Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com


Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com

United States http://hrhradio.com
city: Chicago
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Genres: Hard Rock
Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com
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Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, H...

Hard Rock Heaven was born on July 2010 with one major goal: ROCK THE NET with the best 80s and early 90s Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Hair Bands!

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1s. 44min. vor Van Halen - I'm The One
1s. 49min. vor Cinderella - Hell On Wheels
1s. 51min. vor Cry Wolf - Face Down In The Wishing Well
1s. 56min. vor Contraband - All The Way From Memphis
2s. 1min. vor Europe - Ready Or Not
2s. 6min. vor Warrant - Song And Dance Man
2s. 9min. vor Bad Moon Rising - Dangerous Game
2s. 13min. vor Blue Tears - Take This Heart
2s. 20min. vor Banshee - Precious Metal
2s. 25min. vor Rough Cutt - Cutt Your Heart Out
2s. 26min. vor Lion - Death On Legs
2s. 31min. vor Ac/dc - Shake Your Foundations
2s. 35min. vor Baton Rouge - Young Hearts
2s. 40min. vor Contraband - Intimate Outrage
2s. 43min. vor Slaughter - Gave Me Your Heart
2s. 49min. vor Big Bad Wolf - Rock Someone
2s. 55min. vor Fm - Tough It Out
3s. 2min. vor Roxxi - Thrill Can Kill
3s. 5min. vor Eyes - Can't Get Enough
3s. 11min. vor Heavy Bones - Where Eagles Fly
3s. 17min. vor Lillian Axe - Living In The Grey
3s. 22min. vor Sargant Fury - Stand Up
3s. 26min. vor Mr. Big - Anything For You
3s. 33min. vor Boneyardrockshop.com - Boneyardrockshop.com
3s. 34min. vor Queensryche - The Needle Lies
3s. 38min. vor Lynch Mob - Hell Child
3s. 41min. vor Sweeper - Hits And The Deep Cuts - Jeffradio
3s. 43min. vor Badlands - Devil's Stomp
3s. 46min. vor Heavy Bones - Turn It On
3s. 50min. vor Heavy Bones - Turn It On
3s. 51min. vor Vain - Without You
3s. 58min. vor Autograph - Thrill Of Love
4s. 2min. vor Def Leppard - Stagefright
4s. 5min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
4s. 8min. vor Vain - Who's Watching You
4s. 13min. vor Kiss - Domino
4s. 17min. vor Pretty Maids - Rock The House
4s. 20min. vor Eyes - Start Livin'
4s. 25min. vor Lynch Mob - Rain
4s. 29min. vor Sweeper - We Rock Hard So Hard - Jeffradio
4s. 31min. vor Ratt - Dance
4s. 34min. vor Xyz - Face Down In The Gutter
4s. 57min. vor Bad English - Dancing Off The Edge Of The World
4s. 59min. vor Ac/dc - Snowballed
5s. 58min. vor Mr. Big - Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy
6s. 1min. vor Ratt - One Step Away
6s. 5min. vor Vixen - Hard 16
6s. 10min. vor Loudness - Get Away
6s. 13min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Never
6s. 18min. vor Hurricane - 10,000 Years
  Gäste: BonJoviCR    San Jose  
Rajado muy buena music
0    0 Antwort   1:11 <> 10. 3. 2013  
  Nutzer: przemekzg    Warsaw  
super radio
0    0 Antwort   17:11 <> 29. 1. 2014  
  Gäste: r0ckerz    Jakarta  
my kind of music
0    1 Antwort   20:09 <> 9. 2. 2014  
  Gäste: roncobilly    Madrid  
Muy buena la emisora,buena musica
0    0 Antwort   17:14 <> 11. 2. 2014  
  Nutzer: sexylegs    London  
how it should be..
0    0 Antwort   22:18 <> 22. 3. 2014  
  Gäste: onlyheaven    Athens  
Τhanks Forn Your Hard Rock Heaven !
0    0 Antwort   4:47 <> 21. 8. 2016  
  Gäste: Shirley  
Excelente programa saludos desde colombia
0    1 Antwort   0:53 <> 28. 9. 2016  

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hard rock heaven - 80s hard rock, hair metal, heavy metal, glam - www.hrhradio.com

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