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Stream live music channels on your tablet, PC, laptop or mobile. Free air-time on Submit Promo radio for new electronic music, submit promos on MixLive.ieWe're a small group of web developers and music lovers who got together online through our passion for electronic music, using various streaming technologies to deliver live audio on the net, you can help us spread the love by sharing with your friends. We're using TargetSpot audio adverts in some of our streams so just by tuning in you can help us make a few bucks which help towards our monthly server costs. Streaming & sharing quality tunes is our thing. We hope you find your inner peace, Because this is your dream world. Love Changes (Deep Mix) MK Featuring Alana - Charisma (Side A2) Our streaming servers cost a lot to keep online each month, we provide this service for free, so we're always looking for new ways to bring in some revenue through Geo-targeted audio ads, TargetSpot & other advertising networks. -- We needed a place to host our first live audio stream "Ambient Lounge" which came online in 2010, eventually we had two channels, then 3 and so on, more styles, more work but we love that stuff, if people enjoy the music then we did a good job. We started receiving submissions for mixes, tracks and new radio channels, so we decided to add a few new features to so music artists and radio station owners could add their own media, live streams etc. We're also working on a new section where members can sign up as a broadcaster and stream live music with their favorite DJ software. We're still working on how this is going to look in the front-end. My focus is keeping MixLive, our servers and our live channels streaming around the clock. Hope you enjoy the tunes. -- MixLive provides a user-friendly, web-based application for setup, management and delivery of live streaming internet radio channels. If we think of something cool or someone suggests a new feature, we'll probably try create it, we can't help ourselves, so you may see new features on MixLive from time to time. Add your own channel on MixLive, create a free radio page, promote your internet radio or live music project free! Your listeners can tune-in on or download our free radio app. Free air-time for new electronic music artists, send us your music promos and we'll stream them live in rotation on our new channel Submit Promo Radio. Got an idea for a new music channel or want to run your own? get in touch!
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Ambient Lounge on - Online Radio
29min. vor
School Of Crystal Healing - Lightworkers Delight - Boutique Sternway
2s. 15min. vor
School Of Crystal Healing - Sine Healing (Alchemy Mix)
3s. 52min. vor
Technoid Mutant - Lost Signals - Illusion
4s. 46min. vor
Zka4T - Carving Mirages - History For Sale
6s. 25min. vor
Jaja - Oxygen
7s. 59min. vor
Above And Beyond - Home (Above And Beyond)
9s. 38min. vor
Androcell - Atmos-Spheres
11s. 18min. vor
Bioscape - Living Connection - Creation Dub
12s. 57min. vor
Brambles - Such Owls As You
14s. 36min. vor
Dahlia`s Tear - Entrance To Dreamsphere
16s. 16min. vor
Dislocated Gravitation - Dislocation 4
16s. 16min. vor
Dislocated Gravitation - Dislocation 4
17s. 56min. vor
Frost-Raven - Deep In Blue - Mission
19s. 35min. vor
Jaja - Aum
21s. 17min. vor
Krusseldorf - Fractal World - Spirit Ale
21s. 17min. vor
Krusseldorf - Fractal World - Spirit Ale
22s. 57min. vor
Man Of No Ego - Web Of Life - Web Of Life
1t. 38min. vor
Metaphorical Cloud - Morphing - Substance
1t. 2s. 21min. vor
Oxya - Down The Fractal Dimension - Detective Poetry
1t. 4s. 5min. vor
Rootkid - Down The Fractal Dimension - New Hope
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Ambient Lounge on    
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116 0
School Of Crystal Healing - Lightworkers Delight - Lavender
84 0
Jaja - Aum
24 0
Jaja - Moonlit
19 0
Proton Kinoun - Apeiron - Silver Satellite
19 0
Proton Kinoun - Apeiron - Illimitable
18 0
Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers
15 0
Jaja - Oxygen
14 0
Phobium - Distant Sol
14 0
Akara - The World Beyond - The Enchanted Island
13 0
Proton Kinoun - Apeiron - Stars Wobbling...
12 0
Different Shapes - Different Colors - Unknown Destination
12 0
Man Of No Ego - Blinkers Removed - Tara
12 0
Androcell - Atmos-Spheres
12 0
Proton Kinoun - Apeiron -`s Bubbling
11 0
School Of Crystal Healing - Nature Of Green
11 0
Man Of No Ego - Blinkers Removed - Blinkers Removed
11 0
Amitron_7 - Glory End What Grace Begun
11 0
Different Shapes - Different Colors - Searching For Light (El Camino)
11 0
R.roo - Help Me
10 0
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