t. 1s. 33min. vor Europe - Firebox
9t. 10s. 38min. vor The Darkness - Roaring Waters
9t. 19s. 41min. vor Deep Purple - Apres Vous
10t. 4s. 43min. vor Rush - Red Barchetta
10t. 13s. 46min. vor Sacred Steel - Scared Bloody Steel
10t. 22s. 53min. vor Avantasia - The Scarecrow
11t. 7s. 57min. vor Overkill - Red White And Blue
11t. 15s. 30min. vor Diablo - Damien
12t. 43min. vor Sons Of Aeon - Enemy Of The Souls
12t. 9s. 53min. vor Black Star Riders - Who Rides The Tiger
12t. 19s. 7min. vor Mudvayne - Beautiful And Strange
13t. 2s. 54min. vor Candlemass - Samarithan
13t. 4s. 38min. vor Pearl Jam - Alive

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