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Dass im Radio gespielt:  BassTune Radio Dancestream - HighQ
9min. vor Alan Walker - Alone
38min. vor Charlie Puth Feat. Selena Gomez - We Don't Talk Anymore
1s. 2min. vor Bebe Rexha Feat. Nicki Minaj - No Broken Hearts
1s. 31min. vor Craig David & Sigala - Ain't Giving Up (sigala Club Mix)
2s. vor Avicii Vs. Nicky Romero - I Could Be The One (nicktim Radio Edit)
2s. 28min. vor Estiva Feat. Adara - Spark
2s. 58min. vor Dream Dance Alliance - Gold
3s. 22min. vor Cosmic Gate With Mike Schmid - No One Can Touch You Now
3s. 50min. vor 99 Souls - The Girl Is Mine (feat. Destiny's Child & Brandy)
4s. 19min. vor Raven & Kleekamp - Orion
4s. 46min. vor Standerwick Philippe El Sisi And Ana Criado - Magic Light (radio Edit...
5s. 14min. vor Ferry Tayle - Twin Souls
5s. 42min. vor Paul Oakenfold Ft J. Hart - Surrender (protoculture Radio Edit)
6s. 11min. vor Knock Off Nigel - When Love Takes Over
6s. 40min. vor Blmchen - Nur Getrumt
7s. 9min. vor Gregor Le Dahl Feat. Kimera - Dancing On A Sunbeam (olly P Remix)
7s. 39min. vor Jerv & Nizzle - The Launch Pad
8s. 6min. vor Syrin - Omg
8s. 38min. vor Low-e Zero Sanity Ft. Maia - Crusade
9s. 3min. vor Dutch Master - 5 A M
9s. 32min. vor A-lusion - Visual Perception
10s. 1min. vor Atmozfears & Adrenalize - She Goes
10s. 29min. vor Showtek - Puta Madre
10s. 59min. vor Headhunterz - Project 1
11s. 28min. vor Zatox - Winter
11s. 59min. vor Zedd - Spectrum
12s. 27min. vor Recoder - Lights On
12s. 58min. vor Wasted Penguinz - International Departure
13s. 24min. vor Jens O. - Find Your Way
13s. 52min. vor Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
14s. 23min. vor Love Unit - To Times 2k11 (klubbingman Vs. Steve Buzz Remix)
14s. 52min. vor 89ers - Funky Beatz
15s. 22min. vor Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (avicii Vocal Edit)
15s. 51min. vor Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (seeb Remix)
16s. 21min. vor Nick Brady - Woven (radio Edit)
16s. 49min. vor Benny Benassi & Chris Brown - Paradise (radio Edit)
17s. 20min. vor Craig David & Sigala - Ain't Giving Up (sigala Club Mix)
17s. 48min. vor Dj Ti-s Feat. Staz & John Cunningham - Hands Up
18s. 19min. vor Shindy - Dreams
18s. 46min. vor Volbeat - The Devil's Bleeding Crown
19s. 19min. vor Beginner Feat. Gzuz & Gentleman - Ahnma
19s. 46min. vor Rita Ora - Body On Me (feat. Chris Brown)
20s. 21min. vor 5 Seconds Of Summer - Jet Black Heart
20s. 49min. vor The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming
21s. 20min. vor Zara Larsson - I Would Like
21s. 48min. vor Mike Posner - Be As You Are (jordanxl Remix)
22s. 19min. vor Ali Bumaye Feat. Bushido & Shindy - Kimbo Slice
22s. 48min. vor The Chainsmokers - All We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan)
23s. 18min. vor Avicii - Broken Arrows
23s. 44min. vor Ostblockschlampen - Echo
1t. 19min. vor Shakira - Try Everything
1t. 48min. vor Lunchmoney Lewis - Whip It!
1t. 1s. 19min. vor Thomas Gold Vs Lush & Simon - Morphine
1t. 1s. 46min. vor Darius & Finlay Feat. Daz - Here Comes The Night
1t. 2s. 18min. vor Chris Montana Pres. The Bora Bora Chicks - Porto Hustle
1t. 2s. 45min. vor Craig David & Sigala - Ain't Giving Up (sigala Club Mix)
1t. 3s. 18min. vor Jay Frog & Slippy Beats Ft. Jolie Lassen - Lovin' Me (original Mix)
1t. 3s. 44min. vor Digital Sexy - Elastic Heart
1t. 4s. 13min. vor Housebatze - Abrissparty (danceboy Remix)
1t. 4s. 41min. vor Signum - Coming On Strong (psymes & Bluehawk Remix)
1t. 5s. 11min. vor Aurosonic, Sarah Lynn & Yana Chernysheva - This Imaginary Love (radio ...
1t. 5s. 43min. vor Thomas Mengel - Perfect Imperfection (original Mix)
1t. 6s. 14min. vor Aly & Fila With Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal - A New Age
1t. 6s. 42min. vor Matt Chowski - Soundscape
1t. 7s. 12min. vor Bryan Kearney - By My Side
1t. 7s. 43min. vor Chicane & Ferry Corsten Feat. Lisa Gerrard - 38 Weeks
1t. 8s. 18min. vor Marc Lime And K Bastian Feat. Ben Ivory - The Music
1t. 8s. 43min. vor Phenomenal Club - Il Est Vraiment
1t. 9s. 12min. vor Dj Roxx - There Is A Star
1t. 9s. 41min. vor Gala - Fred From Desire
1t. 10s. 11min. vor Paffendorf - Lalala Girl 2k18
1t. 10s. 41min. vor Chrizzd. - Revolution Underground
1t. 11s. 10min. vor Dj Gollum & A.spencer - T.n.t.
1t. 11s. 40min. vor A Spencer & Dj Gollum - In The Shadows
1t. 12s. 8min. vor Darius & Finlay Feat. Nicco - Till Morning
1t. 12s. 39min. vor Dave Dean Feat. Kate Maerz - Who We Are (critical Strikez Radio Mix)
1t. 13s. 6min. vor Rocco - Everybody (single Edit)
1t. 13s. 38min. vor Like Thiz! - Trip 2 Wonderland 2k9
1t. 14s. 4min. vor Jay Hardway - Electric Elephants
1t. 14s. 34min. vor Tiefenrausch - Jfk
1t. 15s. 3min. vor Miss Li - Bonfire (total Ape Remix)
1t. 15s. 38min. vor Vigiland - Ufo (radio Edit)
1t. 16s. 3min. vor Mats Heilig - Fliegen (vimalavong Edit)
1t. 16s. 34min. vor Tom Baxter - Duro
1t. 17s. 3min. vor Dannic & Shermanology - Wait Gor You
1t. 17s. 32min. vor Niels Van Gogh - Rock It
1t. 18s. 2min. vor Estiva Feat. Josie - Cliche
1t. 18s. 32min. vor Dua Lipa - Hotter Than Hel
1t. 19s. 5min. vor Robin Schulz Feat. Akon - Heatwave
1t. 19s. 38min. vor Sia - Never Give Up
1t. 20s. 4min. vor Freischwimmer Feat. Dionne Bromfield - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
1t. 20s. 38min. vor Sean Bradford - Hello
1t. 21s. 8min. vor Massive Attack & Azekel - Ritual Spirit
1t. 21s. 39min. vor Andy Grammer - Fresh Eyes
1t. 22s. 10min. vor Zara Larsson & Mnek - Never Forget You
1t. 22s. 41min. vor James Hersey - Miss You
1t. 23s. 10min. vor Milky Chance - Cocoon
1t. 23s. 50min. vor Beyonc - Formation
2t. 21min. vor Kamaliya - Timeless
2t. 21min. vor Kamaliya - Timeless
2t. 50min. vor Mo-torres - Liebe Deine Stadt
2t. 1s. 21min. vor Lexy & K-paul - Inner Slave ( Feat. Max Joni)
2t. 1s. 50min. vor Ioi Feat. Ziv - I Surrender
2t. 2s. 21min. vor Tungevaag & Raaban - Magical
2t. 2s. 50min. vor Axwell - Barricade
2t. 3s. 20min. vor Big Daddi - Whoop! Here We Are
2t. 3s. 49min. vor Era Istrefi - Bonbon
2t. 4s. 20min. vor Benya - Sanctuary (daniel Skyver Edit)
2t. 4s. 48min. vor Relocate, Robert Nickson & Carol Lee - Built To Last (ferry Tayle Radi...
2t. 5s. 20min. vor Johan Gielen - Confusion (original Mix)
2t. 5s. 49min. vor Paul Van Dyk And Roger Shah - Louder (club Mix)
2t. 6s. 20min. vor Coming Soon!!! - Innocence Lost
2t. 6s. 48min. vor Tube Tonic - Light & Sound (single Edit)
2t. 7s. 21min. vor Klubbingman & Andy Jay Powell - The Legend (para X Remix)
2t. 7s. 49min. vor Cathy Burton - Torn (seawayz & Sollito Edit)
2t. 8s. 20min. vor G4bby Feat. Bazz Boyz - Without Your Love (radio Edit)
2t. 8s. 48min. vor Mad Flush - Would You Let Me Be Myself
2t. 9s. 21min. vor C-nrg Vs. Porn Maniacs - Planet Beats N Bass
2t. 9s. 50min. vor Dual Playaz - Every Day I See You (justin Corza Meets Greg Black Remix...
2t. 10s. 21min. vor Dan Winter - Party Jump
2t. 10s. 49min. vor Giorno - I Clear The Area
2t. 11s. 18min. vor Deep Spirit - Lonely 2k16 (dan Winter Remix)
2t. 11s. 46min. vor Dj Zkydriver - Jumping So High
2t. 12s. 18min. vor Giorno & Sem - Here For You
2t. 12s. 44min. vor Dj Gollum - Get On The Floor
2t. 13s. 14min. vor Wonderlust - Bound For Yesterday
2t. 13s. 42min. vor Will Canas - Solo Tu (original Mix)
2t. 14s. 11min. vor The Chainsmokers Feat. Charlee - Inside Out
2t. 14s. 41min. vor Scooter - Oi
2t. 15s. 9min. vor Fahrenhaidt And Younotus - Enjoy The Silence (jayddyn Mix)
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