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United States city: New York City
Genres: Rock
100 XR - The Net's #1 Rock Station!!!
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  100 XR - The Net's #1 Rock Station!!!
8s. 4min. vor Like A Storm - Become The Enemy
8s. 52min. vor Lamb Of God - Overlord
9s. 31min. vor Joywave - Now
10s. 10min. vor Halestorm - Amen
10s. 43min. vor Sammy Hagar - High Hopes
11s. 23min. vor Avicii - Hey Brother
12s. 4min. vor Soil - Give It Up
12s. 43min. vor Coheed And Cambria - You Got Spirit Kid
13s. 23min. vor Avatar - Bloody Angel
14s. 2min. vor Bridge To Grace - Everything
14s. 44min. vor Beck - Dreams
15s. 29min. vor Climax Blues Band - Cuttin' Up Rough
16s. 9min. vor White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
16s. 49min. vor Vance Joy - Fire And The Flood
17s. 31min. vor Sublime With Rome - Wherever You Go
18s. 13min. vor Zz Top - Doubleback
18s. 51min. vor Seether - Nobody Praying For Me
19s. 33min. vor Pillar - Nails
20s. 12min. vor Slipknot - The Blister Exists
20s. 52min. vor New Years Day - Defame Me
21s. 36min. vor Duran Duran - Ordinary World
22s. 14min. vor Pepper - Give It Up
22s. 54min. vor Saga - Wind Him Up
23s. 39min. vor Pennywise - Divine Intervention
1t. 21min. vor R.e.m. - What's The Frequency Kenneth
1t. 1s. 6min. vor Don Henley - Take A Picture Of This
1t. 1s. 50min. vor Rick Astley - Cry For Help
1t. 2s. 36min. vor Papa Roach - Where Did The Angels Go
1t. 3s. 25min. vor Queen - Save Me
1t. 4s. 13min. vor Atlas Genius - Molecules
1t. 4s. 58min. vor Dovetail Joint - Level On The Inside
1t. 5s. 41min. vor Divine Comedy - Diva Lady
1t. 6s. 30min. vor Candlebox - It's Alright
1t. 6s. 57min. vor Vines - Outtathaway
1t. 7s. 29min. vor Papa Roach - Gravity
1t. 7s. 56min. vor Shaman's Harvest - Dirty Diana
1t. 8s. 26min. vor Answer - Red
1t. 8s. 55min. vor Kid Rock - Born Free
1t. 9s. 24min. vor Candlebox - Far Behind
1t. 10s. 18min. vor Nothing More - Jenny
1t. 11s. 2min. vor Papercut Massacre - Lose My Life
1t. 11s. 50min. vor Lamb Of God - Overlord
1t. 12s. 35min. vor Papa Roach - Be Free
1t. 13s. 32min. vor Foals - Mountain At My Gates
1t. 14s. 14min. vor Eagles Of Death Metal - Complexity
1t. 15s. 1min. vor Crobot - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer
1t. 15s. 50min. vor Train - Drops Of Jupiter
1t. 16s. 33min. vor Bridge To Grace - Everything
1t. 17s. 15min. vor Awolnation - I Am
1t. 18s. 1min. vor Three Days Grace - Human Race
1t. 18s. 49min. vor Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile
1t. 19s. 33min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
1t. 20s. 16min. vor Soil - Breaking Me Down
1t. 20s. 59min. vor Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred
1t. 21s. 43min. vor Saint Asonia - Better Place
1t. 22s. 25min. vor David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
1t. 23s. 9min. vor Nothing More - Jenny
1t. 23s. 50min. vor Bush - The Chemicals Between Us
2t. 30min. vor Meg Myers - Lemon Eyes
2t. 1s. 13min. vor Keith Richards - Trouble
2t. 1s. 53min. vor Highly Suspect - Lydia
2t. 2s. 31min. vor Ghost - Cirice
2t. 3s. 11min. vor Bush - Swallowed
2t. 3s. 50min. vor Don Henley - Take A Picture Of This
2t. 4s. 32min. vor Coleman Hell - 2 Heads
2t. 5s. 14min. vor Burn Halo - Dying Without You
2t. 5s. 55min. vor Bridge To Grace - Everything
2t. 6s. 45min. vor Charlie - Turning To You
2t. 7s. 25min. vor Against Me - Unconditional Love
2t. 8s. 3min. vor David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
2t. 8s. 44min. vor Theory Of A Deadman - Angel
2t. 9s. 26min. vor Bush - Everything Zen
2t. 10s. 9min. vor Silversun Pickups - Nightlight
2t. 10s. 54min. vor Theory Of A Deadman - So Happy
2t. 11s. 34min. vor Bravery - Fearless
2t. 12s. 14min. vor Police - So Lonely
2t. 12s. 53min. vor Denver Harbor - Picture Perfect Wannabe
2t. 13s. 31min. vor Mumford & Sons - The Wolf
2t. 14s. 2min. vor Like A Storm - Become The Enemy
2t. 14s. 30min. vor Keith Richards - Trouble
2t. 14s. 52min. vor Deaf Pedestrians - Dharma Moraine's Automatic Armor
2t. 15s. 15min. vor Afghan Whigs - Algiers
2t. 15s. 38min. vor Roger Waters - Hello (i Love You)
2t. 16s. 2min. vor Gemini Syndrome - Eternity
2t. 16s. 24min. vor Lykke Li - Get Some
2t. 16s. 50min. vor Editors - Life Is A Fear
2t. 17s. 11min. vor Panic At The Disco - Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Tak...
2t. 17s. 32min. vor Death Cab For Cutie - The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive
2t. 17s. 53min. vor Civil Twilight - Holy Dove
2t. 18s. 15min. vor Butcher Babies - Never Go Back
2t. 18s. 37min. vor Bullet For My Valentine - You Want A Battle (here's A War)
2t. 19s. 1min. vor Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born To Follow
2t. 19s. 22min. vor Adrenaline Mob - Feel The Adrenaline
2t. 19s. 50min. vor Beartooth - In Between
2t. 20s. 11min. vor Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
2t. 20s. 32min. vor Arcs - Outta My Mind
2t. 20s. 54min. vor Robert Plant - Tie Dye On The Highway
2t. 21s. 17min. vor Blow Monkeys - It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
2t. 21s. 50min. vor Thousand Foot Krutch - Move
2t. 22s. 11min. vor Creed - What's This Life For
2t. 22s. 32min. vor Sevendust - Thank You
2t. 22s. 55min. vor Sublime With Rome - Wherever You Go
2t. 23s. 19min. vor Cult - Wild Flower
2t. 23s. 41min. vor Silversun Pickups - Nightlight
3t. 3min. vor Shadows Fall - Inspiration On Demand
3t. 30min. vor Robert Delong - Don't Wait Up
3t. 53min. vor Moon Martin - X Ray Vision
3t. 1s. 15min. vor Papa Roach - Gravity
3t. 1s. 41min. vor Of Mice & Men - Never Giving Up
3t. 2s. 4min. vor Machine Head - Darkness Within
3t. 2s. 29min. vor Creed - Torn
3t. 2s. 51min. vor Snow Patrol - Run
3t. 3s. 13min. vor Lamb Of God - Overlord
3t. 3s. 35min. vor Robert Plant - Slow Dancer
3t. 4s. 1min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
3t. 4s. 32min. vor Halsey - New Americana
3t. 5s. 2min. vor Gemini Syndrome - Eternity
3t. 5s. 29min. vor Florence + The Machine - Ship To Wreck
3t. 5s. 53min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
3t. 6s. 16min. vor Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism (saul Williams Remix)
3t. 6s. 40min. vor Robert Plant - Sixes And Sevens
3t. 7s. 3min. vor Idlewild - Little Discourage
3t. 7s. 29min. vor Burn Halo - Dying Without You
3t. 7s. 52min. vor Opeth - Burden
3t. 8s. 14min. vor Lcd Soundsystem - North American Scum
3t. 8s. 39min. vor Beck - Dreams
3t. 9s. 2min. vor Nine Inch Nails - Piggy
3t. 9s. 29min. vor Blind Melon - No Rain
3t. 9s. 50min. vor Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love
3t. 10s. 12min. vor Zac Brown Band - Heavy Is The Head

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