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Genres: Metal Extreme Black Grindcore
Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests
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3s. 49min. vor Incantation - Blasphemy - Uprising Heresy (8:33)
8s. 28min. vor Angelcorpse - Hammer Of Gods - Pleasure To Kill (kreator Cover, Bonus ...
13s. 6min. vor Kremulator - Masakr Na Kolejich - Chlastam V Praci (3:21)
17s. 46min. vor Lord Mantis - Pervertor - Septichrist (5:48)
21s. 35min. vor Horna - Haudankylmyyden Mailla - Yhdeksan Yo (7:30)
21s. 40min. vor Vital Remains - Let Us Pray - Frozen Terror (5:43)
21s. 47min. vor Krisiun - Conquerors Of Armageddon - Conquerors Of Armageddon (6:05)
21s. 52min. vor Zora - Gore - R.i.p. (1:38)
21s. 54min. vor Jeff Straub - - Id01 (0:07)
21s. 55min. vor Adramelech - Terror Of Thousand Faces - Halls Of Human Tragedy (2:19)
21s. 57min. vor Necrophagia - Whiteworm Cathedral - March Of The Deathcorps(e) (4:12)
22s. vor Inhumate - Fifth Season, The - It's Back (bonus) (3:06)
22s. 4min. vor Secrets Of The Moon - Sun - I Took The Sky Away (7:58)
22s. 12min. vor Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss - Det Som En Gang Var (14:17)
22s. 26min. vor Pyrexia - Sermon Of Mockery - Inhumanity (3:57)
22s. 31min. vor Hel's Crusade - Depths Of Mind - Slain (1:41)
22s. 32min. vor Macabre - Grim Scary Tales - Mary Ann (3:37)
22s. 36min. vor Cannibal Corpse - Bleeding, The - Stripped, Raped And Strangled (3:27)
22s. 39min. vor Agruss - Morok - Under The Snow I (7:02)
22s. 46min. vor Daylight Dies - Frail Becoming, A - Infidel (5:18)
22s. 51min. vor Alterbeast - Immortal - Ancient's Retribution (3:34)
22s. 54min. vor Gorod - Neurotripsicks - Beware Of Trampa (4:42)
22s. 59min. vor Nathorg - Beyond The Gates Of Nathorg - Don't Forget The Whip (6:16)
23s. 6min. vor Defeated Sanity - Disposal Of The Dead / Dharmata - Suttee (2:52)
23s. 9min. vor Panopticon - Collapse - The Death Of Baldr And The Coming War (15:53)
23s. 25min. vor Valfreya - Promised Land - Warlords (4:30)
23s. 30min. vor Lamaw - Inclination Of Repugnant Dismemberment - Menu Of Torture (3:41...
23s. 33min. vor Degradead - World Destroyer, A - No One Prevail (4:31)
23s. 38min. vor Necrophagia - Whiteworm Cathedral - Bnn (3:40)
23s. 41min. vor Malevolent Creation - Fine Art Of Murder, The - Fracture (6:32)
23s. 48min. vor Hail Of Bullets - On Divine Winds - Full Scale War (5:15)
23s. 53min. vor Wintersun - Wintersun - Sadness And Hate (10:16)
1t. 3min. vor Obscenity - Human Barbecue - Obscenity (6:40)
1t. 2s. 40min. vor Darkthrone - Blaze In The Northern Sky, A - In The Shadow Of The Horns...
1t. 8s. 8min. vor Lord Gore - Autophagous Orgy, The - Lord Gore (2:38)
1t. 12s. 47min. vor At The Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul - Cold (3:27)
1t. 17s. 30min. vor Ankhagram - Where Are You Now - K.o.d. (9:04)
1t. 22s. 10min. vor Desolate Shrine - Tenebrous Towers - The Brightest Night (8:18)
2t. 2s. 52min. vor Dark Ambition - Tears Of Daewongoon - Bird (play Of Korea Tradition) (...
2t. 7s. 35min. vor Shape Of Despair - Angels Of Distress - Quiet These Paintings Are (14:...
2t. 8s. 1min. vor Fear Factory - Obsolete - Edgecrusher (3:39)
2t. 12s. 17min. vor Defeated Sanity - Psalms Of The Moribund - Fatal Self Inflicted Disfig...
2t. 17s. 2min. vor Gorgoroth - Pentagram - Maaneskyggens Slave (5:53)
2t. 19s. 54min. vor Antestor - Forsaken, The - Old Times Cruelty (3:55)
2t. 21s. 45min. vor Secrets Of The Moon - Sun - Man Behind The Sun (6:30)
3t. 2s. 29min. vor Judas Iscariot - Distant In Solitary Night - The Clear Moon, And The G...
3t. 5s. 5min. vor Krabathor - Only Our Death Is Welcome... - Psychodelic (5:40)
3t. 6s. 26min. vor Mournful Congregation - Book Of Kings, The - The Book Of Kings (33:10)
3t. 7s. 7min. vor Alley - Amphibious - Amphibious (13:08)
3t. 7s. 14min. vor Summoning - Nightshade Forests - Flesh And Blood (7:52)

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Die letzten titel der Station: - a brutal & beautiful blend of black, death, doom, goth, & gore w/requests

lord of war - suffer - skin (3:48)
lord of war suffer 128
deranged - struck by a murderous siege (2016) 320 kbps
a shade of vampire 39: a rip of realms
omnizide nekroregime 128
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