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28min. vor Accept - Breaker
1s. 23min. vor Blessed By A Broken Heart - Shut Up And Rock!
2s. 21min. vor The Levitation Hex - The Longest Path Possible
3s. 17min. vor Demonoid - Witchburners
4s. 15min. vor Konkhra - Hail To The King
5s. 9min. vor Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
6s. 9min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
7s. 7min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
8s. 3min. vor Alter Bridge - Cradle To The Grave
9s. 3min. vor Paradise Lost - Honesty In Death
10s. 3min. vor Devil's Train - Sweet Devil's Kiss
11s. 2min. vor Van Halen - China Town
12s. 2min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
13s. vor Buckcherry - Recovery
14s. 1min. vor Circus Maximus - Used
15s. 1min. vor Mastodon - Circle Of Cysquatch
15s. 59min. vor Pillar - Not Without A Fight
16s. 53min. vor Aardschok Radio 2014 - Toth 01
17s. 52min. vor Tremonti - Providence
18s. 49min. vor Leprous - The Price
19s. 47min. vor Dokken - Tooth And Nail
20s. 47min. vor Kuni - Reckless
21s. 47min. vor Rush - The Big Money
22s. 48min. vor Jon Oliva's Pain - Lies
23s. 46min. vor Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Hypocrisy
1t. 45min. vor Palace Of The King - No Chance In Hell
1t. 1s. 41min. vor Conflicted - Torment
1t. 2s. 39min. vor Black Sabbath - Die Young
1t. 3s. 43min. vor Stormbringer - Voice Of Demons
1t. 4s. 41min. vor Shamans Harvest - Off The Tracks
1t. 5s. 39min. vor Fear Factory - The Industrialist
1t. 6s. 39min. vor Lacuna Coil - Upsidedown
1t. 7s. 36min. vor Katatonia - Ghost Of The Sun
1t. 8s. 31min. vor Furyon - Stand Like Stone
1t. 9s. 26min. vor At The Skylines - Hush
1t. 10s. 21min. vor Dimmu Borgir - Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
1t. 11s. 17min. vor Children Of Bodom - One Day You Will Cry
1t. 12s. 11min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
1t. 13s. 8min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
1t. 14s. 6min. vor Striker - Former Glory
1t. 15s. 5min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
1t. 15s. 59min. vor Steelhouse Lane - Slaves Of The New World
1t. 16s. 57min. vor Disturbed - Never Again
1t. 17s. 53min. vor Dgm - Ghosts Of Insanity
1t. 18s. 50min. vor Agony - The Pursuit Of Emptiness
1t. 19s. 50min. vor Wolfheart - World On Fire
1t. 20s. 51min. vor Striker - Over The Top
1t. 21s. 49min. vor Sanctuary - Dream Of The Incubus
1t. 22s. 47min. vor Firewind - Skg (instrumentaal)
1t. 23s. 42min. vor Destrophy - We Are Alive
2t. 41min. vor Nightrage - The Venomous
2t. 1s. 43min. vor Godsmack - Good Day To Die
2t. 2s. 43min. vor Aardschokradio 2012 - Id 09
2t. 3s. 41min. vor Rpm - Envy
2t. 4s. 41min. vor Tommy Shaw - Dangerous Game
2t. 5s. 39min. vor Quiet Riot - Metal Health (bang Your Head) 1999
2t. 6s. 39min. vor Rival Sons - Keep On Swinging
2t. 7s. 38min. vor Moonspell - 1755
2t. 8s. 36min. vor Mutiny Within - Lethean
2t. 9s. 33min. vor Evile - Centurion
2t. 10s. 32min. vor Soulfly - Gladiator
2t. 11s. 30min. vor Sixx:a.m. - Life Is Beautiful
2t. 12s. 27min. vor Morbid Angel - Chambers Of Dis
2t. 13s. 29min. vor Godsmack - Forever Shamed
2t. 14s. 29min. vor Cold - Wicked World
2t. 15s. 36min. vor Teramaze - Anhedonia
2t. 16s. 31min. vor Black Water Rising - Pissed And Driven
2t. 17s. 31min. vor Korn - Evolution (album Version)
2t. 18s. 29min. vor Sonic Syndicate - Burn This City (radio Edit)
2t. 19s. 28min. vor Chevelle - The Fad
2t. 20s. 28min. vor Faith No More - Last Cup Of Sorrow
2t. 21s. 25min. vor Racer X - Children Of The Grave
2t. 22s. 22min. vor Kamelot - Veritas
2t. 23s. 18min. vor Trivium - Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
3t. 15min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
3t. 1s. 8min. vor Textures - Illuminate The Trail
3t. 2s. 5min. vor The Doomsday Kingdom - Never Machine
3t. 2s. 57min. vor Beyond The Bridge - The Call
3t. 3s. 50min. vor Shinedown - Diamond Eyes
3t. 4s. 46min. vor Year Of The Goat - All He Has Read
3t. 5s. 40min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
3t. 6s. 37min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
3t. 7s. 30min. vor Forbidden - Dragging My Casket
3t. 8s. 26min. vor H.e.a.t - Everybody Wants To Be Someone (ballad)
3t. 9s. 18min. vor The Mars Volta - Inertiatic Esp
3t. 10s. 12min. vor Black Label Society - My Dying Time
3t. 11s. 9min. vor Dream Theater - Prophets Of War
3t. 12s. 5min. vor Machine Head - Be Still And Know
3t. 12s. 57min. vor Sandstone - Little Forgeries
3t. 13s. 47min. vor The Very End - Splinters
3t. 14s. 39min. vor Hellfighter - Legacy Of Hate
3t. 15s. 31min. vor Testament - True American Hate
3t. 16s. 25min. vor Deftones - My Own Summer
3t. 17s. 16min. vor Creed - Higher
3t. 18s. 7min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
3t. 18s. 57min. vor Korn - Coming Undone
3t. 19s. 46min. vor Loudness - Esper
3t. 20s. 38min. vor Giant - Believer
3t. 21s. 29min. vor Sickspeed - A Time And A Place
3t. 22s. 17min. vor Hinder - Waking Up The Devil
3t. 23s. 7min. vor Thorn Eleven - Come Creeping
3t. 23s. 58min. vor The German Panzer - Roll The Dice
4t. 46min. vor Xandria - Where The Heart Is Home
4t. 1s. 35min. vor The New Black - The Beer Of No Return
4t. 2s. 25min. vor Steelheart - Rock 'n Roll (i Just Wanna)
4t. 3s. 19min. vor Mnemic - Ghost
4t. 4s. 11min. vor Pownd - Still Bleed
4t. 5s. 1min. vor Crossfade - Dear Cocaine
4t. 5s. 51min. vor Shrapnel - The Boundaries Set
4t. 6s. 43min. vor Venom - Mephistopheles
4t. 7s. 33min. vor Taproot - Path Less Taken
4t. 8s. 22min. vor Lostprophets - Last Train Home
4t. 9s. 15min. vor Venom Inc. - Forged In Hell
4t. 10s. 7min. vor Crystal Viper - It 's Your Omen
4t. 10s. 59min. vor Brazen Abbot - Eye Of The Storm
4t. 11s. 51min. vor One I Cinema - My Vanity
4t. 12s. 41min. vor Anathema - Summer Night Horizon
4t. 13s. 35min. vor Bullet For My Valentine - No Way Out
4t. 14s. 21min. vor Adimiron - Collateral
4t. 15s. 11min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
4t. 16s. 1min. vor Still Remains - The Wax Walls Of An Empty Room
4t. 16s. 50min. vor Thunder - The Chosen One
4t. 17s. 38min. vor Amaranthe - 1.000.000 Lightyears
4t. 18s. 28min. vor Peace Love & Pitbulls - Animals
4t. 19s. 17min. vor Katatonia - Day And Then The Shade
4t. 20s. 7min. vor Overkill - Goddamn Trouble
4t. 20s. 59min. vor Mystery - Sarajevo
4t. 21s. 50min. vor My Dynamite - Round The Bend
4t. 22s. 39min. vor (c) 2017 - Aardschok Powered By Pinguin Radio [nl] - Aardschok Powere...
5t. 4s. 23min. vor Novembers Doom - The Silent Dark

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