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7min. vor (unknown)
21min. vor (unknown)
35min. vor (unknown)
48min. vor (unknown)
1s. 1min. vor (unknown)
1s. 16min. vor (unknown)
1s. 29min. vor (unknown)
1s. 45min. vor (unknown)
1s. 57min. vor (unknown)
2s. 10min. vor (unknown)
2s. 27min. vor (unknown)
2s. 27min. vor (unknown)
2s. 45min. vor (unknown)
2s. 57min. vor (unknown)
3s. 15min. vor (unknown)
3s. 28min. vor (unknown)
3s. 40min. vor (unknown)
3s. 55min. vor (unknown)
4s. 7min. vor (unknown)
4s. 20min. vor (unknown)
4s. 34min. vor (unknown)
4s. 47min. vor (unknown)
4s. 59min. vor (unknown)
5s. 12min. vor (unknown)
5s. 27min. vor (unknown)
5s. 38min. vor (unknown)
5s. 52min. vor (unknown)
6s. 8min. vor (unknown)
6s. 20min. vor (unknown)
6s. 34min. vor (unknown)
6s. 47min. vor (unknown)
6s. 59min. vor (unknown)
7s. 12min. vor (unknown)
7s. 28min. vor (unknown)
7s. 41min. vor (unknown)
7s. 56min. vor (unknown)
8s. 8min. vor (unknown)
8s. 21min. vor (unknown)
8s. 38min. vor (unknown)
8s. 50min. vor (unknown)
9s. 6min. vor (unknown)
9s. 17min. vor (unknown)
9s. 29min. vor (unknown)
9s. 45min. vor (unknown)
9s. 56min. vor (unknown)
10s. 9min. vor (unknown)
10s. 26min. vor (unknown)
10s. 37min. vor (unknown)
10s. 50min. vor (unknown)
11s. 6min. vor (unknown)
11s. 17min. vor (unknown)
11s. 31min. vor (unknown)
11s. 46min. vor (unknown)
12s. vor (unknown)
12s. 17min. vor (unknown)
12s. 30min. vor (unknown)
12s. 46min. vor (unknown)
12s. 57min. vor (unknown)
13s. 11min. vor (unknown)
13s. 27min. vor (unknown)
13s. 40min. vor (unknown)
13s. 53min. vor (unknown)
14s. 7min. vor (unknown)
14s. 20min. vor (unknown)
14s. 33min. vor (unknown)
14s. 48min. vor (unknown)
15s. vor (unknown)
15s. 15min. vor (unknown)
15s. 28min. vor (unknown)
15s. 45min. vor (unknown)
15s. 57min. vor (unknown)
16s. 10min. vor (unknown)
16s. 26min. vor (unknown)
16s. 38min. vor (unknown)
16s. 55min. vor (unknown)
17s. 9min. vor (unknown)
17s. 25min. vor (unknown)
17s. 36min. vor (unknown)
17s. 49min. vor (unknown)
18s. 5min. vor (unknown)
18s. 17min. vor (unknown)
18s. 30min. vor (unknown)
18s. 46min. vor (unknown)
19s. 5min. vor (unknown)
19s. 17min. vor (unknown)
19s. 30min. vor (unknown)
19s. 46min. vor (unknown)
19s. 58min. vor (unknown)
20s. 12min. vor (unknown)
20s. 27min. vor (unknown)
20s. 38min. vor (unknown)
20s. 52min. vor (unknown)
21s. 7min. vor (unknown)
21s. 20min. vor (unknown)
21s. 35min. vor (unknown)
21s. 48min. vor (unknown)
22s. 5min. vor (unknown)
22s. 16min. vor (unknown)
22s. 29min. vor (unknown)
22s. 45min. vor (unknown)
22s. 56min. vor (unknown)
23s. 9min. vor (unknown)
23s. 26min. vor (unknown)
23s. 37min. vor (unknown)
23s. 51min. vor (unknown)
1t. 6min. vor (unknown)
1t. 18min. vor (unknown)
1t. 33min. vor (unknown)
1t. 47min. vor (unknown)
1t. 1s. vor (unknown)
1t. 1s. 15min. vor (unknown)
1t. 1s. 29min. vor (unknown)
1t. 1s. 46min. vor (unknown)
1t. 1s. 57min. vor (unknown)
1t. 2s. 15min. vor (unknown)
1t. 2s. 28min. vor (unknown)
1t. 2s. 46min. vor (unknown)
1t. 2s. 59min. vor (unknown)
1t. 3s. 25min. vor (unknown)
1t. 3s. 36min. vor (unknown)
1t. 3s. 50min. vor (unknown)
1t. 4s. 6min. vor (unknown)
1t. 4s. 18min. vor (unknown)
1t. 4s. 32min. vor (unknown)
1t. 4s. 47min. vor (unknown)
1t. 4s. 59min. vor (unknown)
1t. 5s. 17min. vor (unknown)
1t. 5s. 33min. vor (unknown)
1t. 5s. 48min. vor (unknown)
1t. 6s. 5min. vor (unknown)

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Jim Rodford, bassist with The Zombies, The Kinks & Argent dies following fall
Jim Rodford, legendary British bass player with The Zombies, The Kinks and Argent, passed away this morning at his home in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. slams sexist music industry
The Black Eyed Peas star would love to vote for Oprah Winfrey if she ran to become U.S. President in the 2020 election.
Tyga dating Wiz Khalifa's sex tape ex
The hip hop star split from Kylie Jenner in 2016.
Halsey and Natalie Portman fire up protesters with powerful Women's March speeches
The pop star joined several celebrities who participated in nationwide protests on Saturday.
Ed Sheeran engaged to Cherry Seaborn
Ed Sheeran is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

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makeavoice radio aac
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makro fm

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Makro Canli

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