Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests


Online Radio: Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests

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Genres: Metal Extreme Black Grindcore
Death.FM - A Brutal & Beautiful Blend of Black, Death, Doom, Goth, & Gore w/Requests
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3s. 10min. vor Cannibal Corpse - Tomb Of The Mutilated - Entrails Ripped From A Virgi...
4s. 8min. vor Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines - Unas Slayer Of The Gods (11:43)
7s. 11min. vor Deadly Carnage - Decadenza - 1486 (9:32)
7s. 25min. vor Satan's Revenge On Mankind - Supreme Malicious Necro Terror - Technoph...
7s. 28min. vor Bahrrecht - L'aube Glacee - Dieux Des Bois (6:37)
8s. 1min. vor Bathory - Blood Fire Death - Blood Fire Death (10:31)
8s. 9min. vor Bathory - Blood Fire Death - Blood Fire Death (10:31)
8s. 10min. vor Anaal Nathrakh - Eschaton - Timewave Zero (3:01)
8s. 19min. vor Monkeypriest - Psalm, The - Involution (6:57)
12s. 52min. vor Devourment - Conceived In Sewage - Conceived In Sewage (4:10)
17s. 46min. vor Iniquity - Five Across The Eyes - Pyres Of Atonement (3:58)
22s. 39min. vor Suffocation - Effigy Of The Forgotten - Mass Obliteration (4:33)
1t. 3s. 33min. vor Amenta, The - Flesh Is Heir - Cell (4:47)
1t. 8s. 28min. vor Milking The Goatmachine - Seven...a Dinner For One - Down The Brook (4...
1t. 13s. 21min. vor Putrid Pile - House Of Dementia - Post Coital Satisfaction (3:02)
1t. 18s. 15min. vor Devilment - Great And Secret Show, The - The Great And Secret Show (5:...
1t. 23s. 23min. vor Skitliv - Skandinavisk Misantropi - Towards The Shores Of Loss/vulture...
2t. 4s. 20min. vor Burzum - Filosofem - Gebrechlichkeit Ii (7:51)
2t. 6s. 37min. vor Defleshed - Fast Forward - The Return Of The Flesh (2:37)
2t. 7s. 26min. vor Acheron - Kult Des Hasses - Raptured To Divine Perversion (6:09)
2t. 7s. 57min. vor Bathory - Bathory - Sacrifice (3:14)
2t. 8s. 29min. vor Immortal - Battles In The North - Blashyrkh (mighty Ravendark) (4:34)
2t. 9s. 14min. vor Bloodbath - Fathomless Mastery, The - Hades Rising (5:04)
2t. 9s. 29min. vor Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk In My Heart - The Castle Of Blackhei...
2t. 11s. 42min. vor Myhrding - 1350 - A Deeper Kind Of Agony (4:08)
2t. 14s. 4min. vor Inquisition - Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial...
2t. 18s. 56min. vor Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition - Born Into Oblivion (3:19)
2t. 23s. 51min. vor Morsgatt - Butt Mud - Attila (4:49)
3t. 4s. 43min. vor Deeds Of Flesh - Portals To Canaan - Amidst The Ruins (4:31)
3t. 5s. 37min. vor Ghost I've Become, The - Hollow - Cold, My Sweet Delight (6:25)
3t. 9s. 34min. vor Craft - Total Soul Rape - Past, Present, Dead (3:28)
3t. 12s. 4min. vor Hemnur - Satanic Hellride - Satanic Hellride (5:34)
3t. 14s. 22min. vor Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral - A Burial At Ornan...
3t. 18s. 11min. vor Krisiun - Conquerors Of Armageddon - Conquerors Of Armageddon (6:05)
3t. 23s. 3min. vor Cryogen - Psalms Of Deceit - Break These Chains (4:54)
4t. 3s. 56min. vor Mordbrand - Wilt - Delivering The Gods (5:03)
4t. 8s. 47min. vor Mortician - House By The Cemetery / Mortal Massacre - Redrum/outro (5:...
4t. 12s. 31min. vor Gorefest - False - Reality - When You Die (6:33)
4t. 13s. 39min. vor County Medical Examiners, The - Olidous Operettas - Kaleidoscopic Mala...
4t. 18s. 30min. vor Necromicon - Peccata Mundi - Pecatta Mundi (5:08)
4t. 23s. 23min. vor Devourment - Butcher The Weak - Anal Electrocution (4:07)
5t. 4s. 14min. vor Pestilence - Spheres - Mind Reflections (3:19)
5t. 9s. 6min. vor Inherit Disease - Ephemeral - Divergence (2:50)
5t. 11s. 16min. vor Kult Ov Azazel - World, The Flesh & The Devil, The - Compelled To Die ...
5t. 13s. 59min. vor Malevolent Creation - Fine Art Of Murder, The - Fracture (6:32)
5t. 18s. 50min. vor Frailty - Lost Lifeless Lights - A Summer To Die (9:16)
5t. 23s. 41min. vor Hypocrisy - Inferior Devoties - Symbol Of Baphomet (2:55)
6t. 4s. 31min. vor Aardvarks - Profondo Rosso - Too Many Puppies (primus Cover) (4:16)
6t. 9s. 56min. vor Dodsferd - Desecrating The Spirit Of Life - Wrath Was Forged Into My H...
6t. 14s. 49min. vor Slaughterbox - Ubiquity Of Subjugation, The - Judas Kiss (2:10)

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Die letzten titel der Station: - a brutal & beautiful blend of black, death, doom, goth, & gore w/requests

lord of war - suffer - skin (3:48)
lord of war suffer 128
deranged - struck by a murderous siege (2016) 320 kbps
a shade of vampire 39: a rip of realms
omnizide nekroregime 128
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