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Aardschok powered by Pinguin Radio

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Genres: Metal
Aardschok powered by Pinguin Radio
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Aardschok powered by Pinguin Radio
6min. vor Zico Chain - Mercury Gift
1s. 2min. vor Gamma Ray - Dethrone Tyranny
1s. 58min. vor Alice In Chains - Junkhead
2s. 56min. vor Dream Theater - Home
3s. 55min. vor Draconian - Serenade Of Sorrow
4s. 54min. vor Epica - Fools Of Damnation (the Embrace That Smothers, Part Ix)
5s. 54min. vor Trivium - Beyond Oblivion
6s. 54min. vor Vuur - Save Me - Istanbul
7s. 54min. vor Witherfall - Portrait
8s. 54min. vor Moonspell - Evento
9s. 56min. vor Sorcerer - Sirens
10s. 56min. vor Europe - Whenever You're Ready
11s. 56min. vor Squalloscope - Desert Pacific Octopi
13s. vor Masterplan - Falling Sparrow
14s. vor Channel Zero - Let The Games Begin
15s. vor Mystic Prophecy - Evil Empires
16s. vor Alice In Chains - Sickman
16s. 56min. vor Trivium - Beyond Oblivion
17s. 54min. vor Vuur - Save Me - Istanbul
18s. 52min. vor Krux - The Death Farm
19s. 35min. vor Shinedown - Bully (freqmachineremix)
19s. 51min. vor Machine Head - A Thousand Lies
20s. 48min. vor Forbidden - Feed The Hand
21s. 44min. vor Avantasia - Runaway Train (ballad)
22s. 41min. vor Seether - Country Song
23s. 38min. vor Deftones - Romantic Dreams
1t. 36min. vor Beyond The Bridge - The Call
1t. 1s. 34min. vor Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels
1t. 2s. 30min. vor Crossfade - Dear Cocaine
1t. 3s. 26min. vor Avatar - Black Waltz
1t. 4s. 22min. vor Nickelback - Something In Your Mouth
1t. 5s. 20min. vor Cage - Shoot To Kill
1t. 6s. 18min. vor Airbourne - Blonde, Bad And Beautiful
1t. 7s. 16min. vor Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive
1t. 8s. 16min. vor Coma - Don't Set Your Dogs On Me
1t. 9s. 12min. vor Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines
1t. 9s. 46min. vor The Damned Things - Friday Night (going Down In Flames)
1t. 10s. 10min. vor The Last Vegas - I'm Bad
1t. 11s. 6min. vor My Reflection - Shadow In The Sun
1t. 12s. 4min. vor Van Halen - Tattoo
1t. 13s. 4min. vor Cradle Of Filth - The Abhorrent
1t. 14s. vor Astra - Over The Hills
1t. 14s. 56min. vor Krux - Emily Payne (and The Black Maze)
1t. 15s. 52min. vor Diemonds - Better Off Dead
1t. 16s. 50min. vor Witherfall - Portrait
1t. 17s. 46min. vor Fear Factory - Autonomous Combat System
1t. 18s. 44min. vor Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing
1t. 19s. 40min. vor Exlibris - Escape Velocity
1t. 20s. 38min. vor Venom - The Death Of Rock N Roll
1t. 21s. 36min. vor Marilyn Manson - Slave Only Dreams To Be King
1t. 22s. 36min. vor The Levitation Hex - Manipuliar
1t. 23s. 32min. vor Angry - Final Light
2t. 30min. vor Overkill - Goddamn Trouble
2t. 1s. 26min. vor Tainted Nation - Dare You
2t. 2s. 22min. vor Thunder - She's So Fine
2t. 3s. 18min. vor Mastodon - Circle Of Cysquatch
2t. 4s. 14min. vor Asking Alexandria - Dear Insanity
2t. 5s. 12min. vor Huntress - Night Rape
2t. 6s. 10min. vor Alpha Tiger - Lady Liberty
2t. 6s. 53min. vor Cradle Of Filth - Vengeful Spirit
2t. 7s. 6min. vor Adagio - Fire Forever
2t. 8s. 4min. vor Iron Maiden - Different World
2t. 9s. vor Black Country Communion - The Cove
2t. 9s. 54min. vor Aardschokradio 2012 - Id 10
2t. 10s. 48min. vor Papa Roach - Alive (n' Out Of Control)
2t. 11s. 42min. vor Demons & Wizards - The Whistler
2t. 12s. 34min. vor Iron Maiden - The Trooper
2t. 13s. 26min. vor Domine - The Hurricane Master
2t. 14s. 18min. vor Bonafide - Dog
2t. 15s. 10min. vor Adimiron - Timelapse
2t. 16s. 2min. vor James Labrie - Mislead (static Impulse)
2t. 16s. 54min. vor Black Country Communion - The Cove
2t. 17s. 46min. vor Nightingale - Echoes Of A Dream
2t. 18s. 42min. vor Sick Puppies - Maybe
2t. 19s. 33min. vor Witherscape - Defenders Of Creation (warrior)
2t. 20s. 26min. vor Amon Amarth - Destroyer Of The Universe
2t. 21s. 16min. vor Gary Moore - Out In The Fields
2t. 22s. 6min. vor Nightingale - Warriors Of The Dawn
2t. 23s. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Diggin' Me Down
2t. 23s. 54min. vor Metallica - The End Of The Line
3t. 45min. vor Black Fate - Rhyme Of A False Orchestra
3t. 1s. 38min. vor Fuel - Not This Time
3t. 2s. 34min. vor Tool - Lateralus
3t. 3s. 24min. vor Megadeth - Reckoning Day
3t. 4s. 20min. vor Papa Roach - Blanket Of Fear
3t. 5s. 14min. vor Alchemist - Eve Of The War
3t. 6s. 8min. vor Seventh Key - The Sun Will Rise
3t. 7s. 4min. vor Thanatos - Global Purification
3t. 8s. 4min. vor Machine Head - Game Over
3t. 9s. 4min. vor King Diamond - The Puppet Master
3t. 10s. vor As Lions - The Suffering
3t. 10s. 23min. vor Borealis - Where We Started
3t. 10s. 58min. vor Shrapnel - The Boundaries Set
3t. 11s. 56min. vor Freedom Call - Union Of The Strong
3t. 12s. 54min. vor Paradise Lost - Blood And Chaos
3t. 13s. 54min. vor Axel Rudi Pell - Burning Chains
3t. 14s. 52min. vor Evil Invaders - Feed Me Violence
3t. 15s. 50min. vor Fyre - We Are Here
3t. 16s. 44min. vor Thunder - Back Street Symphony
3t. 17s. 44min. vor Royal Hunt - Riches To Rags
3t. 18s. 42min. vor Fight - Life In Black
3t. 19s. 40min. vor Socialburn - Down
3t. 20s. 36min. vor Kissin Dynamite - God In You
3t. 21s. 34min. vor Evergrey - A New Dawn
3t. 22s. 34min. vor Diggeth - 21st Century Nomad Motor
3t. 23s. 30min. vor Sodom - In Retribution
4t. 28min. vor Sahg - Sanctimony
4t. 1s. 28min. vor Exodus - Black 13
4t. 2s. 30min. vor Europe - Whenever You're Ready
4t. 3s. 30min. vor Cradle Of Filth - Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych
4t. 4s. 26min. vor Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
4t. 5s. 28min. vor Judas Priest - Machine Man
4t. 6s. 28min. vor Black Veil Brides - Faithless
4t. 7s. 28min. vor Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
4t. 8s. 28min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Steal Away (the Night)
4t. 9s. 28min. vor Jorn - Spirit Black
4t. 9s. 50min. vor Threshold - On The Edge
4t. 10s. 32min. vor Solution .45 - The Faint Pulse Of Light
4t. 11s. 34min. vor Face Down - Weak
4t. 12s. 34min. vor Raveneye - Wanna Feel You
4t. 13s. 34min. vor Opeth - Sorceress
4t. 14s. 33min. vor Meshiaak - It Burns At Both Ends
4t. 15s. 33min. vor Diablo Blvd - Demonize
4t. 16s. 33min. vor Tiamat - The Ar
4t. 17s. 32min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Breaking All The Rules
4t. 18s. 28min. vor Queens Of The Stone Age - First It Giveth
4t. 19s. 24min. vor Asphyx - Candiru
4t. 20s. 22min. vor Allegaeon - From Nothing
4t. 21s. 16min. vor Novembers Doom - Heartfelt
4t. 22s. 15min. vor Audrey Horne - Boy Wonder

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