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idobi Howl
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  idobi Howl
12min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
32min. vor The Black Dahlia Murder - Into The Everblack
50min. vor Bleeding Gods - Beloved By Artemis
1s. 20min. vor The Agonist - My Witness, Your Victim
1s. 55min. vor Vespera - Paradise
2s. 32min. vor A Night In Texas - Scorched Earth
3s. 10min. vor Bleed From Within - Alive
3s. 42min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
4s. 15min. vor Between The Buried And Me - Memory Palace
4s. 52min. vor A Night In Texas - Population Extermination
5s. 29min. vor Conveyer - New Low
6s. 3min. vor Shai Hulud - In The Mind And Marrow
6s. 36min. vor Lamb Of God - Culling
6s. 40min. vor First Blood - Detach
7s. 11min. vor Sienna Skies - Widow
7s. 41min. vor The Ghost Inside - Thirty Three
8s. 20min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
8s. 55min. vor Ektomorf - The Prophet Of Doom
9s. 29min. vor Ocean Grove - Stratosphere Love
10s. 1min. vor Protest The Hero - Clarity
10s. 40min. vor Gideon - Calloused
11s. 14min. vor Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
11s. 51min. vor Whitechapel - Our Endless War
12s. 29min. vor Cynic - Humanoid (single)
13s. 2min. vor Himsa - Ruin Them
13s. 37min. vor First Blood - First Blood
14s. 13min. vor Vespera - Paradise
14s. 51min. vor Revocation - Crumbling Imperium
15s. 30min. vor Earthists. - Memento Mori
16s. 2min. vor Caliban - Intoxicated
16s. 5min. vor Ovtlier - Broken Bones
16s. 9min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
16s. 9min. vor Whitechapel - Vicer Exciser
16s. 41min. vor Nile - Kafir !
17s. 16min. vor Good Tiger - Salt Of The Earth
17s. 52min. vor Ektomorf - The Prophet Of Doom
18s. 32min. vor Too Pure To Die - Only The True Remain
19s. 10min. vor The Devil Wears Prada - Lock & Load
19s. 49min. vor Bitter End - Disguised
20s. 22min. vor Nero Di Marte - Clouded Allure
21s. 1min. vor Counterparts - Cursed
21s. 44min. vor Cynic - Humanoid (single)
22s. 20min. vor Revocation - Tail From The Crypt
22s. 56min. vor Killswitch Engage - Still Beats Your Name
23s. 33min. vor Bleeding Through - Faith In Fire
23s. 54min. vor The Color Morale - In Light In Me
1t. 12min. vor A Night In Texas - Scorched Earth
1t. 50min. vor She Must Burn - The Wicked
1t. 1s. 24min. vor Baroness - Desperation Burns
1t. 2s. 9min. vor Black Tongue - Vermintide (ft Eddie Hermida)
1t. 2s. 41min. vor Bleeding Through - Love In Slow Motion
1t. 3s. 19min. vor Lord Dying - Descend Into External
1t. 3s. 55min. vor Overkill - Pig
1t. 4s. 31min. vor Stray From The Path - Center Of Attention
1t. 5s. 12min. vor Prospective - With Strength I Burn
1t. 5s. 49min. vor Conveyer - New Low
1t. 6s. 23min. vor Currents - Delusion
1t. 7s. 1min. vor Tesseract - Messenger
1t. 7s. 36min. vor Segression - Killing Kingdom
1t. 8s. 19min. vor She Must Burn - Victoria
1t. 8s. 19min. vor She Must Burn - Victoria
1t. 8s. 53min. vor Volumes - Edge Of The Earth
1t. 9s. 31min. vor Of Virtue - Surrounded
1t. 10s. 10min. vor Of Mice & Men - Forever Ydg'n
1t. 10s. 49min. vor Rivers Of Nihil - The Silent Life
1t. 10s. 49min. vor Rivers Of Nihil - The Silent Life
1t. 11s. 21min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 12s. vor Protest The Hero - Clarity
1t. 12s. 13min. vor Yashira - Redact (flood)
1t. 12s. 17min. vor Power Trip - Crossbreaker
1t. 12s. 20min. vor Sylosis - What Dwells Within
1t. 12s. 27min. vor Earthists. - Memento Mori
1t. 12s. 32min. vor Good Tiger - Salt Of The Earth
1t. 12s. 37min. vor Shai Hulud - For The World
1t. 12s. 39min. vor Shai Hulud - For The World
1t. 12s. 42min. vor Killswitch Engage - Strength Of The Mind
1t. 12s. 44min. vor Upon A Burning Body - Texas Blood Money
1t. 12s. 47min. vor Vader - Worms Of Eden
1t. 12s. 51min. vor Turnstile - I Don't Wanna Be Blind
1t. 12s. 54min. vor Pestilence - Multi Dimensional
1t. 12s. 59min. vor Amon Amarth - Guardians Of Asgaard
1t. 13s. 2min. vor All Hail The Yeti - Mr. Murder (feat. Brock Lindow)
1t. 13s. 6min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 13s. 9min. vor Cruel Hand - The Negatives
1t. 13s. 12min. vor Bleed From Within - Alive
1t. 13s. 14min. vor Bleed From Within - Alive
1t. 13s. 17min. vor Extinction A.d. - In The Wake Of Uprising
1t. 13s. 21min. vor Municipal Waste - Repossession
1t. 13s. 24min. vor Beyond The Shore - Transitions
1t. 13s. 28min. vor Suicidal Tendencies - Nothing To Lose
1t. 13s. 31min. vor Ovtlier - Broken Bones
1t. 13s. 34min. vor Traitors - Lashing Out
1t. 13s. 38min. vor Chelsea Grin - American Dream
1t. 13s. 41min. vor Blind Guardian - The Holy Grail
1t. 13s. 48min. vor Tesseract - Luminary
1t. 13s. 50min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 13s. 53min. vor Ektomorf - The Prophet Of Doom
1t. 13s. 56min. vor Insomnium - Change Of Heart
1t. 14s. vor The Parallel - Wanderlust
1t. 14s. 3min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 14s. 6min. vor Bungler - Double Glare
1t. 14s. 10min. vor Ded - Hate Me
1t. 14s. 13min. vor One Decade - Icu
1t. 14s. 16min. vor Idobi - Idobi 60
1t. 14s. 20min. vor Testament - Stronghold
1t. 14s. 23min. vor Goatwhore - The All Destroying
1t. 14s. 26min. vor Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With
1t. 15s. 3min. vor Coal Chamber - Light In The Shadows
1t. 15s. 41min. vor Darkest Hour - Savor The Kill
1t. 16s. 21min. vor High On Fire - Frost Hammer
1t. 17s. vor Underoath - A Fault Line. A Fault Of Mine
1t. 17s. 37min. vor Entombed A.d. - Total Death
1t. 18s. 12min. vor Blessthefall - Melodramatic
1t. 18s. 44min. vor Harms Way - Call My Name
1t. 19s. 19min. vor Amon Amarth - For Victory Or Death
1t. 19s. 51min. vor Sunless Rise - Lost Path
1t. 20s. 21min. vor Becoming The Archetype - Ransom
1t. 20s. 55min. vor Dark Funeral - As One We Shall Conquer
1t. 21s. 32min. vor Iron Reagan - Paper Shredder
1t. 22s. vor In Flames - In Plain View
1t. 22s. 31min. vor Asking Alexandria - Eve
1t. 22s. 57min. vor Machine Head - Be Still And Know
1t. 23s. 24min. vor Kataklysm - Kill The Elite
1t. 23s. 55min. vor Vader - Where Angels Weep
2t. 29min. vor Earthists. - Memento Mori
2t. 1s. vor The Haunted - Cutting Teeth
2t. 1s. 30min. vor Cane Hill - It Follows
2t. 1s. 56min. vor Destruction - Generation Nevermore
2t. 2s. 29min. vor Currents - Delusion
2t. 2s. 59min. vor Xibalba - No Serenity

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