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idobi Howl
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  idobi Howl
7min. vor Enslaved - The River's Mouth
23min. vor Story Of The Year - Bang Bang
28min. vor Avatar - A Statue Of The King
1s. 5min. vor Machine Head - Beyond The Pale
1s. 59min. vor The Black Dahlia Murder - A Selection Unnatural
2s. 57min. vor Ashes - Newborn Soul
3s. 55min. vor Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
4s. 51min. vor Coldrain - Envy
5s. 47min. vor Trivium - Betrayer
6s. 43min. vor Wolves At The Gate - Asleep
7s. 42min. vor Mutoid Man - Reptilian Soul
8s. 39min. vor Spoken - Breathe Again
9s. 35min. vor Monuments - Origin Of Escape
10s. 32min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
11s. 32min. vor Shrezzers - Delight
12s. 30min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
12s. 43min. vor Unleash The Archers - Cleanse The Bloodlines
13s. 29min. vor The Black Dahlia Murder - Dave Goes To Hollywood
13s. 44min. vor The Amity Affliction - Life Underground
14s. 29min. vor In Hearts Wake - Overthrow
15s. 28min. vor We Came As Romans - Misunderstanding
16s. 27min. vor Sharptooth - No Sanctuary
17s. 27min. vor Becoming The Archetype - Epoch Of War
18s. 27min. vor The Agonist - Faceless Messenger
19s. 25min. vor Rolo Tomassi - Rituals
20s. 21min. vor Trivium - Thrown Into The Fire
21s. 17min. vor Varg - Revolution
21s. 55min. vor Byzantine - Justinian Code
22s. vor Thy Art Is Murder - Deliver Us To Evil
22s. 3min. vor Cavalera Conspiracy - Spectral War
22s. 17min. vor Motionless In White - Underdog
23s. 15min. vor 3 Inches Of Blood - Night Marauders
1t. 13min. vor Oceano - Incisions - Incisions
1t. 1s. 13min. vor Unleash The Archers - Crypt
1t. 2s. 15min. vor Aborted - Coven Of Ignorance
1t. 3s. 13min. vor Chelsea Grin - Ashes To Ashes - Pledge Allegiance
1t. 4s. 11min. vor Thick As Blood - Living Proof
1t. 5s. 9min. vor Devil You Know - My Own
1t. 6s. 7min. vor Ded - Remember The Enemy
1t. 7s. 8min. vor Avatar - A Statue Of The King
1t. 8s. 11min. vor In Hearts Wake - Traveller
1t. 9s. 5min. vor Lionheart - Cursed
1t. 10s. 5min. vor We Came As Romans - Foreign Fire
1t. 11s. 3min. vor Watain - Nuclear Alchemy
1t. 11s. 59min. vor Killing The Dream - Part Ii (motel Art)
1t. 12s. 53min. vor Valliers - Breathe
1t. 13s. 47min. vor As The Sky Darkens - Clockwork
1t. 14s. 41min. vor Aeges - Weightless
1t. 15s. 35min. vor Winds Of Plague - From Failure, Comes Clarity
1t. 16s. 31min. vor Meshuggah - Do Not Look Down
1t. 17s. 12min. vor Darkness Divided - The Hands That Bled
1t. 17s. 15min. vor Shattered Sun - Waging War
1t. 17s. 29min. vor Deftones - Romantic Dreams
1t. 18s. 6min. vor Trivium - Thrown Into The Fire
1t. 18s. 9min. vor My Enemies & I - Funeral Party
1t. 18s. 13min. vor Good Riddance - Half Measures
1t. 18s. 16min. vor Ghost - Infestissumam - Year Zero
1t. 18s. 19min. vor Nothing More - Don't Stop Remix (feat. Jacoby Shaddix Of Papa Roach)
1t. 18s. 26min. vor Ashes - Newborn Soul
1t. 18s. 29min. vor Sylosis - The River
1t. 18s. 30min. vor Sylosis - The River
1t. 18s. 36min. vor Motionless In White - 570
1t. 18s. 40min. vor Evergreen Terrace - Browbeaters Anonymous
1t. 18s. 43min. vor Counting Days - Beaten & Scarred
1t. 18s. 48min. vor Like Moths To Flames - Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds
1t. 18s. 51min. vor Beast In Black - Beast In Black
1t. 18s. 55min. vor Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
1t. 18s. 58min. vor Entheos - Neural Damage
1t. 19s. 3min. vor Harlott - Extinction
1t. 19s. 7min. vor Crossfaith - Rockstar Steady (feat. Jesse)
1t. 19s. 10min. vor Avatar - A Statue Of The King
1t. 19s. 17min. vor Devourment - Fifty Ton War Machine
1t. 19s. 20min. vor At All Cost - All Hail
1t. 19s. 23min. vor Allegaeon - Gray Matter Mechanics
1t. 19s. 25min. vor Allegaeon - Gray Matter Mechanics
1t. 19s. 28min. vor Turnstile - Real Thing
1t. 19s. 32min. vor Origin - Unattainable Zero
1t. 19s. 39min. vor The Color Morale - Living Breathing Something
1t. 19s. 40min. vor Sick Of It All - Black Venom
1t. 19s. 42min. vor Vision Of Disorder - Blood Red Sun
1t. 19s. 47min. vor Black Veil Brides - My Vow
1t. 19s. 50min. vor Bodysnatcher - Death Of Me
1t. 19s. 55min. vor High On Fire - Frost Hammer
1t. 20s. 2min. vor Daath - The Concealers - The Worthless
1t. 20s. 6min. vor Of Mice & Men - Warzone
1t. 20s. 9min. vor Get The Shot - Absolute Sacrifice
1t. 20s. 12min. vor Skeletonwitch - Beyond The Permafrost
1t. 20s. 16min. vor For The Fallen Dreams - Hopeless
1t. 20s. 19min. vor Moonspell - Blood Tells!
1t. 20s. 21min. vor Moonspell - Blood Tells!
1t. 20s. 22min. vor Watain - Nuclear Alchemy
1t. 20s. 26min. vor Architects - Doomsday
1t. 20s. 31min. vor Eschaton - Achromatic Reign
1t. 20s. 36min. vor Dayseeker - What It Means To Be Defeated
1t. 20s. 41min. vor Broken Teeth - Show No Mercy
1t. 20s. 46min. vor We Came As Romans - Foreign Fire
1t. 20s. 49min. vor Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
1t. 20s. 53min. vor Arch Echo - Color Wheel
1t. 20s. 56min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 20s. 58min. vor Mastodon - March Of The Fire Ants
1t. 21s. 1min. vor Abysmal Dawn - Inanimate
1t. 21s. 8min. vor Trivium - Betrayer
1t. 21s. 11min. vor Void Of Vision - Ghost In The Machine
1t. 21s. 15min. vor Upon A Burning Body - Scars
1t. 21s. 20min. vor Job For A Cowboy - The Synthetic Sea
1t. 21s. 23min. vor Cardinals Pride - Im Alright
1t. 21s. 28min. vor Varg - Einherjer
1t. 21s. 31min. vor Backtrack - Sanity
1t. 21s. 35min. vor Enterprise Earth - Deflesh To Unveil
1t. 21s. 36min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 21s. 38min. vor Sylosis - Dormant Heart
1t. 21s. 43min. vor After The Burial - Nine Summers
1t. 21s. 50min. vor Swamp Thing - I Hate This
1t. 21s. 53min. vor Arch Enemy - The Race
1t. 21s. 55min. vor Rolo Tomassi - Rituals
1t. 21s. 58min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 22s. 2min. vor Huntress - Flesh
1t. 22s. 5min. vor Aversions Crown - Earth Sterilister
1t. 22s. 8min. vor Phil Campbell And The Bastard - Ringleader
1t. 22s. 12min. vor Traitors - Lashing Out
1t. 22s. 13min. vor Alpha & Omega - No One To Blame
1t. 22s. 17min. vor In Search Of Solace - Fear (feat. Jake Wolf)
1t. 22s. 20min. vor Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Manifest
1t. 22s. 25min. vor Converge - A Single Tear
1t. 22s. 29min. vor Sharptooth - No Sanctuary
1t. 22s. 32min. vor Death Angel - Father Of Lies
1t. 22s. 39min. vor Senses Fail - The Courage Of An Open Heart
1t. 22s. 42min. vor Shai Hulud - To Bear The Brunt Of Many Blades
1t. 22s. 44min. vor Mychildren Mybride - Hooligans
1t. 22s. 47min. vor Cane Hill - Too Far Gone

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