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4s. 55min. vor (unknown)
2t. 10s. 54min. vor (unknown)
2t. 11s. 16min. vor (unknown)
2t. 11s. 38min. vor (unknown)
2t. 11s. 55min. vor (unknown)
2t. 12s. 10min. vor (unknown)
2t. 12s. 27min. vor (unknown)
2t. 12s. 54min. vor (unknown)
2t. 13s. 8min. vor (unknown)
2t. 13s. 35min. vor (unknown)
2t. 13s. 54min. vor (unknown)
2t. 14s. 7min. vor (unknown)
2t. 14s. 26min. vor (unknown)
2t. 14s. 44min. vor (unknown)
2t. 15s. vor (unknown)
2t. 15s. 18min. vor (unknown)
2t. 15s. 44min. vor (unknown)
2t. 16s. 5min. vor (unknown)
2t. 16s. 37min. vor (unknown)
2t. 17s. 2min. vor (unknown)
2t. 17s. 18min. vor (unknown)
2t. 17s. 37min. vor (unknown)
2t. 17s. 55min. vor (unknown)
2t. 18s. 14min. vor (unknown)
2t. 18s. 29min. vor (unknown)
2t. 18s. 46min. vor (unknown)
2t. 19s. 5min. vor (unknown)
2t. 19s. 21min. vor (unknown)
2t. 19s. 42min. vor (unknown)
2t. 19s. 58min. vor (unknown)
2t. 19s. 58min. vor (unknown)
2t. 20s. 17min. vor (unknown)
2t. 20s. 35min. vor (unknown)
2t. 20s. 54min. vor (unknown)
2t. 21s. 7min. vor (unknown)
2t. 21s. 34min. vor (unknown)
2t. 21s. 48min. vor (unknown)
2t. 22s. 6min. vor (unknown)
2t. 22s. 23min. vor (unknown)
2t. 22s. 42min. vor (unknown)
2t. 22s. 58min. vor (unknown)
2t. 23s. 17min. vor (unknown)
2t. 23s. 36min. vor (unknown)
2t. 23s. 54min. vor (unknown)
3t. 9min. vor (unknown)
3t. 27min. vor (unknown)
3t. 45min. vor (unknown)
3t. 1s. 3min. vor (unknown)
3t. 1s. 19min. vor (unknown)
3t. 1s. 38min. vor (unknown)
3t. 1s. 56min. vor (unknown)
3t. 2s. 14min. vor (unknown)
3t. 2s. 35min. vor (unknown)
3t. 2s. 54min. vor (unknown)
3t. 3s. 8min. vor (unknown)
3t. 3s. 26min. vor (unknown)
3t. 3s. 44min. vor (unknown)
3t. 4s. 1min. vor (unknown)
3t. 4s. 18min. vor (unknown)
3t. 4s. 37min. vor (unknown)
3t. 4s. 55min. vor (unknown)
3t. 5s. 14min. vor (unknown)
3t. 5s. 29min. vor (unknown)
3t. 5s. 46min. vor (unknown)
3t. 6s. 5min. vor (unknown)
3t. 6s. 22min. vor (unknown)
3t. 6s. 40min. vor (unknown)
3t. 6s. 57min. vor (unknown)
3t. 7s. 16min. vor (unknown)
3t. 7s. 35min. vor (unknown)
3t. 7s. 50min. vor (unknown)
3t. 8s. 7min. vor (unknown)
3t. 8s. 25min. vor (unknown)
3t. 8s. 44min. vor (unknown)
3t. 9s. vor (unknown)
3t. 9s. 19min. vor (unknown)
3t. 9s. 39min. vor (unknown)
3t. 9s. 58min. vor (unknown)
3t. 10s. 16min. vor (unknown)
3t. 10s. 37min. vor (unknown)
3t. 10s. 56min. vor (unknown)
3t. 11s. 15min. vor (unknown)
3t. 11s. 34min. vor (unknown)
3t. 11s. 48min. vor (unknown)
3t. 12s. 6min. vor (unknown)
3t. 12s. 24min. vor (unknown)
3t. 12s. 42min. vor (unknown)
3t. 13s. 1min. vor (unknown)
3t. 13s. 19min. vor (unknown)
3t. 13s. 37min. vor (unknown)
3t. 13s. 57min. vor (unknown)
3t. 14s. 15min. vor (unknown)
3t. 14s. 35min. vor (unknown)
3t. 14s. 50min. vor (unknown)
3t. 15s. 8min. vor (unknown)
3t. 15s. 28min. vor (unknown)
3t. 15s. 48min. vor (unknown)
3t. 16s. 6min. vor (unknown)
3t. 16s. 25min. vor (unknown)
3t. 16s. 42min. vor (unknown)
3t. 16s. 59min. vor (unknown)
3t. 17s. 18min. vor (unknown)
3t. 17s. 38min. vor (unknown)
3t. 17s. 57min. vor (unknown)
3t. 18s. 16min. vor (unknown)
3t. 18s. 36min. vor (unknown)
3t. 18s. 55min. vor (unknown)
3t. 19s. 14min. vor (unknown)
3t. 19s. 37min. vor (unknown)
3t. 19s. 57min. vor (unknown)
3t. 20s. 16min. vor (unknown)
3t. 20s. 39min. vor (unknown)
3t. 21s. 20min. vor (unknown)
3t. 21s. 45min. vor (unknown)
3t. 22s. 17min. vor (unknown)
3t. 22s. 45min. vor (unknown)
3t. 23s. 7min. vor (unknown)
3t. 23s. 39min. vor (unknown)
3t. 23s. 58min. vor (unknown)
4t. 25min. vor (unknown)
4t. 25min. vor (unknown)
4t. 45min. vor (unknown)
4t. 1s. 4min. vor (unknown)
4t. 1s. 21min. vor (unknown)
4t. 1s. 47min. vor (unknown)
4t. 2s. 6min. vor (unknown)
4t. 2s. 25min. vor (unknown)
4t. 2s. 25min. vor (unknown)
4t. 2s. 45min. vor (unknown)
4t. 3s. 5min. vor (unknown)

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She used the pen name Max Haddington to avoid any awkward questions.
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