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city: New York City
Genres: Rock
100 XR - The Net's #1 Rock Station!!!
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  100 XR - The Net's #1 Rock Station!!!
37min. vor P.o.d. - This Goes Out To You
1s. 40min. vor Kottonmouth Kings - Where I'm Going
2s. 50min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
3s. 53min. vor Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino
5s. 4min. vor Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Hollywood Nights
6s. 18min. vor Humblebums - Look Over The Hill And Far Away
7s. 31min. vor Beck - Dreams
8s. 34min. vor Hollywood Undead - Been To Hell
9s. 41min. vor Beck - Girl
10s. 51min. vor Sublime With Rome - Wherever You Go
11s. 52min. vor Gerry Rafferty - Days Gone Down
12s. 58min. vor Red Sun Rising - The Otherside
14s. 4min. vor Coal Chamber - I.o.u. Nothing
15s. 7min. vor Hellyeah - Moth
16s. 9min. vor Keith Richards - Trouble
17s. 9min. vor Halestorm - Amen
18s. 11min. vor Finger Eleven - Wolves And Doors
19s. 11min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
20s. 15min. vor Burn Halo - Dying Without You
21s. 19min. vor Beartooth - In Between
22s. 18min. vor Aranda - Don't Wake Me
23s. 20min. vor We Came As Romans - The World I Used To Know
1t. 28min. vor Abc - Poison Arrow
1t. 1s. 29min. vor Son Volt - The Search
1t. 2s. 32min. vor Pillar - Nails
1t. 3s. 32min. vor Hellyeah - Alcohaulin' Ass
1t. 4s. 38min. vor Motionless In White - Unstoppable
1t. 5s. 30min. vor Joywave - Now
1t. 6s. 22min. vor Heart - Dog And Butterfly
1t. 7s. 21min. vor Tool - Forty Six And 2
1t. 8s. 15min. vor Poe - Hello
1t. 9s. 8min. vor Civil Twilight - Holy Dove
1t. 9s. 57min. vor Babys - Isn't It Time
1t. 10s. 51min. vor Awaken The Empire - Cross My Heart
1t. 11s. 45min. vor Times Of Grace - The Forgotten One
1t. 12s. 37min. vor Poe - Control
1t. 13s. 27min. vor Son Volt - Caryatid Easy
1t. 14s. 18min. vor Stone Roses - Love Spreads
1t. 15s. 7min. vor Saint Asonia - Better Place
1t. 15s. 58min. vor Deadmau5 - Proffesional Griefers
1t. 16s. 49min. vor Egypt Central - Taking You Down
1t. 17s. 41min. vor Primus - Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
1t. 18s. 35min. vor Sinead O'connor - The Emperor's New Clothes
1t. 19s. 28min. vor Primal Scream - Come Together
1t. 20s. 17min. vor Foals - Mountain At My Gates
1t. 21s. 7min. vor Broken Bells - Control
1t. 22s. vor Babys - Back On My Feet Again
1t. 22s. 53min. vor Human League - Love Action (i Believe In Love)
1t. 23s. 46min. vor Awaken The Empire - Cross My Heart
2t. 43min. vor 10 Years - From Birth To Burial
2t. 1s. 33min. vor Shawn Mullins - Shimmer
2t. 2s. 23min. vor Three Days Grace - Human Race
2t. 3s. 15min. vor Silversun Pickups - Nightlight
2t. 4s. 5min. vor Brand New - Mene
2t. 5s. vor Papa Roach - Gravity
2t. 5s. 52min. vor Sam Roberts - The Gate
2t. 6s. 46min. vor Meg Myers - Lemon Eyes
2t. 7s. 42min. vor Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyll And Hyde
2t. 8s. 36min. vor Sam Roberts - Hard Road
2t. 9s. 32min. vor Eddie Money - I'll Get By
2t. 10s. 29min. vor Crobot - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer
2t. 11s. 24min. vor Saosin - On My Own
2t. 12s. 19min. vor Bridge To Grace - Everything
2t. 13s. 11min. vor Blondfire - Young Heart
2t. 14s. 5min. vor Bleeker Ridge - Last Cigarette
2t. 14s. 25min. vor Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
2t. 15s. vor Stone Temple Pilots - Down
2t. 15s. 56min. vor Starset - Halo
2t. 16s. 51min. vor Sevendust - Thank You
2t. 17s. 45min. vor Pop Evil - Footsteps
2t. 18s. 38min. vor Of Monsters And Men - Crystals
2t. 19s. 32min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
2t. 20s. 22min. vor Lamb Of God - Overlord
2t. 21s. 16min. vor Houndmouth - Sedona
2t. 22s. 9min. vor Gemini Syndrome - Eternity
2t. 23s. vor Human League - Human
2t. 23s. 51min. vor Saosin - It's Far Better To Learn
3t. 44min. vor Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
3t. 1s. 34min. vor Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall
3t. 2s. 23min. vor Awaken The Empire - Cross My Heart
3t. 3s. 14min. vor 10 Years - From Birth To Burial
3t. 4s. 3min. vor Black Keys - Fever
3t. 4s. 52min. vor Theory Of A Deadman - Angel
3t. 5s. 40min. vor Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred
3t. 6s. 31min. vor Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body
3t. 7s. 20min. vor Panic At The Disco - Hallelujah
3t. 8s. 10min. vor Pearl Jam - Gone
3t. 8s. 59min. vor Stereophonics - Have A Nice Day
3t. 9s. 51min. vor Drowning Pool - Turn So Cold
3t. 10s. 38min. vor Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down
3t. 11s. 24min. vor Rise Against - Injection
3t. 12s. 12min. vor Yazoo - Only You
3t. 13s. 4min. vor Big Wreck - A Million Days
3t. 13s. 52min. vor ||||||||||||||| - |||||||||||||||
3t. 14s. 40min. vor Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders
3t. 15s. 28min. vor Beck - Dreams
3t. 16s. 18min. vor Aranda - Don't Wake Me
3t. 17s. 5min. vor Beware Of Darkness - Howl
3t. 17s. 53min. vor Twenty One Pilots - Tear In My Heart
3t. 18s. 44min. vor Daughtry - What I Want
3t. 19s. 31min. vor People In Planes - Last Man Standing
3t. 20s. 19min. vor Death Cab For Cutie - Crooked Teeth
3t. 21s. 6min. vor P.o.d. - This Goes Out To You
3t. 21s. 50min. vor Default - Count On Me
3t. 22s. 37min. vor Motley Crue - Mutherfucker Of The Year
3t. 23s. 23min. vor Keith Richards - Trouble
4t. 10min. vor Halsey - New Americana
4t. 1s. vor Danko Jones - First Date
4t. 1s. 48min. vor Default - All She Wrote
4t. 2s. 32min. vor Coheed And Cambria - You Got Spirit Kid
4t. 3s. 17min. vor Smithereens - Only A Memory
4t. 4s. 1min. vor D4 - Get Loose
4t. 4s. 46min. vor Roxette - The Look
4t. 5s. 32min. vor Alabama Shakes - Gimme All Your Love
4t. 6s. 18min. vor We Are Harlot - Someday
4t. 7s. 2min. vor Three Days Grace - Human Race
4t. 7s. 49min. vor Oasis - Whatever
4t. 8s. 34min. vor Everlast - I Get By
4t. 9s. 19min. vor Day Of Fire - Fade Away
4t. 10s. 5min. vor Otherwise - Meet Me In The Dark
4t. 10s. 51min. vor New Order - Restless
4t. 11s. 38min. vor Modest Mouse - The Ground Walks With Time In A Box
4t. 12s. 22min. vor John Mayer - Say
4t. 12s. 39min. vor James Bay - Hold Back The River
4t. 13s. 8min. vor Disturbed - The Vengeful One
4t. 13s. 56min. vor Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
4t. 14s. 43min. vor Cure - The End Of The World
4t. 15s. 30min. vor Crobot - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer
4t. 16s. 18min. vor Aldo Nova - Fantasy
4t. 17s. 4min. vor Bridge To Grace - Everything

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