Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com


Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com

United States http://hrhradio.com
city: Chicago
Genres: Hard Rock
Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com
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Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, H...

Hard Rock Heaven was born on July 2010 with one major goal: ROCK THE NET with the best 80s and early 90s Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Hair Bands!

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Dass im Radio gespielt:  Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com
6min. vor Trouble Tribe - Tattoo
18min. vor Skid Row - Creepshow
30min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
41min. vor Bangalore Choir - Slippin' Away
52min. vor Pretty Maids - Headlines
1s. 4min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
1s. 15min. vor Cinderella - Once Around The Ride
1s. 28min. vor Dio - Rainbow In The Dark
1s. 40min. vor Vain - No Respect
1s. 51min. vor Dio - The Last In Line
2s. 2min. vor Britny Fox - Girschool
2s. 14min. vor Motley Crue - Don't Go Away Mad (just Go Away)
2s. 25min. vor Blue Murder - Riot
2s. 37min. vor John Norum - Let Me Love You
2s. 49min. vor Kingdom Come - The Shuffle
3s. 1min. vor Bon Jovi - Tokyo Road
3s. 12min. vor Judas Priest - Bloodstone
3s. 24min. vor Helix - Give It To You
3s. 36min. vor Roxxi - Wild Child
3s. 49min. vor Xyz - Face Down In The Gutter
4s. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
4s. 12min. vor Europe - Just The Beginning
4s. 24min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
4s. 44min. vor Baton Rouge - Hot Blood Movin'
5s. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
5s. 20min. vor Vince Neil - Living Is A Luxury
5s. 29min. vor Ac/dc - Shoot To Thrill
5s. 30min. vor Kidd Blue - Rocket Roulette
5s. 36min. vor Blue Murder - Out Of Love
5s. 42min. vor Xyz - Nice Day To Die
5s. 47min. vor Slaughter - She Wants More
5s. 51min. vor Slaughter - She Wants More
5s. 53min. vor Saxon - Back On The Streets
5s. 56min. vor Great White - Can't Shake It
6s. 1min. vor Van Halen - Light Up The Sky
6s. 5min. vor Lita Ford - Black Widow
6s. 8min. vor Hericane Alice - Tear The House Down
6s. 13min. vor Judas Priest - Rock Hard Ride Free
6s. 29min. vor Saxon - Call Of The Wild
6s. 40min. vor Extreme - Get The Funk Out
6s. 52min. vor Killer Dwarfs - All That We Dream
7s. 3min. vor Katmandu - Pull Together
7s. 15min. vor Loudness - Heavy Chains
7s. 27min. vor Blue Murder - I Need An Angel
7s. 28min. vor Blue Murder - I Need An Angel
7s. 31min. vor Journey - Troubled Child
7s. 39min. vor Night Ranger - I Did It For Love
7s. 51min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
8s. 2min. vor W.a.s.p. - L.o.v.e. Machine
8s. 10min. vor Giuffria - Radio
8s. 25min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
8s. 38min. vor Giant - Hold Back The Night
8s. 49min. vor Giant - Shake Me Up
9s. 1min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
9s. 12min. vor Arti Tisi - Love Finds You Guilty
9s. 23min. vor Don Dokken - 1000 Miles Away
9s. 35min. vor Fair Warning - When Love Fails
9s. 45min. vor Black Sabbath - Devil & Daughter
9s. 52min. vor Rox Diamond - Heart Of Mine
9s. 59min. vor Van Halen - Where Have All The Good Times Gone!
10s. 5min. vor Europe - Ready Or Not
10s. 12min. vor Vixen - Only A Heartbeat Away
10s. 18min. vor Def Leppard - Me And My Wine (remix)
10s. 24min. vor Poison - Life Loves A Tragedy
10s. 31min. vor Ice Tiger - Never Let Me Go
10s. 38min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
10s. 44min. vor Von Groove - Sweet Pain
10s. 50min. vor David Lee Roth - Stand Up
10s. 56min. vor Lizzy Borden - Outcast
11s. 3min. vor Lillian Axe - Show A Little Love
11s. 14min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
11s. 21min. vor Dio - Straight Through The Heart
11s. 28min. vor Europe - Sign Of The Times
11s. 34min. vor Xyz - H.h. Boogie
11s. 40min. vor Cinderella - All Come Down
11s. 46min. vor Danger Danger - Don't Blame It On Love
11s. 53min. vor Blizard - Walkin' Go!
12s. vor Twisted Sister - I'm So Hot For You
12s. 6min. vor King Kobra - Burning In Her Fire
12s. 12min. vor Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got (till
12s. 25min. vor Child's Play - Rat Race
12s. 32min. vor Giuffria - Call To The Heart
12s. 48min. vor Bon Jovi - Come Back
12s. 53min. vor Warrant - So Damn Pretty
13s. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
13s. 6min. vor Britny Fox - Long Way To Love
13s. 29min. vor Motley Crue - Without You
13s. 35min. vor Def Leppard - Let It Go
13s. 42min. vor Xyz - Shake Down The Walls
13s. 49min. vor Alice Cooper - Die For You
13s. 55min. vor Great White - Hiway Nights
14s. 2min. vor Contraband - Tonight You're Mine
14s. 9min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
14s. 14min. vor Loudness - Never Change Your Mind
14s. 21min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
14s. 28min. vor Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love
14s. 34min. vor Ratt - Give It All
14s. 42min. vor Ac/dc - Evil Walks
14s. 49min. vor Sargant Fury - Love Me
14s. 54min. vor Child's Play - When Hell Freezes Over
15s. 3min. vor Fm - All Or Nothing
15s. 12min. vor Journey - Only The Young
15s. 19min. vor Vixen - Rev It Up
15s. 25min. vor Cinderella - Nothin' For Nothin'
15s. 39min. vor Glory - Feel The Fire
15s. 45min. vor White Lion - Living On The Edge
15s. 55min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
16s. 2min. vor Contraband - Kiss By Kiss
16s. 10min. vor Great White - House Of Broken Love
16s. 16min. vor King Kobra - Perfect Crime
16s. 28min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
16s. 41min. vor Bulletboys - Owed To Joe
16s. 47min. vor Blue Tears - Thunder In The Night
16s. 52min. vor Fastway - Let Him Rock
16s. 55min. vor Fastway - Let Him Rock
16s. 57min. vor Alice Cooper - Little By Little
17s. 19min. vor Firehouse - Hold The Dream
17s. 19min. vor Firehouse - Hold The Dream
17s. 35min. vor Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
18s. 2min. vor Mcauley Schenker Group - Crazy
18s. 12min. vor Lillian Axe - All's Fair In Love And War
18s. 18min. vor Europe - Talk To Me
18s. 22min. vor Vow Wow - Helter Skelter
18s. 28min. vor Blue Blud - One More Night
18s. 45min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
18s. 45min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
18s. 45min. vor Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
18s. 55min. vor Kane Roberts - Wild Nights
19s. 4min. vor Great White - Once Bitten Twice Shy
19s. 15min. vor Poison - Want Some, Need Some
  Gäste: BonJoviCR    San Jose  
Rajado muy buena music
0    0 Antwort   1:11 <> 10. 3. 2013  
  Nutzer: przemekzg    Warsaw  
super radio
0    0 Antwort   17:11 <> 29. 1. 2014  
  Gäste: r0ckerz    Jakarta  
my kind of music
0    1 Antwort   20:09 <> 9. 2. 2014  
  Gäste: roncobilly    Madrid  
Muy buena la emisora,buena musica
0    0 Antwort   17:14 <> 11. 2. 2014  
  Nutzer: sexylegs    London  
how it should be..
0    0 Antwort   22:18 <> 22. 3. 2014  
  Gäste: onlyheaven    Athens  
Τhanks Forn Your Hard Rock Heaven !
0    0 Antwort   4:47 <> 21. 8. 2016  
  Gäste: Shirley  
Excelente programa saludos desde colombia
0    1 Antwort   0:53 <> 28. 9. 2016  

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hard rock heaven - 80s hard rock, hair metal, heavy metal, glam - www.hrhradio.com

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